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Richard A M.
"I have been helped by this counselor through the years on various occasions dealing with other problems. I have always found
to be caring and supporting, as" I worked through my issues. I highly recommend this competent counselor!
Rated by
george H.
"Instead of being released in a timely manner from the burn center, where I was being well cared for, Dr.
saw to it that I was transferred to a dirty psych
" with people who were violent. While still recovering from the injuries for which I was admitted to
, I was not provided with bandages to take care of my wound dressings and unable to get a change of sheets/clothing, When I expressed my displeasure at Dr.
' odd decision to transfer me, her explanation was "I HAVE WORKED ON THIS ALL DAY!!!" She was probably the most unprofessional medical provider I have ever met, and my family had to intervene and threaten legal action to get me released so I could be released and take care of my burn and return to work. The entire psych
staff was much more concerned with liability than they were with actually treating patients and getting them back out into the world.
Rated by
Dedra S.
"The treatment I received worked with great speed. I had tried and failed other forms of therapy and was so glad to have something that worked. I received straight-forward, advice I" was able to apply right away. Solid Christian counseling is available upon request here.

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Psychologists can help individual cope and get through a variety of circumstances, from life's stressful situations to debilitating habits or addictions.


Understanding the human mind and behavioral processes underlies the practice of psychology. Psychologists provide mental health and therapy services to help people with life's stressful circumstances.

Counseling - General, Mental Health - Psychiatry, Mental Health - Psychology

Nearly one in five adults suffers from an anxiety disorder, which diminishes quality of life and in some cases risks death. Experts say there’s help.

anxiety disorder
Counseling - General, Mental Health - Psychiatry, Mental Health - Psychology

Whether you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder, characterized by panic attacks, experts say there's help. Just don't go it alone.

It’s important to use specific emotion words like angry, sad, worried, terrified, or betrayed, and use as many of them as you need to fully describe your emotional experience, says Archer.
Mental Health - Psychology

You may struggle with how to communicate with those around you when something upsets you. Here are four simple steps for mature conflict resolution.

More than 40 million adults in America suffer with anxiety and many are not even aware of their condition, says Dr. Schatcher. (photo courtesy of Wade Dowdy)
Mental Health - Psychology

When you wake up in your apartment or home do you feel tightness in your chest thinking about the day? As you travel to work, are you always taking headache or muscle tension medication? When you are at work, do you avoid friendly and helpful co-workers for no good reason? Are you constantly worried about meeting clients or the state of your job security when there is little reason to do so?

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Psychological Care reviews in Rockville


If this was a survey of friendliness, affability, or geniality, Dr.
Rockville Psychologists Provider Name Locked
would get all A's. Instead, this is a review of her effectiveness, and that is where she missed the
Rockville Psychologists Provider Name Locked
for me.
Appointment times are very fluid with her, i.e. if your appointment is at 6:00 PM, don't be surprised if you receive a text from her at 6:15 PM while in her waiting room, telling you that she won't be available until 6:30 PM!
She freely admits that she has ADHD, and this negatively affects the interaction between patient and client. Whether it was from forgetfulness or just not taking good notes, every session felt like the first one, i.e. she would make the same surface-level remarks, and often ask the exact same questions without any recall of having asked them before (until I would tell her, at which time she would suddenly remember and apologize).
I do think she is caring and compassionate; unfortunately, her inability to manage time and her general disorganization of thoughts and manner made for unfortunate sessions of just spinning my wheels.
- James G.

My husband and I only saw her twice. She's caring. She's knowledgeable. There was some construction going on at that point, I don't know if there still is. Other than that, it's comfortable and friendly. There's a wait-time. The office is clean.
- Dorothy G.

She is just wonderful. I have been very lucky. I have been seeing her since I was 21 years old, so that's quite awhile now! She is always available, I can call her whenever I need her. She is super great and a wonderful person. She is warm, funny, caring, and supremely personable. You can depend on her no matter what.
- Aileen M.

He is Polish. He is a great guy. He truly cared and it was not about money. My son sort messed my head up so finally I went to see him. He left me making me really soft. He was great and if he was acting as if he cared it was a good act. However it worked out for me and I would recommend him to anybody.
- Gaeton S.

Provider provided professional service -- thorough and courteous. Have no complaints about the providers. Receptionists, however, could use better communication skills. Making appointments can often be an arduous task.
- Paul K.

