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Rated by
alex S.
"Provider showed up at the scheduled time for the house water evaluation and did a quote on site to fix our water issues. Showed up on time for the install day, did the work in a reasonable" amount of time, then cleaned everything up before leaving. All the equipment is functioning and water quality has noticeably promised. Provider will also come back in a few weeks for a follow up check.
Rated by
Heidi G.
was installed our water system promptly and very professionally. Mr.
was our installer and he was friendly and professional. He arrived" on time and gave me a phone call to let me know he was coming. He left my home clean and removed all his installation debris. He explained all the equipment that he installed, he explained the maintenance and he explained what to expect from the equipment and when. We would definitely recommend
and our water softener to friends and anyone who is thinking of installing a water softening system.
Rated by
Gerald T.
"Very professional, helpful, informative, nice. He also checked my water softener setting as part of their service. Very nice experience.

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Angie's Answers


I actually just replaced my Pelican Natursoft "water softener" with an more-traditional ion exchange model.  I used the natursoft for a little over 4 years, and I can say it worked as advertised.  When remodeling a while back we decided to get a tankless water heater.  All the documentation indicated that hard water with the tankless heater is a no go.  We had to do somehting, but since I'm lazy (didn't want to deal with the salt or plumbing in a drain) and my wife didn't like soft water, the salt-free model looked attractive.  I too was somewhat skeptical, but the reviews I found looked good, and I know enough about the science of nucleation (I was a material science major in college) to know that what they said made sense, so I bought one.


One thing needs to be made clear - the natursoft system is NOT a water softener!  It contains a media which nucleates some disolved metalic salts out of solution.  These crystals, once formed, remain in the water, and still react with oils, detergents, etc. in the same manner as the disolved salts.  They also continue to form scale wherever water is allowed to evaporate, such as faucet nozels and shower heads. In fact, it's possible that evaporative scaling was even worse than before we installed the system.


Importantly, however, once in crystaline form, these salts do not stick to pipes, or in my case, heat-exchangers.  My tankless heater has a sensor to indicate when it needs to be descaled, and the manual indicates that for my water hardness and hot water use I should have had to descale approximately every 6 months.  In four years with the natursoft the descaleing indicator has never gone off.  For further evidence, when I installed my new softener a few weeks ago, I had to cut sections from the copper pipe on both the inlet and outlet side of the natursoft.  Both sections of pipe were installed at the same time as the natursoft, but while the pipe on the inlet side was green and rough on the inside, the outlet pipe looked and felt like new.


As such, if you want or need a salt-free system for some reason (low-sodium diet for blood pressure, don't like the feel of soft water, can't easily plumb a drain into the softener location, or can't carry heavy bags of salt to the softener), then I can unequivocably recommend the natursoft.  If, like my wife and I today, you want soft water, that feels soft on your skin, creates less soap scum, rinses cleaner in the dishwasher, etc., then the natursoft probably isn't for you.


Water Softener Installation And Repair reviews in Cottage Grove


I was not really happy with them. The experience was horrible. All I needed was for them to replace the faucet and the plumber that came took forever. He did not have all the parts and by the time the 2 hours were done, he had taking out the parts. I felt like he wanted to make the hours long so as to charge us more. I hired somebody else. He was professional but we could not believe he was taking so long.
- Mike M.

I purchased an Angie's List Big Deal for this service and it worked out just fine. They were very thorough on their job, but also very expensive. My wife actually worked with them and she said they were courteous and good.
- stephen Y.

Easy to schedule estimate and install. The installers did a great job, quick and no mess. We had never had a water softener before and they spent extra time showing us all of their work and explaining how the system worked and how we could keep it in good working condition. We would highly recommend them.

Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
installed a iron filter into our house since our well water showed shockingly high levels of iron. I called to ask to talk to someone about the systems. Someone called promptly back and scheduled a consultation. They arrived on time and were extremely professional. I was convinced that technically there are very proficient and I could trust them to do the work professionally and properly. We set up an installation date and they were EXTREMELY professional the work was top quality. They are very good at documentation and their records indicate if any future work may be necessary. I would definitely recommend them if any water conditioning work is required.
- Paul D.

