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Booner and company are great. They are responsive and reasonable. They help with installation and the cabinets are finished expertly. In both cases we had odd spaces and design requests they were able to meet and help up think through best options. Sometimes you have to call them back or design plans, but overall excellent.
- Derek B.

I do not know how many characters this will let me do but I will start by saying that if you need any work done at all that has to do with cabinets or countertops you have got to call
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
. I have had the same contractor for 19 years and I got a bid for him and 2 other contractors and I called doing cabinets not thinking I can afford to have custom made everything for just a little bit more than I was getting bids for things that were mass produced and didn't really fit my needs the bidding process was fast it was there and once we agreed on everything to be done which he was very detailed in made sure he get it right even when I had to make changes and I made several of them use very patient and very kind about it he had told me that it would be 4 to 6 weeks and he had it all done in less than 3 weeks. he and everyone he brought into my home to do work were very professional they were very clean they picked up their mess they did not try and take the extra material with them when they left in the process there were some issues that could not be seen when the project with bid and he major that everything was fixed and done right and this included bringing in plumbers etc. I am actually having him bid on another job right now because everything went so smoothly I know when you're having work done on your bathroom or your kitchen that it is expensive but before you call someone and get something mass produced or something you don't really want because you don't think you can afford it please give him a call first I have no relationship to this company or anyone there I'm not a relative I know no one there so this is the most honest, REAL assessment of him and his company
- nichole T.

It took 3 attempts to order and receive the bathroom cabinets we purchased from
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
. Due to errors placing the proper order ( by
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
employees) our cabinets were delayed by 4 weeks, thus our project was delayed by 4 weeks. I have never experienced such poor customer service from a supposedly reputable company. I was reminded by more than one employee how expensive our order had become- expensive for them because they were stuck with the cabinets they ordered in error. After the second delivery of incorrect cabinets, their solution was to change out the doors and face frame of the cabinets. That wasn't satisfactory to me, given we ordered a different type of wood. I asked to speak with the manager- the employee REFUSED to provide me with his name. Fortunately, his name was listed on Angie's List and i was able to contact him. We finally received the cabinets last week. We asked for compensation, ie., a discount due to the repetitive errors. Signature refused to provide one, again, because our order was so expensive for them.
We are remodeling our kitchen next year and I will NOT be using this company ever again. Worst experience ever.
- mike B.

Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
was very helpful with the design and the ordering process. The installation team was professional and competent. Very good company.
- Hien N.

Having been referred to
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
I contacted them for my project. They made the initial visit and took notes on the project and subsequently emailed a proposal. At the visit I was told that even though they were normally 12 weeks out on projects they could get mine in about three weeks because it was small, I was referred by one of their good customers and I have a very tight time line. I returned the signed proposal on 8/11 and did not notice that the 50% deposit was due with it. On 8/19 I called and left a message asking if everything was in order. I got no response. I left similar messages on 9/1 and 9/4. On 9/5 I also sent an email which was replied to on 9/6 stating that they were busy and that I hadn't sent the deposit. It also stated that they had me on their schedule for the first of November, which was 12 weeks from the proposal date. I replied that I was sorry for overlooking the deposit and immediately put it in the mail. I also requested that they have the work done by 10/10 if at all possible as they had originally said they could. I also received a voice mail along the same lines and another email reply that the 1st of November was the best they could do. On 9/12 I received my deposit back with a letter stating basically that they decline the job and we weren't compatible.

I have been drug out by their lack of communication for over a month and now am looking for a reputable cabinet maker to do my custom job before my husband returns from Afghanistan. They have probably made it impossible to get the work done in time for his homecoming.
- Amy D.

I contacted many different contractors from Angies List and sent them a picture of the Built-in entertainment center in our home and an explenation that I was buying a larger tv and would need a new unit that looked similar.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
Black was the only one that looked at the picture and noticed that it was built in 3 pieces and suggested that he could rebuild the center piece and then re-paint the unit, which would be substantially cheaper than demolishing and building a whole new one. This is what we decided to do and it came out fantastic. His work was beautiful, he replies right a way to texts and emails and had the honesty and integrity to give us a less expensive option. We will definitely be using him again for a few other things we want to do in our home.
- benjamin W.

