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gave us an outstanding kitchen. Their professional, yet personal, efforts were simply amazing. They took the time to explain every step, listen to every concern, and produced a result that was far better than we hoped. The lighting design they developed enhanced the beauty of the cabinets provided by
, making the kitchen gorgeous. The exceptional crew had to deal with an older home where they encountered many issues, but dealt with all of them while coming in under budget. We could not have asked for a more positive experience.
- Guy M.

The foundation was set to High. We had to have a 3ft. Deck in our garage to get into the house.
said he would fix it but, he lied. Our cars are on a slope in the driveway, we should have a nice level place for a basketball net but the back fill and garage foundation cut out did not work like he said. He also said he would put a rock face on all the foundation showing and cheated us out of that because he took longer than the bank wanted and at crunch time gave us a pittance of refund for it. One year later it has extremely cracked floors, and we had to pay for dead tree removal because he left roots exposed for too long and had some trees buried. Just after we moved in we had to pay for someone to fix
's driveway and house drainage. We still have an issue in the back because it is not sloped away from the house properly. The common theme would be us telling him what he did wrong and him
halfway fixing it. We did get him to put the retaining wall in, only through doing some of the trenching on our own.
2- Trusses and over all integrity.
must have cash flow problems because the work would come in batches, then nothing. The length of time to get it under roof meant water sat for a long time. The other issue was he did not follow through with 84 lumber's truss plan. The inspector caught it and made him put a beam in the basement. We made him go back and put a footer under it. He would have just left the load on the already cracked basement floor.
The lesson here is we should have had a truss page in the plans. the main floor is very bouncy. A glass of water will spill if too full and a kid walks by.
His choice of plumbers caused many delays and we had to go back and fix the leaking sink that damaged the cabinet. We also have a septic smell in the laundry room. We wanted a gas water heater and he tricked us into the electric one. Most of the fixtures were loose. We made him come back and fix a crimped line to a toilet. The toilets had to be adjusted to flush properly and not flow all the time. We made him go back and dig up the basement
in he forgot about. He hired a guy to dig the trench to the house and well vent. We put a string to show where the vent should go, with no contractor management he trenched it in the opposite direction. We had to get a water system after he left because the well had to much iron. That is not his fault, but the point is he just did the minimum and did not watch out for us.
only watches out for himself.
We looked at a house
was almost finished with before we went with him and we
asked for a roof just like it. He was going to put on one with screws and not
the standing seam, because it was 10k cheaper. The allotment for floors and fixtures was way
too low. He adds in his labor and cheats you so you have to overrun it from the
contract price.
The Loft was going to be done wrong and would have been damaged by super heating, we had a real hard time getting that through his head. It has holes in the insulation. He told us he was going to use the spray in insulation but used the pink fiberglass in some places. It is another example of how
will tell you what you want to hear and his cheap, half way, not managed properly way comes through.
I will cuss
for ever due to the nail pops, cracks, and tape seams. We had him come back, but enough is enough.
7- Cleaning
We cleaned the house. Every time
comes we have to 'field day ' the house. He gets drywall dust in the wood floor and paint splashes...ect ect. It is just awful.
8- HVAC & fire place
We worked with the vendors directly. We got these major issues fixed due to our hard work and persistence. At this point we knew we were not going to get help from

9-Earthcraft certified
One reason we hired
is because he was going to provide a Earthcraft certified home. Towards the very end we ask about the certification and he said the standards changed. It seems that we should be able to grandfather into the old standards. He said he would pressure test the house to ensure the air leakage and get Energy star rated. I guess we would have to keep bugging him to get this done.
At this point we despise having to communicate with
. It is always a hassle. The problemt is getting him to show up, this takes a while. You have to get through the no responses, excuses and delays, it is always something.
cannot blame the subcontractors for this problem. The
goes down with the ship, the head coach & or general manager gets fired first! We have a livable home only because we had a game camera and were a pain in his tail. We should have talked to more people he dealt with before building with him.

- james H.

