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Raia F.
"We were very impressed with
and the work provided. We especially appreciated that
was on site everyday, even the days when only sub-contractors" were at our home to do work,
was here to introduce them and make sure all the details were correct. He didn't hesitate to ask if things were unclear or as questions came up, which ensured we were in the loop and understood the options and alternatives. Communication was prompt, so that we could respond to unexpected questions quickly. The project took 6 weeks to complete, we were provided with a schedule that was followed closely - this allowed us to know what was going on and when in advance. It also gave us a good idea of when we needed to have finishes and materials selected. The project stayed on schedule which we really appreciated! All the workers we interacted with, especially
, were professional, courteous, and unobtrusive. And very tidy. The construction area was left cleaned up at the end of the day and the living areas of our home were protected and stayed clean during the construction. They even took the time to make sure our furnace fan was off during especially dusty work to ensure the dust did not spread to the rest of the house.
was honest, straightforward, and meticulous with the costs as well. When unexpected issues came up, they were communicated to us, along with cost estimates for the options, which helped us make informed decisions. We think the finished product is of a high quality and was done with an eye for detail.
did much of the work themselves.
was also willing to work with us to let us do them ourselves to fit the work into our budget - we did all the painting and kitchenette cabinet install ourselves and the windows of time available to complete the work was clearly communicated in advance so that we were able to plan ahead.
Rated by
Bruce R.
remodeled our kitchen about 3 months ago . We first met with Bill who has a great experinece in construction and cabinet design . MoreUsa Kitchen
" remodeled our kitchen about 3 months ago . We first met with Bill who has a great experinece in construction and cabinet design . We described him our needs and the deram kitchen we wanted . He was able to create a very functional and elegant design within couple day . We went to their showroom for design review and we decided to hire them based on the design was proposed . We were scared of the construction at first since we have three kids and it is hard for our family to stay without a kitchen .Renovation was pain free .
handled everyrthing perfectly .It took three weeks from start to finish and wewere always updated about the construction in daily bases . We love our new kitchen and We appreacite
team for great work they did .
Rated by
Mariann J D.
"My husband and I hired
's Construction at a big premium ( 31% overhead and state taxes on time, materials, subcontractors and sales taxes, as well as $85/hour" for the supervisor who poorly orchestrated the job) for efficient, quality work that was promised and subsequently not delivered.
's Construction not only failed to provide the commitment to quality service, but they demonstrated substandard and negligent work as follows: 1) Disregard for our time and money/Incompetency:
's unleashed a brand new employee who had previously been a painter to install a heavy double-wide barn door between the foyer and the office in a high quality home. This job was at minimum an experienced two-person job. The carpenter admitted to me that he had never installed such a barn door. He took twice as much time to complete the work, wasted time while on the job, standing there thinking what he would do next, running back and forth to the hardware store to get screws, paint, and other odds and ends, as well as taking long lunch hours, while arriving late and leaving early. He was abandoned by his company, without apparent supervision. 2) Poor planning: The doorway was to be prepared during a 2 week period and the "the door was to be completely ready to hang when it arrived a week or two later." Two unfinished doors arrived, and while I was at work, the carpenter, proceded unbeknownst to me, to sand and drill the doors in our garage, leaving fine dust and shavings all over the garage still filled with personal items/photos/clothes/electric piano etc. The doors were attached, then hung on site, and days later the painter arrived to paint the doors. The painter refuted painting on site, and the doors had to be removed. In moving the door in and out, the men dinged several areas on the ceilings and entry door and jam. ~~The project was supposed to be completed by May 25th, but did not get completed until June 25th.
's also installed a pre-hung hollow-core door, then needed to take it out and order a new solid core door as was originally specified, and they charged us for the time to correct this mistake, amongst several other mistakes. ~~
cut corners for repairs of a beautiful ceiling in the office, tried to paint it themselves with the incorrect paint, leaving larges scabs on the ceiling and around door jams. I demanded that painters come repair the poor workmanship, and they said that they would have to repaint the entire ceiling. The door also had defects, and the painters said that this repair could only be achieved by repainting the entire door, once again at a time delay and further removal of the door. The painters professionally acknowledged the botched paint repair by
's. 3) Employees and the supervisor scrambled and reacted to problems. 4) We were billed for work caused by egregious mistakes. 5) Obfuscating invoices, such that even the supervisor couldn't explain them. 6) When asked for accountability and transparency on invoices, the accountant only sent a re-worked statement that was even more confusing. They suggested that I was accusing them of cheating, when I only wanted to understand how they arrived at their numbers. 7)
's initially charged me for materials (as well as overhead and taxes upon taxes) not delivered nor paid for by them----eg. door hardware, a Honey Bucket. 8) Door still has obvious paint defects and does not function/glide without clicks and catches. The handles were hung with a 4 inch discrepancy, not to specification. 9)
's failed to recognize as well as to inform us of the need for a permit --- Per Seattle Department of Planning and Development---- "It sounds as if a permit would be required for this project and I would suggest reading our Tip 316 for a possible Subject to Field Inspection (STFI) permit. Wiring would require a separate electrical permit. Either the contractor or the property owner may request a permit. Usually this is decided between the two parties." 10)
's threatened us with a
on our property if we don't pay in full the inflated charges. They subsequently negotiated the balance due (after 50% down) but it was not nearly sufficient, after acknowledging some of their mistakes, and with one day to go said we pay or they would place a
on our property. 11
's threatened us with a defamation lawsuit if we pursued review and resolution with Angie's List, the Better Business Bureau or other review sites. 12 Our experience was similar to a contemporary (September 2014) Yelp review and other prior reviews on Yelp. READ AND BELIEVE YELP REVIEWS. THESE PROVIDE A MORE ACCURATE PICTURE OF THE COMPANY.

