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Rated by
David R.
"Easy to work with and very competitive prices. But actually getting the work done took all summer despite my May deposit. My impression was that this small, highly rated company took" on more work than they could handle and got backed up. When they did the job, they were super, but the job itself kept being postponed -- I had calls about scheduling from 3 different people, and was never sure who would be setting the job: an office assistant,
, or
the owner?
, his brother, and
all worked on the job itself, and I enjoyed working with all three. I just wish they had done the job when first expected.
Rated by
Richard H.
"I spoke with owner of
, by phone on or about
. 10, 2013 about constructing a concrete driveway apron, at which" time we discussed price and a construction date. On
. 14, 2013, Mr.
and his concrete sub-contractor came to the site and the three of us discussed how the concrete should be poured. Very specific instructions were given that the finished grade (top of slab) would be level with the existing grade (top of the ground). This was not done. When I asked about welded wire fabric reinforcing, I was assure that the "new fiber reinforced concrete" did not need WWF, therefore it was not placed in the slab. As a consequence, the side of the slab is broken in one place where a delivery truck drove over it. Because the site is on the high side of a curve, an additional instruction given was that there should be a 12 inch wide strip of concrete adjacent to the roadway. This was not done. The result is that the end points of the concrete on both sides of the driveway are now cracked and are breaking due to high speed traffic edging off the asphalt. Again, as the site is on the high side of the roadway, an unnecessary "lip", a one inch
, was left at the place where the concrete joins the asphalt. The concrete was supposed to be dyed (an additional expense) after the concrete cured for a month. As of this date, October 28, 2014, there has been no dye applied.
Rated by
Michael H.
"The job was very well done.
was always available and the crew was always punctual, courteous and professional. They also did a very good clean up when the" work was finished. I am particularly happy that
was able to move my job up from the originally scheduled start date of November 10th to October 13th, less than a week after he came out to give me a quote on the job. I was a bit concerned with the original November date, as I live in the foothills, and the weather can often turn quite cold in mid-November. As I had expected, the weather in mid-October was perfect for pouring concrete.

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Angie's Answers


Bids are NOT done based on a multiplier on top of materials cost to get labor cost. Think of the consequences in the example you gave - by that method using say plain home depot tile made in Honduras might cost $5/SF materials, so by your method $10 labor. Now, same floor, with Carerra marble or Barre Granite at $75-100/SF - so do you want him charging you $150-200/SF labor when it takes almost exactly the same time regardless of material ?

To put it in simple terms, contractors:

1) figure the amount and cost of materials and consumables needed from the plans and specifications, applying a markup (from 15-50%, depending on contractor and how fancy or specialized a job it is).

2) Then they figure the equipment needed and the operating time to be used or elapsed time to be rented or leased - either opperating hour or elapsed time, or combination of both, especially if it consumes fuel

3) They then figure the labor time for the various trades required to do the job, maybe add an efficiency or ease of work multiplier to those hours to fit the job conditions, multiply those hours by the hourly pay rates, then multiply that times the "load" or "Labor Overhead" to account for employment taxes, workman's compensation costs, health plan, etc, etc.

4) Then they add in the cost of any architect or engineer plans or certifications that are needed, government permits and inspections, etc.

5) Then they add in any subcontractor bids, with appropriate contingency amount for each.

6) All those above totals are added up, an appropriate overall contingency added if needed (typically 5-10%, but on remote site jobs I have seen as high as 200%), and (depending on how contractor figures his costs) at least all the "in-house" costs like his equipment, consumables, and labor costs have a percentage overhead and profit added to them - typically about 100-150%. Some contractors use a lower overhead percentage but apply it to the total estimated job cost, not just in-house costs.

This "company overhead" or "general overhead" or "G&A - General and Administrative Overhead" covers the costs of financing and running the company, management and secretarial and general supply and maintenance costs, buildings and equipment yards lease or mortgage cost, working capital cost, insurance, loan interest, general shop equipment payments, profit, etc. Some contractors use a lower overhead and apply it to every cost in the job, some (especially those doing government work so havingto adhere to government accounting rules) apply a "markup percentage" to materials and rental costs and outside subcontract services, and apply G&A overhead only to in-house costs.


That being said, for a general class of work it does generally (on normal jobs) work out that there is a general multiple of labor to materials cost. For instance, yard work and residential tree work is heavy on labor, so it might have a labor to materials ratio of 3:1 or even 5:1.  Detail foundation hand excavation and underpinning can run to 5:1 or more. Many types of building construction like plumbing, tile, carpentry, etc. do end up with a very roughly 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of labor to materials cost. At the other extreme, high energy efficiency or hurricane rated glass installation or a fancy full-building computer and communications system or high-end entertainment center might have a labor to materials ratio of 0.25-0.5 because it is designed to go in pretty fast, but the materials cost a lot.

