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Rated Review by Gabrielle Y.
"So we bought the Big Deal on Angie's list about a month ago back when this company still had glowing reviews and felt pretty confident in our choice. After I purchased the deal I emailed via Angie's List to set up date of service (6/14/2014) and gave them the address information. They responded with a scheduled time of between 10-11am on the 14th of June. I saw something about fuel and mileage charges so I asked and was stunned when they said it would be $45 for fuel PLUS $1 per mile! One or the other is okay, but both? I flustered a little about that in my next email so they agreed to charge us $.50 per mile which completely missed my point. My husband and I discussed it and finally said okay and emailed back saying that we would pay that charge (we'd already bought the thing through Angie's List anyway so what else could we do?). It was to have been $85 extra dollars due at the end of the move and I made sure to have my checkbook with me that day (which I did).
I confirmed that we still wanted the move three times by Angie's List message and never received a response. So on the 11th or 12th of June I called the number on the advert and confirmed with the OWNER that we were still on for the 14th (like other reviews pointed out, he just answered the phone with hello, nothing more, should have been our 2nd clue). He did indeed confirm that they would be there between 10-11am on the 14th to move us and even confirmed that the move was to Georgetown and had been set up through Angie's List. Got my name and everything.
The 14th arrives. My husband had been working hard to get the house finished up and move everything out to the front yard so it could be grabbed and put right in the truck in order to minimize the time used since we wanted to be charged for as little extra time as possible. Still, I accounted for up to an extra $65 if needed by that point.
10am. 11am. 11:15 and no truck. I call the number and ask them when we should expect them only to be told that they didn't have us on the schedule! The owner played the blame game, blaming his partner for not scheduling it and not telling him. That excuse didn't hold water with me because I had personally called HIM (the owner) to confirm details for Saturday. People who can't take responsibility for their own actions make me very upset. Even worse, he didn't seem remotely apologetic and even asked if we could do it the next day! I told him no because we had everything sitting outside and had a schedule to keep. I schedule things meticulously and I figured even if something happened and it took longer than expected that we still had 3 hours between when the movers were supposed to arrive and when we HAD to be in Georgetown for an installation appointment. It was a reasonable buffer in my opinion, even assuming things went wrong.
He says I'll call you back in 15 minutes to see what I can do. We took that time to explore our other options and call around to rent a truck. At such short notice, nothing is available. We had hired movers instead of doing it ourselves since I'm not only 8 months pregnant, but my husband couldn't afford to hurt his back because we're saving his PTO for when the baby is born.
20 minutes later and the owner hasn't called back so we called him. He said that they would be there in 1 1/2 hours. I knew we wouldn't make the installation appointment and people kept trying to steal things from our yard because they thought we were giving it all away. My husband had to stay behind at the house to wait for them in the heat and I took our 13 year old to Georgetown to wait for the phone/internet installer. Since I work from home as an operations manager it was incredibly important that we didn't miss that appointment to have service installed.
At 2:15 my husband called to say that the movers had just arrived with a very tiny truck but they were going pretty quick and were getting everything put into place with his help. At 3:09 my husband called to say that they had left about ten minutes before and were on their way. About 4:11pm he calls back and I tell him that the movers had just arrived. (Means it took over an hour to get to Georgetown, just remember this part). He was stunned. He had been a mover back when he was an older teen and he knew a bit about the business. It shouldn't have taken that long even if they did have to go slower due to the size of the truck. It's a 20 minute drive!
