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I would have given them am "A" for Responsiveness also had it not been for an inordinate delay in them getting back to me initially after I accepted their bid in the Fall of 2013, but the job had to be delayed due to the winter and awaiting the spring thaw and finally dry weather. When they told me back in 2013 that they would need to wait until Spring, I had no problem with that but asked to be put near the top of the list. After finally having a few weeks of dry weather on and off in May, I still had not heard back. I had to call them and was told that the guy who bid out my job had left their company but that they would be able to get me in soon. Had it not been for me having to initiate the call, I would have given them that last "A." Nevertheless, once the date was set, their painters showed up on each of the two days as scheduled, right on time, as promised. They were conscientious, courteous, and willing to really please as they proceeded to do a great job. They made sure I was happy with everything, and they cleaned up completely leaving no mess. I would definitely use
again and highly recommend them.

We met C.J. of
at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show. He was a very personable guy and seemed very knowledgeable so we called him to do some interior home painting. C.J. came out to give us a bid on Friday, May 16. We pointed out a couple of things like a crack in the wall and some holes near the baseboard. We also mentioned that our walls were uneven. Through all of this he said "No problem." They would sand the walls, repair the crack by cutting it out and putting stuff in it and patch it up, use paintable caulk for the holes near the baseboard. He told us how "he" does the painting and how everything will look like it was when he arrived. When he was talking to us he quoted us $850, but when he wrote up the proposal it was for $900. He showed it to me and asked for a deposit amount of $525 with amount due on completion of $375. It said $150.00 for all paint, labor, and materials was included in the deposit. We thought it was a good deal and he talked a good game. He said that he just wanted good references on Angie's List and Yelp. Monday came and two guys showed up at our door. C.J. came with them and spent most of the time in his truck and then he left. Monday was done and one of the guys told my husband they would need to come back and put a second coat on and finish the crack in the wall. We definitely could see areas that needed a second coat and they hadn't patched the holes by the baseboard. They came back the next day and put a second coat on, patched the holes and finished the crack. My husband paid them thinking job was done and when I got home I noticed he paid more than what the contract said and they charged us $231 for paint/supplies that per the contract was supposed to be included. Not only that but after the paint dried and we walked around and really started looking we noticed more areas that weren't covered. So we called CJ and he came out and noticed other areas that HE marked for his crew to take care of. They came back and touched up/repainted and it appeared to look fine when they finished, but after they left and I got home, we started noticing that they still missed spots and the closer we looked the more we noticed. Some of it is hard to see depending on the lighting and that's why my husband missed some of it plus the paint hadn't totally dried when they left. When they "touched up" and re-rolled they didn't re-do the entire walls so you could see the difference in the paint color (paint colors were a dark brown and a lighter brown) the corners were not touched up and had gaps where our old colors still showed through, we had one wall that part of it looked like it had flat paint on it where they just touched up a spot and the rest of the wall was the eggshell, the edges where walls met weren't painted to the
. By this time we were pretty much done with them and were going to do the touch-ups ourselves but my husband had texted CJ about the overpayment. CJ's response was "Your right, I owe you money." and he would get us a refund. On Friday early morning he also asked if we were happy with the job and we said No we weren't but we would take care of it ourselves because we were done dealing with them. CJ said he wanted to make it right and he would be out to look at the areas on Saturday. He also said in the text that he had fired the foreman of our job. He never showed on Saturday, came up with excuses, and was going to come by on Sunday. Early Sunday morning my husband had a very angry,
text from CJ on his cell phone that we found out was meant for his ex-girlfriend that he apologized for. We figured he was having a pretty bad day and felt bad for him so we let him off the hook for the weekend and told him he could come on Tuesday. We never heard from him. My husband sent him texts basically saying we would do the touch-ups and repainting ourselves and we just wanted the money he owed us. Today, June 3 my husband noticed the crack they supposedly repaired had come back so he called him. He said he was in Nebraska and hadn't been getting texts. He said the crack must be structural and couldn't be fixed. My husband asked him about our refund and he said he would get the receipts from
and show us how much we owed. That is not what our contract said. The conversation didn't end well, and he started making it our fault by letting his guys leave and telling them everything looked fine, but as my husband said the closer we looked the more we found. Also his guarantee of leaving the house the same way as they started wasn't accurate. I'm still finding paint on floors, woodworks and banisters. It has been a horrible experience and one I take responsibility for by not asking him for references. I couldn't find him on Angie's List, which should have been another clue but I did find a couple of positive comments on Yelp. At this point we know we probably won't see the money he owes us; he wanted references for Angie's List and Yelp and he's getting them just not good ones. I wouldn't recommend him to my worst enemy.
- Deadra T.

