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Nimish V.
"I needed grading, landscaping, a path made in concrete.
was very honest, professional, and helpful with his suggestions. I did not use him for the work because" his company does not do concrete work or some of the landscaping I needed done. I will definitely contact
for grading and drainage work if needed in the future.
Rated by
"A neighbor of ours with whom we are on very friendly terms mentioned that water was running off from our property directly into their crawlspace. Upon studying the issue, we realized" that the old drainage system installed by previous owners was no longer functioning, and the runoff was not being managed in any sensible way. We had a landscaping company try to solve the problem, but it was too much for them to handle. We got a handful of other estimates, but people were unable to do the work because of the large number of older trees in our property.
said they would be able to handle the work and would also be able to tie in the output of all our sump pumps (we have three) into the new system. They were also able to carry the exit point of the pipes all the way out to the near the street where it would no longer go anywhere near our neighbor's crawlspace. When the came to do the work, they completed it quickly and neatly. Burying the new pipes involved digging up quite a bit of the yard, but they were very careful with the grass and either replaced all the grass they had pulled up or put sod down. It had been my intention to take a bunch of pictures of where they had put the pipes so we would know where they were for future reference, but they repaired the yard so well that within less than a week I was no longer able to find the places where they had worked. They had actually also put some sod down in an area near where they worked that had been damaged from unrelated work, thus actually leaving our yard in better shape than they found it in! Since the work was completed, we have had several major storms, and our neighbor happily reports that they are no longer getting runoff from our property in our crawlspace. We are also no longer getting water pooled up near our downspouts. All in all, our drainage problems have been virtually eliminated, which is quite a challenge since we are the top of a hill. There was really only one problem. On the day the work was originally scheduled to begin, we noticed that there were no "Miss Utility"
on the property. When we called them, we talked to an owner of the company who said something like, "I was really hoping you were going to call." They were very apologetic and explained that they had had an email system problem and had completely lost our order and had no way to contact us to tell us that there was a problem. They said this had never happened before in their business and were committed to making it right. I was understanding with them and rescheduled the work for one week later (we had originally had a longer lead time), and without my asking, they offered us a 5% discount. While losing our order completely and not having a way to contact us is pretty bad, I believe them when they say this was an anomaly, and I think they did ultimately make it right for us. If it weren't for that, I'd have rated them A's in all categories. But when all is said and done, they did the work very well, took great care in making sure it was done right, and left the yard in better shape than they found it in. I would have no hesitation to recommend their work to anyone, and I suspect they will not be likely to have that email mistake again. In fact, the neighbor who was suffering from our previous runoff problems may hire them to do some work on their property as well.
Rated by
Robin R.
"Went great. From start to finish, they did what they said they were going to do,
up a plan, came on time, carried out the plan, went above and beyond to finish" out a little roof over a well, and did a high quality job. The owner has a strong work ethic and integrity. If everyone operated like this, we wouldn't need Angie's List! They returned later to deliver dirt that they had promised.

Middle River Drain Pipe Installation Articles

Drain Pipe Installation reviews in Middle River


Because this was an emergency (leaking water heater in our attic) and
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
was already committed to another job at the time, we went with another company. However, several people I know have had service performed by
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
and have given excellent recommendations.
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
is very professional, friendly and courteous. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.
- Barbara A.

