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The company was to come out and look at the pool equipment to see if it was something they could repair. Instead, they just repaired a filter but did not correct the original problem. They came out several times and each time something else went wrong or was not repaired. When it was brought to the attention of the manager all he kept saying was ok. On one occasion, due to the tech not tightening some bolts and not correctly fixing an issue, we were unable to run our pool filter during a freeze. No one would come out to fix it until the next business day which resulted in the salt generator freezing and cracking. The company would not own up nor take responsiblty for their mistake. We did request a refund of the cost of the repair and they only covered 160.00 of a repair/replacement of over 500.00. One tech made the comment that they have to come from Dallas. Well the company in Dallas sure did not have an issue with taking our money from Fort Worth. If they do not want to come to Fort Worth from Dallas then why accept the contract? Very disappointed in this company. Very poor communication skills and customer service. We will not renew with them and I am sharing my story with my neighbors, friends and family.
- Sonya R.

When I purchased my house, this was the company that I was provided by the Seller for my Home Warranty. They are great to deal with and have paid for a new furnace, A/C unit and garage door opener. I was so pleased with their services, I decided to renew the warranty (which I paid for myself).
- Dolores H.

This review is a general message about
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
(AHS), home warranty company -- home-based in
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
, Iowa. They've sent repairmen to our home on numerous occasions to repair broken appliances, included in their contract. The latest repair work was on our upstairs central air conditioning unit. we've had an ongoing battle with
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
for the past ten years. We bought their warranty contract when we purchased our home for the reason most people purchase such a contract, to ensure that repairs can be done without much cost to the owner. That said, the cost of contract renewal with this company has
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
exponentially in the past ten years, as well as the cost of a service call for a repairman to come to the house. The latter used to be $45 in 2005; now it is $75. Our air conditioning units keep breaking down, and the only reason we have continued to renew our yearly contract with AHS is because of their guaranty to "repair or replace" the particular appliance. We have now thrown nearly $7,000 at this company, and it has become clear that they have no intention of replacing our central air units. The parts break down left and right -- we've had a new condenser, a new evaporator coil, new valves, new wires -- the units are now holding together with spit and glue. But,
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
still refuses to replace them. I finally realized after speaking with someone from Customer Relations this evening that they have absolutely no intention of ever replacing our upstairs unit (the one that has given us the most trouble) or the downstairs one. The woman with whom I spoke said that as long as they can get parts, they will keep repairing. This is not cost-effective for us or for them. They've thrown so much money at our A/C units over the years, they could very well have replaced them! We, too, keep paying the yearly fee, the service fees, and have just had to spend $480 for refrigerant that leaked out. (AHS only pays $10 per pound for this.) The Customer Relations woman actually said, in essence, that they HAVE indeed replaced the unit. The condenser and evaporator coil are the main components, so I've been told. They, she figures, are tantamount to a "replacement." Meanwhile, the units are totally rusted out and will keep on deteriorating. Yes, they're both working now, but for how long? They are 15 years old, but, as I was told, they don't replace just because a unit is "old." I understand that, but there comes a time when replacing parts to an old, inefficient unit is no longer cost-effective, not to the warranty company or to the customer. It's a very poor way to do business....................................but that's their position -- the customer keeps paying, and they keep putting on bandaids. Additionally, AHS sends only repairmen from "mom and pop" companies. None of the big repair services will do business with them because they don't pay enough. The last guy who was here was actually talking to his boss on the phone -- we could hear him up in our attic -- because he had no idea what he was doing. BOTTOM LINE: DO NOT -- DO NOT -- DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
!! They're a shoddy company who is only out to get your money. Better to save your money and pay for repairs on your own than to keep throwing good money after bad at
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
- Carol M.

