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They were very professional, honest, and responsive to my needs. They communicated promptly and were easy to get in touch with and talk to about everything that needed to be done or any of my concerns. The work was done on time and very efficiently and the final product looks wonderful. I appreciated the fact that they could do a variety of things and I didn't need to get a different contractor for each item I needed done. They did a fabulous job and everybody was friendly, courteous and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs some work done on their house.
- Wendy B.

I called
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
that afternoon he showed up about 2hours later measured &gave me a quote told me he would get the window within a week&install it on Monday.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
called Monday told me his supplier was a little behind that he could do it on Tuesday,showed up Tuesday on time did a real nice job.Good communication,prompt&at a decent price would definitely use again.Thanks
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked

- Douglas B.

Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was thorough in his discussions about the project. I'm usually pretty detailed about projects and think things through.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
would bring things up that I hadn't thought of and my wife and I appreciated the time he took. He also considered that there were several options for our design to choose from and he walked us through the pros and cons. For example, the way that lights would be spaced on our wall between windows and doors was not technically even, but looked good given the spacing of those openings. Also, he showed us a couple of options for the size and spacing of slats for our roof vent so we could preview it before it was created.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
does not run a big company, so you get really personalized service. He is part of the projects as they happen. This also means that his availability to do projects varies. But, he is proactive about his availability and once he starts a job he and his team are on-site until it's finished.
This was our second or third project with him. At the beginning, he installed a sliding door and a pair of doors with sidelights that open onto our patio. These were installed about five years ago and we love them. In fact, he has done almost all the outside work on our house over the last five years, including unanticipated problem areas. Would highly recommend
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
for a job.

- Mark L.

This company is worth waiting for, they are very booked for a reason!
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
are great to deal with, very professional, knowledgeable, honest and courteous The price to replace the siding was the same as other places we got quotes from, but the consultation was better, they clearly know exactly what they are doing and foresaw issues other places clearly did not.
The people on the crew they sent were friendly, and
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was great about communicating exactly what was happening every day. It isn't often you can say a building contractor is a total joy to deal with, but they truly were. Many thanks for a job that came out beautifully with minimal disruption.
- Danielle M.

The owner,
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, is very professional. He was the only contractor who explained how the work was to be done and with what materials. He showed us samples of all materials available and explained the pros and cons of each one. We picked what was right for us without at all feeling pressured to buy the top of the line.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
took care of obtaining the proper permits and over saw the that the work was done to our specifications. He gave us options for how we wanted certain items completed. Anything that wasn't the way we wanted it to be, was changed out no problem. We changed our minds about one of the gutter down spouts and he immediately had it changed to what we wanted. He even had his people replace the small amount of siding that the previous downspout was attached to instead of covering the 4 small holes with caulk. The wood surrounding the laundry room door was rotten and they were happy to change it out for us. After all the work was competed,
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us a few days to live with everything and be 100% certain that we were satisfied before he would accept final payment.
The house looks gorgeous!
We can't say enough of how
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crews handled themselves. They were always clean and polite and did their best to minimize the impact of the construction to our lives.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
would be our only phone call for any future needs for the services he provides. We have already recommended him to many of our friends.
- Darin C.

I will be brief, since the other reviewers have captured many of the things you can expect.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew (Bill and
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
) have been doing home improvement for years and they know what they are doing. They will provide a quality product, quality work, and they will listen to you throughout the project.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
is an excellent communicator in person, by phone, email and text. Ask him all of your questions and let him know your expectations--
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
prioritizes customer service and customer satisfaction. In addition, you will find
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
to be professional, responsive, and punctual.
In my situation, I spoke with several companies about windows and found the Custom Built windows that
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
installs to be equal and superior in quality to other companies based upon the ratings of the National Fenestration Rating
Council (NFRC) and based upon the installation that I and my neighbors are now enjoying.
With my highest recommendation, I commend
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
to you.

- Randy R.

The service was excellent starting with knowledgeable estimator
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
who answered all questions without any high pressure sales tactic. The Project manager,
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was available for all questions and the crew headed by
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
completed the job in a timely fashion. The cleanup was great - you would not have known that workmen had been their all day when they completed the job. I would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone needing a roof replacement.
- Nancy M.

Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
’t think a PAGE of Happiness on Angie’s List is befitting for this contractor. I think an entire CHAPTER of Happiness would be more appropriate…
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
(LRS) is a top-notch organization. From the start, my wife & I were dealt with in a professional, respectful and courteous manner. We are perfectionists and tend to drive contractors
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
with our methodical approach and attention to detail. But when I’m spending $31k+, I want to make sure we get the job done right. In short, it was, and then some. We most definitely got our money’s worth.
From the top down, this organization is very professional, from the owner to the workers that were at our house every day.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Streano (owner and long-time installer) presented an expert’s front end on the sales pitch, and he was careful to explain all that we needed and exacting in his measurements. He personally visited our house several times throughout the project to check that we were satisfied. His bid was in the middle of those we received from the top three siding vendors listed on Angie’s List, but it was his sales pitch, knowledge and attention to detail that landed him the job. Also, the final bill was exactly what he’d originally presented.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
(general manager) was friendly and knowledgeable, and although I didn’t have daily contact with him, he completely answered all questions I had. No issues were ever dodged.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
(foreman & installer) and
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
(installer) were onsite every day, never late, showed up when they said they were going to, did not smoke, always cleaned up after themselves, were relatively quiet (as much as pulling nails and pounding on the house can be), did not spill paint in the yard or on concrete surfaces, and never shouted or cursed or played loud music. We had very specific instructions regarding the back upper deck, and they followed those instructions perfectly. After checking with us first, they even worked a Saturday to get more work done. Most importantly, they were thorough and paid attention to detail.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
has a strong but delicate hand, great for painting tough areas where we didn’t want paint transferred onto other surfaces.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
often spotted areas for correction/follow-up before I did; out of a list of 40 little things, he knew about all except one, a very hard-to-see
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
that had not been caulked. As a self-admitted perfectionist, I was impressed. Together,
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
listened and implemented our requests. In particular, when there was more than one way to do something, they would seek us out to ask which we preferred, listing the pros and cons of each approach; I have rarely seen this behavior in contractors.
They were thorough in many details, making sure: (a) to tack the HydroGap (water
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
) around corners and itself with sufficient overlap; (b) to properly flash all of our windows & doors; (c) to maintain an even 7”
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
around the house; (d) to NOT seal the seams between HardiePlank boards with caulk but back them with a water-repellent material; (e) to be careful around trees, shrubs and plants; and (f) to properly install the architectural blocks for faucets and outdoor lighting. Several houses in our neighborhood have inferior installation in one or more of these areas; not ours!
Here’s one example of their quality craftsmanship (from a list of many). Our house is large at 3-stories (plus another 6’ tall area under the house), 4000+ sq.ft., with a footprint of roughly 40’ x 40’. They used an old-world method for making sure the HardiePlank ran level around the entire perimeter of the house: a 50’ water level (more accurate than a laser level over long distances). By the time they’d returned to the starting corner after 3 weeks and 160’ of linear installation, the siding was off by only 1/8th of an inch. Simply put, that’s amazing.
They did extra things for us. For instance,
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
helped me straighten a leaning apple tree;
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
had them paint our front door, even though that was not part of the original deal;
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
smoothed the seams of several poorly installed foundation boards with a Bondo-like material before they were painted; they cut and installed wood to block out a bird’s nesting area; and they hid several cables along or under the siding that had been installed since the house was originally built.
Through my 25 years of hiring contractors to work on our various homes and rental houses, I have never met an organization so tuned to the client’s satisfaction. Most significantly, the honest worth of a man or organization is NOT how flawless he/they perform their duties, because no one is perfect (hard as I might try myself). No, the true worth in a person or company is how well they respond when things go wrong. If someone tells you “nothing went wrong; they were perfect!”, then they’re either lying to you or they haven’t looked hard enough at the end result. To be honest, we had a few things go wrong, but they were all minor and all were repaired to our satisfaction, which again is saying a lot.
Near the conclusion of the project,
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
walked around with me and as I pointed out thumbnail-sized areas I wanted touched up, he indulgently applied the sealant and/or paint to the area.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
re-installed all light fixtures, hose reels, and electrical sockets—AND THEN MADE SURE THEY WORKED. They patiently worked the trim around the garage door (where the wood meets the brick) three times until my wife was satisfied with the result.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
personally came out each time to brainstorm and offer solutions for getting a straighter
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
to the paint there. On the gutters, we previously had very dark paint. The new trim paint is brilliant white. After the normal two coats, the dark paint underneath was still barely visible, giving the white top coat a darker tinge.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
stayed late and repainted ALL the gutters with a third coat. A deck fence post had been damaged during the demolition phase (but not by
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
). After the project was complete and after we paid LRS in full,
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
came back and replaced the post with a new one, staining it to match the others. They even applied additional lag bolts to secure the deck rails better than they were before. If there’s a category beyond “Fully Satisfied”, put me in that column.
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
told me his philosophy is: “If I would not want it done on my house, I would not do it to yours.” That, in essence, sums up the work ethic and professionalism of this entire organization.


We were very pleased with the services provided by Payless Siding.

It started with a professional presentation accompanied by substantial documentation and quick response from the President
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked

The installation of the
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
-Plank was done professionally, by
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew. They worked with little supervision on my part and provided a quality professional finish.

At the end of each day the trash was removed and the area policed for nails. The final part was done by
Shreveport Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
's company he employed the same crew, they painted and repaired rotted wood around the house. The total job came out with only minor additional cost due to repairs of replaced wood, on budget and it looks great I recommend this company for siding replacement in the Houston area.

The work that they did was excellent. The only reason why I gave a B on price is because it is expensive. But you are paying for top notch skilled workers. We could not be happier with the outcome of our house. It has really changed the facade and hopefully we will see this winter that the insulation with the new siding helps. The workers showed up on time and cleaned daily - which is great because we have a little one who loves playing outside and I worried with the mess it would be dangerous, but the house was always left clean outside when they left. The work itself is perfect. We are extremely please and would recommend this company to anyone.
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Certificationpoint Student Project-Based Freelance
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Cash or check only

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Shreveport, LA

HomeWise Improvement Co.

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Shreveport, LA
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PO Box 48
Shongaloo, LA
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JGC Contractors

Haughton, LA
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Mahony's Home Improvement

Shreveport, LA
10% discount on entire job for military, police, fire, and teachers.

Mike's Handyman Services LLC

245 carrollton ave
Shreveport, LA
General handyman services around the house and business. award winning.

Murphy Construction

3021 Wallace Dr
Shreveport, LA
May not contact through email.


Shreveport, LA

New Look Remodeling

1704 Bonnie St,
Shreveport, LA

paul home improvement

Shreveport, la
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Red River Builders LLC /John the Handyman

3600 Hwy 71
Coushatta, LA
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2450 Louisiana St
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See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

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Tap Construction Inc

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Shreveport, LA
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