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The job was scheduled to begin on Tuesday June 3rd. Not only did no one show up to start the work on Tuesday, but there was no notice whatsoever as to why the delay. The next day, Wednesday June 4th, was a gorgeous day, yet no one showed up that
day either.
Finally, Thursday afternoon, June 5th, the job was started and the contractor communicated that the work would continue on Friday June 6th. On Friday June 6th, no one showed up to complete the work and no one called or communicated via email to explain why. In the meantime, newly planted azaleas that were already in place before the job began had been dug up and their holes were left completely uncovered for the next several days, with no explanation.
The following week, after posting a note on
's Facebook page indicating that that we were not at all happy with their lack of professionalism up to that point, the work resumed again and most of the job was completed. Much of what was done was done well, yet, unfortunately, bad dirt had been put down between the deck stairs and the stone foundation that was built, rather than a healthier soil. This went against our instructions given at the outset, as the wrong kind of dirt can produce less than desirable results, to say the least--and this is exactly what happened. Also, they neglected to put down grass seed in that area after putting down this inferior dirt and we actually had to call a week later to let them know that they had forgotten to do this.
Not surprisingly, most of what grew over the next several weeks and beyond, between the deck stairs and the stone foundation, were many ugly weeds and very little healthy grass. The weeds have continued to spread and they look awful.
Our backyard has always been very lush and well maintained, with few if any weeds, so this is the first time that so many weeds have grown within such a short space of time in an area that is normally free of them. The contractor has said that they will work on eliminating the weeds, but from what I can tell this has yet to be done. To make matters worse, the dogwood tree that was planted on the side of the house does not appear to be doing very well despite an ample amount of water and sunshine.
Although much of the work completed for this landscaping project was done satisfactorily, there were numerous instances of blatant unprofessionalism with regard to the constant lack of communication on the part of the contractor and regarding areas of the property that were essentially ignored and where the use of cheaper, inferior products produced highly unattractive results.
Based on this experience, I cannot recommend
for elaborate landscaping projects.

- Erin K.

This experience could not have been better!! We met with the designer,
and talked thru what we thought we wanted and also provided a list of plants and trees that we really liked.
Due to their busy schedule, it took about a month to get the plan back and when we was incredible! The blueprint was incredibly professional, provided great detail and was stunning! I had a pretty good vision of what I thought I wanted but
exceeded my expectations!
is very easy to work with and will definitely continue to rely on her and
Bros. in order to keep our outside looking amazing!
We have received several comments even though only a portion of the landscaping has been completed. Can hardly wait until we can begin the next phase.
Thank you


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Landscaping reviews in Mcpherson


They arrived on- time and started the job by grading my lawn and laying sod they did a great job leveling. They brought in a dump truck load of sand and leveled it . My lawn has grown in beautifully the owner even through in a one Time pest control service and spiders i have I have not seen , great company , communicate well. I have hired them on a permantly basis .
- noah L.

A few days after they were paid and completed the job I noticed water lodging on the rear Patio, upon further examination I noticed there was several low spots on the Patio. I called Infinite and they said this was normal. I a friend who is a Construction guy and he said your patio is settling/sinking. He removed some paving stones to find it was laid on sand and was not properly packed.
We then noticed blocks in the steps put in upside down with glue coming out between the blocks. I asked them to be sure weed barriers are properly installed under the flower beds to prevent weeds, less than a month there was several weeds. He said he put in lawn seed to regrow the areas of lawn beside his patio work, grass never grew and now I have just weeds and dirt.
This guy convinced me, and he will convince you that he does excellent work, this is not the case, his work is a disgrace. I asked him to call over and fix the problems but he didn't and stopped taking my calls.
I since hired another company to fix all his work which is now complete but cost me Thousands of Dollars extra.
- Brendan G.

