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Catherine S.
"The system has been in operation for the past year. Their contract (warranty) states in order for it to be valid I must arrange with them in one year of the installation a check up" to the system or the contract will be void. I called 4 times the month previous to due date to arrange a time for them to come to my home to check the system. I left messages on all those calls and never received a call back. I then sent a certified letter to them stating my efforts to contact them and that with not calling me back I feel they are not going to honor their agreement. I have NEVER received any calls from them now going on 21 days from the letter being delivered and signed by them that they received it. This company is not to be trusted with such an important health situation as radon in ones' home. I counted on them to make sure the system is working properly and they got their money and will not honor their contract with me. The level of radon in my home is high and now I must find another company that can monitor the safety of the air in my home.
Rated by
Dan F.
is an extremely professional and responsive company.
, the owner, answers phone calls and texts very quickly and is very patient with" questions related to the mitigation process. This is an individual who cares about the quality of his work and it shows in his attention to detail, including the clean up process. On top of his excellent job related to the mitigation,
on his experience in related fields to give me some advice related to other aspects of home maintenance/repair and went above and beyond by taking care of a separate minor repair that I needed assistance with. I have no hesitation in recommending
Rated by
Ulla B.
"We have used Alliance for our water treatment system for several years. This year how ever, they sent a young, very polite, technician with very little experience or training. He arrived" in a private car with no logo. It was very clear from the beginning, that he had problems handling the job and after a little while, there was lot of noise and some swearing going on, so we called the company who sent a backup technician. However, at that point we had active carbon dust all over our floor in the furnace room as well as in the basement. The technician cleaned up the best he could, I ended up doing the rest the following day, after the dog had found and eaten a small pile of the carbon granulate. The technician told us, he had only done this type of job once or twice. To send an untrained technician to service people’s water supply system is in my opinion irresponsible, so I called to complain. I was offered a discount of $20 (the charge was $400) and was told that this would come out of the technician's paycheck so that he could learn a lesson. In my opinion, it is the manager of this company, who should be taught a lesson and I asked for him to call me back. He did not.

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Radon reduction systems help keep radon levels at home low. The EPA says such systems can reduce radon levels up to 99 percent. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Benjamin S.)


Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that occurs as a decay byproduct of uranium and thorium. Radon forms naturally in the environment, and low levels can be detected in soil, rock and ground water. Homeowners that inhale radon are at risk of lung cancer and even death.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

Radon gas is harmful to your health and may exist in your home. Radon testing is available to determine if action is needed, says Lindus. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Mathew S. of Baltimore)
Remodeling - General, Radon Detection & Reduction

One highly rated provider shares information about factors existing in your home that could be causing you to feel ill and how to counteract them.

carbon minoxide detector
Radon Detection & Reduction

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a year-round risk. Heating systems, cars and other equipment can release colorless, odorless CO gas in your home. Protect yourself!

A leak from an upstairs neighbor's drain caused mold to grow on a member's kitchen walls and cabinets. (Photo courtesy of member Mark A.)
Lung/Pulmonology, Lead Testing & Removal, Asbestos Removal, Radon Detection & Reduction, Painting - Interior, Painting - Exterior

Could mold, radon, lead or asbestos be hiding in your home and making you sick? Read these tips to find and rid your home of these health hazards.

Radon Testing reviews in Ypsilanti


Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
showed up on time. He was very informative and explained in detail exactly what he would be doing and where he would be installing the system. He was extremely professional and pleasant and got to work immediately. He did all the moving of any objects in his way, carefully putting them back after he was finished, and took care of any clean up necessary. There was no interruption in our daily activities while he performed the installation and he was very efficient. I was surprised how fast he accomplished the task. I would strongly recommend
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
and we are so happy we decided to utilize their services.
- Chris C.

The installation went great. They were right on time and actually finished earlier than estimated.
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
was very personable and easy to get along with. I will definitely recommend
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
to anyone that I know who has a radon issue in their home.
- Thomas R.

Ultimately, my radon level was lowered from over 10 to less than 1 which was great. The price seemed reasonable and the work was done quickly and neatly. I did have one issue which was the external fan was installed about 1 inch too close my my back yard gate so that the gate no longer opened fully. I have multiple gates so it is not a serious problem but it was pretty annoying. I will either carve a niche out of the gate to let it open past the fan or try to flip the hinges so it opens the other direction. Because of the large hole in my house, moving the fan really isn't an option.
- Aaron A.

