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"They were very professional, gave us an excellent price compared to other concrete companies locally, were timely, punctual, and the quality was excellent. We would not hesitate to use them again.

-Dorothy R.

"The project was a complete disaster. To put it politely,
is not trustworthy and has no character or soul. But he might be good for certain" things if you're looking for any of the following... Looking to get ripped off?
is your guy. Looking for someone who is dishonest?
is your guy. Want poor quality work with no attention to detail or pride in work?
is your guy. Like things done wrong the first time and the second time?
is your guy. Looking to have $10k+ of your property stolen or damaged (tools, computers, etc) under your contractor's watch?
is your guy. Want a contractor who verbally assaults you and your wife on a regular basis?
is your guy. Want a contractor who is totally disorganized and walks off the job before it's complete?
is your guy. Want a contractor who doesn't pay his subcontractors?
is your guy. Want a contractor who hires homeless drug addicts to work in your house?
is your guy. Looking for a contractor who hires convicted criminals?
is your guy. Want three police cars to come to your house to settle a dispute between contractor and his employee?
is your guy. Want a contractor whose employees smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol in your home?
is your guy. Like being forced to act as your own GC when your contractor is too lazy to show up for work?
is your guy.

-Kurt E.

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Local Articles in Saint Joseph


Customized homebuilding is a huge market, with companies offering a host of choices to personalize your new home or improve your current living space. Here are the most popular options offered by homebuilders.

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Land plays a factor in both cost and construction, especially in the mountains.

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Do you know the importance of a construction lien waiver form?

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From a classic Craftsman to a cool contemporary, the different styles of homes are as varied as the people who live in them.

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kitchen remodel

Angie's Answers

Yes, but you won't like what will probably happen (this is a worst case scenario, hopefully you will avoid most):

The purpose for a building permit is to ensure meeting the minimum standards for construction practices and minimum safety standards.  A contractor who works without a permit, does so because they know they are not in compliance (and to save money at your expense).  They knew they should have had inspections and permits for their work.  Who ever built the addition should be reported to both the building official as well as the Better Business Bureau.  It is ultimately the homeowner who is responsible for ensuring the proper permits have been applied for, though.

So when you apply for your permit, you will be pretending as if the work is not completed (you do not hide this fact, you just have to follow the correct process as if it hadn't been built).  Your first stop will be with zoning; can you even add an addition, do you have the proper clearances from the side, front and rear property lines.  If it is a bedroom, does the septic system (perk test) support an additional bedroom.  If your building already meets or exceeds the amount of building allowed on the site or if you do not have the clearances required from the property line, your addition may be required to be removed.  There are appeal processes and variance requests you can try before tearing down the addition (Get an architect).

If your zoning review is fine, next you go to permitting.  Here you will submit plans (drawings) of what was built.  If you do not have these plans, consider hiring an Architect to generate As-Built drawings for this use.  Hopefully the plan review comes back with no changes, or you will alread know your addition is not in compliance and may face rebuilding.  Depending on the type of construction, your zoning and your local building requirements, you will be required to have inspections of your foundation / footings, the framing, the electrical, mechancial and HVAC systems, etc. affected by the work. 

This may require digging the ground back up so the inspector can confirm foundation depth, size and draingage requirements.  The interior wall finishes (gypsum board, panelling, etc) may have to be removed in some or all areas so the framing and electrical can be inspected (If one area fails, be prepared to pull all areas down).  At each inspection, if the work is found to be lacking, then you will have to correct the work before getting permission to use the room.  If there is an electrical or safety violation found, it is possible the Building Official could declare the entire property inhabitable until the offenses are corrected (IE you are homeless until it is fixed).

As you can see, you have to hope beyond belief that the builder constructed everything correctly and that the building officials will work with you to minimize the amount of deconstruction necessary to inspect the work.

Also, you will be charged all the fees associated with plan review and permitting, and you will be charged for each inspection visit (as your builder would have been charged initially had they followed the law).

As for value, here is the real concern:  If your home burns down or faces some similar disaster, your home owners insurance will balk at paying; they will blame the illegal construction as the cause.  As for the value of your building, not having a permit will make any buyer have a difficult time getting their own insurance, thus harder to sell.  The room itself will add value to your property, if it isn't a hazard (IE permitted). 

