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Morgan B.
"Went very well! The dog hurt her toe while playing outside. I was concerned that it was more than that because she wouldn't put her paw down. I called them about 1/2 hour before" close and they allowed me to rush her over. She was seen immediately by the vet and she only had a contusion on her toe. They prescribed her an anti-inflammatory and she was fine the next day. Dr.
even called the next day to check on her.
Rated by
Jamie B.
"I was very impressed with how caring the Doctor and the Staff are towards patients and their humans. My older dog has a few health issues and all was very well explained. I was dreading" taking my dog in because I have been to pet clinics where they make you feel bad if they don't already know you and expect you to spend a boatload of money for exams and shots. I am probably the biggest tightwad ever, but I am more than comfortable having dental surgery performed there and whatever else they recommend. It is clear they aren't in it for the money. It is all about health and they take the time to explain what needs to be done and why. Vet care is not cheap. I much prefer going to a place like this where they care and are nice to you.
Rated by
belinda W.
"Finding Dr
was the best thing that could happen for the care of our cats
.He is by far the best Vet we have" ever used. He has had so much experience that he seems to have a special insight into whatever the current problem is. He does not want to charge for unnecessary tests and treatments. He will try something
first and then if further tests or procedures are required he will suggest them.

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Angie's Answers



The first answer is pretty thorough but I would like to add a few points. 

First.. the type of food you are feeding your dog may be the key.  If you are using a food that is grain, rice or corn based in the first three ingredients, please change to a food that is meat or chicken based.  Many dogs are allergic to grain, rice, wheat and corn and these things are used as primary ingredients in many well known, name brand dog foods.  Secondly, all treats that have these ingredients should be cut out.  It takes weeks to months before a food change can show results so you must be patient.  Jumping from one food to another will be counter-productive. 

Some dogs are so allergic to flea or other insect bites that one or two bites can cause a severe reaction.  Once the itching/scratching cycle begins, it is hard to stop it.  Benadryl is good but I suggest liquid form.  You can get it inexpensively at one of the dollar stores.  The pills take time to break down in the digestive system so you get better and faster results with the liquid.One tsp= 5cc and most dogs of average size can tolerate that much and more if the dog is a larger breed.  

Allergy testing is very expensive and most dogs will test positive to some things.  That does not mean that the itching is coming from those things as many things in the environment can trigger positive test results.  Breaking the cycle of itching is primary and that can be done with prednisone ( short term and last resort after benadryl and bathing), allergy shots( same deal, last resort after easier methods).   This spring and summer have been particularly hard, weather-wise.

Good luck!


After you search for the company, you should get the "no results" page. Scroll down just a little bit, and you'll see a button and a link that say "Add this provider." Click on that to add them to the List! Thanks for the great question.
I'm really sorry! It looks like we made some site changes I hadn't noticed before and it made things just a little more confusing (for me, too!). We'll have to look into this to make it easier.
In the meantime, here's what you do:
1) Look for the Submit a Report button. It's yellow and on the right-hand side of the page.
2) Search for the animal cancer care clinic you're looking for. The search box should be inside a yellow bar.
3) You should see a list of potential matches, but on top of those, there should be "add a provider to the List" text in blue, which is where you'll click to get to the add page.

Let me know if you have any trouble. Sorry, again, for this being so confusing.

Veterinarian reviews in Fairview Heights


My first experience with this provider wasnt bad he neutered my puppy along with shots and a microchip. My second encounter was an emergency so i called them and asked if i could come in right away and their response was no we are closing early go to the emergency hospital down the road which wasnt even open yet. My third enencounter was for routine shots that i scheduled for a Saturday and then i was called on Friday saying i missed my appointment from the same person i made the appointment with in the first place. The individual said they have never been open on the weekends even though every other appointment i have had there was on a Saturday. The staff was less than helpful in an emergency and blamed me for their scheduling issue. I will not go back.
- Lisa B.