Joined HSC on 7/30/14, in the summer when I am not using my furnace. After Labor Day is typically when I test and turn on my heating system every year, change the filter, and make sure it is ready to go for the Winter. On 9/8/14 when I attempted to start my furnace up, it did not turn on. HSC automatically ASSUMES that my furnace was not in working condition as of the contract start date and they cancelled my contract without ever having even seen the furnace. If they are going to make their own assumptions on whether something is working or not then they should require pre coverage inspections. They make up their own rules as they go along. This company is a scam and all consumers should be made aware of their unscrupulous practices. If I had requested service in the dead of winter, I would be left freezing in a home with no heat. Because I requested the service in the Fall, HSC ASSUMES that the furnace was not working as of last winter. When in fact, they have no way of knowing that since they couldnt be bothered sending a heating technician to look at it or even diagnose it. Warning to all consumers; DO NOT EXPECT HSC TO BE THERE FOR YOU IF YOU EVER NEED THEM. GO WITH A WARRANTY COMPANY THAT WILL ACTUALLY HONOR THEIR OWN CONTRACT.
- kim L.

I bought a 20 year old home last year. The buyer was to pay for a home warranty plan, and the closing company had lined up some other home warranty company. I looked at reviews on them, and they were terrible. So, I found these guys with an A rating on Angieslist and switched it to them. It was a tiny bit more expensive, but home warranty programs generally have a bad reputation and the positive reviews on these guys made it seem worth it.
Basically, you call the number and file a claim over the phone, they give you a list of people in your area that they can pay directly (although you can use whomever you want as long as you get the dollar amount approved first and are willing to be reimbursed after paying the repair guy). Super easy.
They fixed my furnace twice, which was a couple hundred bucks each time. And, they replaced my dishwasher motor and control panel, which worked out to $450. They have limits on what they will pay to fix, and if they won't fix it, they'll give you money towards a new appliance. I believe it would have only been $100-200 towards a new dishwasher, so it would have been cheaper for them to just refuse to repair mine. But, the person on the phone talked to a manager, and they paid the full amount to have it fixed which they contractually were not required to do.
These guys are awesome. If you're buying a home warranty or buying a house and the seller is paying, go with these guys. Very happy.
- JAY A.

I tried to use CAP for 2 tmes and and i ended up not using their services because it would cost me more than if I do it on my own. The first time my $1500 refrigerator stopped working. I called their approved service providers and I was told that it couldn't be fixed. CAP offered $400.to buy a new one. I ended up calling a service on my own who fixed it for $250. The second time my central AC needed repair. Once again their providers told me it couldn't be fixed. CAP again offered to pay a ridiculous amount to buy a new one. Again on my own I got it fixed fir $500.. Both times I got nothing from CAP because I didn't replace the items. I am going to save the $60 plus I pay per month and hire my own service providers.
- Miryam R.

