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"I use
as my internet provider. On approximately October 1 I received a letter from
informing me that they upgraded my service and in" order to take advantage of this I would need to upgrade my modem. I was given two choices, either lease a new modem from
or purchase a new one myself. I was provided with a link to modems that were compatable with my service. I chose to purchase my own modem and bought one that was on their list. After installing the new modem I attempted to activate the modem on line through my account on the
website. It was at this point that things got extremely ugly. After logging on to my account and following the instructions to activate the modem I got a message that I couldn't activate the modem due to "retail blocking" and I was referred to a chat site or 1-800 number. I first attempted to resolve the situation via the chat site. After 10 minutes or so of "chatting" with a representative, I was told that they couldn't resolve my problem and that I would have to resort to the 1-800 number. After calling the 1-800 number, and waiting on hold for 30 minutes, I had to talk with three different individuals. Each individual required me to provide my 16-character account number. This process took 90 minutes. I actually had to plug in my cell phone to ensure that I wouldn't
power while waiting for someone. Finally we were able to achieve activation of the new modem. To add insult to injury, I just received my
bill, and found that they charted me $39.95 for a "technician visit" and $60.00 for a "3 product install". Also, I recently checked out my local
service center (
, Georgia) in an attempt to return my old modem. When I got there early on a Saturday afternoon, it looked like the Department of Motor Vehicles! There were at least 75 unhappy people in a serpentine line waiting for help. If you're a
customer and need "service", be wary. Be very wary.
Rated by
Lloyd G.
"My recent experience with
is one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve EVER had. The problem started just days after activating my service." I started noticing that at times the internet speed was fine, at other times is was slow as molasses. It honestly was so slow it reminded me of the days when we connected by dial-up. Soon after that started happening my interconnect just started dropping all together for long periods of time – five minutes here, 15 minutes there, etc. Then a few days later, while researching important information on the internet, my ENTIRE
/Exfinity platform (Phone, TV, and internet) went off line from 9 pm to somewhere around 5 am. So next day I called
to complain and they offered to give refund me $5 to for the time my services were out and they agreed to increase my internet speed, saying that the increase should make things run fastest and stop the internet connect from dropping. They also said I can arrange to have tech support come out to look at the issues. So next day I get home from work and try to call tech support. I called and waited and waited and waited for someone to take my call. Almost 45 minutes later I was still holding and got so frustrated I just hung up. Meanwhile, I hear from my basement tenant that the television picture is breaking up. Unbelievable! So I decided that I’ve had enough and that I was going to cancel my service and go back to Verizon. So I call to cancel and they put me on with
in the Retention Department. I told
that I would like to cancel my services effective October 13 --- five days from today’s date (October 8th). NEWS FLASH TO
is not someone you want in the Retention Department!!! He started off the conversation being extremely nice, but as soon as he determined that I was not buying his pitch to stay with
, his attitude flipped IMMEDIATLEY, and for the rest of the call he was condescending and attitudinal, not to mention he continually talked over me. Worst of all, I discovered when I got off the phone with him that good old condescending and attitudinal
went ahead and shut my phone and internet down – five days before I requested it be terminated. It appears he was even more attitudinal than I thought he was. Just awful…awful customer service! Next I call
back immediately to get my service turned on, and I get a woman named Telisa, a shining light in a sea of maybe the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. She was not able to get my phone turned back on, but was able to turn on the television. In short, she was WONDERFUL. So I now have Television again but no telephone service. NEVER WILL I SIGN UP WITH
Rated by
Carville W.
"The conversion was suggested by the
technician to resolve issues we were having with the landline phone. The technician arranged for the conversion and set" up the installation appointment. The install was doneat the appointed time and we have not had any problems.

Evanston Internet Service Articles

Internet Service reviews in Evanston


Over ten visits in two years, On Demand still doesn't work. Whole house DVR, a pay service, never worked properly. Replaced all boxes twice, new style remotes work (optimistically) 50% of the time. I spent a year's vacation time waiting for TWC technicians to fix our problem. It's the wiring. It's the cable boxes (two? three? times?). It's the whole house DVR. It's the wiring again. It's the backbone and there are too many cable users for the existent wiring.
I've taken more of a financial hit from the time off to accommodate TWC technicians than I paid for cable. None of this was an issue when Insight was our cable company. All problems started the week TWC took over.
- Rebecca K.