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I’ve tried to keep this short… if interested, please feel free to contact me for more details of our harrowing experience.
In April 2014, we hired in good faith,
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
as our Architect to do the design (and build) for some additions and layout changes to our single family residence. We also communicated to
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
that we want to have the work done in a timely manner before the winter due to our infant son's fragile health; he understood and agreed.
Its October 2014 now, and looking back, in our experience,
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
turned out to be more of a slippery salesman than an architect. He was also aggressive/overbearing, and on multiple occasions made us feel like he was doing us a favor by working on the project.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us an initial estimate of $150K for the construction, but then kept increasing this disproportionately at every opportunity. When I questioned some of the increases, he would start his slippery act and say that he’s not sure why, and that his brother would give the final quote at the end of the process. So, instead of pushing him harder or canceling the contract, we thought that we should just wait to talk to his brother. We also rationalized that his reasonably good "B" cost rating on Angie's List indicated that his rates would be reasonable/competitive. We were so wrong! The final construction quote his brother
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us was an incredible $374K+!! This was even higher than his increasing estimates, and also more than double of what other contractors have bid now.
We would have ignored all this and moved on, but what finally hurt us the most was that the "Design Contract" he had us sign had a fine print clause stating that its for a "Conceptual Design". We were novices, so we asked him what all the jargon meant, and trusted his explanation that he would be our architect, do the design, and get us past city planning approvals, which he did. However, he never revealed that if we chose to not sign up with them for the construction, that we would need to hire another architect to complete the architectural work! If he had told us, we would have shown him the door... no time and budget conscious homeowner would agree to find and pay for an architect twice! Looking at their contract now, I can clearly see how unfairly its been worded to try to protect their business, and not their customers.
In our last meeting at his office…
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
LIED and made me visit in person, saying he could not email me the CAD file since it was too large. It was just his ploy to have me first sign a document stating that our contract was complete, as a pre-condition to handing me the CD. Due to our situation I didn’t want any further delays, so I signed it, and then asked him if he would be willing to help us with any architectural questions or work, if any arose? Instead of agreeing to stand behind his work, he plainly refused saying that contractually his work is done. I tried to explain that we had hired him as our architect, but he refused to listen. I started to leave, and politely mentioned that I would post a truthful and accurate review on Angie's List. He then RUDELY and LOUDLY attacked me threatening that if I did, he would
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
me! He pulled out our contract, and pointed to me where he had me sign months ago, stating that "By signing this agreement the Owners agree not to post, either directly or through a third party, reviews about Craftsmen’s Guild Inc. on any publication, electronic or otherwise (including but not limited to Yelp, Angie's List, BBB, Board of Licensed Contractors), without first obtaining written consent from Craftsmen’s Guild Inc.". I walked out of their office feeling cheated, insulted and almost in tears on how badly I had been treated.
The next day (9/9/2014), the State of California enacted a law (Section 1670.8 of the Civil Code) making such non-disparagement clauses (anti-review) in contracts illegal, and also making it unlawful to threaten or seek to enforce any provision made unlawful under this section. The same day Craftsmen’s Guild emailed me a letter threatening that their attorney has advised them that if I post a negative review, they would
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
me. Their attorney should have known that by making this threat, they were on the wrong side of the law!!
I can only conclude that this is how this business has artificially maintained a high rating on Angie's List... by threatening to
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
clients who they try to gouge and treat badly! Beware of the Craftymen!!
- Kunal K.

Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team are exceptionally personable, dedicated, considerate and honest. This is the 5th project he has done for me on my third property and has each time, he has gone the extra mile and not only completely the project contracted for but made sure it was done on time, on budget and left us completely satisfied. My wife is a perfectionist and she swears by
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team. I just bought an investment property and will be using
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team again, i have referred 7 customers to
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
so far and all of them have thanked me profusely. Give them a call and have them quote your project, you will be very happy you did, good luck.
- eric B.

We hired the company to remove an old ramp that the prior owner installed for a handicap relative and replace it with stairs with a small landing at that door. We also hired them to do exterior painting, both of the front door and all door trim around the house. The crew that came to look at the work needed and provide the estimate was amazing - on-time, professional, courteous. We were very pleased and looked forward to working with the company. We did not realize that none of them would be on-site for the work. Unfortunately, not all of the men they sent were on-time, professional, and courteous. To start with the good, the gentleman who removed the ramp and installed the stairs was terrific. He was on-time every day and communicated as needed, but without being a bother at all. Though we offered water to drink and the use of our restroom, he declined and went off-site for lunch and restroom breaks. He was hard working, showed up on time, and worked full days until the work was complete. The work was excellent. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the painter. He showed up late on the first day and was unprepared. He initially did not plan to do any preparation of the wood trim and was just going to start painting, without any scraping of the current paint (including where there was chips) or removal of items such as doorbells. When he left to get additional materials for the prep work, we removed those items ourselves to try to reduce further delay in the work. When he came back, his progress was very slow. In addition, he left early. As a result, by the end of the first day, little progress had been made. He arrived mid-morning on the second day and, again, made little progress. He was unable to remove the doorknob and peep hole on the front door, which we had to do ourselves. He took frequent breaks, using the restroom multiple times each hour. The paint job also was unsatisfactory. He left mid-afternoon. The next morning, we complained about some of the work and his hours when he arrived, at which point he became rude. We called and asked the company to send a replacement painter, which they did. It took a couple of days to finish the painting. Unfortunately, some of the paint is already chipping, and it appears we will need to find someone else to repaint again soon. We were very dissatisfied with this experience and the response of the company, which attributed this problem to personality differences when we asked for the replacement.
- Melissa J.

External support beam and post had dry rot from over the years, as well as the end of one of the distal beam rafters. This was a job, in my opinion, only for the right company, and
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was the right company. I had done my research to make selection of
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
from several resources. It carries the correct licensing/insurances/bonds, and Mr.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
has a sterling reputation for customer satisfaction. I was happy to wait for availability to fit my project into the schedule. Mr.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
kept me informed as to when my project was estimated to go forward. When the day came near, Mr.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
's workers contacted me to confirm project/date/time; on the day of, kept me apprised as to arrival time; and throughout the duration of the project were punctual, pleasant, knowledgeable, skillful, hard-working, and professional. I had expected the work to take several days, but they were finished in two. The roof had to be shored up while the beam/post were removed. What a hard job, removing/replacing that beam! Additionally, a cap or sleeve was installed on the end of the beam and caulked in place to prevent exposure to the elements. The end result is that the beam and post look better than they did when the house was new. One cannot notice that the end of the distal beam rafter has been repaired because it is so well done. I have already shown three of my neighbors my new beam/post and passed along Mr.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
's contact information. I will call upon the services of
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
when my next project comes along.
- GAY C.

Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Moody is the owner and general contractor of this independent local company. He is most ethical and thorough being on the job and working alongside his employees. Nothing goes unnoticed and inspected daily.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
explains everything clearly so you have no unexpected costs. He and his workers are on the job early and work a complete day.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
is knowledgeable in all aspects of home construction and will get you the best price with total assurance the project will be done correctly.
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Moody is also accessible when you contact him with any questions. We highly recommend T.G.M. Construction Services INC. for any your home projects.
- Dee W.