We purchased a home and closed on 7-11-14, the home warranty was provided by our real estate agent...
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
CO., INC. We moved in on 7-12-14. The following Sunday 7-20-14 I hear water leaking in the ceiling in the kitchen, when i looked up the light fixture was full of water, we go upstairs and find the leak i in the upstairs bathtub directly above the kitchen. The light fixture ends up filling with water....falling and hitting me on the head....not too happy.....we have not yet received paperwork ....contract from the home warranty company . We call the our agent and she gave us their phone number...we call them and they tell us they don't have a contract with them...we are not in their computer anywhere....we don't have a registration code. Phone calls go back and forth between
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
...our agent and us.....in the mean time our agent gives us the number of a plumber.....on a Sunday that has an emergency contact number that will come. We are desperate at this point....water all over the floor....light fixture hanging from the ceiling and the ceiling's wet spot is spreading. After about the third time to contact
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
warranty(each call is within minutes of each other) they tell us...oh so sorry we do have ya'll in the computer....we have found your contract but they can't cover any cost of fixing this because we have called a plumber that is not on their list.....so we tell the plumber thanks so much for responding so quickly and ask him to leave. He was able to determine where the leak was located....was able to cap it off to where we could still have water in the rest of the house. At this point we know we are responsible for payment for what he has done.
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
WARRANTY never comes to fix the problem...On 7-28-14 we receive a notice from them stating : SERVICE HAS BEEN DENIED FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS
1. We require you to contact us so we may have the opportunity to select a Service Provider
2. We will not reimburse you for services performed without prior authorization.
I call them on 9-2-14 to argue this and tell them we know we are responsible for the payment of the plumber we call to stop water from flooding our home....we did call them FIRST ......SEVERAL TIMES before calling the other plumber...they kept telling us they didn't have us as customers.....don't have a contract.....blah blah blah........and we do....the contract they FINALLY SENT US.....EFFECTIVE 7-11-14 EXPIRATION DATE 7-11-2015 ISSUE DATE 7-29-14......HELLO FOLKS IT DOESN'T TAKE A GENIUS TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT....
Today 9-9-14 They finally send"ONE OF THEIR PLUMBERS" to fix this problem.....he was here 10 minutes then tells us
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
WARRANTY HAS YET AGAIN REFUSED TO FIX THIS ....WE NEED TO CALL THE PLUMBER WE CALLED ON 7-20-14 BACK TO UNDO WHAT HE HAS DONE( TAKE THE CAP OFF) WHERE HE CAPPED THE LEAK TO STOP IT FROM FLOODING....SO THEIR PLUMBER CAN MAKE HIS OWN ASSESSMENT OF IT.....TO TOP IT OFF .....HE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING AND IS HOLDING HIS HAND OUT FOR HIS $60.00......I paid him his $60.00 i understand it is not his fault, he was very professional, nice, courteous....blah blah blah and all THAT......BUT MY LEAK HAS NOT BEEN FIXED YET!!!!!! I will be making phone calls...

- Lance A.

Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
refused to cover the repairs to our leaky roof. Yet, we purchased the
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
because their advertisements literally boasted that their warranty covered the repair of leaky roofs. Yet, they denied our claim. We feel cheated by
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
- Bert H.

His website (which has just been changed) stated that it only costs $5 for a diagnostic. I called his office and spoke with a lady, who gave the phone to
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
, so he could answer some questions. He scheduled to come out on 8/20/2014. He arrived late, and he performed the diagnostic and told me it would cost a little more than $400, including a new lamp. Then, he tells me I owe him $105.68 for a diagnostic fee! I explain that his website states that the fee is only $5, and he tells me that is for in-store diagnostics. I pull up the website in front of front of him to ask him where it states that, and he explains that he designed the site and it is to entice people to call. He said his receptionist should have explained the $100+ fee, which never happened. Then, he tries to bargain with me to pay him $65. I am aggravated at this point, but I went ahead and told him to fix the tv. I paid him the $105.68, which was supposed to be deducted from my actual service.
He calls me the day he is supposed to come fix my tv and asks if he can use a part from another lamp I purchased. I tell him that the lamp is a spare and I do not want to let him take it apart for parts, especially because I just paid him $120 for a new lamp. He then cancels the appointment. When he finally comes out a week later, he replaces the part that he guaranteed would fix my problem (a ballast board) as well as the lamp and leaves. 15 minutes later, my tv goes out! After going to another job, he comes back later that day and removes the part, puts my old part back in, and leaves. I call him to ask him what's going on, and he tells me its going to be well over $600 to fix the tv now. I ask him why he didn't find this problem in the initial diagnostic, and he tells me he can't predict everything. The problem is that I asked him specifically the first day if there was any
Ponchatoula Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
that other parts would be needed. I explained that the tv was old and I didn't want to spend any more money. He told me that the only thing I would need to replace would be a lamp every year or two. So, I called him and explained I felt like I was misled and misinformed, and I would like my initial fee refunded, minus the $5 he advertised it to be on his website. He refused and told me he lost a lot of time and money coming out to my house. I told him right then that I would make sure I went online to post an honest review about my experience with his company. I feel that his advertising tactics are deceiving, and his service was terrible. I would not suggest this company to anyone. Terrible experience!
- Robert Y.

These guys were awesome from start to finish. They went above and beyond our expectations at an amazing price. They were at our house for 8 hours and were nothing but wonderful. Completely happy with their service and will recommend them again and again.
- Paul S.
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