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Tops designed the garage with very specific requirements regarding handicap accessibility. Some of this project also included VA specific paperwork, requirements and timeline. They worked well coordinating subcontractors for cement, electricity, gutters and handicap lift and kept us informed of the work schedule. Since the garage was attached, windows in the living room were removed and a door added for access to the garage. Interior walls were repaired when windows and doors were changed. During the construction, Tops was observant to keep the doorways clear for my husband's power wheelchair. At the end of each work day, the site was organized. All this work was completed in about 3 weeks.
We have received many compliments on how the garage design complements the house. Hats off to
and Remodeling for a job well done.

- Mary K.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We found
to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, and the scope of the project increased per his suggestions as he progressed. His carpentry work is first-rate. Part of the expanded project involved exterior painting, and
’s painting subcontractors were, unfortunately, careless and unprofessional. And although the total project cost will exceed $40,000, the job remains uncompleted 4 months after work began (a month late);
is busy with other, larger projects and at this point we have no idea when/if he will finish.

The Good

When, in 1995, we moved into our c1960 home, we replaced most of the original windows with wood
replacement windows. After living in the home for a little over a decade, some of the windows and many of the sills had already rotted out. We had them replaced at considerable expense, but watched with disappointment over the past few years as, once again, the sills and some of the windows rotted yet again.

At the same time, we knew the original board-and-
siding on one wing of our house needed replacing, as many of those boards were experiencing rot. Also, the gutter across the back side of our house had fallen down during last winter's severe weather.

We met with several contractors to review the scope of the work we needed to have done, and were very impressed with
. We felt that
had some smart ideas about ways in which we might mitigate future window rot, including selective replacement of wood with composite material. Although we were prepared to replace ALL the board-and-
advocated a more conservative approach, replacing only those boards that needed replacement. The composite material he proposed to use looked indistinguishable from the remaining wood boards.

's crew began removal of the old siding and were better able to assess the condition of the remaining boards, we did decide, in consultation with
, that it would make sense to replace all of the wood siding. And as they worked on the rear side of the house, where the gutter needed replacement and most of the rotted windows were located,
and his crew also noted damage to the fascia boards behind the gutters, and
recommended extending the roofline it so that water draining off the roof would channel properly into the new gutters. Since our roof is slate, this extension was small matter, but
not only designed a solution that we were comfortable with on our architect-designed house, but also found – at a church re-roofing job in
– slates to match those on our 55-year-old house.

Even when
was not on-site, his crew – and especially the apparent crew supervisor, Minor – came up with creative and aesthetically appropriate solutions to unexpected challenges they encountered in the project. These guys are truly craftsmen. While actively involved on the project, they worked nearly every weekday (with a hiatus of a couple of weeks while they awaited delivery of some special-order materials) -- and long days, often until 7pm or later. They were trustworthy -- we felt comfortable leaving our house's windows unlocked while we were away from the house during the day so that they could perform the windowsill work -- and they neatened up the job site each evening before leaving. Best of all, the work
performed on our house seems to us to be excellent quality. As a huge and unexpected side benefit, it seems to have resolved a basement flooding problem that had become fairly severe over the previous few months. The Bad
began work in May. After a couple of months, most of the work had been completed on our project, and
moved his crew to another job. In
we met with him to go over punch-list items and
suggested we hold back 1/8 of the total project cost until the work was completed.

It is now mid-September and, except for one day in August when the crew returned to address a couple of punch-list items (and, thankfully, to remove the piles of ladders and other equipment that they had left in our yard), we are still waiting to have the work on our project completed.

