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Rated by
shanna M.
pieces really worked out well that we purchased fourteen years ago, then for another piece eight years ago, and will be putting in an order soon for additional" pieces. We have been very satisfied with the products purchased from
and very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship of the painting and staining.
Rated by
John H.
"Beautiful design...raised and glazed surface.
was excellent in her continuing contacts with us, informed us of the status throughout the project.
" and his crew were punctual and very professional. Installer Herb was outstanding...his trim work was immaculate and exceptionally tightly fitted...beautiful. The extra things they included, such as slide-out drawers in the pantry cabinet and under kitchen sink...the self-closing drawers and doors...and all the rest...were wonderful. Everything works flawlessly. We were so impressed with their workmanship, that we actually returned some vanity cabinets we had purchased from Lowes (and were ready to install ourselves) and decided to have Custom Cabinets make the cabinets instead because the difference in quality was so huge and noticeable.
Rated by
Martha B.
"If you want good customer service and responsiveness in the event of a problem or issue, this is not the store you'd get it from. I purchased several pieces of furniture from this" store. One was an outdoor dining set that arrived a week ago with 3 broken tiles. The delivery person said that the store would contact me about replacing the tiles. I called the store that day to ask about the tiles and was told that they would need to wait for the delivery truck to finish its deliveries for the day and get back to the store. That was it - no explanation of what happens next or offer of a resolution. I had to ask if someone would call me at that point (when the truck got back) and I was told 'yes.' This was a Friday...no call at the end of the day. On Monday, when I had not yet received a call, I called the store. I was told that the department I needed was closed on Mondays, that a message would be left for the person in that department and that they would call me Tuesday morning. I let all of Tuesday go by...no call. On Wednesday, I called the store and this time asked to speak to a store manager. I was told this person was off that day but that I could speak to an assistant manager. I spoke to that person who said that he would replace the tiles with tiles from a floor sample with the same tiles. Finally....a resolution! I told him I would be by to pick them up that day or the next. I have a
so I didn't make it out that day. The next day (Thursday), I received a call from the store saying that the tiles from the floor sample were bigger than the ones I needed and they wanted to make sure I didn't waste a trip to the store (
...thanks). I received another call from the manager saying that the dining set had been discontinued, that he called around and could not find the tiles, and even went to the local home improvement store to try to find replacement tiles but they did not have the same ones. He said that I could go and find the tiles that I wanted and they would pay for the tiles or I could return the set for a refund. I didn't want to return the set because I bought it on sale and any other set I found would have cost me at least another $200. So later that night, I prepare to go to Lowe's to look for tile and something told me to call ASF to see if the manager was still working because I did not want to waste a trip to Lowe's if he was not going to approve the cost of whatever I was buying. When I call the store, they said that he was gone for the day and that he would be off for the next two days, that he would be back Sunday....what?!?! He made no mention to me of what time he'd be leaving that day, nor that he would be off for two days. You would think that he would have appointed someone to handle this matter while he was off...nope! Since apparently no one at the store could resolve this, they offered to call him at home the next morning (Friday, if you're keeping track) to get an approval as to what I could spend to replace the tiles. It's the next day, Friday, 2:30 pm, and no call from the store. So I make my FIFTH call to the store trying to get this resolved. I again ask to speak to the manager on duty...this person just left for lunch. So the woman on the phone called the manager I had been speaking to at his home (I guess no one had called him before this, as they said they would do). She comes back on the line to tell me that the manager approved a $100 credit to replace the tiles, but that I would need to bring the receipt for the tiles back to their store. I told her that the manager told me he did not know how much the tiles would cost so I was not sure how he came up with $100 for a credit, when they could be more than that. The woman tells me that I only need three tiles and they shouldn't cost that much. Umm....the table has 14 tiles! I guess they expected me to have mismatched tiles, the 11 that came with the set and whatever 3 I find in a store. I explained to her that the inconvenience of all this on top of the cost of the tiles to replace was worth more than $100 given the amount of time I spent having to call them, the time it will to take to go to a store to find tiles, and then drive back to their store with a receipt, not to mention gas spent to do all of this. I guess she got annoyed with me explaining this to her, so she finally just said that she would give the manager a message to call me and he would call me when he got back Sunday. Really?? Because no one that ever got a "message" to call me ever called me. AND that's two days from now! It's amazing to me that I am the one having to call the store repeatedly trying to resolve this issue when they are the ones that delivered a damaged product. Any store with good customer service would have called the customer to apologize and offer a resolution the second their driver told them about the broken tiles. I should not have had to call the first time, much less four more times after that. So my next call was to the corporate office. Apparently they can't do anything there either, because the response I got was that they would have to get with the manager I had been speaking to and since he's off until Sunday, it would have to wait until then and I would get a call Monday (three days from today). Unbelievable! Here's a lesson in good customer service
-- today I called another company that delivered a broken media chest to me yesterday. I got an apology, a $100 credit (that I didn't even ask for), and a new media chest will be sent to me as soon as it reaches their warehouse. One phone call - done! I will never purchase anything from