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Interior Painting reviews in Lakeville


I have 12 foot ceilings in 3 rooms and many
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
. Not an easy painting job, and virtually impossible to do-it-yourself.
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
came out to do an estimate the day after I called him, emailed the estimate the following day. I compared a few different contractors, and prices were all pretty close, but
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
seemed professional, and could start the job within a few days, where others were 2+ weeks out.
His large crew showed up right on time (or a few minutes early) on a Saturday morning and got right to work. I was a little worried with the number of people who came (I think he had 7 to start the project). We left for the morning, returning mid afternoon when they appeared to be getting ready to wrap it up for the day. I didn't believe that the crew had completed as much as I would have thought on day one, so I called
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
(he had left the job to bid others) and we arranged to have the crew stay late to at least get most of the main floor completed, so we could get furniture back in place. I left for another couple of hours, and upon return I was pleasantly suprised by the progress they had made and how well they cleaned up after themselves -- the areas that had debris were spotless.
The crew showed up the next morning before 8:00am (on a Sunday) and got right to work. A smaller crew this time, but with the 12-foot ceilings completed the day before, the job was done much faster. The space wasn't cleaned up as well on Sunday (
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
-- your daughter does a great job with the clean up -- you need to have her there on the last day of the project), but was still acceptable.
The overall paint job was done very well. I had selected a fairly expensive paint, and
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
didn't try to up the price. There was a little extra work required, like removing and replacing a door frame, and again, he didn't adjust the price. Overall, we are very satisfied with the work, both in the quality and the ability to get the big job completed in one weekend. We will use again the next time we paint.
- Scott D.

It went well. We are very pleased with the end product. This is not something we could have done ourselves and had it look this good. The paint job he did was very precise!
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was very professional and detailed, very reasonable on price too. I would highly recommend his services.

- Chris H.

Even though
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Merillat had a crew do the job, it was greatly appreciated that
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
personally did the more sensitive or unique tasks himself. However, the crew did a great job. Price was good (we had other quotes). Timing was good.
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
made a point of meeting our schedule.
- sam L.

It was excellent! I called the company in August and within a few days, a sales rep came to the house, walked around the house with me, made suggestions, listened to what I wanted, and
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
up a proposal. I asked him to email me a copy, which arrived quickly, and sent in my deposit and signed contract. The company was patient with me because we needed to get some hardiplank boards replaced before they could paint. They have construction workers you can use, but since I had already contracted the work with someone else (that's another story), I decided to wait until it was completed. In October, my carpenter had finally completed the work, so they came over and powerwashed the house. The crew was phenomenal! Respectful, polite, and diligent! A few days later (the house needs to dry for at least two days after being powerwashed), they showed up at 10:00 to paint. There was a communication problem- the paint hadn't arrived and they didn't have a copy of my selections. Then, I found out that although I had requested
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
's platinum, five gallons had been mixed with
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
duration. I called the sales rep, and he was very helpful and competent! Within a short period of time, everything was settled.
Although I wondered how the painting would go after that initial miscommunication, I can't say enough about the company. The sales rep was so helpful!! Plus, the crew was VERY kind, respectful, and hardworking. It was obvious they knew what they were doing. I also appreciated that they let me know when they would paint and when they were leaving. They also cleaned everything up (ladders, equipment, etc) at the end of each day. Since I had to wait until October (NOT the crew's problem), they had to work around the weather. I appreciated that they wanted to do a good job and didn't just try to finish even though it was misting. In fact, they even showed up on a Sunday afternoon so they could work when the weather cooperated. Incredible!
I love the paint color, the house looks SO nice, and I'm very, very pleased :) A++ for the sales rep and the crew!! I would definitely use this company again and will refer them to my friends.
- Jay O.