The supervisor,
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
, is obnoxious, unconcerned and unreasonable.
Here's what happened: I have a slopsink in the basement that for unknown reasons, keeps backing up with sewage every couple days. Unable to troubleshoot the issue on my own, I called
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
. I was attracted by the price (which is misleading, by the way).
1: A guy arrives and tells me that he needs access to pipes behind a wall, and there should have been an access panel. He was right, there should have been. He heads to another job, while I cut an access panel. He was supposed to return within 30-40 minutes, but after nearly two hours, it got late and I had to reschedule.
2: A couple days later, a new guy arrives, and makes use of the new access panel I cut. He snakes my main drain in one direction, then the other direction. This, in their opinion, counts as two pipes and thus doubles the prices, with tax, to 110.60. Fine. Just so long as he fixed my problem, which he assures me he did.
3: Over the next two days, sewage is backing up into the sink again. I call them and they send out the same plumber. He runs the water, nothing backs up in that moment, and he says the issue must have taken care of itself, and leaves.
4: The issue had NOT taken care of itself, as more sewage continued to back up into the sink over the next few days.
5: I call them back again, and a new plumber arrives. He has a new idea for how to fix the issue, but says the company intends to charge me again for their services. I object. I had called them for one problem: a sink that was backing up, and that problem was never solved. I'm told to call the office. I do. I speak with
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
. He was very rude, cutting me off multiple times and shouting at me. He was very obnoxious, repeating the same sentence over and over again. He kept saying that they fixed the problem. I kept asking, "If you fixed the problem, why would I keep calling you, and why do I have sewage in my sink?" To which, he would respond, "We fixed the problem."
6. I asked his name (
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
) but he refused to identify himself further, and then hung up on me.
I will obviously never use this company again. And I strongly urge anyone reading this not to use them either. Find someone else to handle your issue... ANYONE else! They don't deserve your business. And there's a strong likelihood that you will be charged more than you expect for work that may or MAY NOT actually have solved anything!
I'm left agitated, 110 dollar poorer, and I STILL have sewage in my sink!
- Kevin T.

The project went very well.
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
, the salesperson, was very knowledgable and took a consultant's approach to the house. He noticed every detail about the slope of the yard, the gutter system, the existing flow of water and the surrounding trees and plants. He devised a very good and efficient way to move water away from the house and eliminate the
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
of indoor flooding and foundation damage. The company also built a stone retaining wall which is not only functional, but actually enhances the look of the house from the front! His workers worked hard to dig 4 foot deep trenches and put the dug-up portions back so as not to disturb the grass growth. Overall, they did an excellent job and I would hire them again for any complex landscaping or drainage projects.
- Mahesh G.

Everything went great. Ed was able to do exactly what was needed in order to get all the upstairs plumbing rerouted to the basement. As we were shopping for a couple hours that day, Ed did all the work needed and that was asked for. We could not have asked for better service and price.
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
was the cheapest place by far in the Clearfield Area, and he was top notch when it came to the work that needed to be done.
- Willie U.

A gentleman came out to my property and was very knowledgeable about my issue with the landscaping and drainage and how it is being effected.
He came up with a great solution by proposing to build a retaining wall and yard drainage around my front and side yard.
They crew came out earlier than expected and started right away.
They were very kind and helpful.
Despite my plants and garden in the side yard, they were very neat and careful.
They cleaned up very well and it looked amazing.
The solution seems to be working great and I have had no problems with anything.
The best bang for the buck by far. I had 2 other estimates and
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
impressed me with the expertise. They also beat out the other contractors by quite a bit.
I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to have drainage, retaining walls, or foundation repair done.
- Christina S.

It went very well.. several days before my second floor toilet was stopped up. I thought I had fixed the clog. before going out of town I put some food down the gargage disposal . I leave town come home 3 days later and went to basement to do laundry the tubs in basement were full of water with the food from the garbage disposal.. since I was home I knew to call
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
because they will come out as soon as they are available. I didn't want to take a day off to get this fixed.
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
showed up from
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
assessed the problem and fixed. I was very happy with the outcome and knowing if anything goes wrong they will come back and fix it.
my tech was
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
-3039 invoice # 18062413
- DEborah N.

I contracted
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
to come do a few landscaping jobs around my house. At first I was immediately impressed. I
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
up a contract and we both agree to the sub-projects and a price of $1,600. I thought the price was high but thought that he work would align to the cost.
The first 2 days seemed to go well although
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
was sick and he left most of the work up to his two employees.
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
would leave for significant periods to time and then return to provide additional direction. On day 3 he was unable to come so he asked for add'l time which I was happy to accommodate. They returned later in the week and continued. Towards the end of the job I performed a few inspections and had to point out obvious flaws such as throwing mulch over-top of weeks on my side yard. I started to get the sense that the work was less than stellar.
A few days after they finished we had a hard rain and I was able to see the expanse of how poor the job really was. In most cases they barely de-weeded my landscaping and simply threw mulch over-top of weeds. In one area they put down less than 1/2" of mulch so that a door would clear rather than remove the existing mulch and granite to get the appropriate depth of mulch.
One project was to deal with the weeds underneath my play-scape. I had roughly 4" of pea gravel they they were supposed to remove, place down plastic/weed
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
and then replace the rocks. Instead, his team removed about 1/2" of rocks, threw down plastic and called it a day. Needlesstosay weeds were growing back literally within 5 days.
Finally he and his team installed a french drain with crushed granite. I warned him that the water flow was extreme but he insisted that he knew what he was doing. Nevertheless the next hard rain washed the drain and ALL of the gravel away. I also discovered that they didn't completely put down plastic to serve as a weed
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
. Again, spotty work.
This is Landscaping 101 and hardly appropriate for the fees they charged me.
I called
Middle River Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
with my issues and to my surprise he agreed to fix them. He came out and review the work and agreed that it wasn't done right. He even said he would personally do the work to get it fixed. He then missed 2 scheduled appointments and stopped returning my phone calls altogether. To make matters worse I rearranged my schedule to match his which ended up costing me more time and money.
- Jason S.