I met with Dr.
Rockville Psychologists Provider Name Locked
and told him how my mental health was keeping me from earning a living, he asked a bunch of questions from what day it was to sexual preferences, at the end of the questioning I took a long written test and that was it, when asked by my Disability Lawyer later he said that I was not Disabled enough to work....More /> I never received a report on anything, it's like it never happened.
- John S.

Generally, they are really good. Sometimes, we have to be only a consumer and educate ourselves on the Internet and push them. We get what we want. We have to make sure that we get to the right physician. Seeing our primary doctor is a piece of cake for anything. We can get in almost the same day. Urgent care is great. The one thing which is really bad is that they have contracted with a hospital here in town called San
Rockville Psychologists Provider Name Locked
Memorial Hospital and that is a rotten hospital. They treat people differently, so that part of
Rockville Psychologists Provider Name Locked
is really bad. When we have to be hospitalized, we are stuck with this hospital and we are in the emergency room and everybody out in the hallway, they can’t find a room or can’t find a room in the emergency room or upstairs. They sit out in the hallway and generally they are
Rockville Psychologists Provider Name Locked
people. We had 3 trips to emergency room, 2 for me and 1 for my wife, same stuff, foul language from the people and there custodial services, nurses are confused how doctors from
Rockville Psychologists Provider Name Locked
not getting the test results fast enough to even get us out. There is complete confusion, really not a good hospital.
- Jane G.

All Psychologists in Rockville, MD

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Aaron Dr. Heaton

10 N Jefferson St

Agee, Dr. Eve

118 E Sunbridge Dr

Aida Therapy

1908 T Street NW, Suite A

Allen, Dr. Martin

2501 Calvert St NW

Alvord, Dr.Mary

11161 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring

Andre's Technology Empire

1200 Delaware Avenue SW Suite 303

Attention Mental Health

1001 19th St N Suite 1200

Avy Stock, Psy.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Awaken Your Marriage

4001 Fair Ridge Dr

Ballard II, Dr. James M.

650 Pennsylvania Ave SE

Banks, Dr. Lucy

3913 Old Lee Hwy



Bea, Dr. Epstein

8601 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring

Blackstone, Dr. Carly

4940 Hampden Ln

Brad Wasserman, LCSW-C

18900 Bluewillow Ln
Montgomery Village

Brennan Wellness

1801 Robert Fulton Drive

Brewster, Dr. Frederick L

8609 2nd Ave
Silver Spring

Brown, Dr. Lorraine A.

1400 20th St NW

Carisa Oyebanjo, LCPC/ HMS Therapy Services

7305 Baltimore Avenue
College Park

Chase, Dr. Robert F.

3204 Tower Oaks Blvd

Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland

8607 Cedar St
Silver Spring

Counseling For Contentment LLC

4405 East-West Hwy

Dannemiller, Dr. Eugene A.

2915 Hunter Mill Rd

Davis, Dr. Kimberly M

Georgetown University

Dennis, Dr. John P.

1555 Connecticut Ave NW

Donner, Goldye P.


Dr. Joe James

4400 East West Highway #712


12 7th Street NE

Drell, Dr. Laurence M.

3000 Connecticut NW Avenue

Drumheller, Dr. Susan

8830 Cameron St
Silver Spring

Duncan Krieger, LICSW

1230 31st St NW

Eisenberg, Dr. Bonnie

4805 Edgemoor Ln

Embodying Self

Takoma Park

Esty, Dr. Mary L.

7910 Woodmont Ave

Fiester, Dr. Susan J.

6 Vendome Ct

Firmin, Dr. Michael C.

8987 Cotswold Dr

Fisher, Dr. Lauren

8401 Dorsey Cir

Garson, Dr. Ronald J.

6 Pidgeon Hill Dr

Genser, Dr. Lyne T.

5021 Seminary Rd

Glaser, Dr. Susan F.

1483 Chain Brg Rd

Gordon, Dr. Amy

44110 Ashburn Shopping Plz

Greta Hirsch, Ph.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Gualtieri, Dr. John J.

1515 Chain Bridge Rd

Harmon, Dr. Gena M.

7474 Greenway Center Dr

Hedaya, Dr. Robert J.

4701 Willard Ave
Chevy Chase

Henderson, Dr. Donna

8607 Cedar St
Silver Spring

Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington

5818 B Hubbard Drive

Jacquelynn Hollman, Psy.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

James, Dr. Mary H.

