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Our experience was unique. The reviews for this company are high and deservedly so. This review is about how
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
behaves when the job does't go perfectly well and the customer is unhappy.
The car we brought in to
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
Auto Mobile Glass is my wife's baby and she knows every inch. The appointment scheduling was easy and was promised to take around 2.5 hours; our appointment took a little longer. During the show-and-tell of the completed work, they pointed out that a "smudge" had been located on the glass just AFTER the installer finished. The smudge was a tiny, hard to locate scratch about an inch long but on the drivers side. We weren't sure what to do. Have an entirely new windshield installed because of this faint little scratch or talk discount?
My wife was walked through the options by the staff, not pressured, and encouraged to drive the car home and think it over. An appointment was made to replace the glass entirely OR we could accept their offer to discount the installed glass.
This shop is hands on, very professional and cares about being up front with the customer. Expect honesty and integrity: They didn't have to point out the smudge and could easily have gotten away with saying nothing. Because it started raining before we picked up the car the "smudge" could have gone unnoticed for some time. I appreciate the honesty and the patience Dick and his team exhibited as we took time to make our decision.
It has been six months since the install and we are still very happy with the windshield & our decision to keep the glass rather than change it out.
A few extra notes:
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
was careful with the trim pieces around the glass, the windshield looks great and so do the seals.
-We chose
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
glass because the OEM windshield on a Mini Countryman
is outrageously expensive.

- Roland B.

Told me they would return the same day with correct windshield.
Never showed. Never called.
I waited 24 hours and called them. Was told they needed to obtain the correct windshield from MB and would obtain and come back to repair by EOD that Friday.
Never showed. Never called.
I called again the following Monday, exact same story was repeated to me: will obtain correct windshield and arrive that day to install correct windshield.
Never showed. Never called.
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
, rinse and repeat for the next four days: Same story, we will obtain correct windshield and be out to finish the repair that day. No calls. No emails. No communication at all despite national customer service informing me they would call or email to inform me of any changes.
Finally, after ten days of being unable to drive my Mercedes, I asked them to come and simply replace the cowl properly so I can have someone else perform the repair.
Informed my insurance company has already been charged and they will be here by Saturday, August 30 to replace my windshield.
I informed them that if they do not arrive by Saturday, on Tuesday after Labor Day holiday I will be calling insurance company to report them for insurance fraud, and get someone else to replace my windshield.
Would not recommend this shop to my worst enemy. They do not even have the courtesy to call and inform customer of difficulties obtaining a part, nor will they come and replace the cowl THEY removed so I can call a different shop.
I'm not holding my breath on them showing up or refunding my insurance company and fully expect this to turn into a lawsuit involving me, Allstate and
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked

- Jonathan H.

8/23/2014: Made appointment online through Customer Rep (
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
) to have front window replaced for Nissan 2000 w/
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
strip down front/no tint. Appointment setup for 2:30, same day. I asked about vehicle tags (Inspection/State) and was told that technicians were skilled at removing them, and requested an email to confirmed cost ($338.82), date, and time.
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
was the technician who worked on my car. He was thorough at explaining what needed to be done, and what was required by me after the job was completed. He was very professional. The store manager,
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
, was also very professional, as well as the receptionist who greeted us when we checked in (sorry, I didn't get her name, but she was very kind). There were other customers there besides myself, and
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
took the time to ensure everyone was satisfied with their service. If I'm ever in need of auto glass repair, I will definitely return to
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
! Thanks, for all your work!
- Frieda A.

I called
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
on Tuesday after reading the many positive reviews they had received on Angie's List. They were able to schedule the windshield replacement for the next day. Being a bit outside of their normal service area, I was surprised at how quickly they were willing to schedule the job. They called in advance of coming to my home to perform the work just to verify that it was a good time. They completed the work very quickly and professionally and provided me with instructions on how to care for the windshield over the next week as the adhesive cures and went over their warranty details.
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
P. was incredibly professional in making all of the arrangements from scheduling to payment. My experience with
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
was totally positive.
- Frank E.