Middleton Designer Furniture

Middleton, MA

Designer Furnitureare in Middleton

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Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Brothers Furniture because I was told it was the best. I wanted top of the line so I bought it. After 3 months the sofa started to feel soft and the leather became wrinkled. After visiting the store, trying out the in-store sofa, and talking to Helayne the sales lady, I realized something was wrong. I didn't know what to do so called
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
management for service the first week of September. The servicemen came out on September 15th and agreed that the foam has broken down but weren't sure if they could correct the leather. They contacted
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Brothers of
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Indiana who refused to honor their warranty.
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
said they could fix it with an upgraded foam if I paid them another $64 dollars per cushion but couldn't guarantee that it would fix the leather. I already paid $3300.00 for the sofa!
- Cynthia F.

It went just great!
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, the owner of
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Estates, was great to work with and adapted to various changes that came up along the way.
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
came out to my deceased brother's residence and guided us through the estate sale process. The estate sale was for a ranch-style residence with typical household items and some farm equipment which added to the variety of the sale. A few such farm items was an old tractor and implements, johnboat and trailer, utility trailers and other farm-related items.
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
had to adapt to a convoluted mess of distributing items to family members and the delays imposed to get these items off the property before the sale. This all added to the complexity of conducting an estate sale but
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
adapted admirably. We scheduled the estate sale for one date and then had to move it up due to the possible sell of the home.
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
was most accommodating to this change and others that came up through the process.

The estate sale came off well with what appeared to be lots of traffic. Additional signage out front might have produced more traffic but supposedly there are restrictions on such in Elysian Fields.

After the sale,
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
took care of disposing of the remaining items. Some items when to charitable organizations, some to recyclers and some to the dump. The family took responsibility for some of the items. The net proceeds from the sale was paid within a day or two of the sale which was greatly appreciated. All things considered,
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Estates delivered an excellent service for disposing of an estate.

(Ordered washing machine over the phone. Salesman was straightforward and beat the competitor's price (and free delivery on top of that). The delivery department called me and rescheduled the delivery ahead of schedule (good for me since laundry was piling up), so it was 6 days from ordering on the phone to having an installed washing machine (I had ordered a model they don't usually keep in stock). After it was delivered (on time), I called and requested a shipping part be given to me that is needed to secure the drum when the machine is moved, and the guy I talked to (
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
) was helpful, courteous, and didn't argue with me or tell me that the manual was wrong. He got the information and scheduled the delivery guys to come the next day to deliver the part, which they did with no problems. Both times the delivery guys were friendly enough and got the job done quickly. I did a visual check and ran the machine thru a complete cycle, and everything appears to be ok (no damage). After both deliveries, I got a follow-up phone call to make sure everything went ok.
Overall I had a very good experience, and would definitely do business again with this company.
- Michael S.

This went very well. The technician removed the cracked window, took careful measurements, replaced the window ... then installed the new window.
The service was professional and came in $15.00 under estimate.
- Ed B.