I would like Angies list to help resolve this and put this company in the penalty box so that other customers can be made aware of these practices.

I have only internet from
Evanston Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
and upgraded my service, my monthly bill is $54.
Evanston Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
charged me $30 to send two technicians to connect my modem and flip a switch. The technicians were 10 hours late.
I scheduled my appointment with
Evanston Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
for the day I closed and moved in. Closing was at 9 am. Movers were to arrive at 11:00 am.
Evanston Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
was scheduled to arrive between 1 and 2 p.m. They did not arrive until after 11 p.m. I was given the option to reschedule but that seemed like a poor risk.
I felt sorry for the technicians. I know they had been at work for well over 12 hours. I know that they probably were not paid well for their services. Once they arrived they did a good job. Of course, I think it could have all been done remotely.
What the technicians and
Evanston Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
failed to tell me was that wherever I had my modem switched on I would be chained to that location unless I pay an additional $64.00 fee to have the technicians return to my home and throw the switch again.
I have 5 cable outlets in my home. The $64 fee is to turn on 1 more outlet. If I want them all turned on in the hopes of avoiding more surprises and additional fees that will be $24.99 per outlet.
My internet connection is fine, the customer service is very poor- excepting the professional woman who broke the bad news to me about the fee to flip a switch.
When you have cable installed make sure all your outlets are activated so when you want to rearrange you will not have to pay an outrageous and unnecessary fee.
- Kathy L.

Customer assistance was no very smart, explained my request twice to one, 3 times to another, and from a third was given the wrong information. ANDthey jacked up their price, penalizing me for wanting only internet, no other service. Highly irritating.
- Amy H.

Overall, the fact that
Evanston Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
is the only company that provides the highest Internet service has created terrible service. Service goes down constantly, for no apparent reason, and it's been like this for years. This provider has a monopoly on Internet speed and has been a constant source of frustration.
- Karen L.

I have been pleased with the service, the few times that I contacted them in 2 years. The person I spoke with the last time handled my quickly and was helpful. He was not as friendly as others at spoke tobut his job well,

It seems like jumping on the bandwagon to be critical of one of the large cable companies at this point, but an honest review is an honest review and I've written plenty of good ones when warranted.
We had utilized
Evanston Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
for over 10 years despite being dissatisfied for quite some time. Finally overcame the laziness, fear of change, or whatever and dropped them earlier this year for a satellite provider. We were unhappy with the continually escalating prices and the annual process of returning DVRs/Receivers because they just stop working.
Needless to say, I was blown away when I saw the improvement in hardware, DVR storage space, offerings, services, functionality, etc. that satellite provided and we made the switch earlier this year and never looked back. The straw that broke the camel's back was that we had a cable strung across our lawn when it was replaced in Nov 2013. Finally called the week before our pool was to be put in and said it HAD to be done in the next week as we would have heavy equipment rolling through that area for the next 3 to 4 months. Naturally it didn't happen so I called and asked for a manager and told them they had 24 hours to come bury the cable I would switch to DirecTV.
They didn't come.
I'm so glad now that they didn't.
Having said all of that, we haven't had any issues with our internet service, which they still provide. Just hope we never have a problem as I don't look forward to the service if/when I ever have to call them...
- Mark E.

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54 Regional Dr
Wilmington, MA

Comcast  Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadows, IL


1625 Lakes Pkwy.
Lawrenceville, GA

Commraider, Inc.

9701 South Kean Ave
Palos Hills, IL

Computer Solutions

2201 S Halsted
Chicago, IL

Converged Communication Systems, LLC

2930 Central Street
Evanston, IL

Creative Tech Solutions

117 Harvard Ct
Glenview, IL


1134 West Granville Avenue
Chicago, IL

Design & Promote

1952 McDowell Rd.
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346 N. Northwest Hwy
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2252 Glouceston Ln
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1710 Fortview Rd
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540 Mchenry Rd
Buffalo Grove, IL

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535 Joliet Rd
Willowbrook, IL

Dish Network Carol Stream

106 East North Avenue
Carol Stream, IL

Dish Network Chicago

1400 Skokie Blvd
Chicago, IL

Dish Network Chicago

1100 West Cermak Road
Chicago, IL

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7500 Lemont Road
Downers Grove, IL