The project went without a hitch from beginning to end. I loved working with
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
, the landscape architect. She began the project by trying to get to know who I was--how I envisioned using the space (romantic dinners, parties with friends, retreat), my ability to take care of the place (low maintenance), and asked me to send her pictures of gardens that captured who I was and reflected what I wanted my backyard to look like. I believe this is an essential step to satisfaction. Well worth the money. After several visits to my backyard, measurements, and discovery discussions with me,
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
presented me with a plan that was spot on. I didn't understand several aspects of what she was proposing and she worked with me until I understood. I looked up all the plants she recommended on the Internet and again was amazed at how spot on she was. I made some changes in plants (only because they were ones my mom had in her backyard as I was growing up) and she was wonderfully accommodating. I even sent her pictures of trellises and garden furniture I was thinking of purchasing on
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
's list to get her professional opinion on whether or not she thought they would work in the space. She recommended the round versus rectangular table and I couldn't be happier. A plus of
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
is this approach of getting inside your head to channel exactly what you want. And,
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
is accommodating, without being shy about saying, well, maybe this would work better, easy to communicate with, and responsive and attentive--your project matters.
Work began on time and ended on time. There were no problems. None. Staff were professional, hard, good and heads-up workers. They were clean and respectful of my garden. If they had questions about things, they would ask me, and not just go-ahead and do things.
I have to end with a statement about the project's cost--approximately $20,000 plus a bit. I have to say I was a bit taken aback by the price for a roughly 16 X 20 ft. backyard. But I had gotten 2 other estimates prior to contacting
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
. One estimate was for $15,000, and I never followed up with them--just wasn't ready to spend that kind of money--another was for about $11,000 to $14,000, but they never called me back when I followed up with them to begin the work. I'm happy they didn't. After working with
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
, this other company seemed rather fly by night. You know the kind that charges $14,000, but may cut corners to make a bigger profit.
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
further confirms the old adage that "you get what you pay for." They do not cut corners, they achieve your dream and make it even better. I cannot tell you how well the drainage works in my backyard. The pitch of the patio is imperceptible while standing on it, but OMG, the water when it rains, goes directly and immediately to my drain and the area in the walkway that was moldy and always damp before dries within an hour or less of any rain. This itself is worth $20K. The best way I can describe
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
is like this--when I watch renovation shows on HGTV (e.g., Property Brother's), and you hear the renovation contractors say--Wow, some unscrupulous contractor really did a botch job on your house and now we have to redo what they did first to accomplish your dream,
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
is that contractor that does things the right way. They are the contractor you can trust to get the job done right. My backyard will last forever, even if Capitol Hill experiences ground zero! I also flagstone installed throughout my backyard, and wonderful mood lighting, so that contributes to my $20,000 project. But the workmanship they did, the drainage systems they installed and lightening, I can completely understand that it actually does cost $20K to build a 16 X 20 ft. patio.
One final comment,
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
did not balk or ignore my job for building a relatively small space garden in the District. They returned my calls for an estimate and followed up with me on the work. I was treated just as importantly as an expansive VA or MD suburban backyard.

I contacted
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
to request an estimate for a "spruce up" of my landscaping because we were preparing our house to sell. I liked the ideas that
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
proposed for my property, and the estimate was the best compared to what I received from other companies, plus they didn't try to sell me a bunch of add-ons or extras. The provider was also able to accommodate our need to have the work done rather quickly, which was a big bonus.
The provider arrived at my house at the scheduled time, and reviewed everything that he planned to do, which I found very thorough and professional. Before cleaning up and leaving, the provider checked back in with me to
ensure that I was satisfied with the work, and I absolutely was. The finished product exceeded my expectations and the landscaping improvements really made my home look stunning. The provider even edged some additional areas (sidewalks and driveway) for which no there were no extra charges.
I will definitely hire
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
in the future, and I'll also recommend them to my friends and family.