After reading the positive reviews on Angie's List, I called the contractor to get an estimate for my work. I have a master bathroom that has been completely gutted (down to the studs) and needs drywall (including a ceiling) hung, a shower framed out, and possibly floor and wall tile laid also. I described the project in detail over the phone. When
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
came over, he spent only a few minutes looking at the bathroom and did not ask very many questions. I got the impression he wasn't very interested in doing the job but thought surely he wouldn't have wasted his time and mine in coming over if he knew he didn't want to do a project like this. A few days later, I got a voicemail from him simply stating that for a small project like mine, I should call this materials supplier who might have a list of contractors that would be interested in doing the work, and have a nice day. I thought this was extremely rude and wasn't quite sure why he had gone to the trouble of even scheduling an appointment for an estimate when he clearly had better things to do. I had been told by a couple of other contractors that they were very busy with some other large projects, and if I still wanted them to quote me a bid it might be a little while. This kind of honesty would have been appreciated from
Prince Frederick Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, especially since I said I had already described the project in detail over the phone so I am not sure what the surprise was... Then he waited a few days only to tell me I should call a materials supplier (not even a contractor!) who may have time to deal with my piddly job. Frustrating and a waste of time.
- Ewa M.

Owner is accomplished finish carpenter and has quality subs on tap for any services needed. On time, on budget and helped with some complex design changes, which turned out extremely well. Rebuilt walls of cabinets, kitchen cupboards and outside porch/decks/columns. House was 1913 craftsman and helped us prepare for highly successful sale.
We have known owner for 7+ years and his work ethic, integrity and knowledge is excellent for any/all building needs.
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Capitol Builders Group, Inc.

5613 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA

Capitol Building Solutions

8300 Greensboro Drive
Mclean, VA

Cardinal Contractors

18078 Purvis DR unit A
Triangle, VA

Carmack Moving & Storage

45055 Underwood Ln.
Sterling, VA

Carnegie Kitchens & Bath, LLC

12204 Rustic Hill Dr
Bowie, MD

Carpentry Concepts Inc

5856 Free State Road
Marshall, VA


Manassas, VA


Alexandria, VA

Castle Rock Inc.

10910 Lombardy Rd
Silver Spring, MD

Castro Property Management, Inc

11427 Scottsbury Terr
Germantown, MD

Cave To Castle Remodeling

PO Box 156
Owings, MD

CCD Home Improvement

7803 Old Litchfield Ln
Ellicott City, MD

Centrik Construction Corp

4108 Rainier Ave
Mount Rainier, MD


Bowie, MD

CG3 Properties LLC

822 Smartts Lane
Leesburg, VA

CGR Construction LLC

6704 Allison St.
Hyattsville, MD

Champion Quality Construction

3440 chaneyville road
Owings, md

Champion Window Co of Baltimore

7110 Golden Ring Rd Ste 110
Baltimore, MD

Champion Window of Gaithersburg

9346 Gaither Rd
Gaithersburg, MD

Charles Schwab & Co Inc

11874 Market St
Reston, VA

Charm City Home Improvement

1432 Madison St NW
Washington, DC

Chesapeake Builders, LLC

2508 Cherokee Street
Adelphi, MD

Chesapeake Design & Build

PO Box 706
Severna Park, MD

Chesapeake Install, LLC

910 Chesapeake Dr
Stevensville, MD

Chesapeake Services Inc.

555 Keith Lane
Owings, MD

Chester Lemus Drywalling

658 Conwell Dr
Annandale, VA

Chick Landscaping, Inc.

4512 Sandy Spring Rd
Burtonsville, MD

Choice Stairways

231 Bugeye Suqare
Prince Frederick, MD

Christian Painting Service

6388 Lancaster Drive
Warrenton, VA

Christopher Services, Inc.

1318 Mimosa Ln
Silver Spring, MD


Falls Church, VA

Clariaxel Construction, Inc.

2254 Lewisdale Drive
Hyattsville, MD

Classic Carpentry, Inc.

355 M F Bowen Road
Huntingtown, MD

Classic Carpets Inc

10611 Iron Bridge Rd
Jessup, MD

Click Cabinets

1615 Ludtington St
Escanaba, MI

Clifton Contracting

PO Box 262
Clifton, VA


5000 Philadelphia Way
Lanham, MD

Closets By Design - Washington DC Metro

6962 Wellington Rd
Manassas, VA

CML Decor & Design LLC

1 Persian Ct
Woodbridge, VA

CMR Design/Remodeling Inc.