Every. Single. Furniture. Store. That's where we went looking to fill our new house.
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
seemed like a
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, with sales people like
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
who work at trying to make you happy. If you don't want pressure, he doesn't pressure. If you have 100 questions, he'll answer them as best as he can. While this review is for the
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Lane location, I presume "customer service" covers both stores.
Sadly, helpful sales staff is where the
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
advantage ends. We ordered bedroom furniture and two, leather recliners, but needed office, dining, 2 other bedrooms, and family room furniture and were just waiting on painting to be complete before delving deeper into furniture land.
Strike 1 - The first delivery omitted two trays for drawers in nightstands, one of the drawers in a nightstand didn't stay closed, the delivery people couldn't install the mirror because they didn't bring the supplies, and a piece was missing off the chest of drawers, causing it to rock back and forth on the floor. Calls, calls, visits to
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, discussions with a manager, and more calls to and from "customer service."
Strike 2 - The defective nightstand was replaced a few days later without a tray, and without delivery of the promised replacement tray. The chest is fixed and the mirror is attached to dresser. The "repair" people leave and we notice two drawers in dresser don't close. After looking at it, I can tell that it's because the "repair" people used longer screws to attach the mirror, which pushed against the back of the drawers. I fixed that myself. Regardless, it's back on the telephone and back in communication with "customer service" and sales staff about trays. Promises are made and excuses are given.
Strike 3 - Weeks after the initial delivery, the nightstand inserts for the drawers come by
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. The two leather recliners are delivered the next day. Immediately, we see blemishes, scratches, and other damage to the leather and legs of the chairs, so it was another visit to the store to speak with the salesman. We would have sent them back, but delivery is delivery, not pick-up, according to the delivery guys - "[they] don't take stuff back." I walk in to
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
and see the salesman,
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. His first words, "Please don't tell me you have bad news." I show him photos of the chairs and he asks for me to email them to him. The manager is out of the store, so I can't talk to him again. I email
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
the photos. I also welcome the manager to call to discuss what, so far, has been an unbelievably, bad experience after the sale.
The manager calls and says he understands that this has been a horrible experience, and he understands if we want to cancel the order for the chairs. "Customer service" calls me and says they can a tech come by in a week or so, which would put me out past a month from the time of purchase to the time of a tech coming by to tell me whatever it is s/he thinks (the only thing acceptable is replacement). I realize then it's going to be a slow process until the chairs are done, and I don't want to go back and forth for another month until the issues are resolved. Nah, I'll send them back and go find something else. We are now glad we didn't buy the rest of our furniture there.
As of this date, I'm still waiting on a call back from anyone at
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
who can fix an issue with a piece of furniture. "Customer service" doesn't call back. They are literally a black hole.
The end result -
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
has a couple of nice showrooms and very helpful sales staff, but in the end it doesn't appear that there's much service after the sale. The single star is because it doesn't stand out from any other furniture store and, you'll note, every time I use the term "customer service" when referring to
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, I simply had to distinguish it by quotes, since it really isn't customer service. In sum, go check elsewhere...it can't be much worse and it may be better.
- Brian M.

We went to century after getting quotes from, the 2 big box stores. The price for the cabinets was about half of what we would have paid at the other stores. We worked with
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, and she was extremely helpful, and very professional. We wanted a very comptemporary look and we sure did get it.
Middleton Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
also recommended an installer that we did use and he was also a joy to work with. We live in a new home, and our kitchen cabinet are also from century, and We just love them too. th deal with century is that there is no middle man. The cabinets are made in Pa. At their own company.

- c B.

Went in to re-order living room furniture. I told the sales lady that I found something similar that I liked at another store but because of our experience in the past of ordering furniture we never got to see or try out I wanted to see the furniture in person this time. She showed us a sofa that she said was the exact style, size and maker as the one we seen at the other store. I asked about purchasing the one that she showed us because then we would know for sure what we were getting but she said " oh no, you don't want this one because the cover will fade and will not wear well". We then looked through fabrics then ordered the furniture. The price ended up being nearly $1000 more then the one that we had cancelled but even though we really couldn't afford to pay that much I was told that the quality of the furniture would be well worth the price. When the furniture arrived I could tell immediately that it was nothing like the one that we sat on in the store! It was a lot smaller! I called immediately but they said that it was what we ordered. I decided just to go up to the store and look at the sofa on the floor which was our example once again and it was not like what we got, I told her and she said "oh well we didn't order the same style just one similar to it! REALLY! AGAIN! So we spent $2300.00 which is the most that we EVER spent on a couch and love seat and we hate it! And they refuse todo anything about it! I will NEVER shop at this store again!
- Linda S.
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