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Antonio Landscaping, LLC

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PO Box 111
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Arctic Air Solutions LLC.

P.O. Box 19925
Baltimore, MD

Armored Basement Waterproofing

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Baltimore, MD

ASY services llc

356 Chaptico S.
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1601 Dunwich Garth
Lutherville Timonium, MD

B-Dry Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

1344A W Nursery Rd
Linthicum Heights, MD

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Dundalk, MD

Barry's Capentry

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Springfield, VA

Basement Detective

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Basement Systems USA, Inc.

Regional Office: 2092 E Old Philadelphia Rd
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Basement Waterproofing Nationwide Inc

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Bowman construction

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7020 Greenbank Rd
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Glenelg, MD

Budget Waterproofing Inc

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Linthicum Heights, MD

Bulls Plumbing And Heating

400 Hazlett Ave
Baltimore, MD


24211 Laytonsville Rd
Gaithersburg, MD

C & L Excavating, Inc.

PO Box 184
Forest Hill, MD

C A Taciak & Sons Sewer Service

9 Edgeview Rd
Towson, MD

C R Y Plumbing & Contracting LLC

1984 Perryman Rd
Aberdeen, MD

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL

Catons Plumbing & Drains

801 Geipe Rd
Catonsville, MD

Charles E. Jackson Construction

709 S Cherry Grove Ave
Annapolis, MD


Millersville, MD

Chesapeake Landscape & Design

1300 Defense Hwy
Gambrills, MD

Chesapeake Plumbing Inc

8259 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Pasadena, MD

Christopher Homes Inc.

