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We dealt with both
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
(St. Cloud office), who listed the property, and
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
(Minnetonka office), who did our walk-through inspection. Both of them were professional and courteous. They were easy to get a hold of and responded quickly. Both my wife and I are very pleased with the service we've received from
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
- Rich M.

I met
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
3.5 years ago while purchasing my first home. He managed my original home loan and has since helped me with two refis. My experience with
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has been nothing but positive. His communication style over email, over the phone, and in person was friendly, helpful, clear, and articulate.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was patient and took the time to listen to my long term loan financing goals, shopped to find me the best rates, walked me through explanations when I was confused or overwhelmed, and kept me informed throughout the loan process. WHEN (not if) I am ready to buy my next house, I wouldn't think of working with anyone else.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
(and his team) are top notch professionals. They care about their clients and go out of their way to make sure we're happy and it shows.
- Dina J.

After a baseball size hail storm, I hired
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to replace my decking on a 12x40 2nd story deck. He assured me that it would be water tight since the patio under neath has a ceiling with electrical work (fans and lights). During our initial contact,
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
told me he was not familiar with the product that was originally on the deck (grail coat) and he would do some checking. He came back with a decking material that was PVC
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
and groove and assured me it would be perfect for the job. We settled on a price of $13,500. This was to remove the existing decking and replace it with the Genovations decking. My first and most important concern was for it to be water tight. I did have 2 low spots before the original damage, he told me it would be fixed. He told me it would take a week or two to get done. This was June 27th, 2012. After several contacts to see when he could start, Sept 9th I gave him a down payment of $9900.00. Again, was told it would take a week or two.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
finished the deck shortly before our first snowfall. It initially appeared to look great. He told me when he ordered the product from the manufacturer, they only sent him one tube of adhesive. He stated he had to get two more cases from Menards (the instructions for installation specifically state that their adhesive must be used). In spring, I noticed leaking off the edges of the deck, and that the deck was bowing on both the house side and the opposite side. I called
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
immediately. He came out and said he would fix it. Again, weeks went by before he came out. He then told me the only way to fix the low spot was to lower the deck by taking off 6 inches or more of the posts. I was not comfortable with that, he tried to say that the product was defective and that is why it was holding water. I came home one day to the posts already cut off, with cinder tripod blocks holding them up and holes drilled into my deck. He did this without my permission. I was furious. He continued to say it was a product defect. My fiancee called the manufacture and spoke to the National Sales Manager for Genovations while
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was at our house. He stated that it is not water proof but is considered water tight.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
seemed annoyed by his choice of words, so we clarified that nothing is water proof, water tight means a drip here or there.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was adamant that it was a product defect and was going to set up a meeting with a rep from Genovations to be held at my house. We had the meeting in spring of 2013. The rep from Genovations stated that it was not a product defect, that
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
had improperly installed the decking.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
told all of us several times that if it was his fault, he would fix it. We both got the same email stating that it was improper installation and not a defect in product.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has never once tried to resolve this issue nor has he been out to fix anything. He also mentioned that
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did not use the Genovations adhesive. After getting the installation guidelines, I found that
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did not follow the instructions.
1. He placed the decking parallel to the joists ( this means that the boards are not screwed into the joists, but the 3/4 inch plywood)
2. He did not leave the 1 1/2 inch overhang to account for the trim and fascia
3. He did not use a starter strip and fasten it down extending 1 1/2 inches beyond the trim and fascia
4. He did not use the Genovations Deck Joint Adhesive which specifically states to use their adhesive.
5. He did not secure the edges of the decking material with screws at the edges
I tried filing a claim with his ins company, they came out with an expert and
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
told them also, that he would fix anything that was his fault. His insurance company does not cover or insure for poor workmanship. They can only cover damage that was done because of his work. This leaves me with very little to claim since the workmanship was the issue.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has never tried to contact me, fix anything and does not return calls unless you threaten a law suit. I will never recommend him. His workmanship and business ethics are far below terrible. His customer service is less than desirable. I am going to file a law suit on my own to recover the money I gave him and to have my deck replaced.

- Tricia S.

