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EXCELLENT! Money well spent. First, he assessed the extent of sinkage of our slab foundation, and told us it was slight and was within reasonable tolerances, and not worth the VERY HIGH costs we had been quoted by several firms to
up our foundation. He then focused us on the real source of any problem in this area, our poor drainage around the house, and offered suggestions for how to address this, suggesting the use of qualified landscaping firms or drainage firms. Finally, he looked at problem we have with our wood siding resulting from the manner in which our deck was installed, and indicated that here we do have a serious issue. He suggested several ways to deal with the issue, and indicated that a qualified general contractor should be consulted for possible repairs. Overall, his professional expertise and recommendations will allow us to focus our efforts (and our dollars) towards fixing what needs to be fixed, rather than possibly throwing away very significant amounts of money on un-needed work. Again, this was money well spent.
- William A.

Very professional, provided the advice and report we needed to make a decision on whether to purchase a historical house. Also came out a 2nd time to answer any questions after we received the report, and told us to call if anything else came up.
- Amanda O.

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Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
immediately responded to my last-minute request (on a Saturday) for his engineering services. He was in the general area and offered to come by after his current job was complete. He kept me posted regarding his expected arrival time, which I appreciated. as I needed time to get to the location. He met me at condo; quickly and thoroughly inspected the crack in the dining room floor and surrounding floor area; and rendered his professional opinion. Because his inspection took less than the time he'd expected to, he offered to reduce his fee accordingly. I was prepared to pay the price he'd quoted, so this was a pleasant surprise. He was courteous and knowledgeable and his professional opinion was quite helpful to me in moving toward a settlement date.

- Holly C.

A Structural Engineer, from
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
's office, arrived on time. He stated that he was only to look at the basement wall that had the water intrusion. I said that wasn't my understanding when I made the appointment and paid on-line. After glancing around, the engineer said we could have hired a home inspector and saved ourselves some money. He finally did go around the entire basement and took pictures of the walls. He never checked the walls for moisture or to see if they had bowed. We also went outside with the engineer to look around the house. At the conclusion of his inspection, the engineer said we had no current issues with the basement walls, at this time. The engineer said he would have to go over his notes & pictures with
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
for the written report.
A week and a half later, my husband received the written report & pictures from
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
, via e-mail. We were horrified over the written report. The next day, I called
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
's office and left a message to have him call me.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
called back and my husband and I discussed the report with him. We asked how can you go from a verbal, no current issues with the basement walls to a major problem.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
said that he and another engineer, in his office, didn't agree with the engineer who came to the house. We were on the phone for over an hour with
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
and he wouldn't budge. At this point, we decided we needed a second opinion!
We did get a second opinion and this Structural Engineer mostly agreed with the engineer who came to the house. We were told there's no current issues with our basement walls, at this time. However, there is an area we need to watch for any changes.

Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
was personally involved on our job site. He brought in three teams of workers for the varied challenges of this project. The workers were polite, friendly, worked industriously for hours, and cleaned up the project when finished. .
Rod coordinated all of these teams so that the whole process went smoothly and timely. He guaranteed satisfaction with his usual high standard of performance. The costs were clearly communicated.
After the job was done, he personally inspected all aspects. Then he returned another day with "before" and :after" interior and outside photos.
We are very impressed and extremely grateful to have found a man of integrity to complete this job. We highly recommend
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
and its principal
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
- beverly E.