Specific problems include: A. Per the agreement, enclosed and dated May 8, 2014, note that the final payment of $7,220.73 is to be paid upon final cabinet installation, which as of today, September 12, 2014 they are still not completely installed. B.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, owner of
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, claimed her “designer skills” and that she worked for top builders in the country. She is incompetent; and my husband and I are paying for it. There are many issues that have compounded into huge mistakes that were very costly. She was up front that this was a new business for her, but not up front that she did not know how to do correct measurements; key factor for a cabinet design. The “design” was not well thought out and Ms.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
did not have the common sense to tell me, her very first customer, that before one orders cabinets, she needs to know specifically which appliances are being purchased. In addition, and more specifically, the standard-size appliances for the cabinets. For example, I found out after-the-fact that the microwave oven standard size is 27”; she made the cabinet size 24” and therefore I had to downsize the microwave. In addition, there is a standard size oven. The cabinet for the
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
/oven is not made for a “standard size oven”. As a result, a half-size wall that was custom built had to be torn down and rebuilt. The electrical was already installed, and electrician needs to return to re-do the entire wall, in order to fit a standard size oven. Otherwise, my other choice was to downsize the oven, smaller than standard size which would not be able to fit a roaster oven; not a choice for us. There is an email dated June 18, stating that the oven would fit. It did not. This wall cost $600 to build; and another $800 to remove and re-build. Three electric outlets were also re-installed and the cost was $150. C. As mentioned above, the design (which I approved, based on supposedly working with a “professional”) was not thought out correctly. The cabinets along the wall to the left of the desk (total 3, with one of those cabinets being a double size) did not properly fit in that area, per the “design“. As a result, the cabinets had to be pulled out, and the wall behind the cabinets had to be re-touched, primed and painted. The trim had to be pulled out, too and re-placed and re-painted. In order to utilize the cabinets already paid for, my installer, my husband and I had to redesign and come up with a plan that we could utilize the cabinets that did not fit with the design. Two of the three cabinets are being moved to my office which was already completed entirely: including the popcorn ceiling removed and ceiling redone, the walls orange-peeled, painted and trim is complete. The cabinets being moved to my office results in additional work: an electric outlet having to be moved, the electrical outlet that was there needed the hole plugged, and that area primed and once again, re-painted. The trim needs to be removed and replaced. Let alone all the clean up that needed to be re-done. The third cabinet is being placed in an area it also was not intended for, although it’s either that or throw it away. The cabinets were expensive, I utilized them as best as I could in order not to waste even more money. With all these problems there are repercussions: I’ve had no kitchen since May; I have $40,000 worth of materials sitting around that are still not installed; the electrician, plumber and contractor have all had delays in their schedules as a result of
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
incompetence. They are having to come back time and time again. In addition, with the cabinets being installed, then removed because of poor design and then re-installed, they are pretty much all damaged. D. The above issues are the issues that on top of the rest that I have already dealt with, is the reason I am disputing the amount of $7,220.73; technically I should add the $7,100 deposit and dispute the entire amount I paid to
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, which was $7,320.73. Wait! I’m not done! Other problems we have had from
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
include: 1.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, owner, referred an incompetent contractor to start,
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
Homes, who I had to fire due to his incompetence with the first bathroom.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, owner, stating saying he would give me full days work and did not, a shower faucet being installed and replaced three times, a hole in the $1,000 vanity made unnecessarily, just to name a few of the issues with him. 2 . Pretty much, the person I had doing the work had to custom make the custom made cabinets: A)
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
ordered a 96” cabinet for a 95.5” floor to ceiling that the installer had to cut the bottom off. The installer had a problem making the cabinet fit, and therefore
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
came over to force it to fit. They broke the corner
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
of the cabinet, and the ceiling was damaged when it was already painted and had to be redone. They hid the broken cabinet from me, but the part that is broken is covered by another cabinet. No one ever brought it to my attention; I had to see it for myself. B)
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
constantly talked about her cabinet installer,
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, to do the work; only to find out that
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
is her husband,
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, and “supposed partner” (his name was not listed on the Florida Corporation website, he may have had that updated since I pointed that out to him in May) contact. Per one of
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
comments to me -
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
was never going to share that with me.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
kept saying we would set up a meeting, and it was never done. Apparently it was not her authority to do this, as this was her husband’s contact, not hers. I have emails to prove this if needed. C) I was informed that they would install the frosted glass in the cabinets, they did not. D) Cabinet handles were included with the agreement. I was never asked the size handles for the cabinets that I would like. She told me which ones I was getting, based on one size handle she showed me. She brought them to me two days after she was paid with my credit card. They were all the wrong size. I spent $869.16 with Lowes getting the proper size handles.
E) There was an incident in my home, when I was alone and
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
were in my home. I was pointing out all the problems, and told
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
that “Cabinet 101” is knowing what appliances the client is purchasing. Her husband began yelling at me, that it was my fault the cabinets were all messed up - that I kept changing my appliance order. A standard size oven is a standard size oven. I asked them both to leave. F) At one of our very first meetings, I told Ms.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
I will need a release of
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
signed with every single payment. First, she claimed she did not know what that was. Then, I had to prepare one. Finally, it was a struggle to have Ms.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
sign the release of
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, even when I was giving her the final payment way ahead of time; even though she and her husband dumped the cabinets and ran, after they received their order and was paid. G) I paid $258.15 for refrigerator panel that had to be re-ordered, because
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
did not order the correct size, and refused to help pay the cost for her mistake. Invoice and copy of payment is attached. H) Without my authorization,
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
added a 40% increase on bathroom tile that I found from another retailer, and let her order directly. She never said her increase would be 40%! Isn’t the average commission increase 15%? I) One of the very first questions I asked
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
when I first met her in February of 2014 is if I could see the design how it would look when done, and she told me “yes”. It as not until another month or so later did she say it is a new program, that she needs to install it and learn how to work it. We went to Home Depot and she had them create the design, without Home Depot knowing that the cabinets would be purchased from
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, a
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
manufacturer who does not stand behind its franchises nor take care of customers like me. J) The contract states that I will not vacate my home; which I had to do and incurred $1,600 in hotel cost for two weeks. K) I attempted to contact
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
Cabinets several times, to advise them of the issues, but they sent me back to
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
or another
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
dealer. Shame on
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
for not supporting any of us. You would think
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
would double check the work of the franchisees, especially someone like
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
and I was her fist customer! They
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
’t have five minutes to check measurements? I was informed that was not their job! WOW!

