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From the first visit until the final installation it went very well. The counters are beautiful!
I visited the
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
location and looked at many samples. The office manager,
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, was kind and very helpful. It was a a busy day but she juggled and was attentive to everyone. She was knowlegable and pleasant to everyone.
I decided on a style of stone and asked to schedule a free estimate. The owner,
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, came to my house and measured my kitchen countertop and then I asked that he also measure the bathroom counters "just in case" I decided to have them replaced too. He gave me the estimate for the kitchen right then. He also gave me the address of the stone warehouse where I could see the entire slabs of stone prior to making my final decision.
I decided on the stone I would use for the kitchen and then called and asked if
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
ever had remnants that could be used for the bathrooms (to help me manage costs). I made arrangements and went out to look at the remnants and
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
gave me the final quote for the entire job. He gave me the number of the plumber he uses so I could ask any questions but he also told me I could use whatever plumber I preferred ( I used his recommendation and was not disappointed)
We scheduled the install to happen less than 2 weeks later.
The installers arrived on time and worked non-stop to get everything just right. They were careful carrying the stone through the house, made the cuts for the faucets in the driveway. They cleaned up and took the old counters and any debris with them. They too were extremely skilled. Both were focused and yet patient and pleasant when I had a couple of questions.
The fabricator is clearly a skilled craftsman and I am ever so grateful!

- Donna C.

In a couple of words, very well. The only significant glitch was that the cabinet doors that were originally delivered had a trim detail that was different than what we had ordered.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
agreed, and is replacing the doors at no cost to us. The granite counter tops look great, and in the two places where seams were required, they are nearly invisible.
- Thomas C.

The Project went wrong from the time of installation. If I had my where all, in hindsight, I should have had him leave my premise taking his stone my him. granted it was a 90 degree day. The worse of it, he the owner, I suppose lost his temper when I, just as a receiver , general contractor, pointed out that there were up to 5/8 inch gap between the back wall and the granite. He blamed it on my kitchen walls. I shot back why are measurements taken than. That set off a temper tantrum on his part and on my part. Was it legitimate, well several tilers refused the job, others said they would build out the wall, we settled on tile that is an inch thick at the base; 1/4 inch thick, an inch up, to accommodate what ever back splash tile desired. Other concerns were the faulty stone, cracks, not cutting the stone where indicated the cuts would be. Botched parts of the stone that were to be cut are are prominently displayed. Over all very dissatisfied, with service, product, entire process. Now I have to live with an every day reminder when ever in the kitchen.
To sum up, My wife reversed the charges and won. Later we paid half the above charges in a settlement with collectors.
- david S.

The reason I chose SDF was that their price was far below any of their competitors. They seemed very professional and, despite what their competition said, they were using modern equipment and techniques like water jets that interfaced with CAD and a rather high tech device used to measure the area for the counter top.
The workers who came out were very friendly and did the best they could with the materials and tools they were provided, but when replacing the bar area, took away the small supporting quarter round saying it would never support the new counter top. When asked what they would be putting in to support it, instead, they told me that they wouldn't be putting any supports in, that they were just stone guys not carpenters.
Now despite what anyone there may say they discussed with me, this was not on that list. I expected they would send out workers with the skill and experience to make the new surface sit flat and level and supported, not just a couple of men who would only rip out the old counter top and glue a new one in place with only silicone and shims. I knew they couldn't do plumbing work, but I'd hoped they would have the skill, experience or permission to at least make the surface safe to use.
However, one of the workers with whom I had become friendly offered to add a support for me if I would buy the material, which I did and which he did, much to the chagrin of his employer. Ostensibly, the company would rather leave a customer with an incomplete structure that is completely unsafe to use.
Towards the end, I complained about the material being warped and curving away from my wall. One of them came out and I showed him, using a laser level, that the backsplash was actually curved away from the wall. He brought in a long straight piece of marble and showed me that my wall was curved away from the backsplash and saw that it was too short for the counter top. The splash was removed and they sent a longer splash that was just as curved to replace it.
I called to complain about the curved material and the owner not only refused to accept any responsibility for the material, he tried to make it seem like them re-cutting a too-short backsplash to match my counter top was done out of the goodness of their hearts, totally free of charge. As if normally they'd charge you for their mistakes.
In the end, I've had to pay even more to have the wall built out and tiled to hide the gap between the wall and the backsplash.
In summary, the reason I won't be recommending them is as follows
A:) The workmanship is mediocre at best (there is silicone everywhere and bare wood shims visible over which I cannot paint because they are covered in silicone. The workers were not provided with any tools to make a decent silicone seam, instead they would simply spray alcohol and wipe it with their fingers. This smeared it along the seam and the silicon left over catches dirt and grime.) The workers sent (although very friendly and doing the best with what they had and with the skill they had) will not be properly trained prepare the structure upon which they will be laying the counter top for it, they will simply use lots of shims and silicone and, when necessary, roughly cut pieces of wood.
B:) The cut out for the sink was not done properly so the sink is not centred within the cutout. Two sides have a very small lip showing for the sink and the other two have a very large lip showing. This is not the fault of the installers, as the hole drilled for the faucet in the sink is perfectly lined up with the hole drilled for the faucet in the counter top.
C:) Most importantly of all, if the material is flawed or defective, they will install it and then refuse to take any responsibility for selling it to you or discount the price of it for being flawed or defective.
- Adrian M.

