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When we moved into our home 2 years ago, we already knew we needed to repair the front walkway and side walkway that had settled unevenly over the years. The side walkway would collect pools of water next to the house (causing potential harm to the foundation) and it was difficult to push our child's stroller to the garage because it was so uneven.
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was very responsive and professional since our first phone conversation. He was punctual for our initial meeting and didn't try to oversell us on the repair. He was able to get his crew out for the job in 2 weeks after this first meeting (whereas estimates from other companies were looking at about 4-6 weeks out). It took his crew two days to complete the job. The first day they removed the existing pavers (we were
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
them, not purchasing new ones), re-leveled the walkways with gravel base and sand, and then began the process of re-installing the pavers. On the second day, they finished re-installing the pavers, making sure everything was level. They power-washed the pavers after everything was installed. Since we decided to power-wash the pavers last minute, they came back the next morning (technically day 3) and finished up the project with a polymeric sand
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
on top. It was a complete transformation from what we originally had. We are definitely very happy with the finished project. The added bonus to working with this company is that
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
provided us with a 5 year warranty even though this was just a repair job. The estimates I received from other companies did not provide this for a repair, only for a new installation. We would definitely use
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
for any future paving needs and we would highly recommend them.
- Tom W.

Testing was not done satisfactorily by the project team. The installers basically installed the walkway stones and left, having considered the job done. They had not tested for proper drainage. I needed to perform that test myself, after the team had left. Testing revealed water accumulation at the base of the house near the front entrance. I gave photos to the PM (project manager) that showed water accumulation. The team returned to fix the problem, and I performed a second test that showed some slight, but insufficient, improvement. They came back a third day and fixed the problem. Each time they returned, they removed several stones, made changes to the sand bed, and replaced the stones. Finally, a follow-up test was successful. Of course, the project team should have done all testing without my involvement. Their performance was inexcusable.

Problems with quality control included: 1. Some minor surface damage to the base of the stucco where it met newly installed walkway was not repaired without my reminding the PM more than once that I expected the team to make the repair. Once the PM agreed, he applied patching material, which took only about 15 minutes of time. 2. After the installers supposedly had finished their work, I identified two stones that were chipped and needed replacing. The team should have examined them and replaced the stones without my having to make the request.

Serious breakdowns of project communication occurred, exemplified by the following: 1. During my initial phone conversation with the PM I had made a special request, which he agreed to comply with. It was to adequately protect the front door, which was adjacent to the concrete walkway that was to be removed. I explained that the front door was new and I wanted to have very sturdy protection that would guard against chipped stone or concrete from coming in contact with the door, and that ordinary paper would not be sufficient protection. The PM agreed with this request and said he’d make sure my request would be carried out. Yet, shortly after the team arrived, I observed them beginning to cover the door with a roll of paper that painters use to
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
their work. I stopped them and explained that this was unacceptable and that the PM and I had agreed that a much sturdier form of protection would be used. 2. During the preparation before placing the stones on the walkway, I had a discussion with the PM and the installation team about complying with the layout of the design consultant at the time of sale. The designer had recommended brown stone to be used on the walkway edges, and also to be used in the main walkway. The main portion of the walkway (i.e., excluding the border) was to have been 90% courtyard
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
brown (CTB), with 10% brown. Instead, the installers explained they were going to install only the CTB in the main walkway, and use the brown only in the border. I spoke with the PM and explained the discrepancy between the installers’ plans and the design clearly specified on our contract. The PM offered his explanation which was not satisfactory, so I contacted the designer, who looked into it and gave me an explanation, to the effect that his design would not work because the size of the brown stones would not match up properly if integrated with the CTB stones and therefore would physically not allow the design he had specified in the contract. (The designer apologized for his design error and attributed the error to his not being completely aware of stone size compatibility information when he prepared the design.) Once the installers demonstrated for me the incompatibility of the sizes, I accepted the designer’s explanation and I gave the project team my OK to proceed. I felt the PM should have done a better job of dealing with this issue than he did and that I should not have had to place calls to the project designer to get the correct explanation. 3. The PM and I agreed to place a few stones on top of the driveway where the walkway met the driveway near the garage door. In order to illustrate his plan which I agreed with, the PM used a pencil to outline each of five stones that would be cemented on top of the driveway. Later, however, I observed a project team member holding a small saw. When I asked him what he was going to use the saw for, he indicated he was going to saw out a corner of the driveway so he could place the stones in place of the concrete he was going to remove. Of course I stopped him and advised the workers of the agreement I had made with the PM. Obviously the agreement I had made with the PM had not been conveyed to the persons doing the work.