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Two years after I contracted
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
I am still dealing with their mess of a job and I've finally had enough and am writing a review to forewarn any of my neighbors in SoFl to steer clear of this horrible company. Because of the type of loan, i had to get
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
approved by the bank to do the work, so once hired i was locked in with them.
I purchased a home with a renovation loan and hired
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to redo the kitchen, electrical wiring, and install central ac. I was told that the job would take a month or so, and therefore rented out a room from a friend until the work was completed. It took 7 months for them to complete the junk they called work.
I now have a ceiling fan in my living room that has no power to it, and in the middle of summer my new AC unit is blowing hot air. These guys hire the bottom of the
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
people to do the least amount possible, I have since found out that the "Great AC deal" they were giving me has one of the worst reviews out there and may have to get a whole new one just 2 years later!
Bottom line is
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
will charge too much, take too long, and in the end you will pay someone else to come behind them and do the work again.
- Thomas Q.

In March 2014, Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
quotes me $680.00 for a "CUSTOM" Laundry Room cabinet while I was on leave from Afghanistan. He was referred by a close friend and seemed creditable after for questioning and brief checking. I agreed on the price and followed up with a request for another quote for a water heater replacement and closet expansion. Based on the price I told Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to proceed with the cabinet for the laundry and I would have to work on the rest later. I was not ready to commit to such a large $$ amount with seeing some of his work and work ethic. Side note: Since I was returning to Afghanistan for work I gave Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, my key and remote so that the work could be competed before I got home for good in June 2014. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
insisted that my friend that referred him be there with him and she agreed. I sent Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
a check for $500.00 the 2nd week in April. I emailed him and spoke to him several times. He assured me my cabinets were done and only need to be hung. He even joked that he liked his work so much that he wanted to keep them for his place. The week before come home he told me to stop worrying and just get home safe that he would have them done before I get home. It is now
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
2014. I am home and I still do not have cabinets. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
stated he got busy and had no idea that his new business would take off the way it did. He offered to refund my money. The day he was to meet me for the refund he did not show and now will not take my phone calls. I am heading to small claims court.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
construction inc. he does work in NC & SC.... 704-975-1817

- Veronica C.

Lessons I learned doing business with Quest & Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
1. Always get a detailed proposal with materials listed by brand/grade, measurements, specs, project to be finished BY DATE (not “in 4 weeks”). Set a penalty when work gone pass the deadline not due to acts of God. Stipulate you have the right to hire a 3rd party to finish his work at his cost when pass the deadline. Demand a credit or refund if you want to provide items/materials. Demand Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to go purchase the material with you or provide a clear list with brands & specs.

2. Make sure the contract spells out if contractor makes a mistake/misarrangement he should pay for the cost of repair & within X days. All work must be inspected & ok by you before moving on to next.

3. Clearly spell out when to pay installments, i.e. 50% completion=complete framing & drywall, 85% completion=all tiles in…etc.

4. Take pictures of every stage. Pictures can be very helpful for disputes. Insist to communicate via email on important issues.

5. Obtain a list of his suppliers & subcontractor & get
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Waiver & Release from Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
AND ALL of his subcontractors BEFORE any payment .

It is a very stressful & frustrating experience doing business with Quest & its owner
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was nice when he was trying to get my business, promising everything. Before signing the contract we went over his proposal with his architect. I showed him pictures of what I wanted, the style of the closet shelving, walk-in shower, modern concept design. When I
asked him to put details, materials, measurements, & write down what I had told him in the contract he just said “no problem! I’ll make it beautiful!
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
’t worry!” assuring me he got it. That proved to be problematic as he later went back on his words & told me "this would cost me too much..." or "I thought you meant..."

Because fixtures, vanity, tiles... are not included in the price I bought all myself. But Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
's unfamiliarity of the building process & poor scheduling made this process a nightmare because he doesn't tell you the specs he needs, doesn't check the items when they arrived. I ended up paying more $ on expedited shipping & alternative products.

Unfortunately, things went wrong the entire project. 4 wk project went to 8 & still not complete. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
refused to correct the mistakes I pointed out to him as work in progress. Always excuses, always other people’s fault when it was really his mismanagement & lack of knowledge & experience, poor planning, delay after delays. The worst part is his work is poor, using materials not matching one another & using materials not up to code. Now he just refused to complete the work required to pass the final inspection.

I found Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
on Angies List & didn’t know how he got the good reviews considering his poor quality of workmanship. Then I realized the good reviews were for small jobs, replacing roof, replacing cabinetry, tub, flooring…
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
handyman type of work.
My project is an addition from scratch. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is licensed but not experienced, big difference. Also, one of his subcontractors told me he’s overbooked. Too bad I’m paying the price of his mismanagement. Sent only 2 men over to build an addition & didn't care he's grossly behind on schedule & it's cost me income from work. Really snail speed.