We received an orange card in the mail to "remind" us that we needed to change the filter. We had purchased the home with the system already installed and did not have a history with the company but responded to this card based upon the perception that we would void a warranty if we failed to act upon it.
Mind you, they have all the information they need that tells them how old the unit is, what service has been done etc... based upon the prior homeowner. I had called them when we moved into the home to let them know any further service calls would be our responsibility and asked them to reflect this in their records.
When I made this call, I originally spoke to a guy named
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
. I discussed the fact that I really preferred to NOT have soft water as I have thick hair and to get the soap out of my hair and off my skin was difficult. It's a personal preference but one shared by my family members. Anyway, he was awesome and told me he understood and to just continue to use the unit as usual but do NOT add any salt and it would simply run out and the water would no longer be soft but the water filtration system would continue to work. At some point in the future I would simply need to change the filter to keep the water filtration system working even if we didn't want the water softener part. I thought this was great and it was working fine.
So, in response to the card, I called and made arrangements for them to come out to change the filter. I was told the filter would be around $250 and made arrangements for them to come out on Sept 15 at 3:00. The day they were to come out, someone called to remind me of the appt at 3:00 and I told them that was fine. They asked if it would be possible to come out earlier that day and I said "no, 3:00 works best for me." So, 2:25 rolls around and someone is knocking on my door. It's the
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
guy. He said he knew he was early but asked if he could come in. I was home and figured it was spite of the fact I was in the middle of something else. I stopped what I was doing and let him in.
He came in and wanted to test the water which I figured was just part of the filtration system even though he did not explain much about the testing. I then began to tell him about my conversation with
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
awhile back and that I wasn't a soft water fan which is why I wasn't using the salt. This guy then decided that I apparently was simply ignorant about my preferences and that I could save a lot of money if I just used less soap and was attempting to demonstrate this by washing his already dirty hands in my kitchen sink. With his hands dripping all over, I handed him a paper town and advised my concern wasn't about saving money on soap but merely my personal preference. He persisted in telling me how great soft water is yadda, yadda...and I pretty much told him to stop talking at that point as he would not be able to change my mind.
I then
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
him to the basement where the filter is located so he could change the filter I had ordered.
As we were going to the basement, it became clear that his agenda was more focused on sales than service. He started with a comment about how the life span of these units are usually about 15 years. Since I had not installed the unit but became the owner of it once we purchased the home just one year ago; I had no idea how old the unit was...but
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
certainly knew (or should have known) based upon their holding the records of our unit. This seemed very much like a bait and switch tactic - which is also frowned upon by Consumer laws.
Once downstairs, he proceeded to remove the plastic cover of the unit that holds some dates with details about installation and service dates...something I certainly could have done on my own if they didn't already have that information prior to coming to the house. However, since they were already allegedly bringing in a proper filter for that unit, they already knew the unit was an older unit and according to them, past it's service capabilities as it had been installed in 1989, 25 plus years ago! he's poking around, he begins to initiate the drama of typical (but illegal) sales practices such as telling me that it's likely that the unit will flood soon and/or catch fire since there was some "issues" he noticed in the wiring. I said "Well, I don't think a new filter would help with that!" I indicated further that it wouldn't behoove me to invest an additional $250 for a filter on a unit that was so old and way past it's typical life span. With that, I thanked him and said I was no longer interested in the purchase.
He then called his office to get some information and began writing all over a sheet of paper. I was kind of milling about the basement while he did this as it took him a bit of time. I then asked him what he was doing. He said "they" needed some numbers and additional information. He then produced some scribbled numbers that apparently pertained to some of the systems they offered...with the general focus being on the bottom line payment plan that seemed to have no original cost associated with it. I reiterated the fact that I was not a fan of soft water and that I would not be interested in joining a club or financing any major purchases at this point for something I didn't want and that he really needed to just leave.
He THEN told me I would owe him $89 for a service call. I said "for what?" I chuckled and said "do you mean a sales call?" I told him that I had absolutely no intent of paying him to try to sell me a new system when it was clearly something I didn't really want in the first place. He then returned to writing feverishly on this work sheet and I asked him if he was trying to "justify" his "alleged service call." He mumbled something and at this point I'm angry because he won't leave after me asking him to on at least two separate occasions.
Finally, I asked him what it would take to get him out of my home. He responded that I would need to sign the paperwork and give him payment for the service call. I asked him if he would take a credit card. He said "yes." At this point I figured I would simply dispute the charge with the credit card company as he wasn't going to leave without it. (It was really getting uncomfortable even though I'm not easily intimidated....I was just furious at this point and wanted him out of my house.)
I gave him an American Express card and he put the information onto the form he had been writing on.
He presents me the form that contains a bunch of line items and places for me to initial whether I "accept:" or "decline". He said "you need to initial all the areas that you decline all these things - none of which we discussed - and only accept on one line where it noted I agreed to the service fee." I said, "But I don't accept that I owe you this fee and I have explained that...what don't you understand?"
I then took the form and crossed out all my credit card information and told him to have someone above him call me to discuss it as our conversation was over. He then said, "Well, they will turn you over to collections for non payment." At that point I wanted to punch him in the face! I had him call his office so I could speak to his supervisor and have him removed. He did and I told his supervisor that I was so angry that I did not want to discuss the matter right now but needed this man to leave my home. We agreed that someone would call me to discuss it later.
With that, the guy finally begins to leave and can't find his way out the front door he entered about 15 minute prior. I redirect him as his boss apparently called him right back to see what was going on. As he is stepping off my front porch, well within earshot, he says to his boss "You know how some people act like their 13..." I suppose this was an attempt to avoid responsibility for his lack of professionalism.
This was the most unprofessional situation I have EVER encountered and would caution anyone considering this company to be prepared for high pressure sales - even when it's clear there is nothing they offer that you want. I was willing to pay the $250 to maintain the unit but the guy shot himself in the foot when he tried to go big with a new unit and used outdated and illegal tactics to persuade me, which obviously didn't work.
Mind you, I am a strong consumer, neck deep in spending big bucks on home improvement items (windows, siding etc...) and I do the necessary homework to find the right people for the job for the right price; often times paying the higher of the estimates because it coincides with the quality and value I want. Unfortunately, too often, drama and intimidation are the tactics used by unprofessional sales people who
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
on people who don't know any better. I hope this helps warn others.
Oh, and by the way, the reason why I am writing this review is because they poked the hornets nest. They are indeed trying to collect the $89 bucks they think I owe but the really, REALLY, REALLY bad part is that the documentation they sent me to support the "past due" payment contains the paperwork of another couple AS WELL AS THEIR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!! I am going to let these unsuspecting folks know where their information landed as well. Good thing I'm honest,
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
I letter will be sent to this company as well as the parent company and perhaps the Ohio Attorney General as well who monitors this type of situation. Should be interesting.
- Roxanne B.

Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
was prompt, efficient, professional and had our needs as the customer a the top of his list. this is unusual and we very much appreciated his efforts.
- Elizabeth P.

Overall very good, although a runoff valve started leaking after a year, and sent our water bill sky high. It took us some time to realize that the water was draining unchecked.
Cottage Grove Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
had it fixed after we called him. He has been responsive to our calls, including a no charge visit to check on the water softener.
- Amit M.

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