I contacted Angie
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to conduct a tag sale for my 88-year-old mother, exchanged emails and phone calls with her prior to the sale and met with her in person at my mother's home. My husband and I thought she was very nice-- she made us feel like she was a long lost cousin, and felt we could trust her to run the sale and do everything she said she would, in our absence-- we would be out of town, moving Mom to a new home. Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
conducted the tag sale over two days, a Thursday and a Friday. We wondered why she would pick weekdays, but she said sales were better during the week than on weekends-- looking back, that should have been our first warning sign, as many people said it was difficult to get away from work and some couldn't be at the sale. In addition, several told us the prices were too high, that they couldn't afford to buy Mom's stuff. One friend was there on the afternoon of the last day and said there were a lot of items left. My mother received a check a week after the sale along with a note from Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
-- Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
stated that she wished sales could have been better but that overall, she thought it was good. She stated in writing that the donation had been made to mom's charity and that mom could take a tax deduction for the items. We were ready to put the sale to rest, but then started looking over the lists Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
provided of what had sold and had not sold-- there were 63 items not on either list. (We had wisely made our own lists of everything that had been in the sale.) When I called Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to ask about the missing items (I mentioned a few), she said she would check receipts and get back to me. She then sent us a "revised" sold list showing that those few items I had mentioned had been "rolled" into the sale of other items so had not been listed originally. Odd, we thought, since some of these "
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
" items were large and/or valuable...and Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
's original lists had been so detailed, even mentioning minor items such as a pack of sandpaper. Mom lived in a small town, and we knew some of the people who had purchased the listed items that these missing items had apparently been sold with. Upon contacting one, she said no, she had not purchased a "rolled in" item as stated on this new list. So we doubted that any missing items had been sold in this way.
Meanwhile, on the advice of a friend, we called mom's designated charity to see if the donation of unsold items had been made as Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
had stated. It had not. Eventually, the charity only received a tiny fraction of what was stated as being donated. We worked with administrators and staff of the charity closely to monitor the donation. Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
instead chose other charities to receive mom's donation because she said mom's charity wouldn't accept her stuff. Not true, said mom's designated charity-- they would have loved to have had it all. And when we talked to the "new" chosen charities, they hadn't received much of what was on the donations list, either. So what happened to the unsold, "donated" items? Now many of those items were missing, as well as the 63. We complained to Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
and she suddenly wouldn't communicate with me or my husband as "we had not signed the contract." We thought this was very unprofessional, as she had talked to us freely up to that point. Then my mother sent her an email asking her to talk to us and also sent a certified letter, which was refused. We talked to the county
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
who had his staff look into the matter- they said because a business contract was involved, it was a civil matter, not criminal. We looked into small claims court, but living so far away, the trip would be h****** my mother, so decided against it. Finally, over a year later, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, requesting that Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
send my mother 70% of the value of the missing items. In her rebuttal to the BBB, Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did not answer our question of what happened to the missing items but rather spent a lot of words assassinating our character, and claiming I had no right to complain, even though I have legal power of attorney for my mother in this matter. Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
's remarks stated that I am just looking for money from "some old junk". We then requested, through the BBB, that she instead give the entire 70% to mom's designated charity, which I thought was a great solution-- but she refused. This really is not a matter of money, though, as much as it's a matter of trust-- we are more upset that this business took advantage of a situation, took advantage of our mother, and took advantage of a family that had trusted her. And, the items in question are not junk. We are not stupid. We know the value of things. And anyone in that community who knows our family well knows we did not fill our home with junk. More importantly, this was a LIFETIME of a family's possessions, over 60 years in that house. My siblings and I wish we could have taken it all with us. But since we couldn't, we at least wanted to make sure it went to our friends and neighbors for a fair price, and that a very worthy local charity got ALL of the leftovers. That is not what happened in our sale with
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. We may never know for sure what exactly happened to our missing possessions, but what we do know now is this: anyone can
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
the Internet and find out all about how the tag and estate sale business is
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
with not-so-great business practices. It's the perfect business to make a lot of money off very vulnerable people, usually families with elderly people who are uprooting their lives, or families who have just buried a loved one. During those times, it's such a relief to find someone like Ms.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
who will take this "disposing of the household goods" off your shoulders-- and it seems like such a bargain because she even cleans the house afterwards at no extra charge. It's all included! And she has
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
of fans as a result. But let my experience be a warning to others considering having anyone do a tag or estate sale-- take photographs of everything and/or make lists before prep begins; insist on being present during the sale and at the end of the sale, or designate a close friend or relative to do so; and compare your lists with the company's sold and unsold lists when it's over. Make sure, if you care, that the goods headed to donation really make it to a charity and are not sold later for the profit of the tag sale business (Mom's designated charity has doorstep pick-up and would have gladly come to the house to pick up the leftovers.) Find out about the system of accounting. How are sales recorded? Make sure that if a post-sale is held for antique dealers or on eBay that those sales are recorded as well. And, if the owner of the tag or estate sale business is so friendly and charming you think she's your new best friend, you might want to run like heck somewhere else-- or do the sale yourself!

