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We had a leak in our second floor bathroom one night, which caused a mini-flood in our front hall, directly below the bathroom. The next morning, I called our home warranty company, who said that
would come to the house to deal with the issue. We would need to pay
would call us in 24 hours, or we could call them directly. I called them directly and was told that a plumber would come to the house the following day between 1 and 5. I asked for a text message when the plumber was 30 minutes away, so that I could come home from work to meet him.
The next day, no text came. I got home a little early, which was great, because the plumber happened to be there. He seemed like a nice guy. He diagnosed the problem and said he'd need to find parts and would be in touch. We wrote him a check for $75.
Then: nothing. No calls, no information, nothing. We'd call
, we'd call the home warranty company, we'd listen to hold music. Oh, parts were on order. "We'll call when they come in." No calls, no information and of course, no shower!
On day 16 of the ordeal, we called BPG Home Warranty company and asked for a different plumber. This time, the company name didn't even match the phone number and we never heard from them.

The guys came out and it turned out it was only lint trapped in our sink. They used a "power plunger" and it was completed quickly and they checked their work. We trust them and they could have easily said it was something bigger, but
and his guys are always honest with us and that's why we continue using them...they have done major pipe replacement for us, and "smaller" jobs like this one. They are reliable and that is why we continue to use them. Highly recommended!!
- Lillian B.

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Plumbing reviews in Evanston


I just purchased this home and had not even moved it yet. The inspector revealed that my drain pipe was bowed and it would need to be priority 1 with the house. I researched on Angie's list reputable plumbers and received the most reasonable quote from
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
based on pictures of the issue. The day before the visit, I got a call to confirm the appointment. The morning of, I got a call to let me know that
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was on his way. He arrived promptly and talked me through his assessment of the situation. In looking at everything, the quote was going to have to increase slightly but within reason (and still a better price than other vendors I had found on Angie's list) He talked me through the procedure, confirmed he had all the parts and began work. I appreciate the thoroughness in explaining what and why he was doing everything. As a single woman moving into this new space, I wanted to feel assured that everything would be fine!
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
agreed to throw in a complimentary sewer scope for me as well, which will be scheduled at a later date. Upon completing the work, he showed me what he had done and then walked me through my entire house pointing out areas of concern and priority of concern. This is really appreciated.
I absolutely have a new plumber on record! I will be using them again should anything come up in the future!

- Molly M.

Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was prompt and helpful, calling ahead to ask if it was okay to arrive a bit early. The sump in our newly-purchased home needed inspection, but upon review he let us know that our “sump pump” was actually an ancient impeller and that the repairs were both more extensive and more critical than we had anticipated.
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
explained the situation, let me know the cost, obtained the necessary parts, and quickly completed the job. The area was cleaned up before they left. Very satisfactory.

Preamble: Several months ago I asked
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
to send a plumber to check a slow leak at the flush pipe between the tank and the bowl of an antique toilet in a
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
Firm installed toilet, c. 1910. It took a while and a call back by me to
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
, and someone came. The receptionist said she had wanted a particular plumber for the job and he was not available at first. Seemed knowledgable, said he'd look for a pipe that would fit, asked what finish, and left. I do not remember if the $59 visit charge was requested but remember a yellow carbon.
Several months later, not having heard back, I called
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
again. Same receptionist and she remembered the job but not the plumber's name and could not find an invoice. (So maybe he did not charge for the visit.) SHe sent a plumber called
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
I explained to
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
that I had mostly antique fixtures that I wanted to repair and preserve, because the house is a landmark house and some of the fixtures put in by a famous architect,
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
. I said I did not want to replace any of the appliances but to repair them. I showed him the old toilet. He refused to consider repairing in because the porcelain had fine cracks in it, due to the liability. I pointed out that the tank and bowl had no cracks. They only were on the pedestal and were unrelated to the leak. He insisted the toilet had to be replaced to the tune of almost 900 dollars, despite the fact that it was working and had always worked better than the two new toilets in the house. The leak was a tiny area of slight moisture at the pipe juncture with the tank. As the first plumber had said, the joint was corroded, not surprisingly after about 100 years.
I showed the plumber the other problems. A new
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
toilet did not flush properly unless one held down the handle. I explained that an article on do-it-yourself in the Trib had explained that this kind of problem meant that the toilet needed an adjustment. Did this plumber consider that? No, he claimed that a piece in this (new) toilet needed to be replaced.
Another old toilet also had a leak at its flush pipe, an active leak that had been repaired ten years before, successfully until just now. This one he said could be repaired to the tune of 500 dollars. He wanted to replace everything in the tank (all of which functioned fine). I felt the old, sturdy parts that worked better than the new toilet's parts should not be changed.
Then I showed him the water heaters in the basement, because my sink faucets' hot water had become progessively feeble over the last few months, and I guessed that calcium deposits, which build up more in hot water piping than cold, had narrowed the channels from the hot water heaters. The hot water heaters, however, were working well, producing more than enough hot water for simultaneous showers and baths in the four bathrooms. When there at the heaters, I (not the plumber) noticed a slight, slow red thick leak from a fitting on one of the water heaters and asked that, in addition to checking the hot water pipes for debris, he include a repair to close this small leak. There was a small damp patch at the base of the heater, possibly from the spring rains or from this leak or some other leak, he suggested but did not investigate for another leak. What he did was suggest that the heaters be replaced (despite the fact that they were producing plenty of hot water overall) to the tune of more than 3,000. His estimate for cleaning and repairing the pipe that might have been the cause of the slow hot water in the sink faucet and stopping up the small leak was 265 dollars.
We went to the kitchen sink, where the hot water of the faucet had, as in the other sinks, become feeble due to some kind of blockage in the hot water pipe. The disposal was old and not a high-end one, which works, though not very efficiently. His response, (you can probably guess) was to install a new one to the tune of 745 dollars. His estimate for fixing the feeble hot water faucet was $160 but he only gave the estimate when I requested it after he proposed the replacement.
I reiterated to this plumber that I did not remove and replace appliances that were working and that had long worked better than more recent ones. All I wanted was to get the repairs done to the existing fixtures.
But this plumber simply was not interested in such repairs and when I asked for certain estimates said that he had not looked at the problems carefully enough to diagnose them and estimate the repairs.
Wow. What a mismatch of customer and serviceman. And what a contrast between the conclusions of two different plumbers of the same company within a few months.
And note that I had had to really keep at
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and I still do not have the replacement pipe for the toilet repair that was my reason for getting in touch with
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
I should say that prior small plumbing repairs by
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
were fine and not exhorbitant, except that one plumber did not take his shoes off or put on show slipcovers, so he left dark foot prints on the white bathroom rug.
I'm hoping
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
can figure out which plumber was the one who said he would get a replacement pipe to fix the
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
- Anna C R.

