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Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Falcon is an extraordinary vet who makes the owner and pet feel comfortable with service. His prices are competitive (cheaper) then most places in town for basic service because he cares about the community and desires people to give their pets the shots they need. My rabies shot was 12 dollars, the spay service for a one year old was 140 dollars and the appointments are only about 35 dollars. Vets are expensive but this one does his best to be accesible and take great care of your pet. I would argue better care then the crazy expensive clinics in town.
- Christine F.

We had a 15 year old Dalmatian who one afternoon was struggling to use her back legs. We took her to a vet in
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. They suggested options totaling $1000. After reviewing the options and recognizing we had a senior dog we elected to simply take the pain medication and see how she was in the morning. The following morning she was worse and now not only were her bad legs not working but her front legs had given out as well. She was unable to stand and could only lie on her side, she was a dog with neurological problems and suffered from seizures. The vet mentioned that if it was neurological it could result in her being paraplegic. The vet we went to was a high priced place that gave us options that did not make sense for a 15 year old dog with neurological issues. We were there for over 2 hours and we were highly annoyed. We came home and did some research on the internet and found
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. Their website said they prided themselves on taking care of animals like their owners would and making their care affordable. That Saturday morning when our Dalmatian could not walk and looked like she had no life left in her we decided to go to
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. When we arrived they were very caring and compassionate about our situation. They put us in a private room as they could see we were upset. They assisted in carrying our dog into the room and left us in peace until the vet was available. The vet came in and explained what they were going to do as it was obvious she needed to be put down. He stayed in the room throughout the entire time and was overly sensitive to our sadness, he offered his condolences. We then thought that perhaps they would offer affordable teeth cleaning for our 7 year old Chihuahua. The other vet we used to go to charged approximately $700 for a teeth cleaning. We contacted
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
and they charged $130 (this included cleaning, mild anesthesia and antibiotics &pain medication). We took our Chihuahua before 9am and picked her up at 3pm. She was perfectly fine and her teeth were sparkling white. It is evident that
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
is a practice in a small town that offers veterinary services to families at an affordable price. They are professional and caring. I will no longer go anywhere else.
- Nelida T.

I have been taking my pets to Dr.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
and Dr.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
since moving to
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
County in 2002. Since that time I have lost the originals pets of old age and gained new pets. They are the very best vets around. They take the necessary time to diagnose some of the most complicated illnesses we have experienced with some of our pets. They have gone through the grieving process with us on several of our pets and yes it may take a little longer on some visits but I know they are giving someone else the same attention during their time of need or seriousness that I have also been given. I have a number of friends that I have referred to them and they drive from
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Beach and from Titusville to see them, that is how awesome we think they are. Our pets are part of our family and that is how they are treated at
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. I buy specialty food from there as well and they always have it waiting on me at the front. The front staff and the Vet Techs are so caring and always very helpful to me. I cannot say enough good things about this Vet Clinic.
- Renee G.

Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
has treated four of our elderly kitties now. They are so thoughtful of our cats' needs. They use techniques to make the kitties more comfortable and less scared, such as always taking the lid off the cat carrier, rather than pulling them out (when they're already terrified) and using those plug-in scent things that help cats feel more at ease. They very quickly call you with lab results. They will even call you in the evenings or on weekends right after tests to let you know how your cat is doing. They communicate clearly when helping you make difficult decisions. They are respectful of the client's wishes, but will tell you what they recommend. They help allay fears when you are going through really frightening things, such as having to put your cat to sleep. They are the perfect combination of excellent vets with superior bedside manner. Words cannot convey what a wonderful clinic this is!
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
City is sooooo lucky to have them!!!

On the morning of August 19, 2014 I took my dog Spirit to his oncologist, where he was being treated for cancer.
I then heard the devastating news that she could do nothing more to save him, and the merciful thing to do at that point was
to euthanize him. Once I made the decision, I wanted to do this immediately so my dog would not suffer one minute longer.
I also wanted to do this at my home, where Spirit had lived and thrived.
I was referred to Dr.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
by the pet crematorium
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Pet as well as a previous vet I had used. Dr.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
was able to rearrange her schedule so she could come at a time at which my children and family members could be present.
She was a compassionate and sensitive veterinarian at a very emotional time for all of us. The procedure was quick but we were able to make it more of a memorial, and I appreciated that.
- Conrad P.

Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
provided the answer to my question...and all is well. I had been worried about possibly over-dosing or under-dosing my sweet dog.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
is an outstanding diagnostician and is dedicated, thorough, and compassionate in treating all the animals. She has been caring for my dog for the past 4 years; she couldn't be in better hands! I am so very grateful to have her as my vet.
- Judith E J.

Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
is a very good listener when I brought my dogs in for their annual checkups. I had their health records and she reviewed them, asked questions and gave each dog a thorough checkup, along with heartworm check and recommendations for flea/heartworm/tick prevention. Her acupuncture certification interested me since one of our dogs is now 13 and starting to have some hip discomfort.
- Patti D.

Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
was extremely caring and helpful when trying to determine what was wrong with the cat. He was genuinely concerned and extremely gentle while handling and testing the cat. He had a very full schedule and still made time to see us in the same day. Dr
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
has always made himself available to provide care for our other pets and was willing to work with us if we were short on funds. Quality animal care has always taken priority and Dr
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
truly cares for the well-being of the animal.
- narda R.

