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They were on time and were able to quickly correct the issue with the damaged electrical line. Installed the other cables into tight corner with minimal holes needed to be run cut in the walls. It look great and they were able to complete the work quickly.
- Daniel H.

I spent quite a while contemplating writing this review. I am a true believer that good contractors develop a lasting relationship, instead of one specifically for the profit with no follow through. Unfortunately, this one is the latter. What drove me to post this was seeing another member posting a very similar result from Dreamhome.

I will try to break down my feedback on the individual work to be fair on areas that were good, and others that were not.


Dreamhome Contractors does not have their own employees for specialized work outside of demo (in my project's experience). Oshry and
subcontracted all of the specialized work. Oshry does not do the work himself, only oversees the activities.

I would consider these guys general contractors, not home builders or construction contractors of any kind. Electrical was subcontracted to a guy named
, Countertops were subcontracted to a 3rd party, plumbing as well. Demo, subfloor, and drywall/painting was done by two employees (as far as I could tell) of Dreamhome.

We selected them based on their "Angie's List 2008/2009/2010 Super Service Award" and their BBB A+ rating. I have learned that these ratings are not worth much if this is the experience we had, or that people just don't post bad feedback.

Oshry is a very personable guy, and certainly a salesman. As another member's review indicated, he will bend backwards as long as there is outstanding payment for work. To that fact, I do give him credit for following through *while the work is being done*. But don't mistake it, he is a smooth talker.


Never having a major demo done before, I thought it was the norm. Granted, any demo is messy, but these guys are complete novices. Look at the picture for the type of insulation they used (
plastic sheet with no positive/negative air flow management). On top of this, which makes me more irate than not, Oshry tells me that there is lead paint in the kitchen. They did not follow the EPA Federal regulations required, by any contractor (http://epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm). Dreamhome is EPA certified for Renovations, which surprised me. I have a 1 1/2 year old (at the time) which also makes me irate about this (luckly, our family relocated during the renovation. Money was never a problem if he told me it would cost more to do lead paint abatement, which he never did.

Due to the lack of preparation and dust management, our whole home was contaminated and had to be cleaned by ourselves or paid out of our own pocket for experts to do.

During the demo, accidentally our glass door for our sun room (next to the kitchen) was shattered by one of their air compressors. Oshry did get a glass manufacturer to replace/fix at his own cost, but after many weeks of not having it fixed, including having the door (which is an exterior door) removed while my wife and daughter were home alone as I was on business travel, putting them in
way. This was not acceptable. Again, Oshry would respond that this issue would be fixed and yet it wasn't until I was irate on the phone with him (after 2 or 3 phone requests) demanding that the door is fixed or no further payments will be made for the work performed.

To the credit of Oshry's workers, those guys worked extra hard. Our kitchen was specially difficult as the subfloor had 2 or 3 layers of subfloor on top of each other. They ran through a circular saw as they had to literally cut squares out of the subfloor to remove it.

Drywall and Painting:

The drywall work done was excellent finish, professional like. Painting was done well, and they also went above what I asked and painted the dining room adjacent to the kitchen.


Requested that Dreamhome remove a baseboard heater and plumb the line through, as well as new plumbing lines for the kitchen sink. This was done satisfactory and without issues.


Where to start. Originally the plan was to only add some recessed lights and 3 way switches/dimmers in the kitchen. Oshry convinced me to upgrade our electrical panel to 200 amp (we have an older 1960's home) to handle the new appliances, install new outlets, and under counter lights. It made sense, except that:

1) The price paid for the electrical upgrade was $4,500 which was much more than competition.
2) There is some ambiguity if a permit should have been pulled and work inspected for this. I am not a home builder to know, but other electricians that I talk to tell me it should have. Oshry's electrician,
, did not say one was needed as long as the utility's meter did not have to get changed. They did not change the Utility meter.
3) Outlets were not working, half of the house was without lights, after the work. To that effect,
did come back about 2 or 3 times to correct all of the issues and adjust some of the wiring to satisfaction.
4) It was not until winter that we discovered that the dishwasher and microwave were both wired to the same circuit, together with some of the electrical outlets on the rest of the house. We found out because if we have a) the dishwasher running, b) use the microwave, and c) have something plugged and turned on to a particular living room outlet - the breaker trips. I have been told that it is against code to have anything other than microwave on its own circuit. I don't have any facts to prove this.