Here is just a short list of my problems:

1. Not familiar with building codes & structures. Had to revise architectural drawing because his roof framing was wrong. Delays.
3. Going back on his words. Said he’ll do the work according to my specs but later said it costs him too much & took it upon his own to op for a cheaper alternative without consulting me. Wanting to charge me more on the shower glass last minute. I ended up finding my own glass installer for a better quality glass at a cheaper price.
4. Unreliable. Never finished a job on time.
5. Sent him links of the products prior to purchasing asking him to verify the items will work. He replied yes. When vanity, shower trim kit, valves arrived, I asked him again to check to make sure it’s the right products; Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
told me he did & they are fine. Only to find out on the day of installation the items were wrong or missing parts. He never checked. No time to get the replacements shipped so I had to abandoned the products I hand picked, skip work, ran to Home Depot to grab the builder grade stuff on shelf. This happened throughout the project. You think Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
would learn after the 1st incidence but he kept doing the same thing.

6. Poor workmanship, had to point out crooked tiles & made them correct it. Failed inspections 4x on the same work.
Failed inspection 6x so far (he said he didn’t fail, just not passed. ??!!). Also, how could a builder not know what a
rough-in valve is? He told me to buy the valve but doesn’t know what it’s called, described it as “the metal thing with things coming out in the back that hooks up to…” Then
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
a picture that did not resemble anything close to the valve.
7. Incompetent workers caused delays. Took them 2 days to install a vanity sink. The plumbing was set at the wrong height too. REAL slow work. More delays.
10. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
’s workers
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
’t treat your house with respect, left trash all over my property, leaving fans, lights on all night, windows open, left house with AC on, left doors open with flies coming in, left my door unlocked, threw away items I said to keep...etc. Workers used my spotless newly detailed cleaned bathroom to wash plaster tray, brushes, tools with paint
& plaster pouring down my bathroom drain. Paint stains on my sink & shower. Drains clogged, need a professional plumber to clear it. Trashed my house, yard.
12. Gave me a quote for an electrical job for $700. I found a Yelp electrician to finished the work for $160.
14. Doesn't know the inspection requirements. Doesn't know the county codes for the simplest things like recess lights need to be IC rated.
17. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
won't order a portable toilet for his workers. I had made it clear I won’t share my bathroom with workers. He assured will order portable toilets. Never happened. Imagine his workers use your bathroom, leave tracks of dirt, wipe their hands on your bath towel, not putting the toilet seat down,… It happened to me. They did NOT respect my property.
19. Lack of planning caused inability to acquire quality material. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
always wait till right before installation to run to a Home Depot for materials. Because a lot of items needed to be ordered ahead of time, he just grabbed what's on the shelf. Result was materials rejected by county inspectors, installing non-matching marble pieces that looked out of place, trim kit that doesn't match the shower head, “matching” carpet that doesn’t match, having to get lower quality “builder grade” materials.
23. Flooring cheated on materials, poor workmanship, laminate wood floor was unleveled on day 1. Refused to correct it & just kept installation. Did not use correct underlayment, no plastic moisture
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. Now the floor is bowing after only 2 weeks. Told me he’d use certain products but later I found he used a cheaper product & refused to correct.

My opinion based on my experience is that this business is dishonest with substandard performance. I feel this business is not female friendly because the way Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
often change stories on what went wrong & I found several times what he had told me were not true. It really is unfortunate the business has hostile or predatory practices when their client is a woman. Refused to see the mistakes I pointed out. Still saying “the floor is leveled” as I showed him how his Level was wobbling on the floor. Mr.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is less than professional. The project was not built according to contract or approved architectural plan.
- Josephine C.

The job started off wonderfully and overall mostly turned out nice. However it took waaaaay longer than promised. We were told it would take 8 weeks or less but it ended up taking 17 weeks and when we tried to reach the contractor he became unresponsive for weeks at a time. When he finally surfaced he promised to complete the job by finishing the additional closet they started but never did. Again non-responsive. we've had to go ahead and hire someone else to complete the job.
- Naomi M.