On 6/21/14, I brought my new dog, Wilee, to
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Animal Hospital for a wellness exam, parasite test, and a heart worm test.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
examined him, and pronounced him a healthy dog. She recommended several vaccinations, despite the fact that he'd had all the necessary vaccinations when we adopted him from the Humane Society a few days before this office visit. I asked to get all her recommendations in writing, along with the associated costs, and she agreed to do so.
After the exam, a tech came in, and asked to take Wilee to do the blood draw for the heartworm test. I wanted to go with him, but she gave me an incoherent excuse and didn't allow me to do so. I reluctantly let her take him, which was a big mistake.
When checking out, my bill was $275, instead of the $118.18 quoted to me over the phone. Instead of giving me her recommendations in writing, along with the costs, she had given him 2 vaccinations (shots) without my permission: Leptospirosis vaccine and
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
vax (as well as vaccination pills I hadn't asked for). She had not told me the prices or informed me of the risks, before doing this. Wilee seemed shaken up and traumatized when he was brought back out to the waiting room, and I suspect that he was mistreated while getting the shots.
About an hour later, Wilee was extremely sick (diarrhea, lethargic, barely able to walk, non-responsive), and he has not been the same since these vaccinations. He'd been neutered only a few days before, and he should not have been vaccinated so soon after surgery. Also, administering two vaccinations on the same day was more toxins than most dogs can safely tolerate. If
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
does not know this, she should not be working with animals.
Upon doing research on the vaccinations my dog received, I learned that over vaccinating animals is damaging their health, resulting in higher profits for vaccine manufacturers, and insuring repeat business for vets. The Leptospirosis vaccine is especially dangerous and ineffective. I would have never allowed it for my dog. Unfortunately, in cannot be undone now.
Here are just a couple of the articles I read (written by impartial veterinarians - ones not selling products and services). If you are considering this vaccine for your dog, I hope you will also do some research, in order to make an informed decision.
Additionally, this company's compensation structure ensures that every recommendation the vets make is a conflict of interest, because the more they bill, the more money they make. When I was in the waiting room at
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
, I met a crying woman, whose 14 year old dog was dying of heart failure. She also told me about her financial hardships, due to the astronomical
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
bills. Then, I heard the tech telling her that Dr.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
recommends $295 worth of x-rays! As if her emergency visit bill wasn't already high enough. Even with no medical background, I know that a dog dying of heart failure will not benefit from x-rays. The woman knew her dog would have to be put down, but she was very emotional, and consented to the x-rays. Clearly
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
is preying on people's emotions and ignorance to pad their bills.
When I spoke with
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
, the Regional Medical Director for
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. I told her that
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
damaged my dog's health by administering dangerous and harmful vaccines, without my informed consent, resulting in much suffering and turmoil for my dog and my family, and her proposed "resolution" was to give me refund for the vaccinations ($54.77)! When I said I want a refund for the entire bill, she sent me a "release of liability" form, which would have prevented me (in addition to making any further claims around this issue) from leaving negative reviews like this one!
Please boycott
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
works at both Pittsburgh facilities). Voting with our dollars is the only way to send a clear message that will be noticed.
- emilie N.

I have two cats, one of which is prone to stress and UTI/Bladder Crystal concerns. Because of his stress levels I prefer to take both of my kitties to cat-only clinics. I have recently moved into the area and decided that
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Clinic would be the most suitable. Since Rin is adjusting well and is not due for her vaccinations I only took
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
, my stressed out kitty, who was due for his rabbies shot.
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
has its own parking area, so I don't have to hunt/pay for a space (as a few vet clinics in this area seem to require you to). The clinic is located in an older style home, and the main reception lobby is actually in a living room. Because this is an older building the floors are wooden and it is not as sterlized as I had grown accustomed to. But there were no offensive odors and the place looked lived in, but well cared after. I was tickled to find they have kittens frolicking about. After waiting a few minutes (I was actually early for
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
's appointment) we were lead to a room where I could let
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
out. It is my understanding that they have two exam rooms. The nurse was curteous as we went over my concerns and what I had hoped to get from this visit. She did a few preliminary checks on him and then left me and
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. At this point,
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
was still nervous, but he calmed down as he explored the room. We probably waited about five to ten minutes for the vet to come and see us. She examined
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
, talked with me about my concerns and how we could address a few of these concerns (bladder health,
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
's allergies and his sister). She was friendly, informative, and better still- great with
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. At my previous cat-clinic when it came to shots a beefy male nurse would hold
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
down as they gave him his vaccinations, and
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
would struggle- sometimes even causing the shot to pop out. Not so with the new vet. As we talked and she did a cursory inspection she gave the two vaccinations to
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
as I was petting him. He didn't even notice the first on his back leg. I was incredibly impressed with how quickly it was done and it was a major relief that the appointment was not as much of a struggle as
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
had grown accustomed to. The price was a bit steep, but it was in keeping with other prices at cats-only clinics and I believe cat specialist vets are worth the cost, particularly for
Akron Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
. The staff all loved cats, they were all friendly and more than helpful in seeing to both my and my cat's needs. I will definitely be returning to this clinic for all future vet needs.
- Aubrey I.
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