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I thought he was good at first. I took him 3 X As long to put it in than Lumber Liquidator contractor stated. I do not
he install many laminate flooring before. When he was finished (and of course he wanted upfront large partial payment and balance by end of job) I discovered he covered up a heat vent with the laminate flooring and he missed putting in the threshold piece at the bathroom entrance. He had to return and find where the vent was and cut a hole in the laminate. It took me a long time to find the vent cover for some reason. He did put in the piece at the bathroom entrance.
In Oct.2013 I had furniture brought in and they scratched my laminate flooring. The furniture store called in their repair person who in turn wanted the original installer to look at it and felt he would be the best person to do the job. She told me she tried to get a hold of Dick several times but she never got a hold of him so she had another person came in and did a great job.
In May I e-mailed Dick about some problems with the floor. I e-mailed him "The
laminate flooring you put in is warping and a board going into the office is loose. There is also a board is going into the bedroom
that must have slipped - there is about 1/4" between two boards. Please advise." He responded in June, " I will plan to stop out and take a look at this for you next week." He never called me nor did I see him. I tried to reach Dick again to let him know that where the board was wrapped it is now loose and there are two nails poking through, but no response. There are more boards that seem to be loosening and some are squeaking now.
Dick is a nice person and may be good at being a "
" but he should never had taken on my laminate flooring.
I am sorry to write this review but the service I received was inadequate.
- Elaine L.

We met
through a friend of a friend. We were talking about remodeling our kitchen and his name came up. He had done work for them in the past and they could not say enough about him. So we called
to talk about our kitchen remodel.
listened intently to what we were trying to accomplish, then shared some insight we would have never thought of. A few examples of this would be the solid wood drawer bottoms we now have, that are dove tail jointed to the sides of the drawers for enough strength to last the lifetime of the house, complete with 100 pound rated drawer glides, and they self close of course! All the lower cabinets pull out, and a few cool things like a pull out
rack really help too. All of these things can probably be ordered from any big box store, but not without the mass produced shortcomings that are inevitable.
hand built our kitchen cabinets, and it shows.
is more of an artist then a woodworker, but we are sure glad he builds things! If your into quality, Kens your man.

After the job was completed,
left us with a couple of the butcher block cutting boards he also builds from scratch. He explained the craftsmanship that went into them too. Something about the grain of the wood being the wrong way on the cheap butcher blocks, I'm a believer!

- joey K.

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Custom Cabinet Making reviews in Augusta