2023 Telegraph Road
Pylesville, MD

Clarksville Construction Services

9050 Red Branch Rd
Columbia, MD

Cobra Plumbing Services

PO Box 591
Abingdon, MD

Coldwright Plumbing & Heating

503 Garnett Rd.
Joppa, MD

Concrete Impressions Inc

404 B Dyer Ave
Reisterstown, MD


Baltimore, MD

Dan Nichols Contractor

5777 White Rock Road
Sykesville, MD


2603 E Northern Pkwy
Baltimore, MD

Day or Night Home & Hearth Services LLC

7410 Coca Cola Dr
Hanover, MD

DCI Landscaping

725 Smith Ln.
Fallston, MD

DLD Mechanical Services, LLC

11444 Glen Arm Rd
Glen Arm, MD

Drain Sights, LLC

311 6th Ave
Baltimore, MD

Durance Plumbing

621 Admiral Dr #308
Annapolis, MD

Ed's plumbing

7990 quarter field rd
Severn, Md

Edge Energy

6854 Distribution Dr
Beltsville, MD

Edge Landscapes

3837 Ady Rd
Street, MD


7002 Emerson St.
Hydesville, MD

EMA Contracting, LLC

213 N. Union Ave.
Havre De Grace, MD


Glen Arm, MD

Five Star Plumbing Services

728 Baltimore Pike Suite 115
Bel Air, MD

Floodbusters Inc

6700 Beech Ave
Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, MD

Freedom Fence and Deck Inc

3909 Pinedale Dr
Baltimore, MD

Freestate Tree Service, LLC

P.O. Box 25
West Friendship, MD

Galaxy Plumbing & Drain

6100 Collinsway Rd
Catonsville, MD

Glenoak Plumbing Inc

12611 Harewood Rd
Baltimore, MD

Gott Power Services Inc

8372 Lockwood Rd
Pasadena, MD

Green For Green Lawn Care LLC

505 Nanticoke Ct
Abingdon, MD


Baltimore, MD

Guardian Basement Waterproofing

4400 Milford Mill Rd
Pikesville, MD

Guardian Plumbing Services Inc

673 West Central Avenue
Davidsonville, MD

Gustavo A. Presti

3221 East Joppa Rd
Carney, MD

Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co

8607 Belair Rd
Nottingham, MD

Handyman At Your Command- Baltimore

8480 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD

Havelin Home Improvements

925 Century St
Hampstead, MD

His Way Plumbing Co

3612 E. Joppa Rd
Parkville, MD

HMD Landscaping MHIC 127407

2713 Fox St
Baltimore, MD

Home Contractors Plus

8402 Quill Point Dr
Bowie, MD

Honest Abe Plumbing Heating & Cooling

7095 Milford Industrial Rd.
Pikesville, MD

Honey Do Handyman Service

948 Ships Bell Court
Annapolis, MD

Horizon Outdoor Design

PO Box 27462
Baltimore, MD

Hunny Do LLC

5520 Groveland Ave
Baltimore, MD


1020 Green Valley Rd
New Windsor, MD


PO BOX 67320
Baltimore, MD

J R Lee Home Improvements, LLC

111 Horizon Dr
Millersville, MD

jakes stoneworks

286 Creek blvd
Pasadena, md


Thurmont, MD

Jamison Caulking, Sealants & Services LLC

11308 Old Hopkins Rd
Clarksville, MD

Jarmers Hardscapes & Masonry

Lutherville Timonium, MD

JBL Brothers

3521 Hiss Ave
Parkville, MD

JES Foundation Repair

569 Central Dr
Virginia Beach, VA

Jiffy Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Hyattsville, MD

Jim Abrecht

4708 Long Green Rd
Glen Arm, MD

JNT Enterprises

8212 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Pasadena, MD


1700 Magnolia Ave
Middle River, MD

JPG Plumbing Services, Inc.

8260 Patuxent Range Rd Ste H
Jessup, MD

JVS General Contractor LLC

milford mill rd
Baltimore, MD

K & R Roof Master Inc

151 Schooner Ln
Prince Frederick, MD

kakes plumbing and mech. inc.