With that said, I have called and spoken to
(once), Oshry (three times), and
(once) to get item #4 fixed. Every time I got the story that "oh,
didnt call you? He said he did". This is pure
and I have the phone records to prove it. I have given up and I am now contracting a master electrician to come and revisit the WHOLE electrical work done by Dreamhome. I will be charging Oshry for the cost, and if not paid, will be taking it to small claims court.


This was subcontracted to a reputable countertop company. The work performed was done well and in very good time (countertop was delivered and installed in less than a week). Only reason I know price was competitive is because I got a second quote for the same countertop (Silestone) from Home Depot, and required Oshry to match it. Part of the countertop was installation of a bar who's idea was Oshry's and it turned out really well.

Load-bearing wall relocation:

We requested that one of the walls between kitchen and dining room was "opened up". I was told that it was load bearing and charged me $3,600.00 for the work. Not living in the house during the construction (although I tried to visit daily), they seem to have done the correct work (as no structure failure has occurred since the work).

Hood installation:

This one also made me a little irate. We requested that Oshry's folks relocate the hood plumbing from one side of the kitchen to the next. We come to find out that they used dryer vent tubing for this. This is particularly non-code compliant and a fire hazard (putting me and my family at risk). I had to argue with Oshry about the validity of this installation. I believe that Oshry knew this very but did not want to spend more time on this work. Eventually, they installed smooth-wall steel which passes code, and installed a new hood fan unit to satisfaction.

Lessons learned:

If you are still convinced to contract with Dreamhome, here is what I would suggest:

1) Get all estimates in writing - a must.
2) Pay in phases, but do not pay the final payment until all work is complete and you are satisfied.
3) Get written receipts of work performed and payment
4) Get written warranty, if applicable.
5) Expect that once work is done, changes of you getting Oshry to "fix" it after he's been paid is very
- Vinicius L.

Damascus Electrical Articles

Electrical reviews in Damascus


I had a light fixture that abruptly quit working; I didn't think it was the bulbs, but I tried replacing those in case, and it still didn't work. When
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
arrived, they determined that a box inside the fixture had gone bad and needed to be replaced. They didn't have that part on their truck, needed to go to a store and purchase one, but charged me for their trip time. When he returned, he had also purchased new lightbulbs although I told him I'd already put new ones in there. I repeated I didn't need the new bulbs but he insisted on putting them in anyway, said it was their "policy", and of course, charged me for bulbs I didn't need. They looked at my basement and gave me a quote in line with what I was expecting, and even started to do some of the most important repairs. They weren't bad, they seemed to know what they were doing, were prompt, but I spent more to repair a light fixture than it cost me to buy it in the first place. Not sure if I will use them again or not.
- Christy C.

