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Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
helped us to design a peninsula (counter extension) from the end of our current
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
quartz counter top. Because of the unique design and the weight factor of the counter extension, 2 solid oak four leg columns had to be designed and installed. It came out perfect and is everything I wanted.
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
was great to work with, very professional and knowledgeable. The
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
countertop was provided by Spectrum Counter Tops in
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, owner of the business, was also great to work with and both were extremely conscientious and cleaned up every tiny bit of dust. I would recommend them both for any further work.
- Donna L.

Working with
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
from the showroom to the install was a breath of fresh air. The showroom visit was pleasant, educated staff that helped when needed but did not aim to hard sell anything. I enjoyed the no pressure atmosphere and walking around to see all the choices. Once I decided on what I wanted the paperwork process with Fatih was a breeze. He set clear expectations of timing for follow up appointments and delivered a great product at a very competitive price.
Two days after our order was placed, a team of two people came out to the house to measure the bathrooms, they were polite and arrived exactly on time for the appointment, they were in and out within 20 minutes and went over everything before they left to assure we were satisfied with their visit as well as moving to the next steps.
Next came install day. Again a team of 3 very polite men arrived and explained what they were doing and introduced themselves. They arrived exactly on time and called 30 minutes before arriving as a heads up. They worked quickly and very cleanly, we remarked how we didn't even need to touch up any paint in the bathrooms with them removing countertops and installing new ones. They did a phenomenal job and we were super impressed. Upon leaving they again went through a checklist to make sure everything went as planned and it did.
I would absolutely recommend
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
with confidence. You cannot go wrong with them, and we look forward to doing our kitchen in the future with them. Keep up the great work and great customer service!
- Andrew K.

This review records my experience of purchasing a single sink granite countertop from
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
When I selected the granite, the salesperson marked the counter top, the back splash and the two side splashes with tape on the slab I had selected to insure the desired area of the slab as well as the book-matched splashes delivered would be identical to what I specified. When scheduling the measurement for the counter top, I asked, and they agreed, to not arrive before 11am as I had an appointment at 9am and a time of 11am or after would insure I could be home when they arrived.
The WG representative arrived the day of measuring about 8:25am unaware that he was supposed to arrive after 11am. He said he would be very quick and I allowed him to begin. I learned he was not going to make a template and was just going to take a tape measurement but even with that abbreviated process, at about 8:40am I said I had to go and left him with my wife. (I was late for my appointment.)
Installation 1 and Installation 2:
When WG carried the granite in for installation 1, I noticed the sink hole in the granite was much larger than I remembered the sink template specifying. Further inspection showed they had cut it incorrectly and had to pull the countertop back out. WG agreed to cut a new piece. I went back out to WG to look at a new slab to insure the replacement was going to be acceptable. They manufactured the replacement very quickly and scheduled the installation just a few days after the original problem was identified. When WG returned with the replacement slab (installation 2), the sink hole was cut correctly. When they began to install the splashes, it was very evident they were not book-matched to the counter top and further review showed they were simply using the same splashes cut from the first slab. Very noticeable as the the first slab and the second slab had much different patterns. Book-matched splashes were part of the original agreement bu by this point in time, I gave up and didn't demand WG cut another countertop.
During the installation the installers asked me "eye-ball" the position for drilling the faucet. I said, I wouldn't do that and that I wanted it in the exact center of the sink (this was a one sink/one faucet top). They measured and then drilled the faucet hole. As they prepared to leave, I pointed out that the splashes hadn't been caulked on top where they met the walls. They said they didn't do that because paintable caulk shrinks and the homeowner had to take care of that. It had never occurred to me that I might have needed to specify that caulking be included during the purchasing process...lesson learned. This issue was exacerbated by the fact that the installers had used a couple of very large globs of adhesive between the splashes and the walls. The result was a more noticeable gap between the splashes and the walls as the adhesive couldn't be squeezed as thin as using several much smaller globs of adhesive would have allowed.
Sink and Faucet Installation:
No involvement by WG but complicated by their workmanship. When the sink and faucet were being installed, it became apparent that the faucet hole and the hole for the sink weren't aligned. The hole for the
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
sink was exactly in the center of the countertop but the hole for the faucet was about 1/4" off to one side. It doesn't sound like much and I probably only saw it because I was highly sensitized to anything going wrong at that point. I don't think the casual observer will ever notice but bottom-line is that the faucet hole was misaligned and the design of one faucet in the center of one sink makes that alignment more critical.
Through the number of disappointments I had with WG, all personnel from WG consistently reinforced that their priority was to satisfy me and I do believe that was their intent. Too bad good intentions and good results aren't directly correlated.
- David G.

Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and Jader were extremely easy to work with. All appointments were met as scheduled. The installation went very smoothly and I am very happy with the results. I've already contracted with them to redo the counter tops in my kitchen.
- Brad S.