Stopped by the Sevierville & Newport locations and received warm, professional service during my inquiries about having granite counter tops installed. I called the
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
location, because the installation location was IN
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, and scheduled to have
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
come measure my cabinets for granite counter tops.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
was polite & punctual but smelled badly of cigarettes. He assured me the cabinet installation looked fine. When I asked if the layout could be done seamless,
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
assured me that there should be no reason it could not be done seamlessly. I went directly to the
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
location, signed the contract where instructed & paid 100% of the estimate for the approximately 27 square feet of new venetian gold granite. I had to return home to retrieve the pre-purchased undermount sink that I had forgotten. When I returned to
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, I explained to the owner
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
that the installation could NOT be done on Wednesday, August 13th, but MUST be done on Thursday, August 14th. He agreed that it would be no problem. I reiterated to him that the slab needed to be seamless and installed on 8/14 due to prior sub-contractor obligations. Again, he agreed.
One week prior to the agreed upon installation date, he called me while I was on vacation and told me they need to install the granite on Wednesday, August 13th or it would have to wait 2 weeks. When I reminded him that we had specifically agreed on a critical date of the 14th, he said that I had told him the 13th. That should have been my first clue that he wasn't listening. Finally, the 2 weeks he said I would have to wait was narrowed down to 5 days, costing me money due to re-scheduling & change orders. The installers showed up on time with a piece of granite WITH A SEAM in it. I didn't even let them take it off the truck. I proceeded to call the owner who called me liar, claiming we had never had a conversation about the seam. He then decided that my wanting him to do what he promised was being "difficult." I went to his office after the installers left to retrieve a refund and had to leave my spouse in the office to deal with him because of his continuing insults and name calling. After I left, his secretary decided to pipe in about how it was all my fault as though trash-talking about me to my spouse would work.
With refund in hand, I proceeded directly to the bank to cash if for fear that this dishonest business owner would stop payment on the check. I found the same price elsewhere (Angie's List) with a granite supplier with glowing reviews within 30 minutes. Further digging revealed horrible reviews for
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
all over the internet. Do you homework and give your money to ANYONE other than
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
- Jon I.

Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
helped me finish a project I couldn't get to myself. His professionalism and attention to my small project were outstanding. I recommend his business without hesitation. If you are looking for a company with great values, fair prices and quality work, you'll agree.
- Mollie S.

It went very smoothly. Stone N Counters sent us to
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Marble to pick out the exact granite slab we wanted.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
showed up exactly on time to make the template, and several days later a crew of three arrived and installed the countertop. Unfortunately, the backsplash was slightly too high, so they took it back and returned with the trimmed backsplash within a few days and installed it. Very professional men, all of them.
I'd definitely recommend Stone N Counters to my neighbors.
- Hugh M.

We are very happy with the new kitchen. I am a real estate agent and I was helping a client get her 1950's kitchen ready for
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
. When I told her that we could install a new kitchen for $10K (we bought $2K of stainless appliances from Lowes), she was skeptical but We were able to do it.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
's advertised price was $6,999 for a 10x10 kitchen and we ordered an upgraded cabinet (shaker Style in medium
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
) and had a slightly bigger kitchen space than the 10x10 in the ad. Total price was $8K and they did everything, including install all the new appliances (over the
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
microwave, dishwasher, frig,
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
was our contact and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and will be using them again soon.
- Sara C.

Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
should be an essential part of your stonework team! I started with them 3 years ago when my wife wanted soapstone kitchen countertops. We priced them at Stone Countertop Outlet and they seemed to have a nice selection but very high price. After looking around, I found that there are lots of stone distributors that offer slabs at reasonable price but don't do the install. Fortunately, I got hooked up with the guys at
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
came out and measured,
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
did all the cutting and was very careful to match the veining and grain pattern in the natural stone to make the seams look very minimal. This is something that is hard to even get woodworkers to consider.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
did the install and we still love the project and get compliments form everyone that comes over. Excellent job and saved over $1000 from the so-called outlet store. The next year, my wife wanted to do the master bathroom. I designed a sink and bathtub deck that required a 6" wrap around of stone to make it look like the sink and tub are made of a thick solid slab. Again,
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
delivered when he fabricated the complicated design and was careful to match the stone pattern so the edges exactly matched the top surface.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
even tinted the adhesive he used to match the changing color of the stone so its really hard to see the seam. Over the same time, I was redoing our kids bathroom with some marble that salvaged. I had to have some special holes cut in it and
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
was able to do that too at a very modest charge. My wife wanted to use
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
for the kids sink but the quote from
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
was over $1200 for a 5 square feet of the material.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
had a piece of
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
marble in his leftover area. The whole sink top plus a
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
sink was only a fraction of the quote from
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
not including the sink. Over the course of 3 years and 3 projects I'm very pleased with their work and would highly recommend them.
- Robert L.