Dish Network Evergreen Park

9059 South Kedzie Avenue
Evergreen Park, IL

Dish Network Hinsdale

102 West Chicago Avenue
Hinsdale, IL

Dish Network Joliet

15 W Jefferson St
Joliet, IL

Dish Network Naperville

833 N Washington St
Naperville, IL

Dish Network Naperville

659 S Washington St
Naperville, IL

Dish Network New Lenox

103 East Maple Street
New Lenox, IL

Dish Network Richton Park

5150 Sauk Trail
Richton Park, IL

Dish Network South Holland

862 East 162nd Street
South Holland, IL


1960 Carlsbad Cir #304
Naperville, IL

DSL Chicago

Chicago, IL

Dyer Media Group

7956 Old Clifton Road
Springfield, OH

Ethel 22

Lansing, IL


3 S Prospect Ave #12
Park Ridge, IL

Evolving Interactive

1000 N Milwaukee
Chicago, IL


Carol Stream, IL

EZIS Solutions

2300 N. Barrington Road
Hoffman Estates, IL


3021 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, Il

First Data Independent Sales – Midwest States

785 N. Augustus Ct.
Palatine, IL

Fisher Brittany Consultants, LLC

East 42nd Street
Brooklyn, NY

Five Star Electronics

9209/11 s Cicero Ave
Oak Lawn, IL


7401 Summerhill Road
Boston, GA

G2 Crowd

1910 1st St
Highland Park, IL


Chicago, IL

Geek Choice - Chicago

401 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

GIBBISM.COM (My Life Compass)

1040 Barberry Ct
Elgin, IL

GnG Direct

PO Box 972
Westmont, IL

Great Home Technologies

1011 Kings Ln
Glenview, IL

Great Property Search

748 North Lakewood Avenue
Chicago, IL

Greencastle Web Design

676 Shannon Drive N
Greencastle, PA

Harrison Home Maintenance

PO Box 240
Park Ridge, IL

Healthy Comp

Chicago, IL

Home Theater innovations

2428 N Forestview Ave
River Grove, IL

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA


1925 Central St
Evanston, IL

Hot Internet Network, Inc.

910 West Van Buren #307
Chicago, IL

Hotwire Co

9320 Menard Ave
Morton Grove, IL

Hotwire Electronics Inc.

21750 Main Street
Matteson, IL

HyperText Group Inc

40 S Prospect
Roselle, IL

IHSystem Inc.

10 N. Martingale Road Suite 170/175
Schaumburg, I

IIS Solutions

64 Orland Square
Orland Park, IL

iLexis Creative

1026 Heron Circle
Joliet, IL

Information Technology and Security

9 S Elmhurst Rd
Prospect Heights, IL

INMO Software

310 Forest Glen Dr.
Round Lake, IL


20 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL

Integrated Source Concepts

25W775 Deerpoint Dr.
Wheaton, IL

Intragration, Inc.

PO Box 2624
Melrose Park, IL


770 N. Halsted Street Suite 6S
Chicago, IL

ITD Webdesign

Joliet, IL

JPR Direct Security Cameras

Chicagoland Area, IL

Justhink45, Inc.

22923 Millard Avenue
Dekalb, IL

Justice and Associates LLC

6655 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV

KCN Solutions

910 W Van Buren St
Chicago, IL


6351 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL

Lapin Systems, Inc.

832 Dempster Street
Evanston, IL


Naperville, IL

Little Wing Consulting

Blue Island, IL


1563 Sherman Ave., Ste. 201
Evanston, IL


PO BOX 1362
Northbrook, IL

Main Street Shopping

Crystal & Main
Lombard, IL

MAK Consulting Co.

125 W. Boeger Dr.
Arlington Heights, IL


1924 Georgetown On
Hoffman Estates, IL

Marcor Technologies Inc

2807 Yosemite Dr
Aurora, IL

Master 55

40446 N Rte 59
Antioch, IL

McHenry County Hsoting

3899 Twin Oaks Drive
Wonder Lake, IL

Meridian Digital

595 1/.2 S. 3rd St
Columbus, OH

Micro Tech Systems Inc

3677 Woodhead Dr
Northbrook, IL

MindSHIFT Technologies

200 S Wacker
Chicago, IL

Mlody - Connecting People with Technology

75 Kristin Cir
Schaumburg, IL


Winnetka, IL

Multimedia Groupe, LLC.