We are very happy with the entire experience. They gave us a reasonable price on the replacement windows and they were installed a week earlier than we expected! The installers did a careful job and the office staff was very responsive. Highly recommend them!
- Patricia F.

All was fine at first.
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
was on time, very friendly and professional. Told us over and over that he's been doing this forever. Convinced us the door hinges would always be smooth and stable. The door hardware was the best. wouldn't come loose. And if "settling" occurred in a few weeks he's come back and make a final adjustment. etc., etc. Installation day was fine until final inspection my husband noticed a scratch along the top header piece . We asked
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
what could be done about his.
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
said it was no problem. He'd order a new piece. it would be in in about 1 week and would only take about one hour to change out. In hindsight we should have held part of the final payment until this was done but we didn't. We took him at his word. Two or three weeks go by with no word from
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
. When my husband called he said the piece had been in and he was just too busy to call us. That was a Friday and he said he'd be over on Monday morning to install it. Monday comes and no call and no show from
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
. My husband called and talked to a "part owner" my husband doesn't remember his name. At that time my husband also informed them that the handles were loose and the door made a grinding noise when swinging open and closed. Of course he was shocked to hear that as that " never happens ". He said he'd take care of all this.
Needless to say, we've heard nothing from them in several weeks.
- Paula T.

Not only were they punctual but extremely courteous, professional, and priced competitively. They called ahead of arrival for the estimate and arrived on time. When they came back to do the work they called ahead to give us a specific arrival time and were on-time and quick to get the job done. I would highly recommend them to anyone else needing glass work.
- Michael M.

My friend told me about this company and she was happy with the service. So when I got a chip in my
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
I gave them a call. They arrived about 20 minutes after that. She fixed my
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
in about 25 minutes. It turned out GREAT!!! There is just a tiny
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
that you can't see unless your looking for it. She was also very courteous, old school manners that I don't see much to day when doing business with a lot of companies and I really like that.
- Deborah S.

Scheduled original appointment for after 3pm on Friday, August 22, to replace the windshield of a commercial delivery vehicle. Received a confirmation call at 12:58pm on Friday. Took off from work early to meet installer at my residence. They never showed up. Calls and voicemail messages to them on Friday were not returned. Spoke to office person on Saturday morning. She said she would call back and never did. Next call to the business went to voicemail, which stated they weren't open on Saturday. Called office on Monday, August 25, 2014 at 8:30am. The owner passed my call to a male working in the office who said he would try to rearrange something for today. He said there was a scheduling conflict on Friday, and said they attempted to call to reschedule the appt. We received no other call except for the confirmation call. Scheduled appointment at my residence after 3pm. The installer came at 2pm. He was very nice and completed the job promptly. As stated earlier, this is a commercial vehicle. If the windshield hadn't been replaced I would have been forced to park it until repairs could be made, and to rent another vehicle in order to complete my job. I would have no problem sending the rental bill to Glass Doctor. I don't appreciate having to use my one day off per week to be treated badly by people who don't treat their customers with common courtesy. I will have to be absolutely desperate before I call this company again.

- Kristina H.