The painting sub-contractors
had assigned to our job (eventually we decided to have the entire exterior of the house painted, as well as the trim and touch-up that had originally been part of the project) were careless and sloppy. Paint was spattered in areas that should have been protected (see below), and hardware -- i.e., shutter fittings -- that they removed from our house were scattered throughout the yard and damaged. After cleaning their spraying equipment, they spilled the paint-filled water into our bushes. We were not happy and let

When we were home one day and the painters came inside to do some touch-up on the newly installed sills, one of them offered to do some minor additional touch-up on a interior wall, and we agreed. Given the few minutes of extra work involved, we were very surprised and shocked when
's bill included a $500 charge from the painting sub-contractors for this additional work. Frankly, given the way the offer was made (“Let me take care of this for you”) and the fact that the painters knew we were unhappy with some of their practices, we were not expecting to charged at all.
readily agreed to eliminate this charge from the bill when we took issue with it. The Ugly

The piles of equipment and detritus left in our yard following the crew's departure made our property unsightly for a good part of the summer. One of these piles was unfortunately placed on top of a row of hostas, which never had a
to grow this season, and which we hope will come back next season.

Paint spatters remain on our patio wall and a lovely mercury thermometer with copper fittings, which the painters neglected to protect, remains with
who promised to clean it thoroughly. That was back in May. I fear it has been lost or damaged beyond repair.

And, as we feared, much of the shutter hardware did get broken or lost, and has not yet been replaced. Even if we were to give up on
at this point, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find another contractor willing/able to
out and replace the hardware and complete the outstanding items on our punchlist, even for the fairly significant amount that we held out from
's final bill. The Conclusion (yes – finally!) Overall, we were extremely pleased with the work
did on our house.
is smart and was easy to get in touch with and responsive during the course of our project, and his polite and responsible crew did quality work that looks great. Too bad about the lack of follow-through. As many who have had work done on their houses know, this kind of failure is all too common among contractors. We thought
was different, and are disappointed we were wrong.

- Andrea F.

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Roofing reviews in Liberal


Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
claims he is not a good salesman but he is wrong. He combines a strong knowledge of the roofing business with good listening skills and a desire to delight his customers. His prices are competitive. I talked to several roofers with outstanding Angie’s list reviews before selecting
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team. Even though every other roofer I talked to had first rate reviews and seemed to be able to do the job well, there was always a few people who noted they were dissatisfied for one reason or another on Angie’s List. I was impressed when I talked to
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
but was even more impressed because out of over 50 reviews on Angie’s List, he received an overall rating of A from everyone who reviewed him except for 2 people. Both of those people gave him a B and one of those people only got an estimate from him without having the work done. We put an extension onto our den about 20 years ago which leaked on the rare occasions when a heavy rain combined with heavy winds from a certain direction. Over the years we had several contractors try without success to solve the leak. When
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
took off the existing roof, he discovered the source of the problem which was pretty far away from where the leak had been coming into our den. We had 2 layers of roofing taken off and a new roof put on. Additionally we replaced our old gutters with seamless gutters. He and his team of hardworking professionals showed up and finished when they said they would show up and finish. They were diligent in cleaning up. It took two full days to do the job. After the work was done, we discovered a couple of minor flaws which
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
promptly had fixed. We are delighted with the work
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
did and we would not hesitate to use him again.
- Marilyn M.

It went great.
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very helpful and prompt. At the end of the job, he told me to wait for a few more soaking rains to make sure that the holes were plugged. I am happy to report that the problem has been solved. He also gave me a year-long warranty.
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was friendly and professional, and is very knowledgable about his work. He gave me excellent advice about future issues I should look out for with my roof. I plan to hire him again, and am very comfortable doing so.
- Andrew G.

I was away from home while the work was being performed, but
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his guys documented the work with photos throughout the day and emailed the pics to me. The roofing was removed down to the sheathing in the problems areas. They found and replaced some rotted wood around a plumbing vent and the chimney. Around the chimney, they installed ice and water shield and then completely re-flashed it. The shingles in the newly repaired areas are perfectly blended with the old parts of the roof.
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his guys are very professional. They showed up on time and performed a very thorough roof repair for the amount of
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's original estimate. I definitely recommend
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and would use them again if I have other roofing problems in the future.
- Wes F.