I cannot express enough how exhaustively dissatisfied I am with this company. Here is the short list:
1-Impossible to get ahold of during the same business day while they expect you to get back to them within an hour.
2-Extremely detailed requirements for move in. I got a list of 22 items that needed to be done AFTER my property was inspected and approved by them to be leased. Ex: They highlighted the fire pit during advertising and then REQUIRED me to move all the cut and neatly stacked wood for it off the property before move in or they would charge me for haul away.
3-Get of list of repairs at 8 am, they require a call back that day with a response but you better reach them before 4:30 pm. They close at 5 but seem to turn off their phones at 4:30 pm. If you don't respond, they will initiate repairs without your input however they see fit. Beware: Their repair services are VERY expensive. Oh, and phone messages do not count as getting back to them.
4-Very poor to horrible showings. In three months, they claimed to only show my house once even though my neighbors report multiple people over there, some of them repeatedly. I never did find out who those people were.
5-Told me they rented my house at 4:30 on a Friday. Gave me a huge list of new items that needed to be done before the Monday move in. Monday afternoon got another email stating the renters had backed out and would not be renting the house. (But they only showed the house once, remember, so where did these people come from?) Never saw any leasing paperwork.
6-Weekly stats on your property as far as showings go are sent on Thursday for the previous week. It takes them 4 days to figure out what kind of activity your listing is generating.
7-Attitudes. The first person I spoke with was engaging and responsive to all my questions and calls. Once your contract is signed, you get passed on to a property manager and the one assigned to me had the customer service skills of death row inmate. Abrupt, rude and did not once return a single call I made. Not once! All I ever got was email.
8-Repeated demands to change my email went unheeded. Somehow, they got a person email of mine instead of a private email exclusively set up for this property. I never wanted to miss anything so that was the only stuff I had going to that email box. Yet they managed to link my Gmail account where I get 300+ emails a day. Of course they linked the billing to that account so everything *important* went to my junk email. Brilliant.
9-After $4500 in charges and repairs and only ONE showing, I canceled my contract with them after my required 90 days. At the time, I requested a full accounting of everything they charged me. Three months later I am still waiting for that list! Oh, and today (again, in the junk email) I happened to find a threatening email saying they are sending my account to collections if I don't pay them in three days.
Mind you, these are only the BIG items. And they are big.
If you are a property owner and NEED to rent out your house, find another company. The people at
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
seem to think we have endless pockets of money and all the time in the world to lease out our properties. Remember, they get paid if your property is rented or not so think about that before you sign your property over to them. I will never use them again and I will make sure everyone I talk to about leasing a home knows it too. They screwed me out of $4500 in combined fees and repairs in three months and I still had an unrented property. My new company? Yeah, they came out the day after I called them, listed my property in less then an hour and rented my house out in 5 days. FIVE DAYS!! That alone was worth the larger amount I paid them for a
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
- Pamela B.

She is the owner of the house/property I rented for 3 years. The house is located at 17 Winter Rules Rd.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Summit, PA. She owns other rental properties in and around the area. These places are falling apart. They look good from the outside, but are falling apart from the inside. She is slow on repairs, and has a clause in the contracts that make you pay for any repairs $50.00 or less. These places are filled with $50.00 fixes. Broken sockets, broken toilets part, etc. The drainage on the property was so bad that the house flooded several times. Personal property of mine was damaged. She felt no need to install proper drainage, and said I should turn in a claim to my insurance company. It took her 3 weeks to replace the dishwasher. I had to not only wash dishes by hand for three weeks, but the dishwasher slowly leaked, smelled, and required me to mop constantly. The water heater rusted out, and it took her 9 days to get it replaced. I had to turn off the water heater in the day, then turn it back on at night so I could shower. Every day I had to use my carpet cleaner to suck up all the water it leaked. This was done twice a day, and it took at least an hour each time. These leakages caused the floor and carpeting to pull up. She never repaired any of it. I constantly was slipping or tripping on the bad flooring. The roof leaks in so many places, and it takes forever to get them repaired. The repairs are done by some handyman/friend, and they are usually done incorrectly and need to be redone. Not all the windows or sliding glass doors work. STAY AWAY FROM ANY PROPERTY THIS WOMAN IS RENTING OR SELLING. SHE ONLY BUYS FORECLOSURES AND TEARDOWNS. SHE DOES A LITTLE COSMETIC REPAIRS, BUT NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Provider was easy to work with and actualy showed up the day before than estimated. Work was completed in a timely manner and I would use them again.
I was not aware that the sidewalk was going to be saw cut to lift. I understandthe reasoning but was not prepared and I have an unlevel gap between the sidewalk and the stoop steps. I would have appreciated a recommended solution so the job could be complete in one shot.
- Robert R.