14512 Clover Hill Terrace
Bowie, MD


9266 Byrd Dr
Manassas, VA

Cohen Custom Cabinetry

12115-H Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD

Colonial Sash and Door

260 Interstate Circle
Frederick, MD

Colonial Woodwrights

Brandywine, MD

Color Flooring Kitchen Bath Design Center II LLC

5739 Telegraph Rd
Alexandria, VA

Color Your Carpet

9733 Elaine Rd.
Jacksonville, FL


15456 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD

Commercial Restorations

13433 Tilford Court
Germantown, MD

Complete Construction Management

1027 Ficklen Rd.
Fredericksburg, VA

Complete Handyman Services DMV

1288Profit Ct
Woodbridge, Va

Complete Home Solutions, LLC

235 W Bay Front Rd
Lothian, MD

Complete Kitchens & More

459 Baltimore Blvd
Westminister, MD

Congressional Contracting Inc

1865 mooney drive
Gaithersburg, MD


Prince Frederick, MD

Construction Professionals

704 South King St
Leesburg, VA

Construction Systems Inc

38232 Parnell Ct
Lovettsville, VA

Constructive Concepts Inc.

4101 Cathedral Ave NW Apt 914
Washington, DC

Continuity Contractors Inc

12104 Rockledge
Bowie, Md

Contractors Consortium LLC

6412 Brandon Ave.
Springfield, VA

Contractors For Less

8238 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD

Contractors Unlimited Co

8844 McGrath Rd
Manassas, VA

Cook Construction Contracting

8552 Dakota Dr
Gaithersburg, MD


White Plains, MD

CornerStone Closets and More LLC

10021 Emily Fox Ct
Ellicott City, MD


Silver Spring, MD

Counter Intelligence

9015 Brookville Rd
Silver Spring, MD

County Wide Custom Painting

7536 Crain Hwy
Upper Marlboro, MD

Courtesy Electric Inc

8363 Shady Grove Cir
Manassas, VA

CR Home Improvement Inc

112 C Fredrick Ave
Rockville, MD

CR8 Construction LLC

71 N Street NW
Washington, DC

CRA Home Improvement, LLC

2807 26th St, NE
Washington, DC

Craft Kitchen and Bath

4008 Walney rd
Chantilly, VA

Craft master home improvement

10327 Piper Ln.
Midland, VA

Craftmasters Services Inc

10593 ELK RUN RD
Catlett, VA

Craftsman Construction

821 Forest View Road
Edinburg, VA

Creation Decorating Services

4300 Wires St
Alexandria, VA

Creative Contractors LLC

11325 Random Hill Rd.
Fairfax, VA

Crescent Design & Construction Inc

2933 West Ox Rd.
Herndon, VA

CRG Remodeling

32 U Street Northwest
Washington, DC

Crixus Construction

716 N Danville
Arlington, VA

CRM Construction Inc

1355 Skinners Turn Road
Owings, MD

Cross Build Metro DC

PO Box 1282
Springfield, VA

Crystal River Home Design

10655 Fairfax Blvd
Fairfax, VA

CS Powerman LLC

8560 Springfield Oaks Drive
Springfield, VA

Culligan of Maryland

441 Defense Highway
Annapolis, MD

Culligan of Northern Virginia

45095 Old Ox Road
Sterling, VA

Custom Home Improvement LLC

11317 Aristotle Drive
Fairfax, VA


8665 Sudley
Manassas, VA

Cyrus Construction LP

712 West Broad St
Falls Church, VA

Czecher Construction, Inc.

4196 Merchant plaza
Woodbridge, VA

D & B Associates of VA Inc.

10168 portsmouth rd #2
Manassas, VA

D & S Builders

331 Apple Grove School Rd
Wyoming, DE

D&T Construction

PO BOX 459
Owings, MD

Dan's Home Prep and Repair

12341 Quilt Patch Ln
Bowie, MD

Dana F. Duvall Contracting

12601 Moxley Crest Drive
Mount Airy, MD

Daniel James Fine Home Improvements Co., LLC

2410 Dennis Ave
Silver Spring, MD

Dash Construction Inc.

17910 Barney Drive
Accokeek, MD


108 e. 18th Street
Front Royal, VA

Dave's Floor & More

3710 Gateshead Dr
Annapolis, MD

David L Sisk Landscape & Home Services

182 Kenney Store Ln
Reva, VA

DC Details Inc.

6822 Valley Brook Dr.
Falls Church, VA

DC Painters Connection

6045 Ridge Ford Dr
Burke, VA

Deck Masters LLC

4210 Kayak Drive
Brandywine, MD

Decks and Plus LLC

12030 Chase Xing Cir
Rockville, MD

DeConstruction Services, LLC

8929 Colesbury Place
Fairfax, VA

Dennis Le Jeune & Sons, Inc.

