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Ernest H.
"The amount of resurfacing that they would do for the price ended up being a very small area of flooring in a room and when I was quoted the price for the entire room, it was very dramatic," several thousand dollars, so that actually didn’t work out and I’m going to refund it.
Rated by
Elizabeth S.
"The team did an exceptional job. They arrived promptly and were very efficient. I've lived in my townhouse for 7 years and had never had my carpets "professionally"" cleaned. I was very interested in the dry, environmental process this company provides as wet carpet cleaning damages the carpet backing and that is one of the reasons I held off getting my carpets cleaned. My carpets look brand new!!! I loved the process and just how incredibly clean they came out. They are fluffed up and look absolutely amazing. I kept my son's dog for almost 5 years while he was in the military, and my carpets had an accumulation of dog hair and pet dander, as well as that pet odor we all know so well. The equipment they use is industrial strength and the bristles and vacuum went deep down to the carpet backing and I couldn't believe what they pulled out of the carpet!!!! There is no longer a pet smell, and my house looks and smells fresh and clean. The vibrant colors in my area rug have returned and it looks brand new as well. I also had two areas in my master bedroom and closet that had bunched up, and both were in a high traffic area. I loved that they also offered that service as well without having to schedule another service provide. Again, they did an exceptional job of stretching out those two areas. The team also cleaned a chair and ottoman. Another great thing about this process is that you are able to get you furniture back into place immediately, no waiting 1-2 days without walking around or delay in furniture placement. You can enjoy it immediately!!!!! I will definitely use their services again, and would highly recommend them to anyone!!!
Rated by
"We had to basically move out of the house and move back in as we finished the flooring. It was a huge job and I have not called them out again. I think speaks really highly, especially" for this much flooring that we did and all the different types. I am just very pleased. The next house, if I have flooring needs, I will call them again. I did a price comparison and they were cheaper for the exact same product as another company was offering. So we went with them. All total for the tile, carpet and wood (the wood was throughout the first floor), was $22,000. They are very, very professional and have a woman there who is really part owner. She is also a designer and is not pretentious. She will help you and respects your taste, but yet she helps with color coordination and is a great resource. The installers were extremely professional and very, very good and gentle with my furniture. There were no mishaps, whatsoever.

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When choosing the carpet for a particular room, the trick is to maximize the weight and density of the fiber for your money since the majority of the cost is in the fiber itself, says Roberts. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Julia K. of Dallas)

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

Chris Stone cleans carpets at a Northwest Indianapolis home. (Photo by Brandon Smith)
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Home entertainment room
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Angie's Answers

Most  reputable carpet stores should be able to help you, they know what is available. and should be able to find a good carpet for a good price. sometlmes they will buy overruns that are a good value. Also,   make sure they do use a power-streacher when they install the carpet! Pat All Carpet Repair

Carpet with pad purchase cost $10-20 for really economy cheap stuff, $20-30 for normal brands, and $30-50/SY (square yard) for high-end carpet, to $100 or more for custom or gold thread and such.

Installation cost does not change much depending on what varpet is installed - generally about $10-20/SY.

So, for normal medium-range carpet I would assume $30-50/SY.

1 Square yard = 9 Square feet


Carpet Installation reviews in Davison


Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
came out and showed me carpet samples on a Monday and the carpet was installed that Friday. Easy. I had been putting off the purchase of new carpet for way too long as I had several huge pieces of furniture and some built-ins that had to be navigated. They came out and handled everything. The job they did was superior. Beautiful installation. The pad I was told had a
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
of plastic between it and the carpet just in case of spills or animal accidents! What a great idea! Anyway, my upgraded carpet looks and feels wonderful!! These people are the best. They won't accept any payment until you are fully satisfied. I would definitely use them again. P.S.
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
, the owner was out of town and his assistant
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
handled everything. However,
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
took the time to call me to make sure that everything had gone to my satisfaction. Nice touch....as well as a "thank you" card. In a town full of fly-by-night services, I can't tell you how satisfied I am.

Although the initial experience of selecting and scheduling the carpet installation was

good at their store in Montgomeryville, sadly the installation was only fair at best for the money we paid. While at the store we clearly mentioned the reason for having new carpet installed was that we are planning to place the house for sale, and because we had a room where we had our daughter stay with her dogs, that were not as housebroken as promised, we needed to get that room done, and wanted to keep all the rooms on the second floor the same carpet color for consistency. When scheduling to have the carpet done, we also mentioned that we were on a tight schedule to have the house staged for

pictures for the first weekend of October.

