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Overall the company did a "fair" job. I would not call it excellent by any means but, given the way my bathroom looked before they got started it is a HUGE improvement. The workers this company hires out to do the job are young and just learning. atleast it appeared that way. The contractor he had
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
my floor tile did an excellent job. I kinda felt like I had to be on top of the situation to make sure it was being done correctly.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was always on site when I requested him so I will give him credit for that. The person that was supposed to install my carpet said he was not really comfortable in doing so. I called a carpet company to install for me. Some of the work needed to be completed by a plumber and he had various workers doing that job so I am still concerned but, so far no real issues. I felt is bid was very fair and that is why we chose him. I probably have no future business for him since we are done with our home remodel. His contractors were on time every day and very very friendly to work with. His contractors always did a great job with clean up. I was very pleased about that for sure.
- Michele T.

Although there were a couple of touch-ups that were needed and I also needed to wait a few extra weeks because I ordered an over the toilet vanity after the job had started, the finished bathroom looks fabulous.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, the owner, was incredibly responsive to every e-mail and phone call and his wife,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was incredibly helpful in assisting me with paint color. I appreciated
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's flexibility and also his patience as I went through various decision making processes. This is a company that really values establishing relationships with the customer and not just getting the mechanics of a job done.
- Elise T.

We contacted
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
about five months before we actually did the work. We explained in general terms what we were hoping to do. He answered our myriad of questions and offered a few suggestions regarding things about which we had not thought. He took a lot of measurements,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
floor and room plans, itemized the parts of the job and submitted a preliminary estimate. He did not ask us our budget range but suggested, based on the things we said were important, that he provide a starting bid and we could discuss ways to lower it or what it would cost to go up in quality on any item. We then set up a series of meetings, mostly weekends but some evenings, to visit tile, granite, and cabinet shops to see options and determine quality level we were willing to accept/pay for. He was extremely patient and forthcoming and several times reworked his estimate as we came to decisions regarding the various parts of the plan.
In the middle of this process we had some plumbing work done which put us on hold with
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for a few weeks. When we reconnected, we met twice more to finalize our choices and he gave us a "finalized" estimate--keeping in mind and cautioning us that once everything was torn out, it was possible that some unforeseen items could change the estimate. We said "Go", paid the deposit, and he said he could start about two weeks hence.
Apparently he finished a little early because he called about a week later (a Thursday) and asked if we could be ready the following Monday. The crew ( I think three very professional men) arrived on time and started the tear out. They closed off the kitchen as much as possible with polyethylene sheets to keep down the dust. Tear out took 2.5 days. Rough out of electrical occurred immediately--electrician was fantastic--traced old wiring and suggested splitting kitchen circuits. Since we had capacity at the service box and with the walls torn out making it easy, we said yes--add'l cost was less than $200. A couple of days off while waiting on cabinets and, as soon as they were in, granite countertop shop came to do final measurements for the three pieces we needed. It was about 9 days to get the countertops delivered and installed. During that time we did more of electrical work (installation of
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
lighting) and installed tile floor. Tile installers did a good job but required more supervision and were less communicative. We had about three days down time waiting on granite.
Once granite was installed, it was about one week of intense work. Plumbing dress out (sink and fixtures). Tile backsplash installation and grout. Appliance installs (hood,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and dishwasher). Finish electrical. A little sheetrock patching and some finish painting. Countertop, backsplash, and tile flooring sealing. Whew!! He estimated four to six weeks and it was a shade over five.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was great to work with. This was a big job for us and we thought we knew how much turmoil it would create in our lives but we underestimated it -- it is very difficult living in a house under construction.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his crews made it as easy as it could be. But the final product is better than we even dared hope. We love having our kitchen as a center piece in our lives again. Final total was within $500 of estimate due to the added electrical and a change in lighting when we determined our old eyes needed a couple extra lights.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was onsite at some point everyday that work was being done and kept us informed about what we should expect almost every day. He was always available by phone when we had a question regarding something that was occurring or needed advice on selections we were making. He is not only competent and trustworthy but a gentleman. I will hire him again in the future when we move our attention to the other end of the house.

- John B.

We are extremely satisfied with how this project was handled and turned out. First, we contacted
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Kurze who consulted with us. She was extremely helpful and directed us to visit one of their granite warehouses where there were literally thousands of selections. We picked out our slab; Giallo Ornamental which was a standard granite color that looks very high end. Next they came out to template the counters, and thoroughly measured everything in about a half hour time. It was about a week later when they came back and installed the granite. The fit, the seams, everything was perfect! I would Highly, highly recommend them.

P.S. about 8 years ago they also installed Kitchen Cabinets in our house in Ferndale which also was handled very professionally. I am sure that the kitchen cabinets they installed helped sell the house.

- Mark D.