DO NOT USE THIS VENDOR/CONTRACTOR!!! Willful deceit or incompetence? Bait and Switch? They mismanaged the measurements in the contract they provided (and we signed) and seem to have abandoned this project and will not return our calls. All subcontractors who came to our home were pleasant and professional, but we have lost trust in FK&C/contractor due to unprofessionalism and what is either willful deceit or gross incompetence with the contract.
When we signed the contract we paid approximately half of the estimated costs (so cabinets could be ordered), with the second half to be paid upon completion of the project. FK&C came to our home twice to take measurements of our kitchen however in the final contract, while the cabinet measurements were all correct, the granite countertops were estimated to be approximately 23 square feet total (and the dollar total in the contract were based on this estimate). When we went to the warehouse to select our granite, we struck up a conversation with a gentleman there who just happens to be from the subcontractor FK&C uses to process and install their granite countertops. He looked at our contract and layout and noticed the measurements. After some conversation he said the total square feet for the countertops couldn't possibly be correct based upon the cabinet measurements and layout - that it would likely be more than three times the originally estimated square footage! I called our designer from FK&C who created and signed the contract, and he said it must have been a computer error and of course we would have to pay more for the countertops using correct calculations. We were not pleased. He later sent an email saying he would get back to us with updated costs for the countertops. Updated figures were never provided, although there were other emails going back and forth where we provided information about the sink we had purchased, etc. At this point our cabinets had already been ordered and were on their way.
When the cabinets arrived, the home office contacted us to schedule installation. We set
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
14 (Monday) as the first day of installation.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
14 - cabinet subcontractor arrives - demolition is completed, appliances moved, cabinets start to go in.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
15 - cabinet subcontractor installs rest of cabinets however one cabinet door is not correct, 2 spacers are missing, and one corner strip for the peninsula is missing, plus there are a few minor items that need to be fixed, such as a pink stain on the side of a cabinet - he says he will return on Friday to install the remaining items, etc. before the final walk through. Granite subcontractor arrives and makes wood template of the countertops. That evening we receive a call from FK&C saying they received a call from the granite subcontractor saying the countertops would be more than 100 square feet - this is more than 4 times the original estimate and would significantly increase the total amount we would be required to pay! The woman who called us also implied that this discrepancy was due to measurements she said we had provided to FK&C that the contract was based upon! WE did not take the measurements that the contract was based upon, it was the designer who works for FK&C who took two sets of measurements in our home. We didn't change our footprint either, so the measurements should have been relatively stable to make and calculate. During this conversation we asked that the owner of FK&C call us so we could get this resolved. The woman said the owner (
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
) was traveling and couldn't call us back immediately and she would tell the granite subcontractors to hold processing our countertops until we could get this resolved. No options for resolution were provided by FK&C other than we just pay whatever figure they may come up with based upon the granite subcontractor's calculations. No updated figure was ever provided to us.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
16 - no call from FK&C. This was to be a quiet day, with no subcontractors at our home while the granite was to be cut, etc.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
17 - no call from FK&C. The granite subcontractor arrives with our countertops! We ask if they had received a call from FK&C putting a hold on the work while we sorted out the contract and expected payment, and they said they had not heard anything from FK&C. They installed our countertops (which are beautiful).
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
18 - no call from FK&C. The plumber and electrician arrive to install under-cabinet lighting, faucets, etc. We explain the situation again and ask if FK&C had contacted them to hold the work - they said they had not been contacted. They completed their work and left. There was no final walk through. There are still items missing (corner cabinet door, spacers, etc.) and minor items that need to be fixed.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
19 - 22 - still no contact from FK&C - no calls, no emails, nothing. No updated figure was ever provided to us. We do not know what to do next to get the work finished and the contract resolved. Our kitchen isn't finished. We haven't "moved back in" to our kitchen because if they ever decide to finish the work we'd have to move all our dishes, etc. back out again while work was done.
We had hoped FK&C would respond with a reasonable resolution however we think we have been abandoned. While we appreciate the professionalism of the subcontractors, the granite is very nice, and we are generally happy with the cabinet quality (there are some items that still need to be fixed/installed), we are very unhappy with how we have been treated by FK&C and are wondering if the gross miscalculation in the contract and lack of follow up/resolution are due to willful deceit by or gross incompetence of FK&C. We do not want to be taken advantage of and we cannot recommend their services to anyone else.
- Erica F.

In our 40+ homeownership years (and three homes), we’ve built, replaced, repaired and redone many things—appliances, fences, decks, sheds, etc.—but our 1970’s-vintage kitchen was our first major remodeling project. And it was daunting. Kitchens are complex beasts, and the options, while limited by space and money, were mind-boggling to us neophytes. We were doing a gut-out remodel (converting a closed-in peninsula layout to an open island design), and wanted to get it as right as possible the first time.
That’s where
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
came in. His was the lowest of several bids, which would have concerned us but for his largely glowing Angie’s List reviews. They were accurate; he knew what he was doing and guided us through efficient and cost-effective cabinet design and placement (including some tricky designing around immovable obstacles). He helped us with innumerable decisions, from traffic patterns to wood choices to hardware, and kept his cool when we changed our minds and plans several times, providing prompt and thorough responses to our endless emailed questions.
As confirmed DIYers, we further taxed
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
’s patience by wanting to do virtually all of the work except cabinet and countertop construction and installation ourselves. This dragged out the project for months from the time we found him on Angie’s List to the point where he was finally able to finish his part of the job. In spite of all this delay, he was unfailingly courteous and helpful, and he and his crew accomplished the cabinet installation over two wintry days, tidying up completely afterward.
It’s taken well over another year to file this review—a combination of procrastination and the desire to include photos of the completed kitchen (which still needs some DIY details such as stained-glass inserts for upper pantry cabinets, window trim, and backsplash selection/installation; we kinda ran out of energy after we got the kitchen functional). However, none of this was
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
’s responsibility, so here’s our long-past-due review; the attached before/during/after photos show how nicely the cabinetry turned out, even if the kitchen isn’t completely done. One benefit of this delay is that we’ve had time to live with the new kitchen for that span, and a testament to
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
’s work is that everything works just as we’d hoped; with his help we indeed got it right.
Bottom line, we’re happy to add to
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
’s collection of complimentary reviews, however belatedly. If he’s willing to put up with us again, we’ll soon be calling him to help us remodel our family room.