We were given reason to believe the job was going to be done in one day. However a little after noon on Monday of the

first day, they stated that they would not be able to finish the job as it was initially stated that they didn't want to rush the job by doing it in one day, and the one person (
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
) stated they were leaving our main portion of our bedroom till the next day, as well as the final installation of the problem room where the dogs had stayed. Initially, although not thrilled with it being extended, I was agreeable with the idea of taking longer would result in a quality job. Regarding the guest room that had the pet stains,

He had mentioned about getting Baking Soda for him to spread out on the floor before placing the pad. That was all well and good; however, I truly expected them to stay to at least finish removing all the old carpet and pads in that room. Instead they left about 1:15 or so, after only removing the old carpet and pad in front of the closet area. And although they did some vacuuming of the carpet installed, their vacuum is not very powerful, or they just did a very quick job, there was carpet bits left

behind. They also left a decent size pile of pad remnants, in the walk in closet area, where it is obvious we would need to be walking through. They also did not bother to vacuum the stairs where there were loose strands from taking up the carpet from the first floor. Perhaps to some this is extra work, but after having previous contractors thoroughly cleaning up after themselves each day of a multi-day job, cleaning up after yourself should be the
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
of a quality job. They also only replaced a couple of the doors of the rooms that were completed, and although I could easily do it myself, if they did the other ones, there is no reason not to put back the doors of all the completed rooms.

Although they did complete the job on Wednesday, we are very unhappy with how they left a visible line as you enter the one bedroom, and right as you enter the master bedroom there is spot where it looks like dirt, but is just a few

strands of very dark strands of carpet. It is important to note that we had seen this spot in the store when they had laid out the carpeting for us to compare colors. We had asked that that portion of the carpet not be used. Yet the contractors decided to place that area in a visible section of one of the most important rooms of a house. Perhaps the contractors didn't get the message, but it seems only professional to at least place the spot where it would not be easily seen such as a closet area. They also once again did not do a very good job of vacuuming, as we found carpet fibers along the edges along the wall and the doorways. So in essence, the job in hours took a little over 8 hours to do, thus could have been done in one

day. And when hearing how another carpet contractor had stayed after hours to make sure to finish the job of a co-worker

of my wife, having them spread out the job over a couple of days, and still leaving a visible line between sections in one of the room is not very quality work for the extra vacation day they caused me to have to take to get the job done.

As an added note, On our own on Tuesday evening, after calling to verify with the store that it would be okay to do so, we removed the old carpet and padding of much of the problem guest room where there were pet accidents, and put down

two layers of paint primer and odor sealer. We also asked the person at the store if it would be okay to request a discount for the amount of work we did ourselves, which she said yes. However when the job was done and was ready to write the separate check for the carpet removal and installation, I asked about a discount for the portion of the room we worked

on, and was said that if we wanted to go there they could charge for moving the items in the rooms, even though we were given every reason to believe that the installation cost included moving furniture.

The final straw is that when we called to state the problems we had, they stated there wasn't much they could do, but they would call back. We were also told we should have been given sheet with our estimate along with a description of what items were and were not included in the installation. And in that list should have been noted how removal of carpet with pet stains is the

responsibility of the customer. Thus we went into the deal with a false notion of what was included in the cost and

installation. They also never followed through with a call back from the manager even though the phone call ended with the

promise that they would call back. We chose
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
over Lowes, Home Depot or even Empire Today because they had good reviews, but sadly, although the initial selection and scheduling in the store was a positive experience, and the carpet is fine, the rest of the installation experience was not, and will not use them again.

- William S.

We were very pleased with the service performed by this company. Our family room carpet was buckling in several places. The company stretched the carpet, carefully removing & replacing all of the family room furnishings & removing all debris. The carpet looked brand new - they did a great job!
- Frank E.

Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
is fantastic! They were easy to schedule (they do smaller repair jobs in the morning, before full day jobs) and were quick at the repair. You can't even see where they seamed in the new carpet! They were very nice and trustworthy. I would absolutely recommend them and use them again.
- Alison H.

I was very impressed with this company. We had said when we scheduled the appointment that we absolutely positively needed the carpet installed within two days. We were on a very tight time table: closing on Tuesday afternoon, needed carpet installed on Weds, and then receive furniture from storage on Thursday. There was no room for error.
When the owner came to meet me the evening, right after we closed on the apartment (not
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
but his partner), he brought a selection of carpets that he said he had in stock and were available for installation the next day. All I had to do was say the word and he would be there at a specific time. If I have any complaint, it is that the selection was rather limited, but then again, beggars can't be choosers. So, I picked the color and quality we wanted. He measured. I wrote a check and told him I would tell him what time to come the next day.
Though there was a little confusion over who said what about the time of delivery (they showed up essentially before I had called to say I was ready), the installation went off without a hitch and it took a LONG time, too. I don't know if it had to do with the odor remediation or the install itself, but for whatever reason, the installers were there into the evening. Nonetheless , they did an awesome job and the carpet looks great.
I would totally use them again, though I hope this carpet lasts for a very long time. So far, I see no signs that it won't.
- Cantor Michael W.

They were on time, neat, clean and organized.
They removed and got rid of the old carpet.
The new carpet is beautful.
I think I will be needing carpet in another house and will only go to
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
for the purchase

- Thomas K.

We had difficulty communicating at times because he had some family issues that delayed him several days and then he was going back and forth between jobs trying to please everyone he had contracted with. In the end, it was well worth the wait. During the
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
for a contractor, two told me that
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
was the best between Chicago and St.
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
at refinishing hardwood to match new hardwood. I can't vouch for that claim because I am not an expert, but I can say he exceeded my expectations with his work. If you want everything done in a perfect sequence, your patience may be tested. If you want it done right, I would highly recommend
Davison Carpet Installers Provider Name Locked
- Edgar W.

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