The complete experience was pleasant.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, the owner, is by appointment only meaning that when we went to his show room, we had his full, undivided attention. We paid to have a design done by another planner, and after our initial meeting with
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, he came to our house, and with plan in hand and a few minutes walking around the space suggested several changes that significantly improved the plan. In subsequent meetings,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
had 3-D designs, and went over the cabinets, doors, lighting, hardware options. He also set us up with his appliance suppliers, and passed his cost for the appliances on to us, with NO markup (I know this because I was provided the supplier quotes at the time
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is not a hard core salesman, he emphasized that it was our decision, and then provided us with decision enabling facts every step of the way.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
also worked design magic for the back wall of our kitchen which has a bump out window flanked by short walls and two doors to increase our storage without hindering traffic flow, turning dead space into useful space.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
off on our first meeting by asking if we intended to cook in the kitchen to which we said yes (some folks apparently don't and that influences design). He then made recommendations for the island to include full extension deep pots and pans drawers. Once we were satisfied, and signed the contract, the cabinets were ordered (
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
) and we waited for work to begin.
Once the cabinets and appliances arrived,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's team came in and completely demolished the kitchen in one day. I noticed immediately that
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his helper LEFT their tools in the kitchen, so I knew the same team would be working on my kitchen each and every day. This completely removes any risk of one team not communicating important information to a different team. Also,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is a perfectionist, and settled for nothing less that perfectly level, perfectly square, perfectly period. Which meant that he pulled off a couple of very difficult joints in the crown moulding. The team cleaned up each and every day. During the install, a challenge was encountered regarding the
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
vent, and
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
came in, and figured out how to make everything work, without a cost impact on the project. The countertops once installed, you have to look hard for the one seam that was required, and by hard I mean nose to the countertop. The pots and pans drawers I mentioned above? Picture working at the
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and take one step back, open the drawer and what you need is right there. WONDERFUL!
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
also added other nice elements such as a pull out
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
rack next to the
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, double sink, pantry and my list could go on and on. Equally noteworthy is that
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's crew did ALL work, including electric and plumbing, the only other crew was the team that installed the counter tops (under
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's watchful eye).
The blunt truth is that a kitchen that one person could barely cook in is now laid out so that I can do prep work on the island, and slide items to my wife at the
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
where she can easily collect the ingredients and add them to the pot or
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to cook. In the preparation area, everything is two to four steps away making cooking much easier. And a third person can microwave on the other side without being in the way. We actually are cooking more than ever before, thanks to
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Remodeling a kitchen is a stressful event. But
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's laid back "I am here to help" approach coupled with the professionalism of him and his team, made the experience much more pleasant, and we have results that we love. If you are looking to take a kitchen remodeling project on,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
will do right by you.
- Malcolm J.

Although the cost of our project turned out to be more than we had wanted to spend, we went with
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
because they had the cabinetry we wanted, and they promised about 1 month of construction mess versus 2 months with Lowes. Also, we liked the fact that the same crew would be working with us the for the whole time. Everything went as planned.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was very good helping us choose different parts of the project. He knows his business and was very easy to work with. He always returned our phone calls promptly.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
were the crew who worked with us and all were very hard workers who showed up on time everyday. They did everything, the demolition, the plumbing, electrical work, tiling. They were finished in the month that was promised and we are very happy with the work they did for us.

- Carole N.

Very frustrating experience. They came to the house for an estimate was on time and pleasent. Spent well over an hour as i have a large kitchen. Went over there company and gave some good literature. He said he would try and have an estimate in a couple of days but may not be until he got back from vacation a week later. After about a month of no contact i called and he was very short saying he has a lot of work and mine was on the pile to do. 2 weeks later still nothing I would obviously never use them now but very unproffesional follow up. Really was suprised as the home visit was good. I understand things do happen but lack of communication is unacceptable.
- David G.

The full bath was gutted on May 27 and everything was done by June 27, including my punch list follow ups. There was an intense week where a lot of subs were coming in & out of the house working on various pieces. Distinctive keep me informed at every step and accomodated my work schedule at every turn. My project manager,
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, was great and very professional.
On Friday of the "intense week", I was told the vanity tops, sinks and plumbing would all be done in both the full and half baths. I was still waiting for the vanity guys to show up, when the plumber comes knocking on the door-- not the sequence of events that needed to happen. I called
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and she tracked the vanity guys down and smoothed things over with the plumber-- he did what he could and then waited until the vanity guys finished.
I had remodeled my master bath with Distinctive a couple years ago (new vanities, sinks, new shower). I had the same cultured marble installers as last time, a very hard-working and friendly couple. The thing that could have gone better was with the vanity guys. I didn't feel they were as diligent as before, and I have some caulking/gap filling that I've decided to take care of on my own. The quartz vanity product is great-- my installers, not so great this time around.
Additional kudos to the tile installers for talking me through ideas on how to do a great looking transition strip between the new tile and the existing hall carpeting.
Overall, I would recommend Distinctive, but watch the quality of the installers you get if you go with a quartz product.
- Diane S.

When the Keystone employee (
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
) arrived on the job the kitchen was gutted. After a couple of days for set up the construction progressed non-stop with only a couple of coordination delays .
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
always addressed concerns and questions in a professional and knowledgeable manner. All of Keystone's employees that worked on our kitchen were professional and polite. The cabinets that Keystone installed are as beautiful as any I have seen, and the quality of the cabinet hardware seems superior to what we saw before hiring Keystone - very sturdy and solid. The installation was no hurry up job.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
took the time needed to install the cabinets correctly. The doors, drawers, and shelves close, fit, and pull perfectly. I've put a level on the cabinets and counter tops and the bubble splits the lines. I spent 4 years working at the old Millwork Supply Company in Seattle with top notch cabinet makers and carpenters, and I feel confident stating the quality of the cabinets, the design, the installation, and the follow up quality control that Keystone supplied were excellent.
- Greg G.

The reviews could not have been more correct. We were exceptionally pleased with the quality of work, speed, price, and responsiveness.
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
helped us find the counter top we wanted at an exceptional price. She was helpful with any questions we had.
We gladly recommend
Kankakee Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
without any reservation whatsoever.

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2571 s,il ave
Carbondale, il
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Bristol, IL
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Morris, IL
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