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Sonja A.
"We bought a SN bed from an Atlanta store about two years ago that has never worked properly. We discovered recently just how awful SN’s customer service is when we called to" get assistance with the bed. (You have to call an 800 number.) After being placed on hold for more than 10 minutes, I spoke to a CSR who wanted to take me through a long set of steps on the phone (basically taking the whole bed apart) to diagnose the problem myself. I told her I wanted to schedule a technician, and she said it would be 2 weeks and there would be a charge. I did opt to schedule a visit and was given an appt approx 2 weeks away with a four hour window. The technicians arrived MORE THAN AN HOUR beyond the end of the 4 hour window. They did not bother to call me earlier in the day to let me know they would be late. All they did was take the bed control up to 100 a couple of times and bring it back down despite the fact that I told the CSR on the phone that my side was leaking. They refused to replace the bladder during the visit, saying we would have to call back and request a new bladder. It was obvious after the first night that my side was leaking, so we called back and requested a new bladder, which will take two more days. Thus, it has taken approximately 3 weeks, multiple calls, and one visit and our problem is still not resolved. I wish I had never bought this bed! When you sell a product that someone uses every day for 8 hours per day, you should have a MUCH better approach to service.
Rated by
Judy H.
"The mattress is great, price fair, and sleeping well. The delivery was terrible and not free. I paid for delivery so expected decent service. They were disorganized - the original" date on the slip didn't exist, needed to reschedule, and then delivery men were not careful and bent a newel post on my staircase while bringing the mattress in. Then they came back because they had delivered (and carried up 2 flights, breaking post in process) the wrong mattress. After some calls and a repeat delivery, I have the right mattress. The owner (not Therone,
, they may be co-owners) said he would come by to look at the broken post at 1 PM the day of the delivery and never showed that day or followed up. The mattress is good, but I still need to get the newel post fixed. If I figure in the eventual cost of getting the post fixed, the mattress was not a bargain. Can only recommend this place if you can pick up yourself, I will not patronize this place and pay again for sub-standard delivery service.
Rated by
Robert I.
"I have an adjustable 8 year old Tempurpedic bed which stopped working due to a bad motor. I was able to get information for
from one of our local mattress stores" and called
to come over and install a new motor. He was punctual, courteous, professional, and friendly. The cost was reasonable matched what I was quoted over the phone. Very happy to have found him!

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Getting a great sleep means having the right mattress, and that means knowing what types are out there, how they support you, and taking the time to test before you rest. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Damaris H. of Ft. Worth, Texas)


Getting a good night's rest is critical for your general health and well being, which means what you're sleeping on makes a huge difference to how you feel in the morning. There are a wide variety of mattresses available, depending on your preference and needs, and since a good mattress can last a decade, you'll want to do your research before you buy any new bedding.

A light vacuuming of your mattress every month will help minimize dust mites and dander. (Photo by David Massey)

A good night’s sleep is so important, why would you want to sleep on a dirty mattress? Here’s how to keep dust mites and allergens at a minimum.

Testing a mattress in the furniture store

Mattress experts weigh in on how to buy the best mattress for your sleeping needs while avoiding jargon pitfalls and useless warranties.

Seamstress working at a mattress factory

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Lisa Renze-Rhodes

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Mattress Buying reviews in Evanston


When I went in to the store this past August, I spoke to the customer service manager,
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Waldohf. Instead of helping us with the claim process, she tried for a half hour, to convince us to purchase another, more expensive mattress, and then put the claim in! When I called with questions, she became uncooperative. She did tell us that the mattress brand that I purchased was no longer produced. So she told us her advice was to but a $5000. mattress, then worry about the refund for the old mattress.
When I got the mattress ready for "inspection", I found a slight stain on the mattress.
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
was very flip with me about this, stating that my warranty was now void.
I purchased a mattress cover for $99 which was supposed to cover this type of problem. When I pointed this out, she actually laughed at me!!!
Now, I still had the inspection, and was told to contact the mattress cover company, Fabrictech/ Pure Care. They denied the claim because I found the stain, but didn't know what it was.. so if I had lied, they would have come out and cleaned it, and then I could have gotten a new mattress from
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
... or if I lied, and they couldn't get the stain out, they would have replaced it!!
Both companies are trying to avoid covering a warranty for a mattress which is so deformed we cannot use it.
I would NEVER use
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
- Christine P.

I was in the
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
for a latex mattress and found this place through an online
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
(not many places around here that sell latex). I liked that they are locally/family-owned and the mattresses are made onsite.
Their prices are not the lowest around, but they do have a quality product and you pay for what you get (not inflated dept store and brand name prices).
I'm very picky and had a difficult time determining the right mattress for my needs. The owner,
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
, and her staff were so patient and accommodating; it was very impressive and I appreciated all they did for me. A department or franchise mattress store would not have given me the same service and flexibility, I'm sure.
I highly recommend you check them out if you need a mattress (they have many kinds). The have a small showroom, but I believe everything they offer is there. They also make custom mattresses for boats, adjustable beds, etc. They are close to Ellenton outlet mall. They have a customer-friendly exchange policy.

- Michele H.

I visited the
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
in the
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Square shopping center. When my wife and I walked in we were helped by
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
S. She spent a good deal of time explaining the differences in mattresses and encouraged us to try each mattress out until we found one that was just right for us. There was absolutely no pressure to make a purchase and to my surprise she did not lead us directly to the most expensive mattresses in the store. We got a great bed at a great price and enjoyed the shopping experience. I would definitely encourage anyone looking for a mattress to visit this store.
- Alan T.

