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Kyle W.
"We had our 17 year old dog put to sleep by the vet at our home. We had contacted
a few days ahead of time to schedule a time for them to come to our home to" get her.
handled the phone call and was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.
arrived on time and was very professional, compassionate and respectful of our very raw grief. He completed the paperwork regarding our preferences and urn selection and then allowed us to wrap her in a fresh, folded white sheet and place her in his car.
brought other services and products to our attention but did not give us the 'hard sell'. We were never in doubt that
would handle her with dignity. I have worked in a veterinary office before and I did not want her handled in the way they process deceased pets in this particular practice (bagged in a plastic bag and placed in a freezer until the 'disposal' guy shows up. This particular vendor threw the bags into an open bed truck. Horrifying and disrespectful).
provides a terrific service and will handle your special family member with dignity and respect.
Rated by
Ken Y.
"It went very well. They were very professional and supportive, meeting all of our needs and request. I would strongly recommend
was the funeral director in charge and did an outstanding job. I can not say enough good things about
. The death of a love one is always a difficult situation, however
became a part of our family and took us through this difficult time. The whole staff was just as supportive and professional.
Rated by
Maryellen D.
died in a car accident on Mother's Day - an autopsy was required. My sister and brother-in-law made the decision to request donations be made in my
" 's memory to a specific doctor with genetics department at Children's Hospital in Boston and were finalizing how the donations had to be addressed.
was very impatient as we waited to get the details from the doctor - he pressed for the doctor's name and wrote the obituary without the proper address. He never did the correction in the newspaper or the website. I went with my sister & brother-in-law to make the arrangements for the wake and funeral. I stressed at this meeting that I expected individuals with mobility issues to be moved to the front of the line. I also informed Mr.
that my father would be using a wheelchair and or walker, that a friend would be on crutches and if my
's friend, who was in the accident with him, came to the wake and funeral, accommodations would have to be made. I was assured this would happen. Mr.
also went over what would happen the day of the funeral and that the family would all sit together on one side of the church. When reviewing the bill Mr.
did not verbally state when payment was due, he pointed to what he had written on the invoice!! I asked if he waited a down payment or if he would accept a credit card I would pay the account in full. I was told he did not accept credit cards and payment in full could be made the day of the wake or funeral. I discovered a week afterwards that my sister and brother-in-law did not realize the funeral had been paid for by my parents or that payment had been due the day of the services. I thought the condolence book was in an awkward position and wonder if everyone signed the book. Nobody seemed keep the prayer cards stocked and I believe a number of individuals did not receive one. I had to ask that more be put out. I also discovered after the fact my friend on crutches was able to go to the front of the line, but the staff at the front door made jokes about her booted foot and did not offer her any assistance with the stairs. The funeral is why I am writing this review. I arrived at the funeral home with my elderly parents. I pulled into a parking space because I had to assist my father from the car and get the wheel chair out of my
. Someone from
did finally come over to assist me and brought my father into the funeral home. Before I went into the building I noticed the staff began lining the cars up for the procession. I spoke to one of the staff members and told him that my car should go behind my sister's because I had the grandparents. I also told the staff that my brother's car should be next in line - I needed his help with both of our parents and my
was living with my brother, while he was going to college. I expected my instructions to have been carried out, only to discover that my car had been moved but my brother's car was new the end of the procession. Once we arrived at the church my car was parked on a slight incline, so it was extremely difficult helping my 90 year old father out of the car and into the wheelchair. This task was left to me until a friend of my
's came to help - once that happened one of the
staff came to assist. Once my father was in the wheelchair the staff member said "how do we get him over the
" to which I snapped they had had 3 days to figure that out. The staff was looking around for someone to push my father up the ramp and into the church - again this was not done by the
staff but my sister's
. While we are trying to get my father into the church the funeral procession was already in the church - they did not wait for my
's grandparents. Once in the church my parents, brother and I were seated behind the pallbearer and not with the family! My mother was extremely upset she was not seated behind her daughter with the family. Existing the church was no better. The staff did not assist with my father, my brother and cousin helped him to the car.
is the only funeral home in North
- if it's my decision I would never do business with them again. I decided to write this review we buried our father five weeks after my
. The professionalism shown by
, of
, was exceptional.

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Funeral Home reviews in Dundalk


I would highly recommend the
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
in Apex,
and would not hesitate to use them again if faced again with the death of a
loved one. They are a family-run business that understands family and has a sterling,
old-fashioned work ethic and business integrity. Their rates are reasonable,
and they provide you with an up-front list, which made us more comfortable that
there wouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises later. They were extremely kind and caring
in our time of grief. They were especially attentive to my mother, who was
devastated by the loss of our father after over 50 years of marriage. They
patiently helped us with all the things we needed to take care of. Although
they didn’t actually give us any grief counseling, they were so caring and
understanding that, at times, I almost felt like they were professional grief
counselors. They also did things to help
out with the mountain of things to take care of after a death, such as home-delivering
documents to us so as to spare us the trouble of picking them up. I cannot say enough good things. God bless

- Sara M.