41 N Market St

Jane A Fitzgerald PhD

3611 D Chain Bridge Rd

Jason Wemmers, Psy.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Jeffrey Frank, LICSW

1800 R Street NW

Jenkins, Dr. Robert

2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Joanna Lhulier

5480 Wisconsin Ave
Chevy Chase

Kalin, Dr. Gail

4600 Connecticut Ave NW

Kathy HoganBruen, Ph.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Kentlands Psychotherapy

301 Inspiration Lane

Kirsch, Dr. Nicholas


Kobylski, Dr. Thomas P.

6760 Old McLean Village Dr

Krass, Dr. Michael L.

300 N Washington St

Kupfer, David L

7700 Leesburg Pike

Lashley, Dr. Sam

1655 Fort Myer Dr

Laurel Fay and Associates, LLC

8720 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring

Lauren Christensen, Ph.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Lea Christy Sloan, M Ed, LPC, BCC

1555 Connecticut Ave NW

Linda M. Washington, MSN,PMHCNS-BC

11303 Amherst Avenue Suite 1
Silver Spring

Lynch, Michael

8140 Ashton Ave

Makstein, Dr. Neil K.

7700 Leesburg Pike



Marquis, Dr. Jeanne

11130 Fairfax Blvd

Massuage Associates LLC

966 Hungerford Drive #21A

Maytorena, Dr. Susan C.

629 S Washington St

McMillan, Dr. Polly R.

2 Cardinal Park Dr SE

Mealy, Dr. J. B.

15817 Crabbs Branch Way

MedstarHealth at Mitchellville

12158 Central Ave.

Megan Rave, Ph.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Mehra, Dr. Rhea N.

489 A Carlisle Dr

Michaelidis, Dr. Tamara

5480 Wisconsin Ave.
Chevy Chase

MindWell Psychology

14110 Robert Paris Ct

Mindwell Psychology Bethesda

5602 Shields Drive, St A

Moore, Dr. Linda S.

5601 River Rd

My Mental Wellness

15012 Narrows Ln

Natalie Maiden, LCPC

6203 Executive Blvd.

Neil, Dr. Erika

13890 Braddock Rd

Newman, Dr. Anne C.

5454 Wisconsin Ave
Chevy Chase

Obserschneider, Dr. Michael

44110 Ashburn Shopping Plz

Pain Recovery Care

451 N. Hungerford Dr. Ste 119-308

Painter, Dr. Kim

11161 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring

Pargot, Dr. Terri DO

8915 Shady Grove Ct

Parker, Dr. Katie

400 S Maple Ave

Pellegrini, Dr. David

1010 Wisconsin Ave.

Prelinger, Jane

5028 Wisconsin Ave NW

Psychotherapy and counseling

8720 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring

Putnam Dr. Jared S.

7910 Woodmont Ave

Rosenthal, Dr. Kris

1707 Belle View Blvd

Ross, Dr. Donna A.

4501 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington Dc

Rubino, Dr. Domenica

2800 S. Shirlington Road

Ruby, Dr. Charles L

603 Post Ofc Rd

Scott Kahan MD

1828 L St NW

Segall, Dr. Errol A.

8500 Executive Park Ave

Selena C. Snow, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

6260 Montrose Road

Sethi, Dr. Meera

6845 Elm St

Silver Spring Psychotherapy Associates

8720 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring

Sitar, Dr. Michael A.

7910 Woodmont Ave

Small, Dr. Arnold C,

1800 Reston Town Center Dr

Sorenson, Dr. Leslie E.

109 Park Washington Ct

Spector, Dr. Alan B.

4041 University Dr

Stein, Dr. Stephen

3000 Connecticut Ave NW

Stokes, Dr. Deborah

2121 Eisenhower Ave

Suter, Dr. Barbara J.

5225 Connecticut Ave.,NW Suite 514-515

Tham, Dr. Willaim

130 Hospital Rd
Prince Frederick

The Heller Psychology Group LLC

6320 Democracy Blvd

The Viva Center

1555 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 301

Thoughts & Emotions, LLC

7981 Eastern Ave C5
Silver Spring

Troisi, Donna M.

11908 Darnestown Rd

Uprety, Dr. Madan

209 Elden St

Vernon, R F.

108A S Columbus St

Vittone, Dr. Bernard J

2423 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Walda Ciafone LCSW-C

6600 81st Street
Cabin John

Weigl, Dr. Robert C.

2001 Bedford Ln

Whipple, Dr. Catherine

1555 Connecticut Ave NW

Wilson, Daniel W

9406 Obannons Mill Rd

You in Mind Psychotherapy and Consultation

817 Silver Spring Ave
Silver Spring

Zager, Dr. John

4700 Berwyn House Rd
College Park
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