One of my close friends recommended
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
very strongly when I shared I was looking for a contractor to demo complete and reconfigure my master bathroom.
They worked with
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
and Nicoleta on their home renovation and I thought I give it a try.
I was thrilled with their level of professionalism, communication and high quality of work.
They are fast of making contact, respond, plan and deliver.
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
helped me get an estimate sooner than I expected and Nicoleta came up with a very nice design and selection for all tile, plumbing and electrical fixtures.
They managed the trades closely and checked on appropriate completion through intensive site visits.
My money was all worth it. Everything went smooth, fast and it looks beautiful.
I would strongly recommend
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked

- Mimi P.

If you are building a custom home over $500,000 with
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
this is what we experienced, and this is what you can expect:
YOU WILL GO OVER BUDGET. The proposed budget will include the cheapest materials available. The problem is, with a high-end home you don't use the lowest quality garage doors, fixtures or materials. You aren't told the bid is for low-grade materials, you'll find this out after you're months into the build and when you begin purchasing things from the suppliers. Be prepared to go over budget.
THERE IS ZERO PROJECT MANAGEMENT. COMMUNICATION ON YOUR PROJECT WILL BE MINIMAL. THERE IS NO GUIDANCE, SO BE PREPARED TO SELF-MANAGE, RESEARCH, DESIGN AND AT TIMES HIRE YOUR OWN CONTRACTORS. The result of a lack of project management is that many things are done incorrectly due to the lack of oversight - which costs money to fix. We had to become our own project managers. We repeatedly asked for updates on what was coming up with our home and we were ignored. Finally, we tried setting up a task management program for us and the builder to use, and that didn't work either because he didn't use it regularly. On a positive note - if you ask this builder a direct question about building or materials, he explains it quite well. The problem is you don't know what you should be asking if this is your first build and he doesn't offer information which would be useful so he won't be accountable. Also a word of warning, he wants you to work with his suppliers and will not notify you of another supplier even if he knows you're looking for something specific, so be prepared to take that research on yourself.
YOUR HOME WILL NOT BE COMPLETED BY THE COMPLETION DATE GIVEN. The completion date is a joke, and there is no urgency or attempt to finish by that date and no respect for the situation it puts the homeowners in by extending the build. Our home was finished 6 months late. We were evicted from our rental (on Easter) because out Landlord refused to extend another month after 6 months of extensions (we can't actually blame her). During these extensions, we continually told
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
the pressure we were under and there was absolutely NO urgency or concern with our situation. Often the house would be empty with nobody working on it, and the builder went on not one, not two, but three vacations during this time.
BRAND NEW PURCHASES (COUNTERTOPS, CABINETS, ETC.) WILL NOT BE ADEQUATELY PROTECTED. Expect nicks and damage, and the cost of that is rolled into your build. We purchased a unique and expensive marble for our countertops, and there was a foam covering when they were installed. When the painters started they took it off, and after we saw how our custom kitchen cabinets weren't protected and as a result dinged up, we emailed repeatedly to have the counters covered. We were ignored and got to the point of buying our own protective covering when we reminded the builder of the price it would cost him to replace them - magically they appeared the next day. We still don't understand why they wouldn't just protect things in the first place rather than try to fix them after they're damaged.
YOU WILL BE BLAMED FOR THINGS THAT ARE NOT YOUR FAULT BECAUSE IN THE BUILDING INDUSTRY EVERYTHING IS ABOUT BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE SO NOBODY HAS TO FIX IT. Rooms were painted the wrong color and we were told we wanted them that color, or we didn't provide the colors fast enough. (We provided a binder of our paint colors and a full print-out of every color, and spent a lot of time purchasing sample colors - so blaming this on us was ridiculous.) Expect this in many areas of the build, this is just one example. Also, there's never a schedule for these things, just an email a few days beforehand saying they need them. There is a basic building schedule but that's pretty much our the window after the first few months.
BE PREPARED FOR LONG GAPS OF TIME WHEN YOUR HOUSE SITS IDLE WITH NO WORK AND NO COMMUNICATION. Our house sat without progress an entire summer -without a roof and during a period of intense rain. We have squeaks all throughout our house in the hardwood floors and carpeted areas as a result (the carpeted areas have since been fixed by our carpet supplier who went above and beyond). The builder claims pools of water in the plywood/subfloor isn't what caused all of the squeaks, but he's building the home across from us and put the roof on immediately with them. We moved from a 100 year old home and my husband was adamant about not having squeaky floors - but we do.
EXPECT RUDE CONTRACTORS; THE BUILDER STANDS WITH CONTRACTORS NOT THE HOMEOWNER. There are a group of contractors that work for this builder and they follow him from home to home. As a result, the contractors don't make the connection that you are the homeowner paying for this project, they feel they answer to the builder. The tile contractor
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
yelled at me in front of my children and spray painted black squares on the floor of our master bedroom and told me I was going to sort through every piece of marble because I wanted to replace two peices of marble he hung in the shower. (That tile guy eventually walked off the job, but the builder still wanted to use him when it came time to
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
hardwood - we said no way.) I also purchased my own tile and these men watched me carry heavy boxes of tile without lifting a finger every time I dropped off tile or stone. The main helper
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
would speak to me like it was inconvenience to deal with me, and yelled at me on two occasions. We informed the builder of all such situations but he still uses them on his builds - his allegiance is with his contractors not the homebuilder, and there is nobody that stands on your behalf.
DO NOT PAY HIM IN FULL UNTIL YOUR PROJECT IS FINISHED COMPLETELY. We were in the process of moving in when the builder began asking for final payment. He was very urgent about it, and although there were things that needed fixed or finished, we paid him in good faith that these things would be completed. After we paid him in full he became a different person. Suddenly everything that was to be covered under the build was additional and we were sent harsh emails stating "this isn't stuff they just do". He ignored our calls, texts and emails. He told us if we wanted certain things fixed it would cost us more money. We were left with items in every area (electrical, plumbing, drywall, paint) unfinished and instead of finishing our home he sent us an email saying he feels it will never end and stopped completely. We were left with water pressure issues, areas without insulation, no doorbell, front door unfinished, no interior hardware, shower bars not installed - very basic things that should have been finished. There were also bigger items like washers not working, AC not working, dented appliances left uninstalled in the garage. We were left to deal with all of this on our own and are still to this date hiring contractor to finish.
THERE ARE SOME EXCEPTIONAL CONTRACTOR AND THEY ARE WHAT CARRIED OUR HOME. We were fortunate to have a handful of great contractors and suppliers that cared about their work and the integrity of the job. The finish carpenter was amazing, he is the saving grace for this builder. The painters do a really nice job (although we later discovered they added $4,000 in fees at the end without our approval). Our home turned out beautiful, but it was an uphill battle to make that happen and we had to become our own project managers, which is a full time job we were already paying our builder to do.
OVERALL... For many people, this is the most money you will ever hand over to somebody else to spend on your behalf. Building a home can be stressful, but we hired a builder to manage our build and then we had to do his job. We know some people that had a positive experience working with this builder in the past. He does care about building a structurally sound home and that is probably his best quality. (Although unfortunately, due to the lack of project management, it doesn't always happen.) He also has a great eye for detail and design and cares about building an aesthetically pleasing home. However, we also know people right now going through the same thing we went through, which was overall an incredibly frustrating experience and that's why we wrote this review. If you're setting out to build a custom home with a strong vision of what you want it requires a lot of work, project management and a solid process to make it happen - this is not your builder!