His fee was extremely fair compared to other estimates we received. The walls look wonderful....he did a great job. He is very professional, punctual, polite, thorough, and honest. We highly recommend him for the excellent work he did for us.
- Rita R.

We couldn't be more pleased with the work
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
has done on our house. He was beyond professional, and even thoughtful with the little details.
Our family initially contacted
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
for a repair on our basement ceiling due to a leak in our refrigerator water line. He was responsive, fair in price and efficient in getting the area fixed, new ceiling installed and even matched our ugly popcorn textture to the older stuff so it didn't look out of place. One could hardly tell that he was there after he finished, it looked so clean! We were so impressed that we asked him to help us out with one of those "honey-do's" which was the install of french doors into our theater room. The install was seamless, quick and again, he cleaned up thoroughly afterwards.
What do you know, it turned out that the water leak from our fridge blessed us with new wood floors compliments of the insurance agency. Of COURSE we were wanting
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
to do the work, since he was so nice to work with previously.
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
did all the gruntwork in picking up wood samples for us to look at (poor guy had to deal with indecisive clients lol)...and went back and forth getting different samples until we finally made up our mind. He even worked with a VERY unresponsive and rude insurance agent on our behalf. Anyone working with that guy (Allstate) is truly a
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
. :) He had quite a bit of time to to install our floors as our family took a trip to Los
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
during the summer. Unfortunately, our "money pit" of a house presented it's typical problems (who doesn't cover an air vent in the floor when laying down flooring? Are you kidding me?) so
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was a bit behind when we returned from California...and had to come back for a week or so afterwards. Even with this delay, we were so incredibly pleased with the install and attention to detail
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
had while working on our floors. Get this: one day, a mistake was made and somehow the floors in front of our fridge got scratched.
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
WOULD NOT accept our willingness to just have ruined floors...instead he insisted on rectifying the problem by ripping out the damaged floors (in an ALREADY COMPLETE room) and reinstall. Talk about integrity.
As most of you know, when you do one major project, it usually leads into at least one or two other after
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was done with the floors, we asked him to come back and build us a "built-in" coat closet/mudroom for our entry. He listened to our wants and needs and built it to our specs. He was in and out in a matter of a day, and we were thrilled!

- Megan K.

First, I must say that in the end, I am satisfied with the finished job, and I realize that it was a difficult summer for exterior painting, what with all the rain in June. That said, I was not happy with the communication, or lack thereof - several times,
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
called or emailed and said they would start on a certain day, and on that day no one showed up. Finally, after several months of this, I suggested that maybe they should just return the money I had already paid so I could try to hire another painter. Soon after, they arrived en
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
to get started. Several things had to be redone, but they did respond to my concerns, and as I said, the job was completed satisfactorily. On another note, I was pleased that they repaired the woodpecker damage without my asking. I would hire them again, but with reservations.

Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
did a great job from start to finish. When I called for an estimate he was able to come out the next day and he started work the following week.
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was a really nice and respectful person and first came to prep and paint the bookshelves (this was paint over a finished wood). I didn't realize how involved this was and was SOOOOO glad I didn't try to do it myself (which I considered at one point). He taped and put up craft paper all around area to be sprayed and spent 6+ hours on the bookshelves.

The family room, kitchen and dining room were done the next day.
Lakeville Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
arrived at 8:30 (just as he said) and finished the job around 7pm (on a Friday). He worked really hard and it was nice having this all done in one day.

The following Monday he painted our formal dining and living room and once again did a great job.

He was very neat and respectful of furniture and was just a really nice person to work with. I would recommend him for any painting you need done in your house.
- Julie M.
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