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The first time I was supposed to meet the representative from Oriole Waterproofing he didn't show up. I had to call the answering service and leave a message asking if he was coming or not at the end of the time window. The representative called me back and said he had a family emergency. I decided to forget about it and go with another contractor, but the representative was persistent and apologetic so I gave him another try.
The time we rescheduled for he showed up and took measurements and gave his estimate. Once we decided to go with the company , he came back out and answered more questions, told us we would have to install additional electrical outlets for the sump pump, and took a deposit. We told him we would not be home the day of the work and gave him the key-code for the lock box. He recommended we have a carpenter remove the wood paneling around the basement window where the window well would be replaced. He said if we wanted his men to do it, they could, but wouldn't be responsible for damage. He also said the bottom few stairs would have to be removed, but not to worry about that because that was easy and something they did all the time. He also recommended we cover our belongings with drop clothes to prevent dust--- all reasonable things.
The evening before the agreed upon work, we received an email asking us to call and confirm the appointment. We replied to the email, to confirm, and called first thing in the morning the next day (around 7 am) to confirm. The work was supposed to start around 8 or 9 am. We received a call around 3 pm saying they couldn't get into the house so they left. Mind you, the key code and our phone number was included at the initial contract, and in BOTH the email and phone confirmation. After I demanded a call back from the office manager for clarification on the problem, the owner called my boyfriend instead. He then gave different information about how we should have covered all our wood paneling with cardboard boxes (this was never mentioned prior). He then said the workers would return the next day.
The work was done the next day- my boyfriend got home as the workers were finishing up for the day. We asked them when they would put the stairs back together. We were told we would have to call
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and work that out because it would need to be done after the cement dried. When we called, they told us putting the stairs back together was not part of the deal and they requested payment for the completed job.
Since several heavy rains, the work they did seems to have solved our problem. However, scheduling, conflicting information, unclear parameters of what would and wouldn't be done did not make the process as smooth as we would have expected. We also did not appreciate having to re-assemble the stairs when we were told it would be taken care of by the crew when we signed the contract.
- Leah R.

Pat at
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very easy to work with! He called me promptly about scheduling a time to come out to give me a quote. He showed up a few minutes early and had to wait for me to get home which didn't appear to be a problem. He was very thorough in his quote and gave me some good suggestions of what I should consider for my basement encapsulation. I was impressed with his level of knowledge. Since it was a one day job, he was going to try to fit me when he could. It was probably only a few weeks before he called to let me know that he could do it. Pat showed up first the day of the job and his team of 3 guys showed up shortly after. They got right to work and were very professional. They made sure to cover my floors and they did an excellent job keeping the workspace clean. The team did a great job! It ended up taking a second day but again the team arrived on time. They were very friendly and courteous and they were able to work around my 4 year old daughter. In addition, they helped to move some of the heavy tubs that I needed to get back in the crawlspace. They were more than willing to help and they didn't appear put out. I would highly recommend
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to anyone who is looking to have work done in their basement!
- Jennifer R.

First when I called was able to get an appt. the next week with Cliff, but the day of the appt. he had a family emergency so I received a call from
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
saying that he was running late from where he was, and the time he said was going to be was right on schedule, when he got here told me what happened whith Cliff and he started explaining everything about from A to Z he was very informative basically I got a lesson on waterproofing, with the water problem I was having unfortunately I had to get the entire basement dug out, because it got to a point that everytime it rained water came in.
They were able to start right the next day which that doesn't happened that often, so the next morning the crew showed right on time they told me what they needed to do and because I suffer from anxity disorder I was extremely nervous but they guys were so nice assured that I was in good hands.
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
showed up that morning as well to make sure that everything got to a good start.
Also that morning Cliff stopped by he checks the job before it gets started, in between and when is done.Thru all the projects that I have had done in my home I have never met the president of the Co. which it sure put my mind at ease.
All I can say the crew were very professional informed me thru the entired process how everything was going, I was told by
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
that it would take aproximated 3 to 4 days they finished exactly in two days I was shocked considering of all that hard work.
I am so pleased with them they worked very h****** time, and when they finished you would have never know with all that hammering how clean it was they did such a great job.
Cliff I can't express enough what a kind and caring man he is have never met anyone like him has a good heart, he truly cares about his customers.
I definetely highly recommend them!!!!!

- Giulia T.

