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was very polite, punctual and reasonably priced. His specialty is wood work but his son-in-law has great AC experience. We utilized both. He does seem to like a particular plan of action, but he handled some schedule changes and surprises with grace. He was overall great and I would recommend him to others.
- Kevin R.

gave us a fair quote in advance of the job, and he was able to fit us into his busy schedule in less than one week which we really appreciated as we were trying to complete the job before we had some out of town guests. As part of this project, we were installing taller cabinets and there were a few unexpected issues as a result which were professionally addressed.
also sent an additional person toward the end of the job to help keep the job on schedule.
and his team were very responsive and professional, and
always checked in with us to ensure we were satisfied. We will absolutely work with
for future projects.
- Kevin T.

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They did a great job, I am very happy with the work. They arrived at the scheduled day and time and got to work right away. They were fast, efficient and friendly. The quality of the workmanship was high and I am very pleased with the results. I would use them again on future projects.
- Brandon S.

Short Version: Try and find another handyman before you move forward with
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
. I recently finished remodeling my kitchen and guest bath. I needed various kinds of finishing touches so I decided a qualified, well reviewed handyman on Angie's List was the solution for me.
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
arrived at our first meeting exactly on time, we went over everything and he gave me an estimate. $550.00. I verbally agreed. He started in the bathroom and quickly determined the valves needed to be replaced. I was good with that. He went and got parts not only for the valve replacement but also for the faucet, drain and sink install. He struggled for many, many hours on the valve replacement and was here for 6.5 hours the first day working only on that. The next day he completed the bathroom (see pictures of sloppy
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
sink installation). That day he also worked in the electricity and by the time he left all of the duplex outlets in my dining room and 2 duplex outlets in my kitchen were not working. I was going out of town and we arranged for
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
to come back to finish everything several days later. He arrived one hour after our scheduled time due to traffic. He spent the first 2.5 hours trying to fix the electrical and did not charge me for that time. He finally gave up and told me I would need an electrician. He had a friend (
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
) who was very good and he would call him, explain the situation and
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
would call me to schedule a time. It is almost a week later and I have not heard from
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
then worked on wall repair using spackle only!! One of the holes was larger than an 8.5”X11” piece of paper. The other was considerably smaller. I wanted it repaired with drywall. I stepped out for a short time and when I returned the holes were patched. When I left I saw the large piece of drywall leaning against a wall and when I returned it was gone. One would assume he used the missing drywall to repair the wall. NOT SO. See pictures. When he left at the end of that day he told me all that would be necessary would be a little sanding and then both patches would be ready for paint. Please, please look at those pictures. Two days after he left I sent him a picture of the wall via Text Msg and his response was " OK.” “That spackle was supposed to be for deep fixes." He continued with "Apparently not." I did some checking with people at OSH and Home Depot and no one has ever heard of spackle for "Deep Fixes". The good news is he did not charge me for any drywall even thought under services performed it says 2 drywall patches. Another job on my list was to replace a light fixture in my storage closet. I bought a light fixture to work with the switch outside the closet door. That’s what the description said it would do and what it was for. Ever since I’ve lived here there has never been a working light fixture in the closet.
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
attempted to install the fixture I purchased but told me the wires in the ceiling were not connected to the switch outside the closet and I would need a fixture that could be turned on and off with a chain. He bought one and the next time he was here he installed it, chain and all. When I flipped the switch the light turned on and off without the use of the chain. It’s pretty clear to me he did not install the fixture I bought correctly and I ultimately had to waste money on another light fixture. The kitchen faucet was not on my list. When
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
turned it on he noticed the flow was very low. He said I should remind him the next time he was here and he would fix it. It would be a very easy fix. So the next time he was here I reminded him only this time he said he’d tried it again and now the flow was OK.
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
? C’mon, there was no difference. He just didn’t want to deal with it. Two days ago
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
contacted me to let me know he is trying to coordinate his schedule with
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
the electrician. I wrote back that I assume
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
is going to cover the cost of the electrician since all of these outlets were in working order before he started to install a GFCI outlet in my kitchen – something he’s done many times before. I have not heard back since I last wrote to him via Text Msg. As a side note: In the bedroom
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
patched a small hole also with the spackle that was meant for “big fixes”. In order to cover the hole for years I had a rather large mirror hanging over the hole. Before
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
started I removed the mirror but apparently did not remove the nail and hook immediately next to the hole. I guess
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
needed to remove the nail and hook but instead of putting it on the floor or placing it on my dresser or just throwing it away he banged the nail and hook into the wall in an illogical place – a place that now has left another small hole in the wall not anywhere near where it was originally removed from. Even if I were to re-hang the mirror the new hole would be clearly visible. I have never heard of anyone doing something like that – ever! I will have to hire an own electrician and a plumber to repair what
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
did. It’s a shame. I had the best of intentions and paid him exactly what he asked for – no questions asked. My bad. Since he did not secure my cooktop (even though it’s listed on the invoice) I guess I’ll need someone to do that also. The faucet ,outlet for garbage disposal and light in closet are the only things that at least so far were done right. Every company I’ve used to remodel my home I’ve hired as a result of reviews on Angie’s list – hardwood floors, cabinet re-facing, countertops and now handyman. I have lost all faith in Angie's List recommendations. If you are considering hiring
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
’t say you weren’t warned. Update: 7/15/2014
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
, I’m looking forward to reading your Contractor comments. My account of what happened is fair and accurate. I regret this did not work out. It will probably end up costing me another $500. to make sure everything is done and done right. I know you offered to come back and make some things right. The electrical has since been repaired. The professional that fixed your work mentioned the way you left it was very dangerous and could have started a fire - his words not mine! The walls have been repaired by a professional and now look great. I am sorry but I did not want you back in my home. Our business is finished. You were so right when you wrote to me on 6/14 via text msg: "Boy, I'm not doing very good by you"
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
, Good Luck!!

Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
was nice but the guy he sent was unprofessional. Showed up 1 hr
& 20 min late. Arriving at my house & talking on the phone
still. SLOW guy & I pay by the hour. Didn't know what
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
to use after 20 min. Took me 5 sec to find the tool. After 45 min he had
not even put a screw into the wall to hang a vanity mirror. This guy
called the owner & complaint I'm "a crazy lady" & he can't work
for me. There were 3 other technicians in the house & everyone
worked pleasantly. This guy is the only one with problems. I told the
guy he's done when nothing was done after 45 min.
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
's business has
good reviews & I hope he doesn't let this guy ruin his business.
I had to take half a day off work to meet this handyman. A waste of my valuable time.
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
said he'll reschedule but never called me back.
- Josephine C.

Owner came out and gave us an estimate, start date and nature of his repair to our deck. He was professional, courteous and fair. He gave a "start-end" date and said he would probably be out earlier-which he was. The job was done exactly how we wanted. I would definitely use
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
again for jobs around my house
- pamela T.

Covering a brick fireplace with sheetrock may seem like an easy task. Trust me, nothing in my house is an easy task. We started with bricks that, when built in 1976, were probably all the rage as far as decorators were concerned, as there were at least 75 - 100 bricks that were set 90 degrees to the wall and jutted out about 3-4 inches. All of them were offset from every other one, so it wasn't as easy as just putting up some 2x4s. That fireplace has been a thorn in our side since we moved in, in 2003. We had always wanted to cover it up and bring the house up to a more contemporary style.
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
team showed up exactly at the agreed upon time and took great care in moving everything that needed to be moved, to give them freedom to work and protect the furniture. Did I mention that the fireplace rises to a height of 18 feet? That said, the first thing
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
team accomplished was to set up a shield that ran from floor to ceiling, which protected the rest of the room from flying debris caused by the chiseling of those awful bricks. Once the bricks were shorn away, they proceeded to put up the 2x4s to accept the sheetrock. As we were also going to place tile around the opening of the fireplace,
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
team also put up cement board to protect the wall against heat as well as to form a sturdy base to accept the tile. The work on the sheetrock, cement board, taping and spackling went quickly and without incident. Like I said nothing in my house is easy. The wave pattern of the tile, as odd as it may sound, was confusing and ultimately had to be laid out on the ground to make sure everything lined up perfectly. In the end all the cuts in the tile were perfect. Painting the wall was also no easy task. The paint we chose was to have a brushed suede effect and had to be applied in a precise pattern - first applied in a "W" pattern, followed by an "X" pattern. When you stand back, the paint work actually looks like brushed suede and you can see the subtle variations in color, all from a single color. All in all, the finished product looks awesome and
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
and their team did an incredible job. One thing that truly did impress me was
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
's communication, presence and follow-up. It was reassuring to know that they were on top of their crew to make sure everything turned out the way we had envisioned. If anyone asks me if I would recommend
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
and Home Improvement Service, I would say yes in a heartbeat. I promise, you will not be disappointed! I'm already starting to lineup the next project for
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
to get started on. Thank you to
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
and all the crews who worked on the project.

- Michael H.

Arrived on-time and completed the requested work in a professional manner. Cleaned up after completing their work.

- Thomas M.

Work commenced on 6/12. Most of the work was completed in a day and a half. Everything was top notch quality workmanship, and I was very satisfied with both
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
and his worker
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
's professionalism. They took the time to explain what and why they did what they did, which was quite useful. Because of other obligations, they could not finish the front door work..this was delayed until 7/23. Since I had no urgency in this and I had a flexible schedule this was not particularly problematic (and only a minor annoyance). I'm much happier with the quality of the work. Worth every penny. I will use them again.
- Robert M.

Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
came out and provided estimates very quickly. After that It took me few phone calls to connect back to award the contract. To schedule the work, again I need to make several phone calls. I called several times and left messages but no response. Somehow I got the work scheduled. On the first day of the work (forecast was 70%
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
of rain) , one man showed up with
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
on his shoulder. He asked me what work he need to do. I asked him is it only you who will be doing the work and he said yes. I also asked him doesn’t
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
told you about the work need to be performed? He said no. I asked him not to start work because I
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
’t want my under repair window to be exposed to rain. After 15 mins
Alanson Handyman Services Provider Name Locked
came with the team on 3 workers. He mentioned that he was late because he was busy on phone with some other customer. He convince me the to start the work and told me that they will seal the wood before they leave. First day they did good job removing all rotten wood panels and replacing with new ones. They also sealed all the panels before rain started. I was happy with their first day of work. Second day they removed some old caulking and re-caulked some area and re-painted the exterior bay windows, front and back entry doors. In this process I noticed that the quality of work was not good and I had to indicate flaws to get it fixed (ex. Portions of the panels were not caulked, Some areas were not painted well and old stains were showing up even after 2 coats. These are still showing up. Other issues - They were making complains and fun about other competitors - They charged me $8 more that the estimate (not a big deal but they should have informed me) - I asked to provide quote to re-seal my deck and pressure wash driveway. I am still waiting for their estimate. - Estimate provided was not professional and the work they will perform was not listed in details. - I saw one person standing on my landscape plant. They messed up with my 2 plants.

- Ajay M.
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