Everything went wonderful. Renting the property took a month or so due to being in the fall/winter
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
warned us about this. He did wonderful in getting tenants in our home and communicating through out the process.The monthly fees were very reasonable and competitive with other property management agencies. Anytime there was an issue with something not working properly or needing to be replaced, he always troubleshooted the problem and was already talking with professionals to troubleshoot before just sending someone out. He over saw all these fixes but always confirmed what we wanted as well.We received monthly statements and breakdowns for the rental as well. He did a 6 month walk through to ensure the property was being cared for. He gave us a detailed report not only on any damage to dry wall during move in but noticed things like cleaning the gutters and small upkeep items to help prevent future problems. We used a family member to sell our house as our real estate agent but
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
helped out and was more than on top of everything for use. I was so impressed with his work ethic, quick responses and communication, I would actually chose
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
for our future real estate purchases as well. My husband and I were beyond happy with
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
- Randy O.

Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has been my real estate agent since 2012. She found an excellent tenant for my property. The property was well maintained and all the checks arrived on time. When it was necessary to hire contractors to fix things (air-conditioner),
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was helpful in finding reasonably priced professionals to do the job.
Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is great about explaining the details of rental agreements and other factors that could effect my rental property. I feel she truly cares about her customer. She goes above and beyond and I highly recommend her!
- Doeni O.

Brownsburg Property Managers Provider Name Locked
provides excellent service by insuring that our house is consistently rented. He responds quickly to any problems that may occur. He acts in a professional manner at all times and he is easy to talk to. He always emails us with monthly reports and notice when we have been paid. He works very hard and we would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a property manager.
- Karen L.
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Miles all-purpose contractors is an indianapolis based company that builds long-lasting...

Millennium Building Maintenance, LLC

P.O. Box 17498
Indianapolis, IN
Family owned & operated janitorial & maintenance service company. we are not just a janitorial...

Morton Residential Services

621 e 49th st
Indianapolis, in
Everyone has need a little help at some point or another. that is where we come in. primarily...

Mustard Seed Landscapes and Garden Center

77 Metsker Lane
Noblesville, IN
In business since 2004, mustard seed landscapes offers both residential and commercial...

Neuner Heating & Air

416 Byland Dr
Beech Grove, IN
Family owned and operated business in your local area. offering superior service at a fair...

Nick's Lawn & Landscape

Pittsboro, IN
At nick's lawn & landscape we put our customers first.

Nick's Outdoor Services

7567 Meadow Violet Ct.
Avon, IN
If you have a project this outdoor season then look no further than nick's outdoor services....


PO BOX 525
Brownsburg, IN
Owner operated. uses subs for maintenance. cost is determined by a flat rate. no travel...

Omni Management Services

Po Box 441570
Indianapolis, IN
Omni management services provides expert residential community association management services...

On-Call Lifestyle Management

11310 Winding Wood Ct
Indianapolis, IN
On-call lifestyle management offers a wide variety of services. our name speaks for itself....

Page Construction Services

Noblesville, IN
Provides complete construction services including general construction, carpentry, remodeling,...

Paschal Properties

Indianapolis, IN
Find homes to rehad

Patton Homes, Inc.

6001 N. US 31
Whiteland, IN
Patton homes, inc. is a full service construction company providing interior and exterior...

Pendleton Place Apartments

Pendleton, IN
Professionally managed by hi management. we are a 152 unit community located just minutes from...

Pioneer Realty Property Management

Carmel, IN
Personalized professional property management service and full service real estate in greater...

Pittenger's Lawn Care

12609 Walrond Rd
Fishers, IN
Integrity. it may not the word most would first use to describe a landscaper. but, that’s...

PMC Home Management Services

4404 viva lane
Indianapolis, IN
Pmc home management is committed to keeping your home clean & organized by providing a custom...