The plan was great. Of all the proposals I received for the work, the proposal form M J Home Services was the best. They did use subcontractors for much of the work, but they, along with the M J Home Services employees, were all very courteous, professional, prompt, and respectful of my home.
Unfortunately, execution of the plan is where things fell apart. The excessive rain we had this spring and summer presented many scheduling challenges as well as brought to light problems with the way the plan was executed. The pump that M J Home Services installed wasn't up to the job and it died on day three of the May rain storm. I replaced it with a larger capacity pump that fortunately I had on hand. The discharge pipe failed to direct all the pump water away from the house. M J Home Services returned to install a new discharge pipe in another location. The newly poured driveway concrete wore away from the rain. M J Home Services returned to replace it.
This job began in April and ended in
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and throughout it all, the office team was excellent. They work six days a week and responded to me via email and phone. So even though I became frustrated with how long it was taking to get things to work correctly, I never felt abandoned. I always felt that they would respond to my calls.
- Katrin S.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of believing in the reviews, and I really wanted this company to fix the basement leaks in my Chicago Bungalow. The problem I encounter with American Crawlspace:
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
the sales person, came to my home on Saturday 9/6/2014, showed me an estimate of $10,490 via his phone. He said I should receive the written estimate within 48 hours which would include the Angie's List discount. One week past and I never heard from
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
or American Crawlspace, so I tried calling
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
on his Cell phone twice to no avail, so I sent a message using the Angie's list message space. Shortly after that, I received a voice message from
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
telling me, "oh, we don't have your email address, so I couldn't send a written estimate to you, and you never called me or the office. I have the estimate waiting for you just call me and give me your email address." This was odd to me, because this is not a few hundred job we are talking about here; it's in the thousands, wouldn't the company want to follow up. Instead, it was the other way around. It sent a clear message to me, they don't need my business, nor do they want it. When I received the written estimate I was shocked, because I was certain it would be less than $10,490 once
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
included an Angie’s List discount. However, it was more. $11,126.40 is the written amount.
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
quoted $350 per crack, but on this written estimate, it now showed $400 per crack. After going back and forth with
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
in the Message space on Angie’s List, he concluded – I am starting to feel that our company may not be a good fit for you, which is unfortunate. Please let me know how or if you would like to proceed.

Respectfully,”I am starting to feel our company may not be a good fit for you and is unfortunate.”

- Laurie S.

Job went well from bid to completion.
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us good information on the PolyLevel product and process. The two installers were professional and moved quickly to drill holes in driveway, insert the material, and clear the site. After almost four months, the material appears to be doing its job- shoring up a driveway that was cracking due to decomposition of tree stumps, etc. buried nearby.
- Rebecca B.

We had gotten 2 estimates from large water proofing companies before I found
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
on Angie's List. The price was very reasonable compared to other two and I'm glad we chose Nick instead. He was very accommodating and answered all my questions; immediately responded to all emails and and provided additional information when needed. The job took 2 full days and the crew was great. No complaints at all and I would certainly recommend to others.

First of all, my wife and I were very impressed by the salesperson. He spent nearly 3 hours with us, explaining in detail how he would resolve the dampness, leaks, and mold issues we were having in our basement. We decided to go ahead with the work, and they did an excellent job, completed all work in one day (my basement is appx 27' by 23'). They had to jackhammer a trench all the way around my basement, carry out the debris, then carry down all the sand, gravel, cement. They also removed all the old tile on my floor, and old rotted panelling of some of the walls. They were very thorough in their cleanup, no debris left behind, also took away all the old tile and wood they ripped out. Its been over 3 weeks, and my basement no longer smells musty, all mold is gone, walls seem to be drying out nicely, almost ready for me to paint. I would strongly recommend
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
if you are considering having your basement waterproofed.
- Steven F.

Everyone at the company was extremely professional and helpful. They followed up and answered all of my questions.
Overall, it was silly on my part to pay $49 for an estimate of work (which I did not have done). Won't do that again and suggest Angie's List be sure offers are for real services.
- Stephen C.

Below is a letter we sent to
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
the owner explaining our dissatisfaction with the way the project was handled...it pretty much says it all...about two weeks after I sent this letter, we received a call from
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, stating he would come out and discuss...of course, he never did, which is par for the course for this outfit...they never follow up anything in a timely manner, and not at all, once they have been paid.....I do not have water in the basement (thank goodness for that) but we feel its because we replaced the defective water softener that was probably the main problem. All in all, a very expensive mistake going with these people. I would urge anyone considering this outfit to definitely seek out second even a third opinion, even if it costs you money for the evaluation. I am not asking for the moon from them, as we feel the decision was ours, and we should have had a second opinion...we are senior citizens and we mistakenly took their word that the procedure was absolutely necessary...that was our mistake...however, the poor quality of the finishing work and the breach of contract by not carrying down all the furniture etc, back down to the finished basement as promised was a big problem for older people like us to handle by ourselves. Again, the following letter says it all...