- Jodie D.

The window they installed was broken. They knew it was broken and said that we would need to contact the manufacturer. It was 6 months of work. Over a period of 3 months they closed everything up, and when they came back I had to oversee them. They installed the doors the wrong way at first, and when I complained they said that I was wrong and I didn't make any sense. We had a long battle about this. I eventually just paid them and moved on.
- Heidi S.

Stay away!! Offered a "better" product which was asphalt based, not coal tar based as the competitors. Said he had a product which would fill in the large cracks in asphalt surface and then seal it. He stated that it would last longer than the coal tar product usually used by competitors. After filling in cracks, the driveway was sealed but the cracks and brush
Dowagiac Home Builders Provider Name Locked
were still present. Because it was getting dark, he promised to return the next day which he did. After 2 MORE COATS, he said that he was finally done. Final appearance was just ok. When asked to explain, again, what the difference was from the competitors now that we had seen the end result and could not tell the difference from previous treatments, he reiterated that it was a different product base. To us it looked no different than what we had done in 2 years before with a much more reasonable priced provider. His cost was twice as much and we have no faith that it will last. When we attempted to negotiate the price after seeing the disappointing result he said that the time to negotiate the price was before the job was started, which tells us that we paid much more for nothing. Do not go with this guy. Subpar job for too high of a cost.
- Jennifer M.
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