15600 Santini Road
Burtonsville, MD

Designer Surfaces

5103 Pegasus Ct
Frederick, MD

Designers General Contractors Inc

6400 Baltimore National
Baltimore, MD


5116 Bay Parkway
Huntingtown, MD

Diamond Construction Co

5627 Allentown Rd
Suitland, MD

Diamond Contractor & Restorations

3618 Barcroft View Tr.
Falls Church, VA

Digital Decorators LLC

12900 Flack St
Silver Spring, MD

Digney York Associates, LLC

Vienna, VA

Dillon Construction

7530 Perry Ln
Lusby, MD

DiMarco and Associates

11010 Two Sisters Ln
Dunkirk, MD

Dipietri Contractors Inc

3224 Throne Dr
Dunkirk, MD

DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN

Distinctive Kitchens and Baths by Truly Custom Hom

300 Solomons Island Rd N
Prince Frederick, MD

Divine Designs, Inc.

Chapel Hill, NC

DJ Liability LLC

3505 Silver Park Dr.
Suitland, MD

DLW Contracting Inc.

1680 Loudoun Dr.
Haymarket, VA

DMV Fire and Flood

8512 Dakota Dr
Gaithersburg, MD

DMV Kitchen & Bath,Inc.

429 E Diamond Ave
Gaithersburg, MD


Ashburn, VA


24460 Star Gazer Ln
Hollywood, MD

Double D Construction

po box 864

Dram Development Inc

610 Main St
Laurel, MD

Dream Home Remodeling Inc

7830 Backlick Rd
Springfield, VA

DreamCastle Painting and Home Improvement, llc

1006 Oakwood Way
Silver Spring, MD

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

23 Commerce Pkwy
Fredericksburg, VA

Drycas Co LLC

2459 Masons Ferry Dr #204
Herndon, VA

DUCTZ of North Alexandria/Central Fairfax

2600 Huntington Ave
Alexandria, VA

Dulles Kitchen and Bath

2465 Centreville Rd.
Herndon, VA


Dunkirk, MD

Dunright Contracting Services

5509 Tallow St
Fredericksburg, VA


Deale, MD

Dynasty Communication

P.O. Box 151463
Alexandria, VA

Earth Friendly Services

3015 Sycamore Pl
Huntingtown, MD

East Coast Builders, Inc

29948 Barger Dr
Mechanicsville, MD


7500 Clifton Rd
Clifton, VA

Edge Energy

6854 Distribution Dr
Beltsville, MD

Edram General Construction LLC

109 Lauren Ct
Frederick, MD

eds construction,inc

6801 beechview dr.
Falls Church, va

Edward's Construction Services

1240 Clay Hammond Rd
Prince Frederick, MD

Edwin Montano

14816 Alabama Ave
Woodbridge, VA

Elite Development

4401 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC


Reston, VA

Ely's Remodeling and Repair service LLC

6113 85th pl
New Carrollton, MD

Environmental Solutions Service

18244 Piedmont Dr
Cobb Island, MD

Equinoctial Renovations, Inc.

18954 Quail Valley Blvd
Gaithersburg, MD

Eric B Home Improvement LLC

14900 Keenland Cir
Gaithersburg, MD

Eriksen Home Improvement, LLC

8816 Skokie Ln
Vienna, VA

Erkaya Home Improvement LLC

9274 Cardinal Forest ln
Lorton, VA

Ernie Giordano

14731 Blackburn Rd
Burtonsville, MD

Erwan Dapoigny

4217 Holborn Av.
Annandale, VA

Estevez Aluminum

10426 Old McDaniel Rd
Waldorf, MD

Euro Design Builders Group

12400 Stewarts Ford Ct
Fairfax, VA


5483 Harris Farm Ln
Clarksville, MD

Exterior Touch Inc.

12610 Waverly RD.
Waverly, NE

F & F Construction & Remodeling

1837 Longhollow Rd
La Follette, TN

F&D Home Improvement

2404 phillips dr
Alexandria, VA

F. J. Contracting

3728 Singletown Terrace
Fredrick, MD

Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC

5407 Lafayette Place
Hyattsville, MD

Fairfax Marble & Granite LLC

4080-F Walney Rd
Chantilly, VA

Fairway Enterprises

1845 Stinnett Rd
Huntingtown, MD

Fajen & Brown

Solomons, MD

6305 Tuckerman La
Rockville, MD

FBT Tile & Marble Inc

17885 Fraley Blvd.
Dumfries, VA

Feature Construction LLC

3831 S George Mason Dr
Falls Church, VA


Alexandria, VA


Beltsville, MD

First Step Landscaping & Home Remodeling

218 Tangowood Lane
Stafford, VA

Firuze Tile Wholesale

5650 General Washington Dr
Alexandria, VA

Fixall Home Repairs & Improvement Service

28990 Shannon Ct
Mechanicsville, MD


Alexandria, VA

Flooring America

2545 Centreville Rd
Herndon, VA

Flooring Design Center Inc.

