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We needed the work done prior to a wedding celebration my wife and I were having at our house on August 3rd of 2013. I first contacted
earlier in the season and was told that they were pretty much booked up in the coming couple months, basically negating the opportunity to get the work done in time for our backyard party. This was consistent from other companies as well, apparently I waited to long to get this work done. To my surprise I received a call from
the first week of
and said they had a few openings to potentially do our job. He came out, provided a quote on the steps and offered to refresh our patio as well for a great price. He provided a fair quote considering the timeframe and work that needed to be done. His crew came out as promised and did a great job. If we ever have a need for other landscaping projects that require professional help,
is going to be our first people to call.
- Angela R.

We contacted
because of all the great reviews and we wanted to work with one company that could take care of all our needs. Our house was newly built and was a clean slate. We began the process by working with the landscape designer
who came to our house several times to discuss what we wanted, take measurements, and to go over the final design. He was able to take what we wanted and work within our budget to create a very appealing landscape design. He also created a patio design that was interesting yet functional because of our sloping back yard.
Manu took the information from the designer to create the estimate and timeline. He informed us that we would probably be one of the last clients of the year, but he was able to fit us in which we were grateful for. There was some heavy periods of rain and Manu always kept us up to date as to the anticipated start date. Once his team began work, they were very efficient and worked quickly for the size of project. The landscape turned out exactly like the design and I felt that his crew was very easy to work with when we had any concerns or questions. They also did a thorough job of cleaning up.
There was a couple small projects that have to be finished in the spring due to the cold weather setting in, but we are happy with everything that has been completed thus far. They did an excellent job and we will be able to enjoy our new landscape and patio for years to come!!
- Heather M.

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Landscaping reviews in Shelby Township


The design/sales consultant came out in early June and came up with a plan for our yard. They came out in late
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
to do the work. The foreman of the work crew said that some of the projects were not feasible, and we had to change the plan on the fly.
The middle of August we informed the design consultant that five of the new plants had died, and he said to water them in hopes that they would revive. They did not revive, and we inform him of this by phone. He was not happy, as it was written in the contract that they would replace dead landscaping. He said that they would replace the plants, but it was late in the season so he said they might not be able to get all of the varieties. After nothing happened for several weeks, we called again and he said they would be out to replace the plants. After several more weeks (end of September) we called again and left a message. He did not call back, but the next day (October 1) a crew showed up and they replaced the plants.
We are happy with the design and the way the land scape beds turned out, but are downgrading our rating because of the numerous phone calls and long wait to get them to replace the plants.
- Barbara P.

The work, once it finally got done, was adequate. My only complaints with the quality of the work are minor - I think they did not seal the small section of pavers by my front door (I already have some dandelion weeds growing up through the sand between the bricks, which I believe should not be happening so soon after the job was done) although I know they did seal the large section of pavers that is my back patio. I also noticed that the two Hick's Yew shrubs installed by the front face of the house were not placed evenly distanced from the house for a symmetrical look (unlike the old cedar shrubs they replaced) - but this is not too noticeable from the front of the house (only from the side of the home) so is not that big of a deal for me. When they installed the new sod (next to a sandy beach area that fronts a small lake in my backyard) they kicked up a fair amount of soil onto the sand so now I have a lot of small weeds that keep popping up in the sand every week which I have to keep pulling (the soil has much more organic matter in it and is more "fertile" for the weeds than when it was just the clean sand ...)

The price for the work was better than most of the other quotes I received, and I had actually used this company 2 years before with decent results, which is why I hired them for this collection of small jobs. I'm not sure what happened between 2 years ago and now, but the service I got this year was horrid to say the least. Most of my phone calls to the office were not returned, although the crew manager was better (he only broke a 2 promises to return a call). As a result, I will never hire these guys again.

The job was contracted on April 16 but not finished until September 3.

The initial contract was signed on April 16 and I gave my deposit check at that time. The next week I got a phone call from the office saying they planned on starting the job the following week, so I went out and purchased the shrubs that I wanted to be installed to replace the other bushes that I wanted removed. I had to keep watering the new shrubs in their containers every few days to keep them healthy and ready for transplant while waiting for the work to begin. I ended up spending just over 2 months babysitting the shrubs in their containers. On May 15 they hadn't yet begun the work so I called to find out the schedule, and was told I was scheduled for the first two weeks of June. On June 18, two months after the contract was signed, when no work had yet been done, I called to ask if we needed to cancel the contract and get my deposit refunded since it seemed they had abandoned the job. They asked for a few days to talk to everyone (office manager, project crew chief, etc.) and determine what to do next. On June 24 I was told they would start the work on June 27, weather permitting. They did start the work on the 27th - including power washing and resetting and re-sanding the brick pavers of my back yard patio. To do this, of course, they had to move everything off the brick (patio dining set,
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
box, BBQ grill, kayak stand, etc) and out into the yard. They said they needed three days of good weather before applying the sealer. The summer was a rainy one, so it took a long time for a stretch of good weather. In the meantime, we were not able to fully enjoy the
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
4 holiday weekend with our back patio in disarray. By the 2nd week of
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
my family and I moved all the patio stuff off my yard and back onto the brick because I was tired of the junkyard look of having everything on the grass. On August 14 I called to ask that the job get finished, was told they would check the schedule and call me back before the end of the day. On August 15 I hadn't received any calls back so I called again, and was told it would be done the next week. On August 23 I called again and when I finally got through (after 3 attempts) I was again told it would be the next week. On August 27 they finally showed up and re-washed the brick, then applied the sealer, On Sept 3 they came back and finished up the job by installing the new mulch. I was out of town on vacation Sept 5-15, so it wasn't until Sept 19 that the office manager came to my home to pick up the final payment check - she didn't have any closing paperwork available to give me, so I asked that she send me a receipt for my check showing that the contract balance was now zero. She promised to do that, but as of Oct 4 I still have gotten nothing. I thought it was interesting that the project manager didn't show up for the last close-out meeting, and I was never asked if I was happy with the completion of the job. I think by this time they knew I wasn't thrilled with how long it took and how much it annoyed my family and I to have our patio in disarray for most of the summer, so I'm guessing they were too embarrassed to ask me if I was satisfied.