This is the second time I have used
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and did so based on my prior experience with them designing and installing a revision to my backyard landscape and reviewing Angie's list comments on recent projects. In my 2010 review they executed on the plan to perfection and we could not be happier with the result. Unfortunately we did not have the same experience or outcome this time around.
Our job was broken up into two parts and price quotes (one for around the pool and south side of the yard and the second was a refresh of existing sod area on the north side and reshaping a paver patio. If I could I would rate the project around the pool and south yard a "B" but the north side was a "D".
The Good:
1. The design process was good. The proposed plan was presented after meeting with
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and we made some modifications including additions.
2. They were flexible in that they modified the plan for a change in the size of the pool equipment wall and added water and ran conduit for misting system lines (yes it added cost however we appreciated their flexibility).
3. Their choice of landscape lighting is very nice and installed well!
4. Their sod vendor decided to deliver the sod for my project on the street outside our gated community instead of in front of our house. This caused some added time in having to transfer the sod and it
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
to them having to send a partial crew on the 4th of
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
holiday to install it.
5. The paver installation around the pool and the new lawn on the south of the yard was done well.
The Bad
1. The crew did not install hardscape exactly to the plan drawn. This includes not placing the trash can screen wall in the right place per plan and required us to make an unexpected compromise as they had already built half of the wall when I noticed it was not even close to the proposed plan.
2. The crew did not match the plan for the south lawn area or placement of the raised garden planter. I discovered it too late in the process and had to make yet another compromise.
3. The crew did not install the sprinkler timer correctly which meant that the sprinkler valves did not come on. They hooked up the wiring incorrectly from the valves to the controller. I noticed after they installed the lawn on the 4th of
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
that the newly installed lawn was not being irrigated ---- I fixed the problem myself.
4. From their prior work they installed three fire pits for us in the patio using concrete planters. I asked on multiple occasions that they would be reinstalled lined up and square after they moved them for the paver patio installation and refresh. They were not square and not even close to being lined up. The gas key cutouts in the pavers were beyond substandard. They cut the pavers too large for the opening and backfilled them with sand. This is not how the original installation was done.
5. The existing fire pit gas valves needed to be raised slightly, they had a gas contractor install risers but then the gas key would not fit in the valve - Why? Well after I complained and the gas contractor came out we noticed that to raise the valve they used parts that were corroded and that's why the key did not fit into the valve? It's because they used recycled parts they had instead of spending $1.04 on a new part.
5. The north side of the yard is another story entirely. We had originally had a curved grass area which was being modified to square/rectangle and the mounding was supposed to be flattened. The list of issues on this side are numerous. They did not fix the mounding in the lawn leaving a huge hump in the square/rectangle lawn. Then they did not even move the sprinkler heads to the
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
of the sod. They left them where they were originally placed - the new sod did not get watered. For the new irrigation they installed the sprinkler heads between 1/2 to 3/4 inch proud of the installed sod (???????) they are supposed to be 1/2" above grade prior to installation of the sod. They also installed a sprinkler head under a rain gutter downspout (the sprinkler could never operate as it hit the rain gutter downspout). Lastly, they left so much rock debris on the lawn (large rocks and chunks of mortar) I had to spend numerous hours picking out the rocks before mowing (huge issue as the sod was Tifway 419 which is mowed with a reel mower and those mowers don't like rocks and its expensive to fix or replace a reel blade). The second part of the north side was a modification of an existing paver patio - they installed the new patio but did not bother replacing the riprap that was in place to catch water run off. Lastly, there was existing mounding around the grass area, we spoke many times about lowering the mounding and instead they increased the mounding height or did not grade it out (I assume b/c they did not want to haul off the extra dirt). Disclaimer, in fairness we had to have a trench dug through the existing sod for the pool and I did expect there to rocks around the trench but not in the newly installed lawn.
6. Clean-up: Yes they cleaned up but there are all sorts of huge chunks of mortar, rocks, caliche clumps and litter. I have cleaned up what I can but I keep finding more the more I walk the yard.
7. In general, they left me with what I estimate as two pallets of pavers (from the existing patios) stacked near the rip rap area they did not replace. I had asked the project manager that they be stacked elsewhere.
8. We have cutouts with different gravel in them (per landscapers plan) it's minus compacted and dark brown. They first installed the wrong gravel in these cutouts, I noticed and then they pulled out the gravel and put in the minus per plan but the minus they ordered was not the correct existing color. They eventually fixed it but they also buried my plans in the minus gravel. It looks wrong.
So I called to get these issues remedied (grade = c) and the saddest part is that when they fixed the mound in the lawn they installed a different variety of sod (even though I stressed that it was Tifway 419). When they fixed the sprinkler heads they left even more large rocks and they did not even fix all the sprinkler heads. They forgot to replace a dead plant and then when they came back a second time with the correct sod they missed a section so now I have mostly Tifway 419 and a patch of Midiron sod??????????
In general communication was the worst part. I checked in via phone calls and e-mail to confirm important items including sending detailed written communication and the important items never really got addressed. On the warranty items I was told they met with the crew and discussed in detail what needed to be done per my e-mail (fix sod, fix sprinkler heads, line up fire pits) but when they showed up they asked questions about each item - I was told they met, went over my e-mail and discussed what needed to be done. I would be told one thing one day and then something else the next day by the project manager during and after we finished the project.
So I am done now, though there are still a handful of issues that bug me I will do them myself - I am tired of picking up rocks out of my lawn every time they show up. Overall I am more disappointed than mad - we had a great experience in 2010 and a bad experience in 2014. I will likely be re-soding the entire north lawn in the spring (I will get all the rocks out of the lawn and I will fix those sprinkler heads too).