- KEN H.

From start to finish,
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
was the ultimate professional.
She interviewed us, came to our house to see our space and take pictures and talk about what we wanted in our new kitchen. We then met with her at their showroom a couple of times and she presented us with a few options that she determined from meeting with us that might fit our needs and desire. She really LISTENED to us and her suggestions were so fitting to our lifestyle. She was never impatient with us when we changed our mind.
She presented us with 3 different designs and then changed our favorite one as needed.
upon our request, she suggested a contractor and then she coordinated all the work. She presented us with a schedule 2 weeks before start of work and the contractors finished the work 1 week later than the scheduled date.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
came on the day that the project was scheduled to be finished and presented a list of things to be completed to the contractor.
During final inspection,
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
dusted and inspected every inch of our cabinets to assure everything was perfect. I was amazed. She corrected imperfections that we did not even notice. The cabinets are beautiful and of great quality.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
always responded same day or next day to our emails or our phone calls.
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
has a wide selection of cabinet choices and prices.
There were only a couple of minor hiccups in the entire project, but none of the issues that we had actually involved
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
. The minor issues we had involved our contractor which will be reviewed separately.
I had wanted to do this remodel for a very long time,but was fearful because of all the horror stories of remodeling.
No horror story here...We are thrilled with our new kitchen!!

- Richard M.

From start to finish the provider was great. I will definitely use in the future. They took great care in keeping the area cleaned and me informed of the progress.
- Colton C.

The countertops and tile floors are beautiful. However, while removing the old
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
in the powder room, they scraped the paint off the wall in several places. Some of the plaster was gouged out, too. We had to paint a room we had not planned on painting. The contractor thought $50 dollars was a good settlement. We did not agree, but he would not budge. When they finished the toilet, it leaked. They had to return two times to fix it. Days later, we realized our bathroom sink was leaking. My husband decided just to fix that himself.
While the men were working, the argued constantly. One afternoon they were yelling and swearing at each other in our front yard. How embarrassing.
I really wish they were better plumbers and did not argue with and swear at each other, because the quality of their countertops is excellent. We have two more bathrooms to remodel, and we will most likely have to find someone else.
- Michael S.

The installation went very well, with few complications. The new door needed a slightly larger opening and they were able to make the adjustments needed without any issues. The job was completed on time. The new door looks and functions beautifully.
- Rhonda H.

Overall the project to longer than expected because the cabinets took 4-6 weeks to arrive from the manufacture, but it was worth the wait. We have solid maple cabinets that have changed our living space in our kitchen for the better.
- Jessica K.

we've hired
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, through our contractor, on 2 custom built homes in Susanville. He built 2 bookcases for us in Lincoln as well. We thought we'd be getting the gorgeous work we've received in the past. However, this time he lead us to believe he would be making our cabinets yet again. Come to find out, that wasn't the case and they are horrible. He promised to replace at least 25 of the fronts and repair the others. Due to deaths in his and our family, there was a delay. However, he won't return phone calls or text messages. We are left with cabinets that are embarrassing and simply not what we paid for or expected. We are still willing and wanting desperately for
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
to step up to the plate and make this right. we've paid far too much money to be left with a product that is so inferior to what
Augusta Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
has proven to do. We thought we were more than just a job.
- Janice M.
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