3354 Woodburn Rd Unit# 21
Annandale, VA

FPS Renovation Company

20 Century St
Stafford, VA

Freeman & Sons

149 Ivanhoe St Sw Unit 101
Washington, DC

Freeway Construction

1402 North Capitol Street NW
Washington, DC

Frenchporte LLC

4015 Oliver St
Chevy Chase, MD

Fulanos Contractor & Handyman Services

407 N Fillmore Ave
Sterling, VA

G & G Constructions Inc

4810 Cherokee Ave

G C Construction LLC

9201 Gilmore Dr
Lorton, VA

G H Clark Jr Contractors Inc

184 Main St
Prince Frederick, MD

Galaxy Homes Inc.

PO Box 787
Chaptico, MD

Galeano & Galeano Contractors Inc

101 Old Bonifant Rd
Silver Spring, MD

Garcia Brothers Construction LLC

3053 Shepperton Terrace
Silver Spring, MD

Gardner Building Group, Inc.

420 N Market St
Frederick, MD

GBC Kitchen & Bath

5601-H General Washington Dr.
Alexandria, VA

GC Construction

14205 Coleford Ct
Laurel, MD


4328 36th St S
Arlington, VA


P.O. BOX 406
Riverdale, MD

General Contractors Enterprise

5110 Edmonston Road
Hyattsville, MD

General Home Improvement LLC

1806 Virginia ST
Annapolis, MD

Genesis Architects and Builders LLC

28 Crescent Valley Dr
Fredericksburg, VA


Silver Spring, MD

George's Painting Inc

1009 Brill Way
Hagerstown, MD

Georges Contracting & Handyman Services LLC.

13501 Pennsboro Dr
Chantilly, VA

GES Property Pros LLC

585 McAllister St
Hanover, PA

Gilmore Construction LLC

10114 Garden Ct
Bryans Road, MD


po box 650726
Sterling, VA

Glenn Construction LLC

1378 Defense Hwy
Gambrills, MD

Globe Bath & Kitchen Remodeling LLC

2775 Hartland Rd
Falls Church, VA

GM Home Services LLC

9318 Myrtle Ave
Bowie, MD

GNRI Paint & Remodeling LLC

5505 Kendrick La
Woodbridge, VA

Goddard Remodeling, LLC

4141 N. Henderson Rd. #304
Arlington, VA

Gojonesy Enterprises

4806 St Barnabas Rd
Temple Hills, MD

GoldenRu1e, Inc

907 Hillcrest Dr
Vienna, VA

Good Woods Services LLC

3304 Ward Kline Rd
Myersville, MD

Govan Builders LLC

2572 Wild Olive Ct
Vienna, VA

Graham Restoration LLC

11271 James Madison highway
Bealeton, va

Granite Center LLC

22446 Davis Dr
Sterling, VA


Sterling, VA

Granite Vision Inc

14889 Persistence Dr
Woodbridge, VA

Great American Log Homes

P.O. Box 2295
Front Royal, VA

Greene Home Services, LLC

13208 Ardennes Ave
Rockville, MD

GreenRock Construction

6521 Arlington Blvd.
Falls Church, VA

Greentech LLC

101 Chestnut St
Gaithersburg, MD

GroundWorX LLC

Marshall, VA

Grove Contracting & Home Improvement

6870 Barney Dr
Hughesville, MD

H & M Home Improvement Inc.

