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Rated by
Gregg T.
"They were very thorough, I felt no pressure and I always get the best price from
. You can walk out of their pretty confident you are getting a good deal.
Rated by
Pamela F.
"Excellent sales staff and management.
stayed with us most of the day and walked us through two vehicle purchases. He and management were extremely helpful. We felt right at home.
Rated by
Kay H.
"They are very good. They take out the dents with magnets and come to my house. He was very good and I have had him here twice. He was very meticulous, personable and came on time. He" did a lovely job and I can't even see where
was. I don't have anything to compare them to, but it was a fair price. I took his business cards and plan to refer people to him.

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Angie's Answers


For donation options, here is a link to a prior response -

For sale, here is another answer I previously gave to same type question -


Sounds like your biggest problem will be narrowing your list to a limited number of models, and deciding what brand names you are willing to consider to narrow the field.

You can search for websites blogging complaints for each model you are considering to see how they rate with users, and you can also go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at     to see how many recalls there have been on a specific model and year.

Most dealers these days have websites with their listed prices for new and used cars that you can browse to get an idea of available listed prices.

I would also recommend that you check out the used car values (free) for models you might be interested in on    and on Kelley Blue Book  -

Those 2 sources will give you a lot of negotiating power, because they list what the dealer pays the manufacturer on new cars, shows what people have been paying for each vehicle model and model year, and shows used valuations also. There are undoubtedly other such sources also - these are just the ones I have used and seem to be the best known.


Car Sales reviews in Grand Meadow


We went to
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
after have some disappointing in-person sales appointments with nearby dealerships who did not come through with online pricing agreed to in advance. The Internet Sales department at
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
was great. They met the quote that was originally promised by other dealership and beat it by some. The price ended up being very close to invoice and we got the color and trim we wanted. The paperwork was a breeze and I didn't feel like they were trying to pull a fast one on us. They explained some of the extra offers they sold, but left the decision to use without the usual high pressure sales experience. This was by far the best car buying experience I've had! We felt like we got a fair price and would return again! When we brought the car back for it's yearly maintenance, they were honest about that it needed (just an oil change) and told us that the tire rotation wasn't needed even though it would've only cost us a few dollars. In fact the first oil change ended up being free since we bought the car there.
- Kent M.

Great experience. Thanks to everyone at Black’s Home Sales (Duncansville, PA) and the crews at Champion (Atlantic) Homes in Claysburg, PA for an overwhelmingly positive experience in the purchase, construction, delivery, setup and service of
our beautiful new home; I’m thrilled the house was built locally. The quality of construction, outstanding teamwork, excellent communication, responsiveness and prompt, expert service have been exceptional in every way.
I looked nearly everywhere to purchase a new home before choosing Black’s and am highly pleased with
the outcome. I know I got great value for my money, as well as great service; AND, there were NO unpleasant surprises.
Everyone on Black’s staff provided great service across the board with timely communications, professionalism
and expertise. Calls were returned promptly and the few minor adjustments needed were addressed quickly and completely to our satisfaction. Experience and genuine interest were the hallmarks of the Sales team’s input as they helped customize my floor plan. I didn’t buy the most expensive model, yet I was treated like a VIP throughout the process. Each crew member was genuinely committed to our satisfaction and worked hard to prove it. I can’t count the times someone stopped what they were doing to ask my input or preferences. Good communication is key to a good outcome, and I got both. The SINGLE item (and that’s minute, considering it’s a big house) that fails to please is the poor quality of one set of vertical blinds. Otherwise, everything has been outstanding.
The quality of construction is excellent. Several friends who stopped to see the house and who work in construction trades have commented on how well the house is built and appointed. Attention to detail and thoughtfulness are obvious in the home itself and were also demonstrated by those who worked on the house after delivery. Their work was meticulous and thorough; many of them treated it as if they were working on a house for their own family. The difference that makes when you’re making a major life purchase like a home is HUGE.
I tend to be a perfectionist : ) and I’m thrilled, overall, with the house and Black’s and Champion in general. As exciting as purchasing a new home is, it’s also stressful, so I ‘m also grateful for the humor, friendliness and professionalism everyone showed. And (this is a big deal) everyone cleaned up after themselves. There was no garbage or litter left behind. Some crews had to move birdfeeders, etc., and I was really impressed that after the job was done, they put everything back where it had been. Frankly, that was a very pleasant surprise. They could easily have thought “that’s not my job” - but every detail mattered. That says a lot about both their work ethic and the respect they have for their customers.
It was typical for those working on the house to go the extra mile, right down to a member of the interior crew thoughtfully installing the last two flood light bulbs in the kitchen ceiling and leaving a reminder note to store touch up paint out of the cold during winter months. I mean: who does that anymore!? Answer: Pretty much everyone I met at Black’s. They couldn’t have done more to earn my trust or to prove their determination to make me happy and give me the house of my dreams. The superlatives I use are sincere and well deserved. (And if you’re curious, no, I’m not related to anyone at Black’s or Champion – I’m simply a very happy satisfied customer). I met a lot of strangers that now feel like friends.
Everyone I met worked hard and did so with a great attitude. I highly recommend Black’s and Champion to anyone considering purchasing a home and encourage you to see for yourself. If you’re going to purchase something as
expensive and important as a home, you owe it to yourself to visit Black’s. I believe they are committed to providing outstanding products and service, as well as to customer satisfaction after the sale. They sure bent over backwards
to make sure we got things the way we wanted them!
- Rhonda L.

