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Showed up when scheduled, did great job, did the counter top first, then a tile man came and did floor. Area looks beautiful and price was more than fair. The owner came out twice during job to oversee things. I would love to have them back to do kitchencountertops and floor.
- Karen F.

Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
is a true professional and master craftsman. It is obvious by his final product that he takes great pride in his work. He showed up right on the dot for every appointment, stayed right on with his estimate, which we felt was extremely reasonable,, and delivered a final product that surpassed our expectations. He truly is a man of integrity, so his company is aptly named. We are so impressed with his work we will hire him to do work on a future master bath remodel. As an aside, we have had two other contractors here for other reasons look at
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
's work and praise his expertise to no end. We could not agree more. He is a breath of fresh air-honest, hard-working, humble and very skilled at his craft.
- Susan R.

We were referred to
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
by a vendor from whom we were buying new kitchen bar stools when we complained about the costs and services of contractors from whom we had previously requested bids. From our first contact with
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
we knew this was going to be a far better experience. She showed us her extensive (by job type and years in business) portfolio. She took time to discuss options for improving both the function and appearance of our kitchen. She spoke in detail about the options for finishes and hardware, giving us confidence that she knows this business very well and was not just pitching a sale.
Our kitchen was not particularly old, but the previous owners of the house worked with contractors who cut corners. Cabinet doors often fell from (cheap) hinges, edges of cabinets and drawers were inconsistent in dimension, and some under-countertop spaces were essentially unusable (unless one was an adept contortionist). The finish color had faded in a short time and was a poor color choice for the bamboo flooring. The refacing job on the cabinets had been poorly glued and was peeling away at corners and edges.
We were quite surprised when the quote for services (including far more extensive changes than for previous quotes) were significantly lower than the previous quotes.
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
measured our kitchen in detail with the drawer-builder with whom they work. They finalized plans to convert numerous cabinets to deep drawers and to install higher quality hardware. They gave us a date to start work and and estimate of a completion date.
Work began on time and was completed with a day or so of their estimate (even though we added work after
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
are lovely people who are friendly and courteous of working in a house where people are living. They kept the dust and odors confined, as best expectable, to the kitchen and when they ended the day, they tidied-up the workspace.
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
are hard-working and serious about quality. They would spend a great deal of time to complete the job with excellence (rather than just complete the job).
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
have transformed our kitchen. It is beautiful now.
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
- The Wizard of Finishing - created a deep and rich finish for the cabinets that is a beautiful complement to the floor and walls. Her finishes on both old cabinetry and new are identical. She matched the color of our new bar stools perfectly, as well. My wife is very happy with the new look and function of the kitchen. I am particularly grateful of
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
's hardware work. Drawers and cabinets align across a broad length of cabinet. I have not had to re-position a cabinet door in six months after doing so a few times a month for the previous four years. His work was not limited to installing better hardware, he also rebuilt cabinets where there was a poor foundation for mounting the hardware.
It is one thing when one finds contractors who can finish a job decently. It is an entirely different and finer thing to find people who have mastered their craft and will only complete a job when it meets a standard of excellence. You will find the latter in
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
We will use
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
when we rebuild our bathrooms.

- Timothy D.

Buyer beware. I thought because they were so prompt prior to install that all would go smoothly. They came to measure, all went well. They came to install and the guys were nice but seemed in a hurry to be done for the day. The guy said yeah we've been driving for 8 hours and my son is in the hospital so I need to get back soon. I felt sympathetic and was chit chatting with them. Once they left I noticed so many issues. I called the next day and they said I had to go to Home Depot to file a work order, which I did. Home Depot called and they called and told me it would be the following Monday before anyone could come out. They then called Tuesday and said someone would be out the next day. We waited and waited, noone showed. The next day, no phone call. I went to Home Depot and told them what happened. At this point they called NF Granite directly and the lady said oh yeah, sorry he forgot to call. So they said well we can get someone out there next Friday and then they will bring the granite with the cutx back the following week. (This assuming that they show on this appointment)
Meanwhile I have company coming and mirrors and sinks that I can't reinstall until this issue is fixed. I ended up telling Home Depot to give me a refund on my backsplashes and I would just fix it on my own or live with it. They gave me a refund. I then had a mirror guy come out and he explained that the cut of my granite and what I want to do, requires this one space to be filled in. I went to Home Depot and asked if I could get a 21 3/4 in backsplash cut and they said nope sorry! OMG!!!! So meanwhile, everyone in this area has said well you shouldn't have gone through home depot. I then called NF Granite directly and they said oh let me see what we can do, we'll call you tomorrow. Guess what? Haven't heard anything. I have had to contact Silestone directly. I hope they can get this one piece to me!
- Karen W.

We were (are) under the gun to get an outbuilding converted into a studio 'apartment' for my in-laws that need to move in with us for health reasons. These reasons happened in a very short time period and we had little time to prepare.
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
and the whole crew were fantastic. The got things done before their promise dates and
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
even made an extra trip out when we were having trouble coming up with a workable floorplan and needed their help assessing what they could do. Highest recommendation I can give with any one doing work in SC in the last 20 years!
- Jeff W.

They did a great job and I am delighted with their work. I looked for granite at many places before I found them. Not only was their selection far superior to other places I visited, but their customer service was absolutely the best.
Thanks to their sales/design specialist,
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Okur, my experience could not have been better. He guided me with great care and patience through the entire process, making sure my choices were the best for my particular situation and budget. His attention to detail made the final result a stunning success. He was in constant contact with me to make sure I was happy with all aspects of the installation and I am delighted with my new kitchen. If you are thinking of updating your kitchen, this company is top notch.
- Judy G.