Fort Washington, MD

H Martinez Contracting LLC

6511 Virginia Hills Ave
Alexandria, VA

H&H Home Improvement

5849 riverside dr
Woodbridge, VA

H.A.I.L. Home Improvement LLC

5129 Arrit Ct
Burke, VA

H2Pro Restorations

243 Mine Bank Rd
Wellsville, PA


Manassas, VA


510 North AVE
Libertyville, IL

Handy Works

679 Holly Crest dr.
Culpeper, VA

Handyman Albert

8939 Centerway Rd
Gaithersburg, MD

Handyman At Your Command- Baltimore

8480 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD


Rockville, MD

harbison contracting

11408 cephise court, Suite 200
Gaithersburg, MD


Aldie, VA


Rockville, MD


Stafford, VA

Harry Goins Decorating & General Contractor

6038 Sumner Rd
Alexandria, VA


352 Maple Ave W
Vienna, VA

HAS Construction LLC

3421 14th Street NW
Washington, DC


Mount Airy, MD


La Plata, MD

HDL Contracting

Rockville, MD

Heb-N-Co Construction

21100 Slidell Rd
Boyds, MD


822 viers mill rd
Rockville, MD

Her Handyman

619 Evans Dr
Milford, DE

Heritage Contracting Services

11903 Bowman Dr
Fredericksburg, VA

Heron Creek Homes Inc

478 Manor Rd
Arnold, MD


8799 D'arcy Road
District Heights, MD

High Tech Home Warranties

PO Box 24881
Raleigh, NC


Silver Spring, MD

Hilti Homes

157 Marine St Unit 110
Saint Augustine, FL

Historic Structures

PO Box 5605
Washington, DC

Holdfast LLC

3711 quail hollow ct
Louisville, KY

Hollco Construction, Inc.

8060 Sleepy View Lane
Springfield, VA

Home Breakthrough LLC

15612 Marathon Circle
Gaithersburg, MD

Home Contractors Plus

8402 Quill Point Dr
Bowie, MD

Home Depot

12275 Price Club Plz
Fairfax, VA

Home Depot - Gaithersburg

15740 Shady Grove Rd
Gaithersburg, MD

Home Depot - Silver Spring

2300 Broadbirch Dr
Silver Spring, MD

Home Improvement LLC

12 Starboard CT
Gaithersburg, MD

Home Improvements By Guery

11269 Mobile Dr
Fairfax, VA

Home Pro Roofing & Remodeling LLC

2146 Priest Bridge Court
Crofton, MD

Home Resolution LLC

15825 Donald Curtis Drive
Woodbridge, VA

Home Visions Inc.

4412 Powder Mill Road
Beltsville, MD

Home-Kim Group Inc

10103 Residency Rd
Manassas, VA

Homecraft Builders

537 Callander Way
Abingdon, MD

Homefix Custom Remodeling

1506 Joh Ave
Baltimore, MD


7442 Patterson Rd
Falls Church, VA

Homeland Lock And Safe Services

457 Wilson Ct
Friendship, MD

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA


27530 Persimmon Ln
Mechanicsville, MD

Homes By Karane

15021 Northcote Lane
Bowie, Md


2421 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

Horizon Point LLC

804 Jessica Dr
Fort Washington, MD

Housefront Remodeling

12100 Baltimore Ave.
Beltsville, MD

HP Drywall

5824 Ridings Manor Pl
Centreville, VA

HP Metal Fabrication

4280 Henninger Court
Chantilly, VA

HPC Maintenance, LLC

4010 Brussels Way
Woodbridge, VA

HVACP Home Services

Rockville, Md

Ideal Tile

4124 Walney Rd
Chantilly, VA

IHN Customs LLC

18301 Chestnut Dr
Triangle, VA

Illustrate My Design, LLC

210 N Lee St
Alexandria, VA


Lexington Park, MD

Imperial Contracting

PO Box 37
Huntingtown, MD

Imperial Handyman Services

4279 Meyers Rd
Triangle, VA

Improvall Renovation and Repairs

14750 Main St. Suite 101
Upper Marlboro, MD

Infinite Innovations, LLC

4003 Oliver St
Damascus, MD


Crofton, MD

Installation Services LLC

521 C St
Quantico, VA

Integrity Home Pro

2400 Kemp Way
Bowie, MD

Interior Exterior Remodel and Carpentry

1119 I Street Northeast
Washington, D.C., DC

Interiors with Style

7201 Willow Hill Drive
Capitol Heights, MD

Interstate Glass

PO Box 1175
Fredericksburg, VA

Ismael Paiz Marble & Ceramics

18157 Kilmer Ln
Triangle, VA


Sterling, VA

J & F Contracting, LLC

Silver Spring, MD

J & F Contractors

Silver Spring, MD

J & G Masonry Contractors

620 German Chapel Rd.
Prince Frederick, MD


Springfield, VA

J & L CO

Damascus, MD

J & S Services

Southern Maryland
La Plata, MD

J Carpet Cleaning and Repair

7726 Kennedy Rd
Nokesville, VA

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