The damage was not severe. We drove the car for several days/weeks before taking it in. The right rear fender was pushed in under the tail lamp very slightly. The rear bumper skin had a hole punched through it. The taillight lens was cracked. The rear hatch (SUV) was rattling because the sheet metal was pushed in far enough to prevent the hatch from sealing tight to the body. The rear bumper skin was also very loose (not flopping, but loose) due to the bumper under the bumper skin being pushed in and several of the plastic tabs that hold the bumper skin tight to the body were sheared off. Then there was a crease in the right rear fender just behind and above the right rear fender well/tire opening. All in all on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being a total loss, this accident was about a 2 or a 3 and should have taken only 2 or 3 days to repair the damage. The list of things they did SO WRONG is too long to list on this review. I will try to cover the OBVIOUS flaws in their workmanship. Our biggest complaint when we brought the
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
Sportage in was the rattling lift gate and I pointed out it was due to the entire rear sheet metal (structural) are being pushed in about 1/4" to 1/2". The had the vehicle for 2 WEEKS! When we went to pick it up the rear hatch was still
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
, the tail light didn't line up, the rear bumper skin was loose, and the reflectors in the rear bumper skin were not only
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
but misaligned. Then they didn't even put the PIN STRIPES back on! All of the pin stripes were missing from the left rear door back to the lift gait! They admitted leaving these off because their pin striper was out of town??? SAY WHAT?? (the reason for the low unprofessional score....why call us to tell us the car is ready when it really isn't?). So we took the car home until their "pin stripe guy" decided to come back to work. Upon return we INSISTED the problem with the lift gate rattling was that they did not straighten the bent metal under the bumper skin back to factory specs to make the rear lift gate seal all the way across. We left the car there for several more days to get ANOTHER call that it was ready. When we looked at the car we pointed out that the pin striping was unacceptable. It looked like a 3 year old laid out the pin stripes with finger paint. We seriously considered filing a lawsuit at this point. The car was now in worse shape than it was when we brought it in to get fixed. The damage to the fender was WAY below the pinstriping. I spoke with the manager and told them how unacceptable this was. I told them I knew a thing or two about body work and that I felt it was TOATALLY uncalled for to destroy the factory paint job from the roof all the way down to the fender opening all they way back to the rear bumper just to fix a
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
that was just above the fender flare. They repainted the entire right rear of the car to fix a 6" long crease in the fender just 2" above the fender opening. That's ridiculous! I asked them why they didn't use the FACTORY pin stripe as a tape-line to blend the pain on the repair job and they said that was UNPROFESSIONAL! Are you kidding me? I've done it and I watch it done every weekend on automotive restoration shows that show how it's done. They saw how irate I was getting and agreed to REDO the work and fix the rattling tailgate. Another 2 weeks go buy and I call them to find out what the deal is. They say their shop was destroyed by the water sprinkler system freezing and bursting/flooding the entire place. A week later we pick up the car and it did look better but as soon as I get in the car and drive it I notice the tailgate rattling!! It was so freaking cold I could not spend much time outside inspecting it. We decided to drive it for a few weeks and wait for a decent day to do a drive way tear down and inspection. We had a nice 60 degree day in Feb and I took it apart. It was no surprise to find CRIMPED AND BENT sheet metal around the rear hatch and right rear tail light area where the car was hit. The metal was crimped so bad that it CRACKED the paint under the tail light. The bumper skin covered this up so you could not see it. The screws that hold the bumper skin on were even left loose because the sheet metal was pushed in too far to tighten the screws. Tightening the screws would distort the plastic bumper cover so much that the paint would crack. I took pictures of all of this. Then there were the metal tabs that the plastic bumper cover locks into. These were pushed in to far to allow the new bumper skin to connect too which explained why everything was so loose. You could literally grab the rear bumper cover and shake it!! Upon crawling under the car I noticed some brackets missing and/or broken off that attach the bottom of the rear bumper skin to the body. They just simply left these off which added insult to injury. It's a miracle the rear bumper skin didn't fly off going down the road! Literally half of the fasteners and attachment points were either missing, loose, or unattached because they either didn't fix the body damage or the simply left out the brackets and screws that hold everything together. I took pictures and documented everything and submitted a claim with the BBB. Immediately I got a call apologizing for the poor quality, service, workmanship, honesty, and integrity!! TOO LITTLE TOO LATE! They did do a COMPLETE redo of all the work and the people that were there that originally did the sloppy work are no longer employed there. However, it is not because they were fired. They went to work at ABRA. So there you go. Avoid
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
and ABRA at all cost! Even after the extensive and lengthy REDO of the entire job it is still not up to par. We still get exhaust fumes coming in through the back hatch. It does not rattle anymore since they FINALLY pulled the bent metal out, but the seal is not 100%. We are so tired of dealing with this we have simply given up. We will never do business with
Little Falls Car Windshield Replacement Provider Name Locked
again and since they seem to have a revolving door with the employees of ABRA we will never do business with ABRA either.
- James R.
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