Also, taxes are based upon assessments, which use the land records.  Building without a permit, can be seen by local officials as an attempt to avoid paying property taxes, since the land records do not show the addition.  Until the official tax records reflect an accurate statement of your building, you may face fines, tax fees and other costs associated with the improvement depending upon how long it has been there unreported.

You may wish to contact a local, licensed Architect who works with the local building department.  They will know the personel, know which forms you need to fill out first and how to protect you from an overzealous Building Official (there are exceptions and options within the Code that the Building Official may forget or ignore that an Architect can request be used to prevent tear down or damage).  Next time you go to build get the Architect first to protect yourself from what this construction firm did to you.

Good luck!
Unfortunately this is not something you will easily resolve; and even if you were to win, the amount of time and funds spent will probably exceed the cost of the actual repair.

Each state has different rules on what "as-is" means, but almost all use the term when it comes to realestate sales.  At two years, you are facing a hurdle that any issue could be the result of new conditions, acceptable wear / settlement, etc.  Has there been any changes in the area? (New house built next door, new addition, earthquake, flooding, etc?)

While you may have been given a home warranty with the purchase (do check your sales paperwork to see if there is any warranty and what it covers for how long) the house is sold to you as-is; it is your responsibility to raise concerns prior to taking over the house, so going back two years later is a huge up hill batle.

The home inspector is also going to be found faultless, as their reports almost always have words like "consult with an expert. . ." after each report section and they have disclaimers for missed items, etc. I got certified as a home inspector and was surprised at just how little they actually require you to know to become an inspector. They are really just an extra pair of eyes to help inexpereinced home owners look where most people don't look or go.  You even mention that the repair work was well masked, so you didn't notice it until you began looking for it.  A good inspector might have caught it, but you won't win any court cases proving yours wasn't good enough.

The Seller will claim that any foundation issues were fixed and resolved, which is why they marked "No" on the foundation issue section.  They fixed it; so it was no longer an issue.  If it came back, that is a new issue.  You and I know this is bogus, but to win in court you have to prove intent; and the builder can easily show they thought it was fixed.  Or, they might even be able to claim they were unaware - the repairs were from the previous owner, and were hidden so well HE and YOU didn't notice them.

So the next step is to meet with your home insurance agent.  As I mentioned above, if there have been any enviromental changes (a new house next door could have changed the underground water table flow or pressures, for example) you may be covered.  Even if there are no issues, you still may have a policy that allows for major repairs to be covered after a certian cost threshold, etc.  You'd be surprised at what your home owners insurance covers - find out first; they might have in house or low cost engineers who will do the initial inspection, etc.  They also will provide advice on your home sale; if they think you have a case against the Seller.

Best of luck on this issue.  Make sure any solution you pay for solves the cause (Stress on the wall), and doesn't just fix the results (cracks).

For this type of job, you need plans and specs from an Architectural/Engineering firm before thinking about contractors - and to get a building permit. Ben's method would work and done incrementally could cost well over $100,000 plus as he says, but this not really the most economic way to approach this big a job. A House Mover or Foundation Underpinning specialty company can usually slide your house onto a whole new foundation, or jack it up on steel beams and hold it there while a basement is dug underneath it, without any intermediate piers. The jacking/move cost would probably be on the order of $30-40,000, and a new basement probably about $40-50,000 - rough ballpark, though I have been involved in some 1000-1500SF single story jobs that went for under $70,000 total. I have been involved in a fair number of these type jobs - and the way the numbers come out, if there is room on the property to move the house, it is almost always nearly as cheap or cheaper to build an equivalent square footage (basement plus ground level) addition rather than add a basement under the house, and that way your new footage is half above ground so worth more on resale, plus you do not lose use of the house for a month or two. Second cheapest is usually sliding house to a new foundation, if property is large enough to do this - though house is totally cut off from utilities for a week to three. Most expensive, and usually only done in tight city environments or with full 2 story or higher houses, is adding the foundation in place, though your utility interruptions should be on the order of hours at a time rather than days or weeks. Talk to an architect - I think you will quickly lean towards the addition option rather than adding a basement - it is just too expensive to deepen foundations in most cases, plus you WILL get cracking in the house and possible water and sewer pipe problems in a move/underpinning job, which is not the case with an addition. This become more likely the case since you want to add 8 feet off the back of the home anyway - so why not just enlarge the addition and do it all that way - MUCH simpler, and MUCH less disruption of your life, and you get much higher resale return on your investment.
"Like a sunroom" indicating the addition has yet to be built?  If it's just a remodel there are several remodeling contractors to choose from.  If you also need the addition built pick a general contractor with experience building new construction as well as additions.  If s/he provides a price before the plans and specifications are on paper drop them like a hot potato.  They don't know what they're doing.  Whether they have the ability to provide the plans and specifications first or they refer you to an architect you must have plans to properly bid a major remodel or addition.  It is also good practice anyway just to make sure both parties are on the same page and understand exactly what will be done.