We are on Lake
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
NC, an hour plus travel time from
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
so we shopped around in both cities, as well as the local Lowes and Home Depot stores before deciding on
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
. It was the right decision. The results are stunning. Our initial phone and e-mail exchanges with
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to scope the project, confirm we were in their service area, pass sketches and dimensions, and get an estimate were answered promptly and accurately. The job would need 2 full slabs. We decided to proceed further with
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and happened to be making a trip thru
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
then next day and wanted to look at full slabs, not just samples. Despite the short notice,
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
accommodated our request and met us at their suppliers warehouse. It was a great experience. First, we indicated that we wanted something more complex in pattern (called "movement") than the base price slabs and she guided us thru a huge warehouse, offering sound advice and ideas. We wanted the 129" long x 53" wide island to be made from one slab, which limited our selection. Once we narrowed our choices to two different patterns, she arranged for the local staff to move 2 slabs of each so we could view them side by side. We made our selection then
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
used our dimensioned sketches and marked off the counter tops with blue tape so that we could see how the stone patterns would appear. It was a great technique. The norm would be for us to have gone back to their fabrication shop before cutting but because of the distance she worked it thru in great detail with us. One suggestion
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
made was on how to get the backsplash cut from the same segment as the counter so that the pattern continued up the wall. Ands he did so in a way to avoid waste and keep it to 2 slabs, not 3. While we waited, she then calculated the final price for the exact fabrication with the requisite cuts for the pattern, sinks,
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, outlet and faucet holes as well as demolition and removal of the existing countertops. They came out to the house within a week to make detailed templates, arriving as planned--no missed appointments. Because of the size of the island and weight of the single piece of granite a crew of six came out for the installation--including
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, the owner. They were very careful of our home, cabinets and hardwood flooring during demo and installation. Final cuts for the
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
were made outside so that the slab would not crack in transit. They ran the shop vac next to the bit while drilling faucet holes to keep the dust down. Very professional. We were especially impressed with the seaming of a 12' run of counter in the midline of the sink. Despite a complex stone pattern with "movement" the selection where to make the cuts and then and final fit and finish of the joint is unnoticeable. When done they painstakingly cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed and polished the stone. We are very pleased with the outcome, the high quality of material and workmanship, and fully recommend them. This is a small family run business and attention to detail and professionalism is what gets them business, not mass marketing.
- John K.

They were very competitively priced. They did a great job, professional, clean, and polite. The only problem and delay was getting
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to come out and give me an estimate in the first place. Once I signed the contract with him, I had the counters installed within a week.
- shirley I.

Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
were great to work with. The material in our kitchen counter is a solid surface veneer (SSV) and is more of a challenge to work with than regular materials - I was concerned it might not be repairable . They made it look new again; we literally can't tell where the cracks were! They worked well past regular business hours and the cost was far below other quotes. Also,
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
are very pleasant people to be around. I had never met
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
before. This review is based only on the work they did. I give them my highest recommendation.
- Mark B.

We visited
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to look at granite for the kitchen counter tops. The 1st visit we were looking to see the different slabs that they had in stock. We did a second visit to determine which slabs would work with the colors that are in our kitchen area. The second visit we meet with
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and he was able to answer all the questions that we had. He is a great guy to work with. We had all the measurement for the counter tops for them. They were able to send us a price for the counter tops and installation. We did a third site visit to look at one slab again to make sure that was what we wanted. We meet with
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
again and he was again able to answer all the questions that we had. We talked about the installation and pricing and said we would leave him know in a few days. We got in the car and drove around the block and came back and signed the contract with
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
. We knew when we left this is the company we wanted to deal with.
They set up a date to do the digital measurements to verify our measurements and edging that was to be used. The tech that did this knew what to do and could answer questions how the granite would be installed because at times he would help with installs himself.
We also scheduled a date to go to
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to look at the two slaps that were to be used for our counter tops to see the the colors and grains that were in the granite. We approved the ones that were chosen.
The day of the installation the men arrived on time and knew what to do and how to install the tops. Everything fit and went together just like a glove. The new counter tops look great and add a new look to our kitchen area.
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, and all of
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
employes were great to work with on this kitchen project.
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
for all your help!
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked

- Dale P.

Phone staff was very courteous handling the appointments.
Arrived on time as per appointment.
Did job very well, setup well and cleaned neatly after drilling hole.
- Balarama T.

Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and Homes has completed two remodeling jobs for us. The first was our kitchen in 1998, and in 2008 we hired them to perform a complete update on our home, which included the work described above. Remodeling can be a stressful project, from deciding on the final design, selecting products, scheduling, and working through unforseen...More /> issues, not to mention disruption to the daily living environment. That said, our first project with the kitchen went so smoothly, it was a "no brainer" decision to hire
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to complete the larger
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
for the bathrooms, etc. Our master bath renovation was particularly complicated and involved completely tearing out an old 1978 era bathroom and creating a dream bath with a beautiful whirlpool tub, double vanity, and a large walk in closet. Their design team developed great plans, and presented them to us in a manner that was easy for us to envision the final living space. Their product selection is outstanding, and of very high quality. After work commenced, the crews were professional, exacting, reliable and friendly. Also, they did a great job cleaning up after their daily work! The teams were great with communication, and timely. Our projects were completed within the allotted timeframe, and are just beautiful.
In addition to the quality work and very pleasant interactions with the company and crews, both of our projects were completed within the quoted contract amount. There was no "nickel-and-diming" when we made changes to our design, such as adding a few more electric outlets, changing from bathroom mirrors to wall insert medicine cabinets, etc, Even after we encountered an issue with plumbing behind a wall, the contract cost did not change. The team even came up with a couple new ideas on their own to improve the look and feel of the rooms, such as laying the tile on the diagonal in the foyer and kitchen (a more complicated design), that they did for us at no additional charge.
We have recommended
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to friends over the years who have also hired them for kitchen and bath remodels, and they have enjoyed the same outstanding work and satisfaction as we have.
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
takes pride in their work, fully stands behind it, and values their customer relations, all of which result in 100% customer satisfaction. When we begin our next remodeling job, we will be contacting
Warsaw Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
- Howard M.
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