His death occurred while visiting out of state in Bradenton, Florida. Because it was unexpected (massive heart attack), his body was taken to the County Medical Examiner's office. When the Medical Examiner's office notified me, I was at a loss as to what to do. I Googled the crematories in the area in an effort to comply with my husband's wishes for same. There were too many choices.
THEN I remembered ANGIE'S LIST. Being a member, I called them and they verified
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
as having EXCELLENT reviews. When I had to call the Medical Examiner back with a FAX number for her to send forms to me, the subject of my "funeral plans" came up and I told her I was leaning toward
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
from what I had read on their website and the ANGIE'S LIST verification of their status.
She said "Oh, they're a great choice, nice people...we have good experience with THEM".
I decided then and there. IT was all handled by phone. They are a small family operation who pick up and transport the remains and perform the cremation and, if you wish, ship the remains Express overnight US Mail to your door.
I spoke with them several times during the process of arrangements. They are sensitive and answer any stupid or indelicate question you throw at them. I had many, the worst being in the end, "How can I not be tormented the rest of my life wondering if I got the right ashes?" A very spiritual sensitive man/partner named
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
explained that he was the one who actually cremated my husband. <---- This is why I didn't want to chose a large crematory or funeral home. Nothing I say will make this easier on you, especially not the part where the
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
comes and then you sit all day crying...and thinking... with your loved one reduced to ten pounds of ashes in a box on your lap. The experience is made as painless as possible by
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
. God bless THEM and YOU if you are reading this at a bad or needy time. I hope this helped. ~
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
- Linda F.

My wife works for
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
. In my opinion they are an excellent funeral home. They do everything possible to assist the bereaved in their time of need.
About once a month I get this email. I think that since my wife is employed by
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
you do not need to keep asking for my opinion.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
is an excellent funeral home. I have been receiving your email once a month for several months. I do not feel that it is appropriate for you to contact me regarding. the funeral home.
- Ronald V.

I can't say enough about what a favorable experience we had at
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
. My brother died suddenly.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
Trolia and his son walked us through every element of the preparations with dignity and genuine compassion. They were extremely responsive and even helped us manage a difficult family situation. Their pricing is competitive with their chain counterparts and they offer a full range of services without a bit of pressure sales tactics. Skip the chains, this family owned business is an exceptional value and a real comfort during a difficult time.
- Mary S.

The entire experience with
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
was horrible. We contacted Sunrise because they advertise as a non profit and because their location in
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
was close to Snohomish County Medical Examiner. We live in Seattle and
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
offered to come to our home to make the arrangements. We initially thought this was very nice. Mr.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
arrived on time but wasn't prepared with prices, pictures of urns and didn't even know the sales tax in Seattle. While filling out the forms to arrange for sister's cremation, I had to look up sales tax and the Sunrise website to look at the pictures of urns on my laptop.This was very disturbing and it should have been the red flag to ask him to leave. It was a very stressful time for me so I continued to fill out the paperwork and choose an urn. During this time Mr.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
would say"don't worry about this part of the form the girl in the office will complete them." He said he would make copies of the forms and mail them to me. Second red flag! I made copies myself but haven't received the copies of the forms he promised. As he left he said cheerfully "what are you doing to celebrate the 4th of
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
?" Then said "oh sorry I guess I didn't think that through." He then proceeded to tell me how he was celebrating! Totally unaware of how inappropriate he was. Third red flag! When I got the call that the ashes were ready to be picked up the woman was rude and inappropriate as well. Fourth red flag! Another sister and I went to pick up the urn and box of remaining ashes for a future celebration of our youngest sister's life. The office looked like an "ambulance chaser's "office with cheap vinyl banners. No wonder he offered to come to my house! There was no one at the front desk , someone yells out "be right there". Fifth red flag! I tell Mr.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
my name and that we were there to pick up my sister's ashes. He comes back with the box. When asked where's the urn I paid you for, he said "stay here I'll be right back." He went into an office not 10 feet away from where we were standing. We could hear him opening the box! He came out of the room with a velvet box with the heart shaped urn inside and the original box. The original box wasn't closed completely and when I commented on this he said" what do you want me to do scotch tape it." I told him this whole experience was very unprofessional and he became indignant. When we got to our car, both of us were very upset. My sister opened the velvet box, picked up the urn and ashes are leaking out it into the velvet box because Mr.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
hasn't properly sealed it. I was contacted by
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
from the office regarding the death certificates for "my mother". When I corrected her that they were for my sister, she said "oh my bad!" Bad doesn't even describe this entire experience. Words can't express how inappropriate and unprofessional the entire process was during what was already a very difficult time. My sister deserved more dignity. I have been told by departments that were involved in the process that they have had many complaints about
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
. After all of this we find out the cremation wasn't even preformed in
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
but in
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
! I have filed a complaint with
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
State Dept of Licensing for Funeral Directors. I can only hope that no one else has to go through this kind of treatment.
- Shelley D.

We worked with an inexperienced person, Laonardo. I think things would have been smoother if he had been better trained. There were miscommunications over the obituary and the food. Other than that, it went extremely well. The funeral director straightened things out although I still believe there were overcharges and misunderstandings on the obituary. The facilities are beautiful. I have purchased a prepaid buriel for my mom and
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
, and am glad that I did, because I believe they have such beautiful facilities to hold the memorial.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
's actual memorial could not have been nicer, because the funeral director made sure that everything went smoothly after I voiced my concerns about the misunderstandings of the food and obituary.

My beautiful Becca died at 3:00am on the 3rd of
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
. I phoned
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
at 3:30am and the answering service was very understanding and put me right through to
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
expressed her sincere condolences and was most helpful guiding me through the process of having Becca picked up as soon as possible. By 6:45am a gentleman, dressed in suit and tie, arrived and lovingly took Becca.
Dundalk Funeral Homes Provider Name Locked
personnel contacted me several times between the time of Becca's death and the time that her ashes were ready for pickup just to be sure I was doing okay. Everyone was thoughtful, helpful, kind, and treated Becca as a member of the family, just as she had been to me for 14 years.
When I went to pick up Becca's ashes, I received a beautiful urn covered in paw prints and a touching verse on the top. Also, there was a personal, handwritten sympathy card and a sandstone keepsake plaque with Becca's paw print inked on it, along with her name. The plaque was wrapped in tissue with a paw prints ribbon tying it. Small touches to make me know they had treated my Becca with dignity and respect for the time they had her, and returned her to me in the most caring way possible.

- Belinda W.

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