29 north main street
Port Deposit, MD

Kat Construction Services, LLC

2108 Emmorton Park Rd
Edgewood, MD

Landscaping By Design

132 Severn Way
Arnold, MD

Len The Plumber

1552 Ridgely St
Baltimore, MD

Leverage Contractors Inc

7424 Prince George Rd
Pikesville, MD

Liberty Pure Solutions Inc

2824 Paper Mill Rd
Phoenix, MD


PO BOX 1034
Gambrills, MD

Lightning Property Services

9371 Torrent Row
Columbia, MD

Louis Sebastian Contractor

11215 Old Carriage Rd
Glen Arm, MD

M A Cashman Plumbing & Heating

8515 Green Spring Ct
Ellicott City, MD


PO BOX 24827
Middle River, MD


PO Box 1210
Millersville, MD

Magnolia Plumbing Inc

600 Gallatin St NE
Washington, DC

Mahon Plumbing Inc

6824 Fort Smallwood Road
Curtis Bay, MD


Baltimore, MD

Maryland custom Landscaping

10527 Old Court rd
Woodstock, MD

Maryland Waterproofing & Radon Reduction Inc

407 Headquarters Dr
Millersville, MD

McAllister Plumbing Inc

600 Sandy Rdg Dr
Glen Burnie, MD

Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc

PO Box 249
Lisbon, MD

Michael & Son Services Inc

5740 General Washington Dr
Alexandria, VA

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

9145 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD

MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration

4367 Hollins Ferry Rd
Baltimore, MD


Jessup, MD

Moser Landscaping Services

28 Stocksdale Avenue
Reisterstown, MD

Mount Washington Contracting Corporation

1318 Appleby Avenue
Baltimore, MD

Mr Basement

832 Oregon Ave Ste H
Linthicum Heights, MD

Mr Rooter Plumbing & Heating

3701 Commerce Dr
Baltimore, MD

Multi-Purpose Landscaping

10301 Marriottsville Road
Randallstown, MD

MVP Irrigation

PO Box 69
Centreville, MD

NV Care

3605 oakmont Avenue
Baltimore, Md

O'Brian's Plumbing & Heating

2 Barnstable
Owings Mills, MD

Old Towne Plumbing, Inc

518 West Deer Park Rd
Gaithersburg, MD

Organics Unlimited Inc

PO Box 674
Pasadena, MD


P.O. Box 1089
Bel Air, MD

peros drian cleaning

2700 yorkway
Dundalk, md

Perryhall Remodeling

Jarrettsville, MD

Pic Organic Mold Remediation Solutions

4110 Melwood Road, Suite #1
Upper Marlboro, MD


10816 Philadelphia Rd
White Marsh, MD

Pinehurst Landscape Co

PO Box 210
Glen Arm, MD


Glen Burnie, MD

Plumrite Discount Plumbing

3422 Tewkesbury
Abingdon, MD

PM Pace Co, Inc

8126 Ridgely Oak Rd
Parkville, MD

Quality Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

508 Dover Rd
Glen Burnie, MD


7928 Brock Bridge Road
Jessup, MD

Ram Construction

2561 Housley Road
Annapolis, MD

Randy's Landscaping Inc

7620 Lillian Holt Dr
Rosedale, MD


Dundalk, MD

Reliable Pipeworks, LLC

302 Pinewood Rd
Dundalk, MD

Rooter-Man of Baltimore

6902 Harford Road
Parkville, MD

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services

7800 Waterloo Rd
Jessup, MD

S DiFatta Mason Contractor & Sons

413 Osage Rd
Cockeysville, MD

S.K. Services LLC

11505 Asbury Court
White Marsh, MD

Saffer Plumbing & Heating

8925 Old Harford Rd
Parkville, MD

Sage Landscape

p.o. box 4431
Lutherville Timonium, MD

Scardina Home Services

8082 Veterans Highway
Millersville, MD

Sellars Concrete Contractors LLC

6285 Shady Side Road
Shady Side, MD

Smart Home Services

15 W Aylesbury Rd Ste 1
Lutherville Timonium, MD


Westminster, MD

Stephen's Handyman Services

19535 Middletown Road
Freeland, MD

Stevens Contracting & Restoration, Inc.

767 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd.
Severna Park, MD

Synergy Home Improvement

2519 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, MD

T N T Moving & Hauling LLC

7802 Grandison Way
Severn, MD

Tag Restoration

418 South Bond St
Baltimore, MD


1944 Nelson Mill Road
Jarrettsville, MD


Edgewater, MD

The Lane Group LLC

18704 Brick Store Rd
Hampstead, MD

The Outdoor Advantage LLC.

300 Clubhouse Rd
Hunt Valley, MD

The Outdoor Connection Inc

3815 Schroeder Ave
Perry Hall, MD

The Village Carpenter

PO Box 285
Monkton, MD

Thomas & Thomas Homeprovement

3704 Old Milford Mill rd
Windsor Mill, md

tms commercial builders inc

914 barnett lane
Aberdeen, MD

Todd's Excavating LLC

3918 Emrick Ln
Jarrettsville, MD

Tony Touch Painting & Flooring LLC

3612 De Pauw Pl
College Park, MD

Triad Basement Waterproofing inc.

205 N Frederick Ave
Gaithersburg, MD

Undercover Plumber Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

305 Crandell Rd
Severna Park, MD

Universal Maintenance

65173 Seventh Road
Washington, DC

Unlimited Landscaping of America

1800 Autumn Frost Ln
Baltimore, MD


Parkton, MD

Value Dry Waterproofing

8735 Bollman Pl
Savage, MD

Victor's Plumbing

6833 Old Woterloo Rd
Elkridge, MD

Viking Residential Services

12800 Frederick Rd
West Friendship, MD


Severn, MD

W H Boyer Inc

2945 Georgia Ave
Glenwood, MD

Walker Site LLC

Parkville, MD

Waterproofing Inc

17800 Whimsey Ct
Olney, MD

Williams Contractor

2428 Edmondson Ave
Baltimore, MD

Woodford Bros Inc

6500 State Rte 80
Apulia Station, NY

Wright's Country Landscaping Services

6126 Ebenezer Rd
Middle River, MD

Zero handyman Services

4346 Shamrock Ave
Baltimore, MD

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