7/30/2014 To the management of
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
; My wife and I decided to write to you in the hope that we can get closure on what has been a very aggravating and unsatisfactory experience with your Company. We were unable to address this issue sooner, due to family health issues. From the beginning, we were first pressured by
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to proceed with a full perimeter system, that destroyed our nicely finished basement, including custom cedar wood
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and groove paneling and expensive ceramic tiled flooring in the bar area. The original perimeter system did not stop the water flow, even after a lateral pipe was installed, as it was discovered that the main leak came from a defective water softener. After that totally destructive process was completed, and we paid one half of the price quoted for the finishing work, no one showed up when promised, and we are told by
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
scheduled him for another job and it would be two weeks before he could start work on our project. This unplanned delay totally disrupted our personal schedules and other workmen we wanted scheduled (rug installers, etc), and caused undue stress to both my wife and I. Everything that was in the basement was still in our upstairs living/dining room until this process is completed. After this surprise delay, and after we paid him one half of the money due, calls to
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s phone went to voicemail, and we finally had to contact the main office to get any attention at all to our project. Finally, some 3-4 weeks after the job was supposed to be completed,
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
returned to begin the finishing work. We expressed dissatisfaction with the chair rail and drywall, again as we feel the job was rushed and sloppy. We were told that if there was anything we saw we did not like, he would return to fix it to our satisfaction. We were also told by
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, and had it written in the contract, that his men would be back to carry down all the bins, furniture, etc, that they originally carried up from the basement, as neither my wife nor I are physically able to do it. In good faith, we paid for the balance of the work, which in hind site, we should have never done, but we wanted to be fair, as we were told he would be back to take care of these issues. It is our opinion that work was rushed and sloppy. However, we had no one to express this to, since all phone calls after we paid for the work went to everyone’s voicemail, and were not returned. I finally called the main number and had to threaten Loush (?) with legal action if no one got back to me. Finally, after more calls and aggravation they scheduled
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew to return to fix the chair rail and other drywall defects that we found once we were able to get better lighting down there to really see how bad the job was. We were promised he would come on the weekend, but now learned he would only come during the week. Since my wife had a trip planned months in advance, I had to take off work, which I was not paid for, to be there when
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew returned. We marked items that we saw, and
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
came back to fix the chair rail, which was acceptable, and many of the dry wall defects. We finally got the rugs down, and my wife was on the phone with the office manager, and
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
got on the phone and promised that he would send people to carry down the furniture, bins, pictures, etc, even if he had to do it himself! Well, we waited for them to come, and no one showed up, nor did we ever receive the courtesy of a phone call to explain why no one showed up. At 67 yrs old, knowing that any further contact with
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
would be useless, and not in the best shape of my life, I was forced to spend the entire week alone (my wife was away for 8 days) after work, carrying chairs, pictures, accessories, heavy bins filled with books and Christmas decorations, etc, back down to the basement. Needless to say, this took quite a toll on me physically. Also upon further inspection when my wife returned, other dry wall defects were found, and they seem to crop up every day….nail pops are occurring, more paint drips were discovered, as well as other dry wall defects. In summary, this has been a very costly and unsatisfactory experience. I fully expect to be reimbursed for the time lost at work, the lack of any workmen to carry down remaining furniture, (
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
carried down a love seat and a chair as a favor to us) bins, paintings, books, etc, which took me an entire week to do, and was promised in the contract, and verbally by
Spencer Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. We consider a sum of $1500. to be a fair amount for all the aggravation, inconvenience, and failure to perform as promised, plus the loss of a work day’s pay. Failure to do so, will result in further unpleasant action by us…I hate to do business this way, but we have not been treated fairly or as promised when we signed up for this work, and the quality of the finishing work is such that I will need to find and pay someone to take care of persistent drywall issues. If we do not hear from you, we can only assume you have no interest in rectifying this matter, and we will act accordingly. Please do not call us until after 8/11, as we will not be available until then.
- Robert L.
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Works By Jesse Debenedictis

10 Lynwood Ave
Gloucester, MA

WPC Construction

Boston, MA
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