Long story.. If you have slab/foundation issues you will want to read on.. If not, you will get bored so don't bother. In short, I believe Mr.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
saved me thousands and thousands of dollars and gave me piece of mind.. He is professional and knowledgeable. If you have foundation issues, I recommend spending the money to have him look it over. You may not get a lucky as I did (with the cause of the problems) but you may.. Spend the money and get it done! Now with the long story: In 2009 I noticed some of my doors inside the house didn't want to close. I noticed others wouldn't stay closed. I started seeing cracks in sheetrock (on the ceiling, above doors, on walls etc.). I also noticed some brick on the outside was cracking, trim boards around the house pulling away at the corners, expansion joints on the outside of the house getting wider and wider.. It was clear that I had "foundation problems". I called the 3 most popular "foundation repair" companies. I thought it made sense to get a quote and advice from each, compare the 3 and go with one of them. I thought with 3 I would be able to pick one that wasn't the cheapest but wasn't the most expensive either. I didn't want to base my decision on price alone. I thought they would be fairly close to one another. Well.. They weren't. Their advice was also contradicting (not just with each other but from the same person during the same conversation!). Very frustrating! It was clear they either didn't know what they were doing or were just trying to baffle me with B.S. Pricing: The first quote I got from 'Company A' was around $28K. the salesman called me a few weeks later claiming he gave me the wrong price. "The price I gave you was for a 3 story and you have a 2 story. Let me send you another quote." I said okay and 3 weeks later (after hounding him for it) he gave me another quote. This one was for $31K! Higher than the first quote! So I called him and asked why a 2 story foundation repair would be more than a 3 story foundation repair.. He tried to talk me in circles and when he got done, I asked him again.. "Why is price higher for a 2 story?". Again, he tried to talk in circles.. Well.. This one was off my list. On to the next. The quote I got from 'Company B' was around $15K. The salesman also contradicted himself while telling me what the issues were. The quote I got from 'Company C' was around $11K. Not one of these companies told me what was causing the problem. They all just said "this is Texas soil and foundation problems are normal and expected in Texas". With the prices so different and the contradictions (not only in their own conversations but with what I had learned by researching), I didn't feel comfortable with any of them. So.. I called a "structural engineer" (not Mr.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
). He came out and looked around and said "the problem is with moisture, the problem is always moisture. You need to place a clay/dirt mixture all the way around the house to keep moisture from getting under the slab". Well.. This went against EVERYTHING I had learned about foundations in Texas. He was out.. I stewed on all of this for quite a while. Frustrated and watching my cracks get bigger and bigger and more and more. Very stressful to watch you largest investment going to h***.. I called 1 more foundation repair company recommended by my brother-in-law. They came out and within 10 minutes gave me a price of $5K. WAY cheaper than the others. This of course concerned me. They were out.. I stewed a while longer.. I finally decided to check out Angie's List and find a structural engineer. I found Mr.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
. I am a busy person and so is he but he worked with my schedule and came out to take a look. He took measurements of the slab inside/outside the house (just like 2 of the foundation repair companies did). He made a quick drawing of the shape of the slab with the measurements where he took them. He sat down with me and explained the drawing and what the root (pun intended) cause of the problems were.. The root cause was the trees around my house. 2 were approximately 20' from the house 1 was approximately 10' from the house. The drawing he made clearly showed the slab was dropping around the areas where the trees were. With the last few summers being so dry, the trees were pulling all of the water from under the slab causing the dirt to collapse in turn causing my slab to collapse. He gave me 2 options. Remove the trees or put in a root
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
. He told me I could have the foundation repaired but without addressing the cause, the foundation would just continue to sink and I would be calling the foundation repair companies back. He also said that after removing the trees the foundation would slowly move back into place (probably would take a few years). He told me that if I dug holes around the foundation 2'X2' and 2' off of the foundation, every 5' then filled those holes with water every day, the foundation would move back much quicker. The idea here is to get water back into the dirt under the house. I opted to have the trees removed (all 3 of them). I then dug the holes (back of the house first) and filled them with water every day (maybe not EVERY day but I tried to do it every day). Within 2 months the expansion joint in the back started closing up. After another month or 2 it was back to normal.. I dug the holes around the rest of the house and filled them with water. The front took longer (it was much worse than the back) but slowly doors started closing properly (and staying closed). The expansion joint in the front started closing, the cracks in the brick started closing.. Today, the expansion joint in the front is almost back to normal. I expect in another year or so ALL will be back to normal. I wish I could upload some photos. I took pictures of the expansion joints and cracks before doing anything. Over time I took more pictures. I found an app for the IPhone that would allow me to compare side by side pictures. WHAT A RELIEF!! The pictures clearly show Mr.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
knew what he was talking about. If Mr.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
wants the photos to show his customers, I will gladly send them to him. From where I sit, he saved me thousands of dollars, tons of grief and the stigma of having foundation repair done on my house. You may not be as lucky as I was with the cause of the foundation problems but then again you may! Even if you have no trees I trust that Mr.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
will be able to identify the cause and not just sell you a fix. My thoughts were
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
: A foundation repair company makes their money on fixing foundations. The bigger the problem the more they have to do, the more money they make. An engineer makes his/her money off of inspecting. No matter what the engineer finds, his/her pay is going to be the same. If you have foundation issues, CALL MR.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
before calling a foundation repair company! The foundation repair companies don't want to solve the problem. They want to cover up the problem. You may ultimately need foundation repair but MAYBE NOT. FYI, I purposely waited before giving Mr.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
a review here to give his recommendations time to work. It is now 9 months later. The foundation is clearly (and slowly) moving back to where it belongs. WHAT A RELIEF!!