7412 Silver Lake Rd
Cary, IL

My Network Security

6040 S Narragansett Ave
Chicago, IL


po box 1969
Bolingbrook, IL


447 N Princeton Ave
Villa Park, IL

Naper Design

22W102 Sheffield Ct
Glen Ellyn, IL

National Tenant Services

333 Warrenville Rd Suite 200
Lisle, IL


2201 N. Cheswick Ct.
Round Lake, IL

Nerds By Design

20 Danada Sq W Ste 223
Wheaton, IL

NetComm Business Solutions

PO Box 266
Yorkville, IL

NewTek Data Systems

1845 Hicks Rd
Rolling Meadows, IL

One Room Solution, Inc

18400 W Il Route 120 Apt 115
Grayslake, IL

Online Media Masters

1324 West Byron Street
Chicago, IL

Operation Technology

651 W Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL

ParkWhiz, Inc.

208 S. Jefferson Street
Chicago, IL

PC Specialists Inc

5600 N. River Road
Rosemont, IL

PCPC Support

Nationwide Support Center
Columbus, OH

Performance Media Placement

23172 Plaza Pointe
Laguna Hills, CA


111 E. Wacker, Suite 1500
Chicago, IL

Personified Interiors

524 South Ridge Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL

Perspectives Design Studio

321 E Cass St
Joliet, IL

Phone Service Chicago

307 S Clark St
Chicago, Il

Pinpay Online

2018 University Dr
Naperville, IL

Plasma, Inc. Audio & Video Solutions

2033 North Milwaukee Ave
Deerfield, IL

Plego Technologies

5002 Main Street #203
Downers Grove, IL

PrairieWeb Internet Marketing

1585 Beverly Court, Suite 123
Aurora, IL


10 N Martingale Rd
Schaumburg, IL


951 Busse Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL


Chicago, IL

Qute Tech

Richton Park, il

Radar Sat

5742 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL

Rainmaker Internet Marketing

217 S. Main Street
Wheaton, IL


4115 n richmond
Chicago, IL


500 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL


810 w. george st
Chicago, IL

Ruugy Media

755 West Brompton Ave
Chicago, IL


131 red fox ln #A
Elk Grove Village, IL


445 West Erie, Suite 210
Chicago, IL


PO Box 682
Park Ridge, IL

Sittercity Inc

20 W Kinzie St
Chicago, IL


Chicago, IL

Steve Gustafson Technical Services

PO Box 6601
Evanston, IL

Sv Web Ink Designs

833 Ridge DR
Dekalb, IL


715 W Racquet Club Dr.
Addison, IL


12920 SE 38th St
Bellevue, WA

T. Brooks Web Design, LLC

3111 Rt. 38 Ste 11
Mt. Laurel, NJ

Tech Tock 24/7 Computer Support

4541 Oakton St
Skokie, IL

Telegraphics, Inc.

9703 Cary Ave
Schiller Park, IL

TexTechnical Resources, LLC

201 W. Lake Street, Ste # 165
Chicago, IL

The Google Apps Dude

7119 Dada Dr.
Gurnee, IL

The Hosting Depot

Charlotte Metro Area
Matthews, NC


Orlando, FL

The Right Way to Write

30 East Georgia Street
Indianapolis, IN

Top Gear Technologies

5120 N Leavitt St
Chicago, IL

Trifecto Audio Video

300 Scott St
Elk Grove Village, IL


Batavia, IL

Virtually Yours

East Greenwich, RI

Vision Marketing

8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave Ste 1300
Chicago, IL


2147 ROUTE 27
Edison, NJ

Walton Street Web Design

2032 W Walton St
Chicago, IL

Webb Design

PO Box 690661
Tulsa, OK

Wescomm Technologies Inc.

15091 Champaign Rd
Allen Park, MI

Windy City Web Consulting

Mozart St
Chicago, IL

Windy City Web Designs

2380 Esplanade Dr Suite 205B
Algonquin, IL

WON Marketing, Inc.

200 N. Harrison St, #106
Algonquin, IL

Worlds Best Graphic Artist

5315 North Clark Street
Chicago, il


11810 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD

Your Writing Muse

White Mountains
Littleton, NH

Ziegler Installations Inc

24735 West Pleasant Court
Plainfield, IL
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