In March 2014, I engaged with
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. + J. Filho to purchase
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
-branded kitchen cabinets for my new home. A deposit of $18,750 was paid via check -- 75%, which I have since learned is non-standard / excessive in the industry. Per Filho, cabinets were to be ordered thru partnership with another vendor in Seekonk,
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. While I did meet with the vendor, I have no evidence to confirm or deny to what degree this vendor was ultimately engaged. This is simply the claim I got from Filho both verbally and in writing.
After a significant amount of back-and-forth, I received word from Filho on on 4/7 order for cabinets had been signed off on, indicating a May delivery. On 5/5, I began pushing Filho for a firm delivery date, which resulted in a series of conflicting & false responses (all in writing). On 5/22 I received first solid indication there was a problem; Filho claimed his business partner in Seekonk had taken the deposit but did not order. Again, I have no evidence to confirm or deny whether this if fact.
It's important to note that before this Filho came "half clean," he said was engaged in conversations with
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, the cabinet manufacturer, directly to 'check on escrow' and indicated that he had 'threatened to cancel as a result of the delay' (this is all in writing). Skeptical because the pieces did not fit together, I separately contacted
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
twice. During first conversation, I learned the only approved reseller was in
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Island -- but both Filho and his associate operate out of Massachusetts. During the second conversation, I learned no order was placed and neither party had authorization to resell despite promoting so (also have a note from March in writing indicating that Filho "had done a lot of business with
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Needless to say, demanded my money back from Filho. While Filho has claimed to be an "honest person" and has made many promises to make good of this situation, I have not received any return of that deposit or any demonstration of goodwill.
In early
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
I called an in-person meeting to go over the situation and highlights of the timeline of events. Filho again indicated he'd resolve but all evidence to date remains to the contrary. In fact, he's used my long-delayed reporting of this horrid situation to the Attorney General as another convenient excuse not to start returning the deposit of $18,750 -- as he promised he would do both in-person and in writing.
Further, and while all this nonsense has gone on and on, I was faced with reordering cabinets through another company and paying for them. I also was subjected to other resulting costs and hardship including no occupancy of my home & 4 mths/$10k in rent for shelter, etc.
Not only is the situation unethical and immoral it's also illegal and equates consumer fraud and grand larceny.
Previous to this, I foolishly engaged in November 2014 for granite counters. While the matter is 'resolved,' it's also not a happy story. I provided a deposit of $5.6K, which was only half of what I would have owed Filho had I continue to engage on the countertops piece. Due to the above (and more!), I asked to stop the churn and cut ties.
At the in-person meeting in
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
Filho agreed that he would 'release' the granite to me. He also insisted the granite had already been paid for / 'was all set' and 'not to worry' even when probed and asked if he could produce a receipt (he said he could; he never did). Not only was it not paid but the cost to him was a modest $3K. It was a fraction of what I'd already paid Filho in November!
So, to add insult to injury, I was being subjected to complete price gauging. Further, when Filho did finally attempt to pay for the granite, he bounced the check to the warehouse. This again caused delays, hassles and complications. So, if you do the math, Filho, for all my hassle, extracted $2.6K profit on the granite counters alone.
Oh, and as a side, Filho had promised that for doing business with him vanities would be done free-of-charge (in writing!). When the cabinet situation unfolded, he then attempted to associate value with a vanity and a way to "work off the missing $18,750." A vanity top did show up and was installed cracked from top to bottom and front to back. The sink hole was cut crooked. The holes were drilled
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
nilly. Installation included damaging my sink to the point I had to reorder. And damaging my vanity including sawing through it, requiring extensive repairs. When I sent a note saying I was rejecting the vanity, there was no response. When I finally got attention, he'd said he'd not heard from me but retracted when I sent him the note in writing. My husband and I had to remove the mess and return it to his store.
Yes, I could write a book! Or Filho could -- a book for fiction, that is!

- Amy C.

The sink they brought out was a completely different color of cultured marble. It was white with a little blue and grey. We went down to
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
to look at the samples. There was no sample anywhere close to what is installed in our tub walls. We talked with them three times, asking them to come out and bring the samples and see what they could do to make something a little closer to what they made 9 months ago.
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
repeatedly told us how how they "couldn't match it". We kept saying it doesn't have to "match" but it has to be closer to what they made 9 months earlier. They would not come back out to our house.
Finally my husband asked them if they could do this job and they said "No." You mean you can't do this job?" he asked? "No, we can't do this job."
We asked for a refund and received it.
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, the company that made the cultured marble for our tub walls, is unable to make a sink out of the same materials. We start looking around Albq for something similar to our tub walls and it turns out no company in Albq has anything close to our tub walls. No one. Including the people who originally made it.
Perhaps what is most interesting about this entire story is that there is no paperwork at
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
of this job. No record of this cultured marble ever being made. No record of it ever being bought by our contractor. And no record of it ever being installed by
Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
. There is absolutely no paper work on this job. There is paperwork on the other bathroom that was remodeled, but not on this one.
- Kimberly O.

The manufacturing was adequate and the installers were great. They charge a surcharge for using a credit card or require a bank check, so plan on additional costs above their quote. Their prices were comparable with other vendors so I will most likely go with another vendor who is easier to work with for the next project.
- David B.

Byron Center Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
's men did a marvelous job. Even allowing for the few flaws in marble which really can't be totally evened out and sealed, they did an amazing job with two bathrooms which are total marble - walls from floor to ceiling, and floors. They got out all the areas which looked like someone had thrown eggs against the walls, and left them there to dry. The shine on the marble is impeccable.
I will definitely have him do the same for the granite counters and floor in my kitchen in the very near future.
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