So at just about 4:50pm they were done. I had gone out to the van and sat with the windows rolled down while they finished up. I didn't know these guys and I wasn't going to be outside of screaming range if something happened. From that vantage point I was able to see them kicking our boxes down the ramp and sticking my son's desk upside down and shoving it down the ramp so that it slid across the concrete and scuffed the top. Really professional. I didn't say anything. I just watched. I was already beyond furious and didn't want to start screaming at them like trash. I told my son to lock our front door and lock the back as well as soon as everything was inside. I didn't trust any of them at this point and I wanted to go get my husband as soon as possible before he sweated to death.
As soon as my son got in the car he tried to tell me something about the movers but I asked him to hold off for a moment because the owner was coming over. I didn't want to talk to him, but instead of rolling up the window and leaving (what I wanted to do) I waited and tried to be nice. I figured he was finally coming over to apologise. I was wrong. He was coming over to GIVE US A BILL for the extra charges! I had stupidly assumed that he wouldn't have the nerve to try and charge us extra after arriving four hours late among everything else. A good businessman will generally at least say okay, I'm so sorry about that, I'm comping you 50% on the extra charges or even asking what can I do to make this up to you? Nothing. No apology, no offer to compensate anything. He said here's a bill for $112.50 (!) for the extra time (all travel time since it was about 40 minutes to unload) and the gas and mileage. I told him flat out I wasn't paying him anything until I discussed it with my husband and he could send me a bill by email if he wanted to do that. He said he couldn't do that. I said you can send it through the message system at Angie's List if you want to have an official written record but I'm not paying a dime until my husband gives the approval. He made sure to point out that I didn't tell him I wasn't going to pay until after everything was moved out. And that there was no clause for 'lateness'. He didn't mention that we WEREN'T EVEN ON THEIR SCHEDULE which is why they were so late. I didn't say anything because I was still shocked he was even ASKING for more money by this point. The owner asks me to give him a written statement that I will discuss it with my husband so I say sure. He scribbles something on a piece of paper and I read it and laughed. I refused to sign it and made my own statement before snapping a picture of it with my phone.
His part read:
Agreement between express moving and (name) was to pay for additional hours + fuel + gas. She refused to pay it because movers were late.
Customer sign _________
Mover sign __________
I wrote above that:
Will discuss possible payment with husband
If you read above all of this where he sketched out what we 'owed', you could see that he also fudged the math in his favor. Nice. Good thing I know how to count, I suppose.
So anyway, after this I left them there and raced back to get my husband. On the way, my son finally got a
to tell me what he had been trying to say before. That although one of the movers was very nice, one of the other movers called him a little s**t because he accidentally told him to take something upstairs that belonged downstairs. This same mover complained to his
that the 'f-
b***h' was sitting in the van with the a/c on (it wasn't) instead of helping them move boxes!
We get to Lexington and my husband meets us in front of the house. He loads up a few things that were left over and we're just about to leave when THE MOVING TRUCK pulls up! Yes, less than 10 minutes after I arrived the magical moving truck had flown to our old house in Lexington. They left after I did so that means it took them perhaps 25 minutes to get there when it took an hour before?
My husband is terrified at this point that they're going to get out and jump us. We were SO glad the girls were with my mother. He tells me to dial 911 and have it ready to call. Again, we don't know them. So he goes to talk with them and makes a deal to give the owner $45 cash for the fuel charge just to keep the peace. I gave him the cash I had on hand, just enough. My husband tells the owner what the one mover said to my son and about me. This was the ONLY time I heard an apology from the owner for anything. My son identified the mover who said it and we left. My husband asked me not to write a review or contact the BBB so as not to cause trouble. We didn't want them showing up here and starting something.
Then we went to our new place (we're renting an apartment for a year until we can find a big enough house here in Gtown) and discovered that the movers put a huge
in the bottom of one of the doors upstairs when they moved our dryer into it. Something we now have to pay to replace. Which means all bets are off. Here's our review and I'm asking Angie's for a refund.