- David C.

I initially contacted
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
because my wife and I were looking at a home for sale. There was some minor cracks in the kitchen tile and we wanted assurances that there would be no further foundation concerns.
My wife was there upon the engineers arival and did the walk through with him. He was pleasant and professional at all times. His name was
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
Gorgazzi. His report was thorough and he was superb at discussing any of our concerns. The detailed report he submitted to me was clear and concise. This supasses my expectations of any structural engineers I have dealt with in the past.
Thanks for the great service.

- Jaimes S.

For the past couple years we had been using the same foundation engineering company ("Engineer X") the previous owners of our house used. BIG mistake. After a below avg assessment from "Engineer X" this summer, we decided we needed a second opinion and I reached out to Lighthouse. We were able to get
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
out to the house same week as i called (mid-
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
). He walked the outside of the house first. We looked at our drainage system and he gave us some good feedback on easy things we could do immediately to improve the drainage around the house. Then he walked the inside of the house. He sat with us to go through all of our house's past foundation history. Based on everything he saw during the inspection and the work that had been done previously, he determined we needed to adjust roughly 20 piers along the perimeter of the house.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
's follow up report was extremely thorough and detailed and we received it within one business day.
The piers we needed to adjust were no longer under warranty and we weren't getting anywhere with the install company on the repair.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
sent us 4 recommendations for repair companies (all highly rated on
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
). We ended up using Foundation Dynamics (a seperate review has been posted for them) and they were terrific. Overall a much better experience and I feel confident we've finally solved the problem that plagued our house far too long.
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
will be my new "go to guy" for any future foundation concerns.
- Leah D.

fine! I pointed out some issues, he explained why and what was happening. gave multiple possibilities of treatments. I was worried about a garage wall bowing in due to ground/water pushing against it. waterproofing companies had differing opinions about cause and solutions. I basically wanted to know if foundation was damaged and didn't trust waterproofers; I knowthey wanted to sell me the
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
fix while trying to scare me into submission. wanted and truly believe I got an unbiased professional opinion from
Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
. very much appreciated. I did think the price a bit high but knew what I was paying going in.
- Barb S.

Highland Structural Engineers Provider Name Locked
came out on a days notice to come review the structural integrity of an exiting retaining wall on a property i was purchasing. He was very knowledgeable about retaining walls systems and cause of failure. He provided a full report that very evening, which was very appreciated! The report was detailed and provided pictures and an estimated repair cost. The inspection and report was $500. I have not basis for comparison for a structural engineer review which is why i gave the company a "B" rating for cost. I was told by a friend that $500 was a good price to have a structural review, but like i said, i still have nothing to compare it to. I believe it is a good and competitive cost for the inspection.
- Kevin K.
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