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Glen Burnie Hvac Articles

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Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Reviews

"The representative that came to our home for our estimate was professional, knowledgeable, and honest. He did not try to upsell us to a premium system like every other company, in fact he recommended against it. Our 1940's Cape Cod can only reach a certain level of efficiency, so he steered us toward a mid-range model. He took almost an hour looking at our current HVAC system and made suggestions to get better performance from a smaller furnace.
We had no problem scheduling the installation within a few days of signing the contract. The installers arrived slightly early and ready to get the job done. Both were polite, professional, and obviously experienced. I would guess there was several decades of experience between the two of them. We had absolutely no concern having these gentlemen in our home.
About 8 months have passed since our installation and we have now tested it through all extremes of weather. We have not experienced a large enough cost savings to write home about, but our utility bills have definitely gone down. The biggest difference is the consistency of the temperature in our home. The furnace was properly sized by the company representative and his system design changes have greatly improved the comfort of our home.
Overall we received a product that was well-matched to our home and needs, was fairly priced, and professionally installed. We have recommended
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
to anyone that has asked. They are a small company that offers above-average service at a competitive price.

"I have a heat pump and over the weekend, my furnace stopped working; even the emergency heat didn't work. I called
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
& Air Conditioning Company on Monday, January 20, 2014, and they immediately sent someone to my condo. My building had experienced severe water damage when the sprinkler pipes froze and broke a week earlier. Because of this I wanted to make sure that my heat was working so the pipes inside my unit would not freeze up and burst.
The technician,
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
, diagnosed the problem as a bad transformer. He went to the
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
Heating Company and picked up
a new transformer, which luckily was still under warranty.
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
replaced the transformer and the furnace started up again.
Now my pipes can be warm and toasty.
Thanks, Supreme
"I called the company on November 22 to have them come out and clean the furnace. I could not get an appointment with them until December 10th. The scheduler on the phone was very nice but that was a long time to wait.
The man that came out could not clean the furnance. He found a cracked heating block and had to disable the furnance. So really not their fault but they did not perform the service I had paid for.
The following day a saleman came out to give me the cost of a new furnance. I ended up getting a total of 8 estimates. His estimate among the highest one. So I ended up going with another company. I was very happy with the other company and with the owner and salesman.

"In December my furnace started giving off
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
monoxide fumes. I called a heating company and was told that I had a crack in the heating block. They could not fix it and told me that I would have to replace the whole furnace. I had 8 different companies come out and give me an estimate. After much frustration
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
from Green
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out and was by far the nicest one. His estimate was not the cheapest one but was certainly in the lower range of all the other estimates. After accessing my situation be broke down the costs and explained everything to me. No one else did that. I they told me was the bottom line. I appreciated that
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
took the time with me. He was able to install the new furnance within a couple of days. Unfortually the power went out in my neighborhood for 2 hours while he was here but he was able to keep working with a genarator. Talk about being prepared! He was polite, on time and cleaned up after the job. I would definitely recommend him and his company. Thank you to
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team.

"Vlad and the installation crew were prompt, courteous, and professional, as was
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
in the office. Good folks to do business with. I'm confident the installations were done right and that they will stand behind their work. Would definitely use again.
"I have used
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
& Son once before with mixed feeling. This time I had a heating system failure and they were able to get me in in short notice. This is where things went correctly.
The technician came and looked at my hot water heating system. After about 30 min. of poking and prodding, he tells me that there is an intermittent problem with a control unit (Aquastat). He tells me that if the wires are wiggled into a working state and not disturbed, it works fine. After moving the connectors on the board it will fail. So at this point the diagnostics seems reasonable.
To the quote... he looked up the part and tells me that price to replace the Aquastat will be $1053.00. Yes, I was in shock. What this tech did not realize is that I have in the busyness, unfortunately in another state, and i know the price is why more than reasonable. I explain that I don't have the $$ to replace the unit. He tries to tell me that the small parts are often costly because
of the computer parts. I am no fool and have been in the electronics field for years and know there are no computer chips on the board. Either the technician was an idiot, or he is told to lie to customers to justify the price.
He then tells me that he can sell me a service plane for $400 per year that will cover all services and replacement of the part after just 30 days (so what if the heat goes out before then?). Again I say that is out of my budget knowing full well that contract will not cover pre-identified problems. After all this, he then tries to upsell me on bleeding the heating system for air for the bargain price, because he is already here, of $269! My system has two high point air bleeder fittings that you just let the air out (just like a bike tire, when the system is cold of course). I tell him, no thanks.
I paid the $89 diagnostic fee and send the man on his way. I followed up on Amazon to see if the Aquastat was available. Sure enough it was and for a basement price of $180... yes $180. I ordered it immediately so that I can make the repair myself when the part arrives.
The only thing this company is after is $$. I am ok with that as that is how our economy works. However, a 6x markup on parts is more than this person is willing to pay, I would suggest you stay away from this company.