Rated Review by Theresa R.
"It went very well. The crew were friendly, easy to work with and experienced movers. The manager confirmed my time the day before and they arrived on time. Even deducted time off for lunch and breaks. They were very cautious with all of my belongs and made suggestions for easier packing and unloading.

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Lexington Movers Reviews

"While I was very happy with the initial deal and communication from the mover, things went downhill from there. The two movers who helped me were certainly nice enough, but the professionalism was definitely lacking. While they had many blankets and pieces of cardboard for padding purposes, more than one of my dining chairs got nicked and scuffed from being loaded hastily and with pressure on sensitive points. One of the movers was shirtless and became (understandably) very sweaty during the process of loading and unloading. WIthout a cloth
Lexington Movers Provider Name Locked
to collect the sweat, much of it ended up on my various wood furniture pieces. And the cherry on top was some paint that was transferred onto the front of my dresser when it was apparently bumped into a wall or door frame. When I contacted the company owner to see about having this looked at, he agreed to send someone out, but then I never heard another word about it even after making follow-up contacts myself. Also, I paid for 2 hours of service, but was charged for approximately 15 minutes of extra time. This was due to the movers apparently needing to stop and refuel, even though my new home is less than 3 miles from my old apartment. That truck must get the worst gas mileage on the planet!
I can't argue with the price, and I probably would have let everything else go as well if I had simply received the promised follow up on my newly repainted dresser. But here I sit a month later and my eyes focus on that blemish every time I walk into my bedroom. If you need a hand, and cheap, give these guys a shot. But do yourself a favor and pre-wrap everything of value - and maybe buy a can of gas before they get there.
"They were to remove junk and that is what was discussed with
Lexington Movers Provider Name Locked
June 3, by my wife. She was informed they would take about anything. They were informed of what we had. They arrived at 0900 as agreed. They arrived in one of their moving trucks used to haul people's households. They were shown what was to go and they started about 0910 moving stuff to the truck. To my surprise there is a definition of junk, I wasn't aware of. These boards have bugs, this material is wet and can't be put on our moving truck, etc. At this point; I asked them to let me know what I owed and for them to leave.
They advertised they would remove junk and stated over the phone what they would move. Junk removal should be removed from their advertising. I guess they could change it to clean, dry junk.
Thirty minutes of work. $50.00 labor and $50.00 dump fee.
I don't know about their moving services, it may be fine. After this experience I would not use them for moving either.

"The team arrived right on schedule. they were courteous and efficient. They got everything loaded at our house and took it to Georgetown, unloaded it, loaded some other furniture there and brought it back and put it in our house. They also moved a couple of pieces between two locations at the Georgetown house.

We were extremely pleased with the service and the level of professionalism. We will definitely use them again when we need this type of work.
"1. Company should call day before and confirm the appointment and moving time.

I had to call him and he advised he would arrive between 11 and noon.

At noon he called to ask me my address and advised he would arrive in 15-20 mins

25 mins later he arrived with the smallest moving truck I had ever seen....more />
It was a good thing that I had moved 80% of my stuff on my own because with just the furniture and a few boxes the truck was

packed to the brim. It would have had to be two trips otherwise.

2. Once the truck was packed then he asked the address of the new place.

it took him 35 mins to get there

they stopped at the gas station

3. Only one thing got broken but it was just a candle holder

4. the owner of the company never spoke to me except for when it was time to ask for additional money.

His associated was nice though

In conclusion here is some suggestions for the company:

1. answer the phone as a business, don't just say hello

2. get all the pertinent information to ensure that you will have the right truck for the job. Or inform your customers that you only have a 14 foot box truck

3. call the customer to confirm apt, don't wait to see if they call you

4. if you are not going to be on time a courtesy call would be appreciative.
"The entire process was seamless and professional. I had never used a moving company before as I was leary of having my items trashed and the movers not showing....well....
Lexington Movers Provider Name Locked
changed my mind! They were professional, friendly, and accommodating. They even had to take the front door off to get the couch out and didn't skip a beat. They worked hard to get my items moved within the 2 hour was a great experience and with the Angies coupon it was affordable. I hate to say it but we are using them again already! Thanks guys!
"The company was very responsive to our needs. This was a tiny job, just moving pieces of bulky furniture from one room to another, but we needed it done quickly. Their pricing schedule is more geared to larger moving jobs, but they adjusted things to allow for this small job (under 1 hour). The young men who showed up (exactly when they said, and they called us shortly before arriving) were very polite, very professional, and very capable. We would use this company again and definitely recommend them.
"They were very professional, prompt and more than willing to help move all the items. Some of the pieces of furniture were very old pieces and therefore very heavy but they tackled the job with no complaining at all.
"The movers condensed my boxes stating they needed to in order to make room on the semi for my things.
They did a good job getting my things loaded in Kentucky.
The problems started in the drop off in Florida.
The driver said he would be arriving at 10 am but did not show up until around 3pm.
Then he had to wait for another person to show up to help unload.
My cherry wood bed rails got "lost" so my mattresses are on the floor.
They also "lost" antique china that was my grandmother's which is irreplaceable.
There are a couple of boxes missing that contained shoes & miscellaneous items
Since they condensed boxes I am missing the other shoe to about 6 pairs
SInce I do not have dates & prices of items I am pretty much out of luck.

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