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After checking out the Angie's List reviews and the
website, I submitted an online request and received a response from the owner,
, the next morning. He came out that weekend to give us an estimate, and we immediately loved his clear passion for his work. Although I had looked at lots of different types of wainscoting designs on Pinterest, his enthusiasm ("I know just what will look great!") made me know that I could just trust him to work his magic.
He came out the next week to start work, and between installation and painting was done in 3 days. He and his partner were very professional and friendly, cleaned up well after themselves, and most importantly, our kitchen looks amazing. Would definitely recommend
for wainscoting, and would consider hiring them again in the future for additional carpentry work.
- Kristen N.

came to my house after we set an appointment. We walked thru all of the work I needed done. He then sent me via an email an estimate for the work which I was pleased with. I told him lets do it and never heard back from him. Then I asked him after time passed when he can get started on the work and he sent me a text simply saying when he is done with his other job. Nothing else. No timeline or range. Nothing! It's been about a month and I still haven't heard from
. He obviously wasted my time and energy. If he couldn't do the work or didn't want to then tell me.
- Edward B.

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Woodworking reviews in Oak Park


The work was completed exactly as agreed.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
the electrician worked together to complete the work on schedule and they left my house in excellent condition. Couldn't ask for more.

Stated simply, all of
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
's work has always (and only) been of the very highest quality. The work is always tightly managed, caredul, thorough, and on time.
My third floor project was complicated.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
and Pat and others spent a lot of time with us figuring things out. The work was perfect and the room is a showcase example of construction excellence.
We will never use anyone else so long as
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
is willing to help us.
- Mark B.

From beginning to end
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
exceeded my expectations. As an Architect, I look to contractors for quality service and craftsmanship. Fortune delivered both. This was a late season exterior job that involved repairing a fair amount of wood damage on my 114 year old home.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
Fortune came out, reviewed the job and provided me with a bid on the spot. His experience with old homes was evident in his recommendations and assumptions on what needed to be done. His price was a bit higher than other contractors but it covered a decent about of carpentry work that needed to be done once the extent of the wood repair was uncovered. No extras were requested. I'm sure that would have not been the case had I gone with some of the lower bids.
The work was schedualed perfectly. The crew showed up early. The carpenters started work where needed at the same time the painters start prep work in other areas. These guys were all over it! Carpentry done in one long day. Primed and painted the next 2 days and they cleaned up beautifully. The house looks amazing and worth every penny of the investment.
Great work and a quality contractor I will definately go to again for future work on this old house!
- Frank C.

Excellent from start to finish.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
came out to estimate the job, they kept in touch about timing of the start dates. The crew was great and we're very pleased with the results. We will use them again in the future and recommend
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
to anyone who needs painters.

Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
is a talented cabinet maker but made some mistakes. In spite of pictures sent to him with an example of prairie mullions and a hand done drawing by him showing the same he came with a completely different mullion set up so he needed to re do that. When the addition contractors were ready to install the trim they found the trim to be poorly made, poor wood with holes, blotches and even nails and the oak trim was not sanded. In the entire inventory including the ones for the rest of the house, they could only find enough to do the windows and
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
did replace the missing pieces within a few days. He admitted to me that he had someone else do the work and he didn't check the work and apologized and said that there was no excuse. The contractors wanted to charge me for the wasted time involved suggesting I pass this expense on to
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
but I told them in no way could I do that and they backed down erased the $400 upcharge. As compensation for the stress and wasted time
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
said that he would install the trim in the dining room and living room at no charge and he removed all the bad trim and said he would make replacement trim. He was already paid in full for the trim. On 8/13/13
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
came with his teen age daughter as his assistant and installed the left hand side of the cabinets. He didn't have time to complete some trim pieces and the tv
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
but said he would come back before the wedding. I paid him in full and gave him an extra $250 to be able to buy new Oak Wood for the trim. When I began to clean the glass for the cabinets I discovered that at least half of the 12 glass doors had serious scratches and one had a couple of cracks about 3 inches long. I was very upset. I contacted
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
and his response was that he had told me that it was recylced glass. I told him that he did not tell me it would be scratched and cracked and that it never would have been acceptable. I offerred to split the cost of replacing the glass. His comeback to me was that he would replace two panes at his cost but the rest would be at my cost and that he would not install the TV
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
or the TV or the trim in the living room and dining room. This making promises and then rescinding them was common with
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
. His response to me in reaction to my "complaint" about the glass was that I would "never be satisfied" (remember the trim and mullion mistake were his mistakes). It got ugly. I have all the email exchanges. He then had several excuses as to why he couldn't return to finish the job before the wedding. No one else noticed the missing trim so we got through the wedding parties at my house and the cabinets were much admired as was the trim he remade that was installed in the new addition. Yesterday he wrote asking when he should come to finish the cabinets and that he made the trim and we could settle the accounts for $750. I wrote back my expectation that he keep his promise to install the trim in the other rooms, that I had someone else install the
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
and TV so that was not a problem. He hit the roof and told me it would be a wash, he would not come back and finish the cabinets (that were already paid in full) and that he would sell the trim to recover his money. Since I gave him $250 to buy the wood he is already ahead. The e-mail exchange has been ugly including calling me a liar when I told him I had spoken to the woman who had referred me to him. I called her again and she said that she doesn't want to get in the middle of this. This man is so unprofessional and so short sited to blame me for the costs involved in rectifying mistakes he admitted making. Several times he claimed I agreed to something I did not even though it is his memory that is faulty as was common misunderstandings of the written word. The person who had a cabinet made who referred me to him has an old house and the use of recylced materials was in keeping with wanting the cabinet to look as if it came with the original house. He assured me that mine would look new. His ego is easily injured by anything that is pointed out to him that needs correction. He promised that he would deliver and complete the job even though a few things remained, swearing on his daughter's head but apparently it has no value. He lost the job of my next door neighbor. He lost potential work from my contractor who does a lot of high level work in my town. Their evaluation of the trim was that it was the worst trim that they had ever seen. He told me not to e-mail him after saying something awful. The man needs to have the last word. There are other equally talented carpenters out there without the personality problems this man has. I had two other referrals that I sorely regret not having persued. It is a shame that such a talented buy doesn't use quality control, has his ego involved with "mistakes" and does not know how to deal with customers. He is also so financially strapped that he kept asking for advance money even though the work was not completed. The cabinet is basically completed. I will need to hire someone else to put in the last pieces of trim,,replace the defective glass doors, and install knobs and handles. I will live without matching trim in the rest of my house.
What strikes me most about
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
's response is his exaggeration and faulty memory. To claim raised panels would cost $4000 when the whole unit was $10,000 is ridiculous - the fact is I wouldn't have given him the job without the raised panels. I gave him in extra $500 for the raised panels.Other items I paid extra to have. Clearly I was willing spend a lot of money - so to say that I agreed to scratched and cracked glass to save money is ridiculous. It just isn't the truth. He admitted to the badly made trim - and he removed all the remaining trim because NONE OF IT was acceptable. This was the conclusion of the contractor who did the addition, deck and porch on my house.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
ADMITTED to me that he had someone else make the trim and he didn't check it. The mistake on the mullions was HIS MISTAKE as what he made did not even match HIS OWN DRAWINGS of what was to be built. What was wrong with the remaining casings was not just sanding. He is a liar. In front of me he admitted that the casings were unacceptable. He offered to remake all of the trim as nothing was salvageable. Out of all the casing for the addition AND the rest of the downstairs the carpenters could only find enough for 4 windows and then had to wait for
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
to remake enough trim for the door large doorways. He remembers what he wants to remember and yet all the things he put in writing (I have ALL the e-mails) seem to have no bearing. He wants to hold me responsible for HIS mistakes. I never agreed to defective glass. For $200 I could have had new glass.Where in the world would he conclude that I wouldn't be willing to spend $200 for new glass when I gave him $11000 for a cabinet and casings. What he thinks he should have gotten for this cabinet - I never would have hired him to do it - and for the money I was agreeing to I wasn't willing to have a plywood cabinet. The fact that the cabinet looks gorgeous doesn't mean it is perfect. I have been interviewing people to complete the job. One carpenter was appalled at how
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
installed the glass in the glass doors. He said it was amateurish as he used clear caulking rather than trim. Again
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
exaggerates. I contacted ONE previous client - the one who referred him to me. When I told him I had talked to her he called me a LIAR. Now he admits I contacted her. His offer in response to my complaint was presented as his FINAL OFFER in which he said that he would only replace two panes of glass....not complete all of the work he promised. Anyone who wants to read the e-mail exchange between this man and myself is welcome to do so. Anyone wanting to see for themselves where the quality faulters is also welcome to do so. To claim that he has talked to people who have done work for me is such poppycock it's laughable. BEWARE before you have this man do work for you. There are many competent and professional craftsman out there - and on Angie's list. His reactions have been so out of proportion and shockingly unprofessional that when he admitted that his reaction to me reminded him of his divorce I thought that he was being candid with me and self aware that I did raise the question of what in his family of origin would contribute to his reactions. Clearly I misinterpreted his sharing and he was not being candid at all. Although our contract required half upfront and balance upon completion I kept feeling sorry for his financial woes that I gave him so many advances that it left me completely vulnerable. In spite of this it is he who wasn't trusting me when he has proven himself to be totally untrustworthy. DO NOT CRITICIZE THIS MAN. He has no conscience. That is why he sleeps fine at night. To swear on your daughter's life and then not keep your promises is something I will never understand. What a waste of talent. Yes, I do think he has psychological problems.
- Diane G.

Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
Remodelers were great to work with. We noticed some rotten wood on the exterior of our sunroom, but weren't sure how much needed to be done.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
explained everything to me and recommended replacing what was rotten, capping it all with aluminum and replacing our old gutters with new seamless ones and bigger downspouts. We had other contractors out who told us that all of our woodwork would need to be replaced due to rotting, but
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
showed me that a lot of it just needed to have the paint scraped. The other contractors never mentioned anything about the gutters.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
looked at all of it to accurately assess what needed to be done. HIs quote was more comprehensive, will lead to less maintenance in the future, and was half the price of other contractors! The crew came out and finished the work efficiently. When the gutters were replaced, the crew decided it would be better to relocate the downspouts due the incline of the room and made sure to explain it to us and ask to make sure we were okay with it. We felt like they were thorough and constantly looking to do the best job rather than just getting the job done. The inspector from the village told us several times what a great job they did, noting many small details that were done well. The final cost came in right at what the estimate was.
I corresponded with them primarily through email, which was a big plus for me since I have access to my email throughout the day, but answering a phone call can be more difficult at work. I did have a couple instances of emails not being received or sent, but the reason was unclear. It didn't interfere much with the progress and everything was cleared up easily with a phone call. It was a small price to pay for being able to coordinate most things via email.
- Andrew D.

I have an old air conditioner in the basement that I wanted installed in a bedroom window.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
told me it was too powerful for the size of the room and would cause condensation problems. I do not have a car and had house guests coming.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
took it upon himself to go to the home improvement store that same day and purchase the proper size unit for me. He returned in a couple of hours and installed it. Installation was complicated by the fact that the unit is small and the window is nearly 3' wide.
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
created a wood panel to fill the space between the unit's accordion panel and the side of the window frame. He was able to use odd pieces of wood that I already had in my basement and garage, thereby reducing costs. The installation looks attractive, and the air conditioner works well for the size of the room. The price listed above includes shopping time and the cost of the new air conditioner.

Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
-owner, was very patient with us. He was knowledgeable and sound experienced about that kind of job. Explaining very clearly what are our options. He went through each step of the project. When we contacted him with any questions or concerns, he got back to us immediately. I would highly recommended
Oak Park Carpenters Provider Name Locked
if you're considering a remodel and purchasing a new beautiful cabinets.
- ewa K.
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