"As with there being the possibility of getting a lemon when buying a car, the same goes for a/c technicians apparently. Towards the end of the summer our a/c unit would no longer blow cold air. After doing some research and doing basic diagnostics myself, it seemed like it was simply going to be a refrigerant issue. I looked on Angies List and decided to go with
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cooling and Heating Co. It was $99 to come out and check to see what the issue was. The technician seemed to be socially awkward, not really engaging in conversation other than me asking questions and taking the initiative to explain what was going on. He found that the refrigerant was basically empty and proceeded to fill it up. I asked about leaks and was told that normally there would be a separate charge to check for these things, but he decided to do this without charging and took a look inside. He used some weird device and didn't explain anything going on other than walking around downstairs laughing and mumbling to himself. I wasn't sure what was really happening and eventually he told me there was a leak but that it would be ok until next year since there would probably be only a few weeks more of hot weather. He recommend next year upgrading to a new system and taking advantage of various government rebates that he did not explain. The key thing was that he stated multiple times we should be ok until next year and that the leak was not big enough to warrant any action on our part. Of course we believed him as he is the technical expert on air conditioning units and believed he was trying to save us money.
The next day coming back in the afternoon we found that the system was blowing warm air again and the outdoor unit was not cold on the insulated line going into the house as was the case before. Since it was later in the day, I called and left a message to see about the company coming back out to resolve the issue. After thinking about it we decided that we wanted to use another company who found there was a big leak and the system needed replaced; which we went ahead and did.
I give
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
credit for calling and leaving multiple messages on Monday to try to resolve the issue and based on the reviews there it seems as though we got a "lemon" this go round. I'm not sure whether we would have been charged for another technician to come out or not, but in the end it made more sense to go with a company that will do it right the first time without having to waste time and money with this one. I give
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
credit for calling and leaving multiple messages on Monday to try to resolve the issue and based on the reviews there it seems as though we got a "lemon" this go round. I'm not sure whether we would have been charged for another technician to come out or not, but in the end it made more sense to go with a company that will do it right the first time without having to waste time and money with this one. We did not want to have to pay for more work or to give the thousands spent on a new unit to a company that had an "expert" state the leak wasn't big and we would be fine until next year.
"went to change the filter on the air cond. and the unit stopped working... he came with in a hour , had it running in 5 mins... before leaving he checked outside unit , than explained what happened.. no charge ... thank you
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked

"He did not talk about the company at all mentioning if I was on Angies List I was informed.
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
did not look at the circuit breakers. He did ask to see the vents and went outside and looked around the existing unit. He decided on a unit based on the small area of space I had and gave me an Angie's List discount as their members get a free humidifier and I had no room for it. I discussed emergency calls as he did mention my area was out of the way from them. He stated up front in the summer they do not respond as quickly, but in the off months will. I asked for a 1 year Service Maintenance Agreement in the hopes of avoiding any potential emergency calls even with a new unit. He agreed.
There was no sales pressure at all. He let me know they had a slot available the next week. After careful consideration of all proposals received I called
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
to say I would be going with
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I did ask if the contract could be emailed to me, but he said they mail it and we had plenty of time.
On 6/28 I had not received the contract and called their office. They agreed to email me a copy and I wanted to verify the scheduled work. Contract arrived the next day. It was missing the part for the maintenance agreement. I sent an email but never got a response back. I called the next day and was told they would fix it. I asked about the rebates and was transferred to
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
. She told me the paperwork would be brought out at installation and filled out there then returned to her to fill out online.
On 7/2 Bill (the lead), Geoff and
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out on time. Bill informed me the unit needed to be 3' from the gas line & they needed to take out my tree next to it. I was totally shocked -- was never told this by
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
on his initial visit. Geoff offered to replant but I had no way of knowing that quickly how to transplant it nor where to put it. They dug it up and put in the hot sun for over 6 hours. My son & I replanted it later that evening hoping for the best. Everything else went pretty much smoothly. I noticed that Geoff and
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
didn't do much. Much of the time they were just sitting and at one point I walked into kitchen & they were sitting on the floor relaxing. I mentioned didn't they have something to do as Bill was doing all the work. They said we could do some cleaning up. Bill had accidently miswired something in the furnace unit so the air was not working properly. He found the problem & rewired showing me how small the guage on the wire was & the numbering scheme was behind the wires and was hard to see - and it was. When all done noone knew how to work the thermostat. They had to read the manual and still had trouble figuring it out. I was on my own.

On 7/6 I called the office and spoke to
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
. The unit was extremely loud especially for having the Silencer System on it. I also mentioned the tree was in horrible shape. She set up a service call for 7/10 to look at the unit and had
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
call me about the tree. He offered to replace it if it didn't make it now or even months later. I was very appreciative of that. (Note: I cut the tree down to barely nothing & it's doing better than ever). Also asked about the rebates and could I get copies of the rebate forms as I didn't see anyone fill out the paperwork at my house. She was a bit hesitant and come to find out she had forgotten or neglected to submit one. All in all the rebates came within reason.
On 7/10 a technician came out and was extremely nice and friendly. I didn't get his name. He told me the blower had been set on maximum speed which was a little much for my space. He did a complete check and found everything in good order. He even looked at the thermostat for me and had trouble figuring it out. It was not a user friendly one and took many family members for us to finally get it.
One last thing. A few weeks later I had no air and called the office. The gentleman who answered was also very nice and friendly. Said he would schedule someone out but because of my location wasn't sure what time it would be. Before hanging up he asked if I was part of the Peak Rewards thru BGE. I was and he had me check the light on it --- turns out BGE was cycling power. Said he had many calls that day on this. I was very appreciative he had the insight to check this.

I'm not sure if I will use them again after the maintenance agreement is up. As they stated twice I'm out of their general area, though they did take my business. I was very happy with the lead tech and maintenance tech - they were very good to work with and most personable. The office personnel I found not to be very pleasant or overly helpful.
"He was very thorough and took pictures of everything in depth asking to look at each vent upstairs even going behind the wall into the
crawlspace. His recommendation was a unit a bit larger than other quotes. He had a bit of difficulty looking up parts, part #'s and making sure the units matched up.
When I asked him questions about the company he said the business was about 6 years old and owned by brothers. I asked several times if the installers had been with company for a while but he never gave me a direct answer just repeating how good & knowledgeable they were.
He gave me the proposal but when asked for brochures on the units he did not have any. After he left I decided to look into his recommendation – I had an uneasy feeling. I found the furnace model did not match up with the AC unit.
I called
Glen Burnie HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
to ask about this, he stated he had to get back to me. In his return call he had talked to the owner & realized he gave me incorrect info. He gave me new part numbers but I had my research in front of me. Told him his model #'s according to Trane website still were inconsistent and not matching up. He was very puzzled and stated the Trane site was wrong and would get back to me.
He emailed me some info and followed up with a call. When I asked how I could be certain I was given the correct info he said the office would have caught any inconsistencies. I told him as a consumer this didn’t reassure me. How could the office make any decisions when they had not been to my place. He stated they used the pictures and measurements. I later sent him an email stating I was going with another company.


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