The project duration (excluding sealing of stones) did not meet expectations. Originally the time estimated was two to three days and may be as long as a week. The actual duration was two weeks. The sealing of the stones was quoted (by the PM) as requiring two days—day 1 to apply sand, day 2 to apply sealer. Actual duration was 3 days—day 1 for the worker (sub-contractor) to start to apply sand and inform me that he didn’t feel good about applying sealer to stone that was as dirty as he felt it to be, in his “professional judgment.” He stopped his work and phoned to advise his boss of his recommendation to clean it before applying the sealer. Then the worker went home. He returned the next day (day 2) to clean the walkway, and the following day (day 3) to apply sealer. The PM was not present during the sealing. My communication during the sealing process was directly with the sub-contracting firm. I believe that the PM should have been more involved during the sealing phase of the project than he was.
- Tom B.

Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
provided the initial consultation and quoted based on our project specifications. We had received comparison quotes from other companies, but decided to go with this COC because we felt the estimated price was reasonable. Additionally, we had received positive word-of-mouth reviews from a couple of our friends in the community, so that made us even more confident in our decision. There were two 'teams' that worked on our project, both under the supervision of
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. One team was responsible for the concrete work from start to finish. The other team was responsible for the arbor/wood work from start to finish. Both teams had a 'leader' - everyone in the company from the owners, to the team members were professional and friendly. Whenever I had a question, or wanted to check out the progress, I felt comfortable walking out and talking with them. Also,
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
remained accessible via phone, text, and email throughout the duration of our project. The concrete was stamped, stained and sealed to look like high-gloss wood. It is stunning! When I walk out the back door, I literally feel like I'm stepping onto hard wood floors that extend into the backyard. The gloss sealer makes the concrete feel so smooth that I don't need to worry about my toddlers walking outside bare-foot. Also important with toddlers is the need for easy clean-up. we've already had one picnic on our new patio and it was SO easy to clean - all we had to do was hose it off! We are very happy customers indeed!
- Shannon W.

We were very happy with this company for many years. We only left them because they continued to cut the lawn on Saturdays when we were trying to use the pool. We asked several times if this could be avoided, but the problem persisted. We have tried 3 more landscapers in the area, and none were as good as D'Agostina. Both Augie and
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
were a pleasure to deal with.
- Bruce R.

After talking to so many companies, I am so glad I found
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. What a relief to know there is a company that takes pride in their work and does not try to sell you something you don't need.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
cares about what you want and makes your vision come to life.
The project went great. I special ordered a new color and
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
(the owner) was very clear on the time it would take to make the special ordered pavers. He communicated extremely well. He returns your calls or answers when you call. I interviewed a lot of companies and he was the most responsive, detail oriented and does an amazing job. He does not take shortcuts. Listen to
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
because he knows what he is doing. He helped with the design of the deck and I could not be happier.
The guys at
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
worked very hard during hot weather.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
also gets out there and works hard as well as giving direction. He is very good about overseeing the project and making sure it gets done to your satisfaction. He wants to make sure you are a happy customer. Since I work at home, I watched the project unfold and was amazed at what they did and how everyone worked well together. They cleaned up each day too. I kept thinking I am so glad they are doing my deck because
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
takes true ownership of the work of his company.
Also, seal the deck, it makes such a wonderful difference in the color. Again, the work was amazing.
I can't wait to have him come back and do my driveway or maybe a walkway.
- Carrie R.

Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
the owner is very professional. His very punctual and being bilingual helps us a lot since we can't speak Spanish. He built 116 feet iron fence and it turn out beautiful. He doesn't ask any financial advance and bill you for the whole amount when the job is done. I highly recommend his company.
- Vilma H.