In summary, this experience sucked and I will never hire them again.
- Jennifer A.

Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked

So, had really good performance with turning the sprinklers on for the season. One sprinkler head was damaged and that was repaired also for a reasonable price.

We had such a good experience, we decided to get a quote from them on replacing our old sprinkler scheduler.

...More />

We were quoted a price of 180 bucks with a certain model. They came out to install, and used a different model. It also cost more then what was quoted. 20 bucks more.

I can deal with that...

However, after my wife tells me about a conversation she had with the repair guy. My wife is asking the guy about installing a pump from our lake, and she told me that the guy was saying this company didn't do it...that they like to do it outside of the company...they were quoting a wide range of cost for the install, I believe it was anywhere from 1800 to 2500 dollars...the whole thing felt like a shady conversation...
- Dan Y.

I was told the job was scheduled to take 2 days by a crew of 4 or 64 hours labor. On the day the job started the owner showed up and said the job would take one day. A crew of six did complete the job in less than one day indicating the labor was over estimated and I was over charged. When I inquired about a reduction in price I was told the price was as quoted.
I would think professional crew could take up a small lswn with a power lawn remover but these guys seems to have a hard time getting the old grass removed in a neat, timely and orderly manner.
I actually laid out the bed outline myself and located the two major trees with stakes. Lucky I was on site most of the time or the trees would have been planted in the wrong spots. The placement of other plants was haphasard and a number of them had to be moved multiple times to get a pleasing and symmetric appearances The landscape designer actually moved a number of the plants herself because I got the impression the actual crew would get upset if asked to move plants that they did not plant properly the first tiem.
I specified a certain type of mulch and had to tell the contractor where to get the material.
The border between the beds and was made of river boulders. I was told by the landscape architect that the crew could take a great deal of care to select and position the boulders yet in 15 minutes done. Where is the care. In the end the boulders were clustered by size, a series of smaller then larger then smaller instead of intermixing sizes. At some time in the future I will have to go back and rearrange the boulders to create the desired appearance. To create a planting bed for flowers, a steel edging was to be installed 1' in from of the rock edging. in some places it is 1' and other places it is further away. So much for
The trees were plantedwith burlap and steel cage left in place around the rootball. I don't think that is the way it should be done based on my readings.
The lawn was installed and not rolled. I had to go and get my own roller. Everyarticle I have read on installing sod says to roll yet the contractor seems to have his own method.
14 months after the install I was looking at some of the small evergreen shubs and noticed that they are turning brown. Not sure if that is an issue with the quality of the plants or not.
On the home page of the contractors web site there is a line that says “At
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
, we’re committed to not only meeting you requirements but exceeding your expectations”..
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
didn’t even come close to meeting the minimum of landscape quality and good workmanship. In summation, I would not recommend
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
as a design/build landscape firm. High prices and at poor quality sum up this company.

- Ronald N.

Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
was recommended by our home builder as their landscaper of choice. From the beginning they were very helpful and accommodating in working around our hectic schedule as we neared the closing of our new home. But, once the sod went in and they were paid accordingly, this courtship ended. A few weeks after the installation, I started noticing what looked like grass of a different texture and color popping through my beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass lawn. It looked familiar to something that had grown at a previous property of mine, quackgrass. Now, I've dealt with quackgrass in the past, and it's a beast to control. It's actually not a type of grass at all, but is deemed a noxious weed. It was so aggressive that it eventually overtook my entire lawn. But, at the time, I was too busy with the move in process to fully address what had been going on -- instead I put down a winterizing fertilizer and hoped the new sod would "choke" out this weed come spring time.
Fast forward to the following March/April and I noticed a considerable more amount of what I had been thinking was in fact quackgrass. I went ahead and consulted with lawn experts at two different nurseries and both confirmed that it was in fact quackgrass and that this weed is nearly impossible to eradicate. They both recommended that I reach out to
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
to have someone take a look, which I did. In response, a gentleman from
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
came out and tried to tell us it was ryegrass, which we all knew was not the case. I then attempted to escalate my case to the owner,
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
, but all attempts in reaching him have been
unsuccessful. For months now, all calls, voicemails, and emails including photos have gone ignored.
I've done my due diligence on applying the recommended weed and feeds, including a pre-emergent in the beginning of the season, but nothing has addressed my problem. In fact, another weed, horsetail, that also started showing up in the spring, has fully taken over a large section of my lawn as well. Lesson being, if you want a field of dreams, not weeds, do not contract with
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
. From my experiences, they will not stand by their product.

- Timothy W.

We were very happy with
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
, the person who planned the landscaping, was very prompt, listened to what our wishes were, and came up with a great blue print. I wanted to have low maintenance plants in the front (tired of trimming bushes!). They're great! He even transplanted some exisiting plants in one of the gardens. There's a path with pavers also, that were put in with precision. A couple of plants didn't make it, but were promptly replaced. We called last year to have more work done in the back.
Shelby Township Landscapers Provider Name Locked
came back, we made another plan, and it was done in 2 days (weather). We were very happy with this job too...should have done it years ago!
- Elizabeth W.

personable, professional, hard working crew and very polite cleaned everything up when the job was completed.

- Valerie D.
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