For your case, a hardscaping ratio could run from 0.5:1 or less to as much as 3:1 or more, for installations with very expensive imported stone and fancy woods and a lot of bought decorative items such as statuary, to the opposite labor-intensive landscaping with lots of sidehill terracing and hand-planted flower beds, hand-dug irrigation system trenches, and manual-placed concrete block or railroad tie walls. Each job should be figured on its own merits - using a "rule-of-thumb" is where people commonly get unpleasantly surprised. That is why you typically get 3 bids unless you have a contractor you trust from prior experience and are confident will give you a fair shake regardless of being sole-sourced. Personally, both for my own purposes and professionally in the design and construction business, I have found sole-source to trusted contractors you have experience with is, in the long run, a BIG money and time saver, as well as making it far more likely to finish on schedule and let you sleep at night.


You need a general contractor - prefereably one who specializes in additions, because you have excavation, waterproofing, concrete, concrete cutting, carpentry, door and window, etc trades to coordinate.

The cost will depend a great deal on your topography around the house - if the base of the window will be above ground level at least 6 inches, then could run about $500 for a legal egress window purchase and about $1000-2000 for installation, depending on how deep into the concrete you have to cut.

If the bottom of the window will be below ground level, then to call it a bedroom (which mandates legal sized second egress and usauully at least one window)  then you will have two choices - bring it out into a solid watertight concrete storm cellar with collar to keep water out, stairs, and and weather and bug-tight cellar door that is inward-opening, which means a lot of space for stairs and landings top and bottom, or bring it out into an oversized window well at least 36 inches in diameter, and with steps to ground level, with adequate drainage and waterproofing to keep it dry. Either way, sometimes about as easy to put in an outside door as a window, and might raise property value more. Cost from $2-5,000 depending on how deep into concrete wall you have to dig, whether concrete wsall needs reinforcing with steel frame because of the depth of cut, how easy the digging is, and what your water conditions are near the foundation. The last thing you want to do is create an easy water or vermin ingress with your egress.


Is the wall that the garage is sloped toward and adjacent wall of the home?


If not, it should not be of real concern. 


Try to keep the water out of the garage with a gasket on the door. 




If the state requires a contractor's license, then he needs to have a license in each state he intends to work in - plus state/local business licenses as applicable.


This does not mean there are not a lot of contractors who cross state lines without proper licensing - the penalties in may cases are not real severe and are just a fine, not criminal, so many take the chance.


As you say - argh  - many contractors are not really businessmen and have zero legal education, so many people get burned.

Concrete Repair reviews in Lyons


The arrived on time and completed the drive in one day and the sidewalks and drive apron on another day. They cleaned up their work areas to my satisfaction. The drive looks great!
- LaVonne C.

Terrific guys, two brothers, I believe. Very nice, helpful, never left a mess. Could not have gone better. We will definitely use these guys in the future and recommend them to others. No problems, just great work and a terrific patio.
- Kim B.

Currently have a contract signed and waiting on scheduling due to high demand. Everything has gone well so far and I have been impressed by
Lyons Concrete Repair Contractors Provider Name Locked
's responsiveness and professionalism. We expect the work to be completed this fall or early spring 2015. Price was competitive and consistent with other providers.
- Arron B.

I thought 100 feet would be measured length of driveway but it was length and width. Total price would be 4800.00 not 1199.00. 4800.00 was greatly over other estimates.
- Donna P.

Job was started ahead of schedule, all permits pulled, they coordinated with the municipal inspector as well as the plumber who had to move the laundry tub and plumbing lines for this job. They cleaned up everything and left the house in great shape. I highly recommend
Lyons Concrete Repair Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew at
Lyons Concrete Repair Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Steve W.

The name of the business says it all—concrete at a low price.
Quality is important to me, though, so I was concerned when I saw that this vendor had received some low ratings. When I sorted through them, though, I observed that all of the negative ratings were due to responsiveness on jobs that had not been agreed to or were quite small. Based on this, and because my neighbors were familiar with this vendor and we decided as a group who to contract with, I decided to go ahead and hire
Lyons Concrete Repair Contractors Provider Name Locked
The bid that I received was very reasonable—this was confirmed when I called a very highly rated Angie's vendor who does concrete. He said, "I can't match that—I recommend that you hire him."
I have not regretted the decision. Based on the reviews, I was ready to trade off on responsiveness so that I could afford to have the work done on my budget. However, I needn't have worried, because my neighbors and I were kept informed about scheduling changes, of which I think there was just one short delay, due to excessive rainfall. Everyone on our block got what they paid for and everything looks great. There is a lot of demand for this work, especially at certain times of year, and pavers are out in the field a lot, so it does take time for them to call back sometimes. I'm not excusing any poor communications, but I found it to be quite common among the folks that I called.
If you want an affordable job done, I recommend that you hire
Lyons Concrete Repair Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Mark G.

The communication with company was great. They came on time, did a great job and I'm very happy with the work. They were willing to take on a smaller job which was great and squeezed me into their busy schedule. I would used them again.
- Laurie K.

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