I hope this information saves someone some valuable time, money and energy.

- Patricia N.

Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
representative came to our house took measurements, suggested colors and styles to match house's decor and advised us the procedure required to install their slideouts which included adding a vertical divider in all the double door cabinets.
They do no installation but did give some suggestions for the installation of the sink and countertop that worked out well.
They did not give any suggestions for firms who might hang cabinets.
Process took about 7 weeks from first contact to delivery of the finished products. They met their stated schedule.
Overall we were satisfied with the product they provided but it would have been a great help if they had provided a list of installers they work with.
- margaret S.

We have been exceptionally pleased with the work
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
and his team did for us. My wife and I enjoyed working with
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, who is a very nice man, and totally customer-oriented. Everything regarding his work looks beautiful, and enhances the pleasure of owning our home. I esp like the dual-computer workstations and shelving, which have improved my productivity and organization.
Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
designed doors and open shelves that look beautiful and organize our work and books. A home run!
- Brian K.

Saint Cloud Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
responded to my initial call to request service within half an hour. He came to our house the same day and gave us a price to do the modification. He offered several different modification options and we chose the one that suited our needs. He arrived promptly the next morning and did an excellent job of remodeling the cabinet in about 1-1/2 hrs. We are extremely pleased with the job and would definitely recommend R&R Cabinets. If prompt ,courteous , reasonably priced, service is what you want, call R & R Cabinets!

- Charles H.
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17149 Lincoln St Suite N.E
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J Holtz Furniture

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Burnsville, MN


Le Sueur, MN

Jerry Bothun Construction

10430 First Timberlane Dr
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Jerry's Kitchens Inc.

21386 Forest Blvd. N
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6706 80TH ST NW
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JFK Custom Cabinetry

7055 21st St South
Centerville, MN

JLC Remodeling Inc

19102 Ivanhoe Dr. NW
Elk River, MN

JNJ Carpentry LLC

5704 Pillsbury Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Johnson Custom Builders, LLC

Ham Lake, MN
Andover, MN

Joseph Otto Enterprises

15903 Lincoln Street NE
Ham Lake, MN


14940 ECHO WAY
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Kern Company LLC

531 Marie Ave W
Saint Paul, MN


Saint Paul, MN


8695 Cain Rd
Hamel, MN


Minneapolis, MN

Kitchen Resource Direct

701 S Howard Ave
Tampa, FL

Lakeside Cabinets and Woodworking

8209 199th Ave NW
Elk River, MN


Stacy, MN

Lil Buck Industries, Ltd

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Forest Lake, MN

Lovaas Cabinetry LLC

Lindstrom, MN


11651 Ulysses St NE
Minneapolis, MN

Lowe's Home Improvement

3205 Vicksburg Ln N
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Lyman Lumber Company

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Marinaro Construction LLC

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PO BOX 27594
Minneapolis, MN