In my opinion, I would not recommend that anyone use this firm for any work. They were our general contractors choice, not ours. We went to their showroom to pick out some choices for consideration to replace the countertops in our kitchen. The people seemed friendly and professional. The woman we worked with in the showroom even went with us to
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to look at full slabs of quartz to help us narrow our selections. When we made our final selection partly based on the fact that we were given the impression that we wouldn't need to have any seams based on the dimensions of our layout. We picked a light gray color with random darker gray veins throughout. They had someone come out and measure and make a
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
of our countertop and cabinet layout. It seemed strange, he used long thin pieces of wood to build a close resemblance of the countertop area outside dimensions and layout. He also said that he saw no reason that we would have to have any seam in the countertops, even around the farm sink that would be installed under it. We were told it could take a couple days to get the counter pieces cut and then they could be installed. The quartz should have been at the shop already, we had decided on it over a month before. But we were informed through our general contractors worker that it would be delayed a few days and then even after that it was going to be delayed again. All the while we didn't have a kitchen sink, thanks to their delay and mostly due to our general contractor. I finally called
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
myself, after getting nowhere with my general contractor. I was told that we were being delayed because they had corporate client projects that were taking longer than planned, and they came first. I also received a call from them a bit later and was asked to clarify our
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
choice. I was told that they had cut a different
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
on our pieces than the one that was on the order. At this point I said that they could bring the pieces out and we would see how they look. And then the guy on the phone said that was good because that was what they were going to do anyway. I was not happy and surprise, they were able to come out late that day and place the countertops. The
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
they had cut on the pieces was OK but the big deal was that there was going to have to be a seam around the sink, because they had to cut a separate piece to go around the sink. I had to leave and go to work but they stayed and worked. Our general contractor was nowhere to be seen. When I got home I could see that of the three large separate pieces that they had placed, none of them was straight or square to the wall or cabinets, and the piece for around the sink didn't fit so they didn't even leave it. When I called the next day they came out and said they would do what they could but that it would still have to have a seam by the sink. I was very unhappy and our general contractor was going to let
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
deal with it, but he would consult with them. He was obviously too busy elsewhere.
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
had the owners son some out and he and his workers figured out that they could cut and grind and adjust and make things works, but that there was going to be a seam by the sink. I said that I didn't think that they could repair the pieces because they were so far off and the owner's son told me that he was going to do what he wanted and it didn't matter what I thought and I could see what it looked like afterwards. Again, I had to go to work and they did what they did. They cut and ground and fitted this and that and patched the seam on the pieces around the sink. When I got home and inspected their work it looked acceptable as far as the edges being straight to the cabinets and flush to the walls in the most part. (Our contractors worker could build a level wall for a straight piece of quartz to be flush to.) But the seam between the pieces by the sink wasn't done very well and where it fit in the window sill it was about an 1" short. ( I was told that that space would be covered by the window molding.) It appeared that they had to recut that piece to fit because they had broke it or something. So they just cut the end off and we had to deal the fact that is wasn't right or as long as it was suppose to be, but it could be covered up by molding. AND they cut into the sheetrock of two walls in order to adjust the placement of the piece that adjoined the sink. It was a five foot piece and was so out of square to the cabinets that they couldn't cut it here to get it to fit, so they cut the wall. I was not happy. What was done was done and with no backing from my general we had to decide if we were going to delay things more or accept a passible job. Because
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
made it clear that this was what they were going to give us and that there was no guarantee that there wouldn't be a seam by the sink. I had them come out and work on the seam by the sink when they came out to fit the piece behind our
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, because it didn't fit the first time. I was told that they would cut a new one, but they just installed the first piece and used more seam sealer. We have a wood enclosure around our fridge and the countertop pieces don't fit flush, so they moved the enclose a little and used caulking to cover the rest of the crack. GreaT JOB, and the piece that goes around the sink is supported by a few shims, because the lower cabinet that it is sitting on isn't level, again our general contractors workers lousy work. And the Quartz installers didn't say anything that I know of, about this issue. I had to bring it up to them and our general contractors worker. Rather then have them try to move the lower cabinet at this point and suffer who knows what other
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, we just had them
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
the crack. We were assured that that kind of thing was done and that it would not affect the integrity of the countertop. Yeah right. I still had
Vincennes Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
send someone out again to work on the seam again by the kitchen sink and was told that the original piece for the sink and counter was going to be one piece but the slab disintegrated once they tried to cut it, an obvious defect in material. And that on a second try the slab was broke by the cutter and that at that point they didn't even want to make any effort to give us a one piece for that countertop. It's not that it couldn't be made in one piece, it is that they had issues and they weren't willing to give good customer service, maybe because I wasn't a corporate client. I was also told that they had lost their regular slab cutter a few months before and had not hired a new one because they were going to a machine to cut the slabs and that other workers were just doing the cutting now. I wouldn't recommend using this company. They didn't act professionally in my opinion and didn't show any degree of customer service or company pride in the product and service they provided. And I'm embarrassed to say that I paid for this to be in my house.
- Jeff E.
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