The car was listed on a Canadian website with a very good price. I was already suspicious when he reply that the car was located in
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
. We exchange some emails and I ask him if we could do a pre-purchase inspection at the nearest dealer. He accepted and ask for the following monday. I book the apointement and of course he never showed up. He is not answering the emails anymore. Beware, he is a scam.
- Jean-Francois S.

My son purchased a 2012 Toyota Camry from
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
last Tuesday evening. He is a Marine, and on leave. One of the chief reasons we did this was their "5 day money back guarantee". We felt that he couldn't go wrong since he could return it should it not be mechanically sound. On Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., my son was sitting at our mechanic business. Within 20 seconds, our mechanic informed my son that the car had been wrecked. There was clearly debris in the paint, and there were indicators all over the car that it had been wrecked. Within 2 hours, we were at
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
for his "money back".
This is when the manager explained to us that the buyer is often aware that the car has been wrecked even if it isn't on the CarFax. And the buyer may not disclose that information to the person doing the inspection. Given our mechanic had spotted the problems so quickly, we have to question the caliber of people doing their inspections. The high pressure push was on to get us to take another car from them. Previous rental cars, fleet cars, and cars from northern states. No thank you. Money back, please?
My son and I headed back to the window. He had given $2000 cash as his down payment. He doesn't make a lot of money as a Marine. This was his only cash. And his line of credit was tied up with the loan on a car he already returned. So, imagine our surprise when we were informed that he would received his check in 10-14 days? How did a 5 day money back guarantee become 10-14 days? After arguing with the lady, and her phone call to corporate (where no one answered), we left and went home and called our lawyer.
Thanks to our attorney, we managed to get my son's money the following day. It seemed that the wait of 10-14 days came as a surprise to the people at corporate. How many people like us have been forced to sit without a car? Or accept another car they didn't really want because their money was tied up at
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
Deception about the car. Deception about their guarantee. We headed to
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
Toyota. Buyer beware. don't buy at
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
unless you have spare funds, and a great mechanic to go over that car with a fine tooth comb. Oh, and a good lawyer.
- Julie S.

Good service and good people specially service ad-visor
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
R, DCH will give you a ride home. I use them for my group home
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
which are in North
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
,NJ. Thank you.
- Rafail S.

Stay away from this decietful dealer. First I dealt with a pleasant salesman but beware, this is not who actually sells you the car. They are there as the Vana White of the sale. They are there just to smile and present the car to you. From there you are railroaded to a sales manager who tries to sell you things you don't need and
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
to you.Then you go to a finance guy who tries to pressure you into an extended warranty and acts angry if you don't want it. Post sale they are rude and don't care about you from the sales mananager to the general manager. Lesson learned. I will never buy a car from them again or any service. I do not trust them at all. Instead I will use a buying service (there are many and they will all net fair results to prevent you from over paying or getting ripped off.) There are online buying services like
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
,True Car,Consumer Reports,
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
Blue book and many more. There are car broker services like Costco or credit union fleet buying services. ANY of them will net you better results. Try several and see who finds you the best deal, you do not have to commit unless they find you the actual car you want at the actual price that you agree to. When you decide that you want to commit, then the dealer pays the fee to the service. Had I used any of these I would have saved about $3,000.00 and not gotten talked into unnecessary services in addition.(The sales manager lied and said that was the rock bottom price, any lower and he'd
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
money. After checking these services(too late for me, maybe I can save you) I found out that many many dealerships were BEGGING to sell me the identical car for around $2,500-$3,000 less.
Back to the clear coat they applied to the car for $900.00, I cannot tell any difference and it definitely was a lie that it makes rain sheet away like RainX. It does not. In adition they suggested I have it applied to the interior which darkened it's color(which I hated). They were able to remove most but not all of it inside. In addition
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
Corp stated to me that they do not reccommend applying any coating to the interior of their cars. As stated above my neighbor had problems with them and said he wished he had known I was going to go there. He would have told me not to ever deal with them. As it stands I am afraid to even have an oil change with them.
- michaela W.

The service manager wanted to schedule me a week later, but I needed the vehicle in the middle of the week for a day trip and waiting a week for brake repair wasn't going to work for me. Then one of their service technicians, (a young man named
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
) came out from the back of the shop and said he could take a look at my car right then. The service manager seemed perturbed by his suggestion, but
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
insisted. He took my car into the service garage and replaced the pads, shoes, refilled the brake fluid, etc. The brake light no longer lit and the brakes worked great after. I might not score the service manager all that high, but
Grand Meadow Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
deserves an A+
- Maura F.

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