Company unplugged existing Radon run under slab. Installed outside
piping and installed fan. Electric also required as part of job. Both
teams worked very well together, job was completed and running in hours. We also
required closure of the french drains ( concrete) which was an added
cost but required to ensure the system worked sufficiently. Inspections lined up and completed days after. There was also a test kit for radon which demonstrated where we were after the test. The results were emailed and sent via snail mail. Would recommend as this type of work is required in most of NJ and PA !
- gregg T.

They asked me my address and I gave it to them believing maybe they took travel time into consideration for the cost. They told me how much it would be. I said I wanted to get estimates from a couple of other companies and then I might call them back. I then decided to go with a DIFFERENT COMPANY and scheduled the work for the following week. My roommate and I had to go downtown on the 18th to court. A day or two later I received a call from a representative from
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
stating they had been out and replaced my fan when we were not home and now required payment. I informed them I did not authorize them to do this work! The bill collector said she would have someone call me back.
The individual who called was VERY RUDE! I told him I had chosen a different company to replace the fan and he stated that the work had already been completed and I had to pay for it.
"You can't just come out and perform work without permission!", I complained.
"Ohhh, REALLY?", he replied in a sarcastic
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
of voice. "Why would you even want to go with a new company? Why wouldn't you use a reputable company that's been around a long time?"
I was astounded at his nerve and his attitude and was speechless for a moment.
He was trying to bluff and bully me.
"NO! You CAN'T do work on someone's house without a contract! I'm going to report you to Angie's List. Now you get up here and take your stinking fan out and put mine back!"
A different representative called back the next day and apologized and said they would come and take it out.
The following day a worker rang my doorbell and informed me that they had already disposed of my old fan and that he had removed their new fan but put a good used one in that should last me at least five years.
I still had the guy from the other company come and replace it.
I don't trust the integrity of these people and there would be no way for me to verify it.
Stay away from these people -- they'll try to take advantage of you.


I purchased a new home two years ago. This past year I tested my home and decided to have a radon remediation system installed. Although some might say that the radon levels were not of concern, I know: the lower the levels of radon, the less risk from exposure. There are no safe levels of radon. Having said all of this, I decided that remediation would provide me with peace of mind regardless of what was “theoretically” safe.
I looked on Angie’s list and accepted quotes from three radon remediators who all had A ratings and in the business for 20 years or more. One company provided me with a quote over the phone while looking at pictures of my home from a web-service. The second provided an on-site quote and suggested placing the exhaust fan in my attic. The third,
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
, “
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
Bavetta”, provided an on-site quote but he and “Rusty” actually looked into my attic above my closet where the second quoter suggested. But due to the angle of the roof, there wasn’t sufficient room for the fan.
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
suggested numerous options for the placement of the fan an exhaust pipe. In the end, I went with
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
and they placed the system in the least conspicuous location outside of my home. I watched every step they took, including cutting into my basement floor and into my foundation. It was obvious that they knew exactly what to do, since the process was done in an efficient and as neat as possible fashion.
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
’s price was the best of all three quotes and I liked all the extras such
as the gage that tells me if the fan is operating and the instructions and labeling on the system.
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
provided me with peace of mind, when I consider the safety of my family and the air they breathe.

- Chuck K.

After closing on our new house we wanted to install a radon mitigation system because the inspection revealed that the levels were a bit high. I phoned around to a few different companies in the area and ultimately ended up finding
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
at the top of the ratings on Angie's List. I gave them a call, left a message, and they called me back within a couple of hours. I explained the situation and Sandy looked up some information on my newly acquired property and gave me a price right then. I asked her about a timeline and informed her I had seen a coupon on Angie's List for $50 off of an installation. She said they honored those and told me the availability that they had for coming out to do the necessary work on my house.
Within a week her husband,
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
, had been to my home and installed the mitigation system. I was worried about aesthetics because of them needing to drill some holes in the structure and of course large PVC pipes aren't particularly flattering. Sandy had told me on the phone that when there are options (sometimes there aren't many, depending on the house) that they will always present them and comply without issue. Indeed that was the case as my wife and our 6 month old were left to deal with
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
in person on the day of the service and there was hardly any need for interaction.
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
and his workers were very fast and efficient. There was no mess to clean up and the system has been keeping the radon levels well below the EPA recommended amount. The cost was precisely what I was told it would be and even after they received my money I was somewhat surprised when Sandy replied to an email from me within just a few hours. I had a question about the system and she told me exactly what I wanted to know. This is very refreshing in a time where it seems like if money isn't involved you have trouble maintaining attention from providers.
I would highly recommend
Ypsilanti Radon Mitigation Experts Provider Name Locked
to anyone in need of a radon mitigation system. They do exactly what they need to for the precise dollar amount they quote.
- Grant C.

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