PMI Midwest

5665 N. Post Rd
Indianapolis, IN
Owning rental properties should be more or less easy, and we strive to make it that way. we...

PMK Services Inc.

972 E Pleasant Run Pkwy N Dr
Indianapolis, IN
A little about me....i am a hard working husband and father of 6 great children! i love to see...

Powers Electrical Service LLC

1000 E 9th St.
Muncie, IN
1-4 employees residential- billing - general contract - job completion small...

Indianapolis, IN


9801 Commerce Drive
Carmel, IN
Founded in 1972, pro care horticultural services has developed into a truly total service...

RE/MAX Ability Plus

200 S Rangeline Rd Ste 129
Carmel, IN
With years of experience helping local buyers and sellers just like yourself, we know how to...

Resolution Concierge Services LLC

P.O. Box 3028
Indianapolis, IN
Our concierge firm supplies desperately needed personal services, creating more time in the...

Rightway Home Improvement LLC

P.O. Box 518
Westfield, IN
Rightway home improvement is a full service home repair and remodeling company. we offer free...

Rollins Rentals & Rehabs LLC

3519 Southeastern Ave
Indianapolis, IN
Rollins rentals & rehabs llc was founded in 2003. started out buying rental properties, which...

Sav_vy Scrap

2809 Barbary Ln Apt G
Indianapolis, IN
We mainly focus on hauling scrap metal and clean outs of need it to be picked...

Scheele Landscapes

5553 Alcott Ln
Indianapolis, IN
Scheele landscapes is a small indianapolis based landscaping company providing services to...

See It Clean Again

55 S. State St. Suite 301
Indianapolis, IN
See it clean again one of indy's most trusted sources for clean ups. if it's dirty yes we...

Shelly Walters Realty Group

200 South Rangeline Rd
Carmel, IN
I am a real estate consultant with the shelly walters realty group at re/max ability plus. i...

SKM Enterprises

P.O. Box 66
Fishers, IN
Locally owned and operated, retired veteran material & service warranty financing & payments...

Son Shine Home Services, LLC

3823 W Stones Crossing Rd
Greenwood, IN
Son shine home services provides reliable service at a reasonable price using only employees -...

Sowers Sealcoating Inc

216 N John St
Arcadia, IN
We are family owned and operated for over 26 years. we service all of indiana. we accept cash...


Indianapolis, IN
Supreme maintenance, inc. is owner operated, quality and service driven. some services may be...

TC Real Estate Services

910A N Green St
Brownsburg, IN
We are a full services real estate company. we are a team of experts from commercial real...

The Gonna DoBoys

1849 Westview Dr
Indianapolis, IN
4-5 employees. cost is determined by the job. best prices. call1-317-457-9909 for . -trash /...

The Kingwood Group Inc

1225 Lewiston Dr
Westfield, IN
The kingwood group a privatly held, family owned business with over 20 years of...

The Madsen Group, LLC

7560 Pinesprings West Drive
Indianapolis, IN
Residential property management and real estate sales

The Rule Team FC Tucker

3405 E 86th St
Indianapolis, IN
Additional website - "".

Thomas Hession, Inc.

10850 Crooked Stick Lane
Carmel, IN
We are a full service building corporation in business since 1986. we are fully custom in...

TNT Janitorial & Floor Care Specialists

Indianapolis, IN
Our goal is to provide the best quality service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed at the very...


40000 West 106th Street
Carmel, IN
I am a full time realtor and principal broker of viewpoint realty group. i serve my clients by...

Triple E Property Management LLC

1075 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN
Triple e manages homes that cover various property values. specialize in single family homes,...

Troy's Hauling

1849 Westview Dr
Indianapolis, IN
Call 317-457-9909 and we will come out at your convenience and we will haul away anything!!!!!...


860 E 86TH ST
Indianapolis, IN

Watchtower Property

9322 shady bend lane
Indianapolis, IN
We are a full service property preservation company covering the state of indiana. we are...

Wesley Design & Contracting

82 Virgil Court
Greenwood, IN
Traditional skills combined with superior technique and expertise-that's what separates us...


1431 Nicole Dr
Franklin, IN

Woolf Realty, LLC

Plainfield, IN
Rental property management

WRL Real Estate

Indianapolis, IN

PO Box 884
Brownsburg, IN is a complete website solution serving homeowner associations, townhouse/condo...

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