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5730 UPPER 183RD ST W
Farmington, MN

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Store Location; 104 Railway ST
Lonsdale, MN


21021 Heron Way Ste 108
Lakeville, MN

Modern Design LLC

209 Paul Ave S
Cologne, MN

Nathan Stanley

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Natural Built Home

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Cambridge, MN

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Olde Carpentry

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9805 Oak Ridge Trail
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Otto & Sons Construction LLC

10426 106th Pl N
Maple Grove, MN

Pacific Granite

915 Blue Gentian Rd
Saint Paul, MN

Paul's Grab Bars

6010 Olinger Cir
Minneapolis, MN

Paulson Brothers Woodworkx Inc

12750 Creekview Ave
Savage, MN

Personal Pride Construction Ltd

1200 Mendelssohn Ave N
Golden Valley, MN


150 Jackson Ave N
Hopkins, MN

Philip .F. Daniel Stained Glass Design

2205 NE California St, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Mpls, MN

PJ's Home Improvement

3501 Ensign Ave N
Minneapolis, MN

Polytek Surface Coatings

603 2nd Ave NW
New Prague, MN

Precision Contracting

8351 Lake Dr
Circle Pines, MN


Saint Cloud, MN

Prima Builders LLC

5551 Spruce Road
Mound, MN

ProTime Construction Services, Inc.

19338 Carson Circle NW
Elk River, MN

ProWork Builders

7850 163rd Lane NW
Anoka, MN

Regalwood Cabinets, LLC

14255 W Burnsville Pkwy
Burnsville, MN

Remodel Card

2575 Fairview Ave N
Saint Paul, MN


Burnsville, MN

Rightway Painting Solutions Inc

6745 Oakland Ter
Minneapolis, MN

Ritz Renovations

PO Box 241448
Saint Paul, MN

River Valley Woodworks LLC

9936 10th Ave St
Minneapolis, MN


Saint Cloud, MN

Roncor Custom Rebuilders

10740 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

S & K Fine Woodworking

41354 County Rd. 9, #2
Holdingford, MN

SA Woodwork

3224 Snelling Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Samuelson Custom Cabinetry, Inc.

18960 Rhinestone Street N.W.
Anoka, MN


Minneapolis, MN

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL

Sharpe Construction LLC

6644 90th St S
Cottage Grove, MN


6500 Xerexes Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN

Shelton Painting Inc

7201 14th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Signature Renovations and Remodeling

23200 Manning Trl N
Scandia, MN


1385 64TH AVE. NE
Minneapolis, MN

SJW Designs LLC

8550 Saratoga Lane
Eden Prairie, MN

South Metro Handyman

10442 209th St W
Lakeville, MN

South Metro Home Remodeling Service

202 Meadow Circle South
Burnsville, MN


Hudson, WI

Stellar Homes & Remodeling

7910 Ranier Lane North
Maple Grove, MN

Steve Dahl Construction Inc

16630 Jaguar Ave
Lakeville, MN


Minneapolis, MN


8440 Eagle Creek Pkwy
Savage, MN

Superior Building Services LLC

24785 Esquire blvd
Forest Lake, Mn

swanson woodworking

16130 west ave se
Prior Lake, mn


958 Cromwell Ave.
Saint Paul, MN


9710 234 Ln NE
Stacy, MN


Loretto, MN

Thomas Construction And Remodeling LLC

5443 River Wood
Savage, Mn

Thompson Woodcraft

105 Delaware St SE
Saint Paul, MN

TK Cabinetry Plus

13656 Highway 65 NE
Andover, MN

TLC Home

8975 Hunters Way
Saint Paul, MN


Eden Prairie, MN

Twin Cities Closet Company

2634 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis, MN

USA Builders and Remodelers

Inver Grove Heights
Inver Grove Heights, MN


Albertville, MN

Viking Log Furniture

38169 County Road 2
Saint Joseph, MN


111 Anapolis Street East
Saint Paul, MN


36824 KOST TRL
North Branch, MN

West Metro Construction LLC

9419 Kahler Ave NE
Monticello, MN

Westwind Woodworkers

PO Box 472
Cold Spring, MN

Whites Remodeling

2465 South ave
Saint Paul, MN

Wilderness Company Inc.

430 Warner Av. S.
Saint Paul, MN


Rogers, MN

Wood Works

251 26th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN

Woodwright Workshop

83 Ramsey Circle NE
Minneapolis, MN

Zanecraft Homes Inc.

23347 Jonquil St. NW
Saint Francis, MN
Saint Cloud Zip Codes

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