Just a note about the "type" of contractors described in another answer.  The one's who do most or all of the work themselves are not very profitable without doing something illegal or cutting corners somewhere, if they finish the job.  The time a contractor spends on a job takes away from the office time needed to run a proper business and chase new leads to keep working after your job is finished.  There are honest people out there who do everything themselves and don't need to make much money in a year but they are few and far between, typically retired and so the work as a means to keep active and make a little side money.  Others try to do a couple of jobs at once and rob from the funds of one to help pay for the other.  They just aren't experienced enough and were probably sub-contractors who suddenly thought they could run the show.  I've seen it repeatedly.  They hit up the customer for more money due to their own budget planning or abandon the job because they aren't making any more money.  be leary of a contractor who does not either use an employed or sub-contracted crew, meaning they manage the project's quality, time, and money distribution.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Home Building reviews in Saint Joseph


I have entered into an agreement to renovate my house with
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
) on December 29, 2014.
He talked a great deal about how experienced and professional he was and agreed to finish the project by June 30, 2015. We even agreed on a bonus if he finished earlier and penalties if he finished late....More /> As of today, he failed to finish the project.
After I paid him $27,860 deposit; he looked like he was working to set up the project. When he failed to meet project deadlines and we were running two months late, he provided sporadic representations of his intent to recover the lost time and complete the project. We went on a spiral of calls, meetings, promises, more neglect until he failed to meet ANY of the represented deadlines. Every time there was a different excuse: my son is leaving to the marine, my father is sick, my truck broke, until he stopped caring to send any more excuses.
I believe he wanted me to drop the project and fire him so he would stay with the deposits.
Instead, I have asked him to come clean with the reason why he behaved like that and provided him support to complete the project. He acknowledge he had used my funds for personal purposes and other projects and I have offered him financial support o be able to complete my project and repay me the initial money. He seemed glad with the arrangement and i thought he had gone through a difficult patch and now my project would be started.
Again, he hired 3 workers for 1 week to do an interior demolition and stopped working for another 2 months.
We were now at the end of June (6 months after I had hired him- the project deadline); and he could not even close the initial interior demo that should have taken him less than 2 weeks to do.
I have decided to fire him and hire another contractor.
I also hired a lawyer to attempt an agreement to recover the money he took from my deposits. It took him months to present a
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
of the expenses incurred and he could only justify ~$7,000 from the $27,860 I had paid him. He also added an additional receipt for $9,975 paid in cash, which we informed him that would would accept if he provided proof that he debited his account on that day to pay for the "cash invoice". We haven't heard from him since.
We are now working to file a lawsuit to recover my funds and all losses (extra storage, extra temporary housing, penalties for non-completion and legal fees) AND to prevent him from harming other customers like he seems to be doing in a serial manner. I have started contacting customers who have hired him and our stories are not that different.
BE CAREFUL if you want to hire him for a small or big project. Speak to at least 5 customers who have worked with him in the past 12 months.

- Fabiano A.

This is the second time we have had work done and would recommend them to everyone. We worked together on the design and budget.
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
again offered ideas to improve on our design from a construction perspective..they work every day until the job is done with no delay. They started it on time and finished when planned.
- john E.