Warning, LOTS of
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
costs here. Our couch and love seat measured a little bit over their terms and it ended up costing us $60 on top of the $99 we already paid. They also tried to charge us a "travel" fee but I looked up the zip code that they said had to be within 15 miles and we were only 10 miles away.
They also charged for cleaning the back cushions of the couch. The ad said "loose pillows" were extra but I figured that meant if we had throw pillows, not the actual cushions that make up the couch. I asked the guy, "So if these pillows were sewn onto the couch they wouldn't be extra?" and he said no. I almost got out my needle and thread!
I felt bad for the workers, it wasn't their fault, and they clearly get this a lot. They tried to make up for it by using a deodorizer but it just
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
! I had to have the windows open for weeks, and the smell is still not gone. It smells like a
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
of cheap perfume was spilled on the sofas.
This ad needs to be more clear, I felt ripped off.
- Wendy R.

Our experience with
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
was fantastic when we made our initial purchase and again two years later when we returned unhappy with the way that inner-spring mattress was holding up. Why return to
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
? Excellent Customer service. Here's how the second time around went:
Have you ever made a purchase you felt great about and slowly over time, you came to loath the very product you though you loved? That is the box-spring mattress we purchased two years ago from
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
. We thought, wow, only two years in and this mattress sucks! We were a little bit upset about the quality but willing to learn from our poor choice in product and went BACK to
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
to make a better choice.
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
wasn't happy to see me back so soon. In fact, I think the question she asked was: "You need to replace the SAME mattress I JUST sold you?!"
She wasn't having it.
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
worked with us to not only find a mattress we loved but to return our crappy little mattress to the manufacturer under warranty for FULL credit towards our new purchase! The product we first purchased was an exception and i would not warn anyone away from that particular brand or style but this time we chose a latex mattress instead of another innerspring mattress. It was nice to walk into a business and have the staff listen to our frustrations and respond: "you know, you're probably right and here is how we can fix it!"
We LOVE our new latex mattress! I am pleased I went BACK to
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
-- their service continued to amaze even in the face of a less than happy customer. We may not have chosen the right mattress the first time but we chose the right mattress store.
[FYI: It also helps when you are not a jerk of a customer so don't be a jerk. I'm sure they can handle jerks too but my happy experience came easy because I was polite not because I screamed, whined and badgered my way into a better deal. I'm just say'n...]
Thank you
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
for helping us find a better mattress!

- Roland B.

Our son was a premie and never sleeps well unless he sleeps with us. He gets regular nose bleeds. They leaked right through the protector pad. When the protector leaked I called the store within 5 days and asked what I should do. I thought I should call the protector company but the sales woman we worked with said to call her if we had "any problems", so I did.
The store employee that sold us the set told me "she would contact the company for us". I pursued this with her for awhile,
probably about a year and finally gave up. For the record the mattress warranty specifies "no cleaning fluids are to be used".
By mid 2014 the mattress had a high lump in the center and both sides sagged very badly. I frequently roll right off the bed. We reported the issue to
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
, the place of purchase. Mattress Marshals came and inspected the mattress. The woman that came told me the mattress had failed and had over 1 1/2" of sag and should be replaced.
I got a poorly copied form letter (black toner streaks all over page) that looked like it was copied many, many times, denying our claim because of the stains. The letter didn't even have a name at the bottom or a number to contact them.
On 8/16/2014 I called the store in
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
and found they had no manager. I was told to contact
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
in Glenmont, NY. He said he would look into cases where the Comfort Care protector pads failed and would call me back on Monday 8/18/2014 and update me. He also told me to try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the stains. This did nothing.
I hadn't received a call by 8/29/2014 so I called the Glenmont store again.
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
was in Syracuse but the employee said he would contact him and have him call me that day. I received a call from
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Bell, Director of Customer Service Relations in
Syracuse. (Isn't Customer Service supposed to be nice and help you?).
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
started off by being mean, nasty, insulting and unprofessional. We spoke for 5 to 10 minutes and I got so frustrated I hung up.
He did mail a copy of the Mattress Marshals report to me. I don't know if Mattress Marshals lied to me, or
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
altered the report, but now it shows the mattress only sags 1 1/4".
I am pursuing having a local television station's Consumer Reporter interview us so they can show how companies like
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
and mattress manufacturers treat consumers.
I am also going to tell everyone I know, whether they are looking for a mattress now or in the future NOT to go to
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
because of the way they treat people AFTER they spend their money their.

- Andrew B.

The salesman at the 13111 San
Evanston Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
location showed us the various types of mattresses then let us take as much time as we needed to try them out. No hard sell, just answered our questions then got out of the way. They could have delivered the same day but we were getting new bedroom set so we scheduled delivery foe later in the week. The delivery was on time and went smoothly. Once we started to use the bed we realized the new bed was taller than the old one which made it hard to get in and out of bed with the tall pillow to mattress. You literally had to boost yourself into bed and it felt like you were falling when getting out. The next day I called the store and inquired about a low profile foundation. It had to be ordered but was delivered and switched out in less than a week - they only charged a restocking fee. I will definitely go back to Factory a Mattress!
- Janice A.

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