I found
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
here on Angie's List while searching for a contractor to install a patio around our new pool. When I saw the outstanding reputation stemming form the reviews, I contacted them and inquired about their services. Let me tell you . . . the only problem with the review system on Angie's List is there is no way to really set apart the very goof form the truly outstanding! A straight "A" rating just does not do Xeteriors justice! I cannot recommend them highly enough. My initial e-mail inquiry was responded to by an office staff member and let me know to expect a call from
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
called and was very easy to talk to, and truly outstanding to work with. We quickly set an appointment. He stopped by to see our yard and understand our project scope, and spent considerable time talking with me and taking measurements.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
even recommended some design features such as our sitting wall. When he followed-up, he had designed a great plan for our backyard which incorporated all we discussed. In the lead up to the work being started, all we needed was to select our pavers product colors. With something so permanent, you want to ensure the right choice.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
delivered samples of a number of colors/textures based on our discussions. My wife and I moved these around the yard over the next two weeks. We finally settled on our color selection, but not before narrowing it down to two finalist color combinations. This was the hard part as we liked both equally.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
delivered larger lots of these samples and arranged them in such a way that really helped us better determine our final selection. Not once, did he ever convey anything but total patience with us during this. Rains in the
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Roads area caused a week long delay in our project start, but this was unavoidable.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
's teams arrived early on the weather-modified start day. This hard working crew showed nothing but professionalism and worked hard the entire time they were on our property. Rains late on Monday caused an earlier than hoped for end to the first day, but the crew was prepped to deal with everything upon their return. During the build, the sitting wall build deviated slightly from the plan. When we realized what happened, we discussed options with
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. The team rebuilt approximately 2/3rd's of the wall to ensure it was done to our design. Some contractors would have tried to talk us in to keeping it the way it was, but
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
never hesitated to ensure it was corrected and made perfect! The install lasted through Friday, and
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
even brought in two more crews on the final day to ensure the project was completed on time without the need for any Saturday construction time. This included some small change orders we added during the build. The finished work in incredible! We love our new backyard - made possible by
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
and his crews. The customer service provided by
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
ranks amongst the highest I have ever received.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
has given us the backyard of our dreams. I cannot recommend
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
highly enough! We are already thinking of some additional paver work we want them to do in the future.
- Allen S.

Okay at first until the owner,
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Barglof, hired a new "supervisor" to over see our project soon after the pool was dug and it quickly went down hill from that time. It soon became very apparent to us that all Mr. Barglof's claims of being an expert of gunite pools, in-floor pool cleaning systems and paver installation to be less than truthful.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. abandoned our UNFINISHED project on September 6, 2013. After not receiving a schedule as promised by them to complete the punch lists nor any further attempt to contact us we realized our only option was to retain an attorney to attempt to get these issues resolved. We took them to court, were awarded a judgment against them on May 23, 2014. After receiving non-payment from
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. we once again had to go back to our attorney to file a garnishment against them.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
was performing warranty work on our pool equipment which jeopardized all our factory warranties.
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
has withheld all our project warranties and to date have never given them to us. It has cost us an additional $15,000 to clean up the mess they left us with to include having to have 32 TONS of dirt and rock they so kindly spread throughout the yard and then compacted so it was like concrete. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!

- Lynne K.

Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
is a gem!!! He has helped me with numerous projects and I am always pleased by his quality work. Innovative, great work ethic and easy to get along with. Whenever I need something done he is the first person I call. Highly recommend without reservation.
- Karey G.

We had heard from a neighbor that had used them, that they were fantastic and that we should get a quote from them. Well we had another vendor that we were thinking of using so we looked on the internet and visited a number of contractors and ended up pretty confused. Our last stop was
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
location and they were very we went to their Plano location. Also very helpful. No pressure sales job, in fact, they recommended a
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
price unit than we were considering (when does THAT ever happen?).
Anyway we had
Shelbyville Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
come out and give us a quote. He was fantastic! Again no up selling, just listened to what we wanted and asked questions about our entertaining habits. His quote was really reasonable and he was able to start within a couple of weeks. As for the construction team...well let's just say if all the people who built our new house were as competent, friendly, and cared about their work as much as these guys, I'd be a happy camper!
So my advice is not even to bother with other quotes...these are the guys you want.
- Joyce F.
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