Very hard to get a hold off, does not respond in a timely fashion. We cancelled the work (ended up renovating a basement) so
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
lost out on 30K worth of work. Sends contracts through the mail? Customer service practices outdated. Never received contract and left 4 messages in June or
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
that he hasn't quoted the solar window replacement. Never called back. Would absolutely not recommend unless you have a large project, not interested in the smaller ones. Sorry Rich, this was not good.
- jason D.

It was a very frustrating experience. Some of the work was poorly done: too big a hole cut for an electric outlet so we were instructed to go out and buy a bigger wall plate. Even that wasn't big enough to cover the hole so a supervisor had to repair the problem. A wall that had texture on most of it, with a big smooth patch in the middle; throwing away baseboards we intended to reuse, so we had to buy additional supplies. We were upset to find the crew used our master bathroom bathtub to clean out their paintbrushes! I spent an hour scrubbing to get all the paint out. We notified their lead about the problem, yet again we
found evidence they were still using our bathtub and leaving paint.
We were told the crew would clean up after themselves, but when they finally finished the job, I had to sweep, clean paint off windows, and scrub dirty handprints off of the ceiling access to our attic, We found half-full water bottles left on our beautiful wood furniture. After they considered the job "done", the supervisor had to make three additional visits to re-do sloppy work.
- Debbie P.

very well.
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
's pricing is excellent and he arrives when promised and works hard to get the job done to your satisfaction. His bid included heating ducts which another contractor overlooked.
- Marcia D.

Anyone needing an amazing contractor?
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
and his crack team can do just about anything (large or small) and do it well and on budget. On top of that, he is a real pleasure to work with and communicates beautifully. It was my lucky day when my neighbor recommended
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
for my miscellaneous punchlist to get the Redwood House ready for listing. From our first walkthrough to toasting the finished job,
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
just "gets it." I could not be happier.
http://www.mcclellandbuilt.com/ or call him! 916-790-7535.
- Shannon K.

We have been in our house
in Leimert Park for 25 years. We had done essential repairs to our only
bathroom over the years but we knew that, eventually, it would need a total
remodel. We dreaded this because of the mess, inconvenience (think
port-o-potty!), and just the hassle of dealing with a contractor and
subcontractors....More /> We recently finally made the decision to do the remodel.
We got the names of three top rated contractors from Angie’s List and proceeded
to arrange interviews. We were so impressed with our first interview that we
went no further and cancelled the other interviews. The company we chose was
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
owned by contractor
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. His estimator,
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, was
respectful, clear, and had a can-do attitude.
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
himself was to be in charge
of our job.
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is old world and old school. He is a man of integrity and a
man of his word. He has 40 years of experience in construction with the
knowledge, skills, and connections that go with it. He has built many houses
and does extensive commercial work as well. Yet he welcomed our comparatively
small job. He knew it was a “big deal” for us and as he said, “Big jobs
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
come every day and I want to keep my guys working.”
Speaking of his guys, what a great crew! From his own
employees to his subcontractors, each was very experienced and competent. Many
have been with him for decades. He speaks proudly of having second-generation
workers who he has known since infancy. He has helped several employees
progress from laborers to fully licensed contractors in their own right.
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked

was with us every step of our job as one trade after another worked on our
bathroom. He was readily available by text and phone to troubleshoot and to
answer questions.
There weren’t any real hiccups with our job. It proceeded
ahead of schedule. Our bathroom turned out beautifully and exceeded our
expectations. Yes, it was an onerous process to
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
our only bathroom for
several weeks, but
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
and his crew made the process as smooth and quick as
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
says he has no plans to retire anytime soon, but if you have
any home renovations planned for the future, our advice is to get on
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
schedule now.
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
’t wait and
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
out on having him as your contractor. He is a
gem and we are so fortunate to have found him. He can be reached at

- Connie V.

Quoted a very, very high price that was problem 50% more than
Saint Joseph Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. Our fault we didn't shop it (having a baby at the time).
Really cruddy work. Big problem with shower drainage 2 years later that resulted in $20k of damage. Plumber couldn't believe what he saw. Totally unresponsive when we contacted. Other corners cut.
Beer cans on site so likely the crew was half in the can.
Overall a bad experience.
- Diana C.

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