The staff was helpful and got my cat's cut paw bandaged up on the first visit. My cat didn't like it, but seemed to deal with the bandage fine. I went back a week later for a check up, and the vet tech said she needed another week with a bandage. The bandage got changed, but when I took my cat home, she freaked out. Wouldn't put pressure on the leg, was falling over, and crying. I called the vet and told them what was happening, and they said that she probably just didn't like the bandage. She did not behave this way at all for the first week with the bandage, but I trusted what they said and let her be.
She spent most of the next week hiding under the bed, and growling if I tried to touch her leg. When I went back for the next check up, they removed the bandage, and I took her home. After a few hours, I noticed her let was warm and swollen. I took her back to the vet again, and they found multiple abrasions on her leg. They prescribed antibiotics, and an antiseptic wash twice a day. This eventually fixed my cat.
I believe that something happened in the vets office during the second bandage application. She came out of the room that night a completely different cat, crying and in pain. Nobody in the office could explain where the abrasions came from. One of the doctors said they looked like puncture wounds, and accused my other cat of attacking my injured cat (this would never happen, and they didn't look like puncture wounds at all).
They may be a good group of doctors, but someone messed up somewhere, and I won't be returning.
- jeff T.

When Dr.
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
came into the room my 4 month old Great
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
was sitting in the corner scared. Without even saying much the vet quickly grabs my pup by the collar and yanks him to him. When my scared pup tried to back away and show resistance the vet body slammed him onto him back on the floor. Then it was a huge mess. My scared pup freaked out and for a minute this vet was wrestling on the floor with my pup all while he was peeing and having diarrhea all over the room because he was so scared. During this the vet body slammed my dog several times, hit his head on the hard floor several times, and in the end had him in a headlock that was choking him and making his eyes bulge! I was trying to get to my pup to help and telling him to stop and the vet contined to scream," This is unacceptable!" When it stopped the Dr
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
the room and came back. I asked him why I'm the world he would grab a scared dog like that? He's response very rudely," I know what I'm doing." Obviously this man has no clue what he is doing because it is common sense not to grab ANY scared dog, no matter the breed because any animal that feels threatened will react the same way. He then puts down Great
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
and says he doesn't understand why they are so scared of everything. If he knew they are scared then why didn't he handle it differently?! Let him
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
his hand, talk to him nicely to reassure him... But NO this man was in such a hurry to get us out the door he just grabbed him. Not only is this Dr
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
the prices compared to other places I have found are very high. $102.00 for immunizations. I have never paid that much anywhere else. This man has no business working with people or dogs and I hope to god nobody ever has to go through what my pup and I went through!
- Alyssa M.

we've spent over $2000 in the past 6 months at
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
for 5 different pets and don't regret any of it. From injuries, illnesses, annual visits, vaccinations, dental cleanings, and surgeries, Dr.
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
has been wonderful. We took a former foster there for help and took our current foster there last week. We didn't trust the rescue's vet, and Dr.
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
took the time to actually find everything wrong. 5 diagnoses later and we finally had the truth(it's amazing how he missed
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
disease and a horrible ear infection). Dr.
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
calls to check on all of our animals and remembers little things about them. Besides her, the rest of the assistants and office staff are wonderful, and we'll definitely come back.
- Claudia S.

I took 3 animals there for approximately 1.5 years and really didn't have a problem, except for follow-ups. I hated that all of the vets had different opinions. I'd take my
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Hound in for a developing ear infection: one vet would say don't worry about it yet, just keep cleaning...take him back and the next vet would chastise me for waiting too long to bring him in for treatment. I left for a vet where I can make appointments and see one vet for all of my pets. Plus, my new vet calls to check in.
- Claudia S.

.They took excellent care of our dogs and were always available for consultation and explained everything in detail in terms that I could understand. They always made time to see our dog even if it was at the last minute if it was important and couldn't wait. After working on our dogs, they always made a follow up call to see how the dog was doing and to offer any information on testing they had done. All of the technicians in the office as well as office manager and office workers were very friendly and caring and sympathetic when it was necessary. Their facilities were always clean and our dogs didn't really mind going there.
The groomer,
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
, who we had used for years before, eventually went to work for
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
Coeur, and that made it even more convenient for us to go there. Every person there that we ever came in contact with there was extremely warm and friendly and made it a pleasure to go there.

The ladies at the front desk were great but Dr.
Fairview Heights Veterinarians Provider Name Locked
was sadly lacking on so many levels as a vet. He did not do a complete
exam, was less than gentle, not personable at all. Did not seem interested in my dog though it was the pet's first visit. I had to stop him as he was walking away to end the visit to ask a couple questions. The total visit was less than 15 minutes and he never showed signs of being a caring and compassionate vet. He even made a rude comment about my dog.
- Anthony F.

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