.Couldn't be
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and owner Mr
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I had 2150 square foot of roof replaced, ridge vents installed and some rotten wood replaced. Price was very fair and Mr
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
is great to work with very down to earth and honest. Plan on getting windows replaced next year and
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
will be the first call i make.
- clinton C.

Did a through inspection of all parts of the roof on two buildings. Determined that my roof had a roofing shingle that was known to have manufacturers defects and subject to class action suits. Gave me advice on how to approach the problem to help replace the roof with minimal charges to me.
- Bruce M.

The lady I spoke with with was very professional and scheduled an appointment with me for 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, 9/13/14. I planned my day so that I would be at home. No one ever came or called to let me know that they needed to reschedule.
- Timothy B.

Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
promptly responded to my inquiry for an estimate, and promptly provided an estimate. Sadly
I found this to be uncommon, as several contractors did not return my calls or respond to my emails. Once I agreed to
the estimate that was provided, my job was placed in a queue and I was told that the he would get to as the weather permits before the end of the summer.

I remember receiving a call on a Tuesday morning confirming that he could send someone to do my job the next day a Wednesday. I was not thrilled with the short notice, but I agreed and was able to pull some strings to get a day off on short
notice. I remember calling Mr.
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and leaving a voicemail for him that Tuesday evening confirming that I would home
the next morning (Wednesday) for his crew to perform the job. Unfortunately, no one showed up at the specified time which prompted me to call Mr.
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and ask for an explanation. I received a prompt return call advising that his crew member who was supposed to perform the work I requested did not show up for work. He did pull two others off another job after I did communicate my displeasure about taking a day off of work on short notice only to have no one show up. Two men arrived roughly 20 minutes after my phone conversation with Mr.
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. They were not briefed on what I wanted, so I explained what I wanted done and communicated what was on the estimate I received. After the two men surveyed what needed to be done and what tools, equipment, and supplies that they would need, Mr.
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
came and offered an apology in person. I did also overhear a conversation he had on his cell phone where he became agitated and told the person on the other end that if he can arrive but cannot do the job, then he had no need for him. I made an assumption that this was the person who was originally supposed to perform the work I requested. I do not enjoy getting people in trouble at their jobs, but at the same time I took a day off of work and I expected someone to arrive as agreed since I am paying for the work to be done.
After the rough start, the two men got to work and performed all of the work I requested. These men were what I expected of a general contractor, they were a
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
of all trades. They performed the carpentry, placed the sheet metal over the woodwork on the front door (which I believe is called flashing) and painted it. The sheet metal was the key piece that I wanted done, so that it would protect the wood from rotting. Once they were done painting, the area looked as if it had been there for years, which was the effect I wanted, so that I would match the front of the house. They also performed a side job. They climbed up on a ladder two and a half stories and placed some sheet metal over top of a piece of siding that was no longer as tight against the side brick wall the roof. Once the sheet metal was painted, and caulking was placed around the sheet metal, the area was sealed as I requested. This area also matches the rest of the house and appears as though it has always been there. One would have to perform a close inspection to see where the recent work was done when compared with the rest of the house that is over 50 years old.
I admit I was not happy with the rough start, but I appreciated his responsiveness. The men he sent to perform the work did a good job even though they were expecting to be on another job that day and were not prepared for my job. I will contact
Liberal Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
again in the future as I imagine that I will be in need of his services next summer.
- Gary R.

This was an outstanding, caring, compassionate company. My
mother-in-law (86) had damage to her gutters, roof, and windows the insurance
company wasn’t paying for some of the gutter replacement and the gutter guards
that sustained a large amount of damage. The owner of Triton met with my
mother-in-law and a few days later had something worked out that she would get
all new gutters and gutter guards. This is particularly important for us to say
a huge Thank You because with the large trees surrounding her home and with her
age, gutters are very important but keeping them debris free with those gutter
guards has been such a relief.
- pamela M.
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