In short, my wife and I are absolutely thrilled by the end result of both jobs. She is threatening to move into the kitchen because of the inner peace she gets from being there. I am only kidding a little. My expectations for working with a contractor are generally: 1. Does the estimate describe the work in sufficient detail for the customer to gauge its accuracy and track changes against it? 2. Is price in the original estimate plus any approved change orders held to? 3. Is the job schedule held to? 4. Are materials quoted in the estimate delivered as described? 5. Are the inevitable misunderstandings that occur handled in a professional way? 6. Are all punch list items satisfactorily addressed? Working with
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
, the answer to all of these was "YES, absolutely". There were in fact very few punch list items, all were minor.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
's estimated schedule was shorter than those from other contractors, but not only was the schedule met; he had time to take on additional unrelated jobs within that schedule. There were inevitable differences over materials and design, but
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
and his crew handled all of these situations objectively and was happy to see things our way, although we were smart enough to take a lot of his suggestions. To the list above, however, I can add a few more expectations for any future contractors, courtesy of
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
's professionalism. 7. Are the contractor's suppliers and subs first rate? 8. Do the contractor and his suppliers provide added value in great ideas that the customer would not have thought of? 9. Does the contractor perform his work with the least disturbance to the customer's household? 10. Does the contractor think of ways to make the experience better than the customer expected? 11. Is the contractor a stickler for maintaining a thorough paper trail of contract transactions?
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
's employees and subs were all as dedicated as he is. They all worked fast and well.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
pointed us to a number of trusted suppliers, who provided a lot of the good design thinking that resulted in the finished product, and with minor exceptions, delivered everything on time in perfect order.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
is very particular about the suppliers he does business with, because their performance affects his reputation. If only all contractors understood this as well.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
's innovations (things we would not have thought of) included using a pocket door in the bedroom closet to save space in the two rooms, using a nifty standard light switch with a slider button to replace an old rheostat knob, adding and rewiring switches and outlets for greater availability. In both jobs,
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
spent the better part of the first day securing the work area against foot traffic, dust and noise. Throughout, we had very little dust, and my wife was sometimes unaware that the workmen had arrived in the morning because they were so quiet.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
taped masonite paneling on all approach area flooring - afterwards the floors were in perfect shape. At the end of each day, he ensured that all the work area was secured and clean. If there was any question as to the responsibility for a particular task,
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
invariably took it on. In fact, without asking, he and his crew did some project tasks that I thought were on my plate, which was an unexpected, but great relief to me, and were done a lot quicker and better.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
and his plumber, after performing a separate plumbing job in our lower bathroom replaced suspended ceiling tiles in the next room that I had removed due to a leak. I was more than willing to pay them additional to install two outside hose bibs, reinstall cut-out tile in an upstairs bathroom, fix a leaking three inch copper drain pipe and patch and paint the ceiling that the leak had ruined. They did all of these additional tasks within the schedule. That was a new experience. Throughout months of working with
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
and his crew, regardless of any curve b****,
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
was patient, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
's accounting and paperwork was thorough and consistent throughout. When we agreed on a possible change to the scope of work, a change order for my signature appeared before any work was started, and when I returned them for minor changes a couple of times she corrected them quickly and pleasantly. She and
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
work well as a team - work items we discussed with
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
were stated accurately on the estimates, contracts and change orders. Very little information was lost, which exceeded any prior experience I had had. They really make sure that they understand what you want, and communicate that to you.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
's Design Build not only met but far exceeded our expectations and we recommend
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
's Design Build without qualification for any job that they are willing to tackle.
- Douglas O.

The company is not customer service oriented and I m not happy with the way they worked. They had told us that they were going to put the spotlights in and then they didn t, so I had to pay them extra for that. I also have a leak underneath the sink which they never fixed and they never cleaned up after themselves. They were the ones in charge of the whole project and then they worked with other constructors to do things that they couldn t do. The price is for the entire project.
- fran C.

We checked with three other companies and
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
was by far the best price. They did a good job and was professional when he did the job. They answered questions and was responsive.

I had to call J&G after being disappointed by a different company. The J&G dispatcher told me they were pretty booked but would have someone at the house, between 2-4pm. At 3pm, they called to say it would be closer to 6pm because the technician had run into unexpected issues at the prior customer site. At 6pm the owner
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
called and said that he, himself, would do the job since his guy was stuck with another customer's big problem.
Damascus Electricians Provider Name Locked
arrived at 7pm, diagnosed the issues and had them all fixed by 8pm, He understood that the delays were annoying to any customers and he gave us a nice break on the price in recognition of that.
The final impression was that they genuinely cared about all of their customers and would do whatever they could to make it work for all concerned. I plan on using them again.
- Greg G.

After having a home inspection, I was informed that my water heater needed to be grounded and to have some DIY lights inspected to ensure they were up to code. The technician called to say he was on his way and approximately when he would be here. He came explained everything he was doing and was done within 15 - 20 minutes. Wrote up an explanation of his duties for me to provide to the realtor to ensure everything was taken care of. Very soon after I received an email regarding my service call to see if I had any questions or comments. I also received a card thanking me for choosing them to perform service and received a coupon. I was very happy with the overall service, would definitely recommend them and will contact them for any future need.
- Linda F.
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