- Jared N.

Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
came in and did a fantastic job removing a bunch of old overgrown blue rug junipers. Removing those things is a chore but
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
brought in his bobcat and tore them out in no time flat. He also noticed a couple other small stumps along the driveway and he removed those without being asked! Rarely do you get someone in who does more than requested just because it is the right thing to do! He cleaned everything up and it looked like he had never been there which is all you can ask from any service provider!
I definitely plan on having
Mcpherson Landscapers Provider Name Locked
come back to remove all of our remaining landscaping so we can start fresh in the spring!
- Shawn R.

The company sent a representative to provide proposal within 48 hours; the proposal seemed to go well, but there was ultimately confusion about the actual price agreed upon because of the way the rep wrote it up. This caused a lot of confusion and irritation toward the end of the job and we actually ended up not getting everything done that we thought would be included because of this. The ownere called the next day quite apologetic and agreed that the proposal had been confusing for the job supervisor. We ended up paying what we were quoted but did not get all the work done for the money that had been on the proposal.
The work itself was done quite well and scheduled within a couple of days of the proposal. Crew used care not to damage other trees, shrubs, etc. on the property as they went about taking down trees and hauling off debris. They cleaned up the site afterward - including using a blower to rid the decks in our yard of sawdust.
All in all we were quite happy with the actual work, but the problems noted above with the discrepancy between the proposal and what was written up for the crew $$-wise left a bad taste and caused unnecessary conversations, etc. with crew. We may well use them again but we will be very, very careful to make sure the proposal is written up clearly and accurately reflects what was discussed regarding the work to be done and the cost.

- Nancy L.

I had a okay experience overall. As far as price is concerned they told me up front that they are more expensive than other landscape groups but they do better work, but I had a 10% off coupon from a mailer so I thought I would give them a try. My major mistake is that I did not get the original estimate in writing. I scheduled them and was told two weeks, but it was closer to four before they came, but it was early spring so I expected they were busy. When they did come the work was excellent, except that they forgot to weed and landscape one of my beds at the far end of my yard. I called to let them know they missed a bed and was told they would be back out to fix it. They still had not come back to fix the last bed and then I received my invoice which was more than I expected. I called again and was told they had sent the workers to the wrong address and didn't know where to send them. Also, when I questioned the bill I was told that I had to send in the check with the coupon to receive the discount. So after waiting for them to come fix the last bed, which when they came was done well, I sent in the check with the coupon for the price I was quoted. Then a month later I got another letter saying they had made a mistake and the 10% had already been deducted from the original invoice so I owed them the difference. Again, since I didn't get the original estimate in writing I didn't have any proof I was being overcharged so I paid the difference, but I won't be using them again since I can't trust the pricing.
- David S.
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