This company told me I would probably have to get an new faucet (which I certainly was hoping I would not have to do since I picked this one especially when we remodeled our kitchen. I was feeling a bit hopeless and had never called the manufacturer--assuming after 10 years it would not do any good--lesson learned). ) He looked up the manufacturer and said I would have to pay #90 + dollars each for new cartridges and his fee for work performed would run around $600.00. ("Better to get a new faucet"). He seemed to be trying to sell me a new faucet with a combined price for installation.
I called a second company (Chicagoland Plumbing, Inc…see review for 6/23/14) who encouraged me to call the manufacturer (
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
), which I did, and
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
!…a lifetime warranty. They sent me the new cartridges and the rest is all good news for a price not even close to this company ($140.00).
I was very displeased and would definitely not recommend this company to anyone. I clearly could have ended up spending a lot of money when I did not need to, along with having to replace my favorite faucet).

llThis was an excellent experience. I thought I would have to buy a new faucet (this one being quite expensive) but
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
diagnosed the problem and encouraged me to call
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
. It turned out to be a life time warranty and sent me the cartridges.
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was always available when I called and was prompt in the day we arranged (also very friendly and professional). His charge was the same as his first estimate, so no surprises. I was especially pleased because the first company I called (Tritan Plumbing) tried to sell me a new faucet and never encouraged me to call the manufacturer. In fact, he said he could get the cartridges but they would be $90 some dollars apiece and his cost would be around $600.00 to install them!!! (I will write a second review on that company!). At any rate, I was relieved and very pleased with
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
. I can keep my faucet and it doesn't leak!!! I would highly recommend this company and will call
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
in the future is we have any problems.

I had a leak in one of the water heaters in my 2-flat (each apartment has its own water heater). A service person came the next morning, and although was very nice, friendly, and really liked to help, he worked the whole day trying to find the problems and figure out how to service unit (
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
). The leak turned out to be from the pressure valve, which was very easy to fix and a common problem. I also asked him to clean and service the two units, which he said that he did. The charged me $405 for the service (after Angie's list discount), which was reasonable. The next day I discovered that when I turned on the hot water in the third floor apartment shower, it took about 5 minutes before the water became hot enough to use as a shower. Prior to the service, I had immediate hot water. I called them and they sent another technician right away, one who was more skilled and knew what he was doing. He replaced several connections, which apparently had deposits, but did not tell me in advnace that the additional work will cost me another $615, I was stunned when he gave me the bill - the total service of servicing two water heaters came to be $1021 ($405 for the first time they came to service, and $615 second time). Since he did the work without letting me know ahead of time the cost (when he came the second time), I have no way of knowing how it would compare and what could be the cost if someone else did the work all in one day. It seems to, however, that the amount paid was far too much for the work that was done. Although at the end, the work was done correctly and I now have immediate hot water as I had before, it should not have taken two days and over $1000 to service the unit.
I also had him replace a part in the shower valve, which was $150 not including the part (I supplied) but he told me the cost in advance.

- Shani H.

After a late arrival (weather related), company got to work efficiently. They had to go out to get a new part which took up part of the two hour window but work was completed successfully.
- Sonia K.

I recently bought a home, and it had a nearly 30 year old furnace and air conditioner. Since they were towards the end of their useful life, I thought it would be
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
to replace the system. I also was having very little airflow to the bedrooms on the second floor.
I obtained four quotes, and
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
offered the system for a reasonable price, and was the only company to provide me with a solution to the airflow problem on the second floor. They suggested moving a
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
line from its current location to a location closer to where the air flow source was located. This seemed logical to me rather than hoping that the new system would just provide more airflow.
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
's technician
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
showed up on time, and was very professional with his work. He put down drop clothes in the home to make sure no dust or debris would get on the house, and at the end of his work days he cleaned up all debris. He explained what he was doing and happy to answer any questions.
At the end of the job, all of the connections were clean. The airflow to the second floor is much stronger, and the system is very quiet and efficient. When I had the inspector from the municipal building department come for the final inspection, he told me that everything looked great and it's what he expects from
Evanston Plumbers Provider Name Locked
. I highly recommend them.
- Aaron M.
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