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Think very carefully before engaging this tile company, no matter what your friends’ experiences may be. Whenever construction goes smoothly, everyone’s happy. The way a company handles problems is indicative of their decency, honesty, and customer service.
does not stand behind the samples it provides as being representative of its product. I bought both slate for a mudroom floor and Oceanside glass tile for a backsplash. The representative,
Cumorich, showed me a sample of slate in the show room. I specifically asked about the white splotches I noticed on the slate tile.
assured me that this was superficial only and would not appear after sealing. She wiped with a wet rag to show me the deep black color and no splotches.
Total incompetence. After installed, many tiles had white spots. Even if wiped first, the white splotches re-appeared after drying AND after sealing.
blamed the installer for not ordering enough tile so that we wouldn’t use the ones with white splotches — at least 1/3 of the tiles I’d ordered, which were not-returnable after delivery. So I was expected to order at least 30% -50% more tile than needed, which cost I would have to "eat," to avoid white splotches, We had enough tile, but so many had white splotches, it was hard to know where to put them.
The installer actually saved the day by using elbow grease and a product to remove the white splotches. He did this extra work at no charge to me. He was honorable despite
's efforts to excoriate him.
The backsplash was a disaster. We chose a glass tile to match existing granite counter. Tile arrived; I laid out an entire box of tile to be sure it was the right color. The tile I ordered was thicker than sample (they never provided a sample of the exact tile. “Sorry, we
’t have your particular choice sample in stock. This sample will be accurate.” The delivered tile looked correct when held up to light and to wall and next to samples.
After installation, the tile color was RADICALLY DIFFERENT FROM SAMPLE (See photo of samples propped against the actual installed tile). The sample was
, matching
in counter; the installed tile was a muddy brown, reminiscent of the outcome of a very bad illness).
, owner, came out. Arrogant; defensive. He said we shouldn't have installed — even though looked ok before installation. He chastised us, saying we should have primed the tiles. When we said the tiles HAD been primed, he reversed himself. "Oh, no. Oceanside won't back it up if primed." Hmmm. Dissembler?
I asked what they would do to compensate us for having to rip out, buy new tile, install it; delay of 6 weeks as our installer was on a different job. If they had offered us $100 as a sign of goodwill (The tile cost was 24 times that),
would have gone a long way toward customer satisfaction. Instead they charged my credit card for the balance without my permission (contract notes they can do this. Too bad I didn’t notice that detail): If you are foolish enough to use
, CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD AFTER MAKING DEPOSIT. Then you have some negotiating power with these arrogant charlatans––they claim to have knowledge they
’t possess and
’t stand behind their representation of the product they sell. That to me is the definition of a charlatan.
- Linda G.

was great! For the estimate, he came over and gave us a good price for redoing the chaulking in our bathroom. We also wanted him to replace 5 broken floor tiles but when he came to do the work, we found a there were 10 broken tiles. Found out that the original floor tiles were installed improperly by the house developer. We decided to have Lazlo do the chaulking and we will be having him back in the next couple of months to remove the old tiles and reinstall porcelain tiles the right way!
is punctual, professional, good prices and a really nice guy! We are going to be recommending him to our friends!
- Chris H.

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Ceramic Tiling reviews in Evanston


Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
was first contacted in December, 2013. An appt was set up with the owner,
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
, for early January, 2013.
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
did not show up for this appt. It was rescheduled and
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
did come the second time. He was very nice and stated the repairs needed would be very
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
to complete. He gave the estimate to the cleaning service who planned to cover the cost of repairs.
Following this, it took over a month to actually schedule the work, due to a great deal of poor communication between
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
and the cleaning service. At one point, we were contacted out of nowhere by a workman, claiming to be the "stone expert" who came over to "look at the job." His assessment completely contradicted what the owner,
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
, had told us- and he seemed much less optimistic about their ability to complete the repairs. When I asked why his opinion contradicted what we were told by the owner, all he would say was, "I'm the stone expert."
The work was finally scheduled in mid-February to be completed on Saturday, March 8 (with an additional hour planned for Monday, March 10 to complete the caulking). I called Grout Medic early on Thursday, March 6 to confirm the appointment. I did not get a call back until Friday, March 7- at which point the "stone expert" workman called to say we were "all set for Monday, March 10." When I tried to correct him and began to express displeasure, the workman began to speak incessantly and not let me get a word in edgewise. I literally had to interrupt him and ask him to "please stop talking" so he could listen to what I had to say. He ultimately spoke with the owner and called back, "assuring" me they would be at our home "first thing" Saturday "between 8 and 9 am."
On Saturday, my husband and I woke up early and were ready and waiting for
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
men to arrive at 8 am. By 9:30, when nobody showed, I called the workman/"stone expert" on his cell. No answer. I called
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
the owner. No answer.
The workmen ("stone expert" and an assistant) finally showed at 9:40. I expressed my displeasure with their arrival time. The "stone expert" just stood in my doorway, staring at me. No apology. No phone call to warn us he was late. He then muttered something about having been "UP ALL NIGHT BECAUSE OF HIS FEET ITCHING" and he overslept. YES, he actually said this. He told me he was "afraid to call me" because of our unpleasant interaction on the phone the previous day. And then... he LEFT. He walked off the job- never even made it past our front door!!!! I left another message for
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
, the owner, and I have yet to get any response from him.
I have been a physician in practice for 22 years, and I have NEVER experienced this kind of unreliability and lack of professionalism before. DO NOT use this company!!!

- Heidi M.

Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
was very responsive to our request for a quote. Showed up within a day. He was knowledgeable in evaluating the work to be done and giving us an estimate. His experience showed in recognizing the problem areas beneath the surface.
He and his helper showed up promptly on the day and time as per schedule.
They worked hard and they did a great job. Repaired, patched, cleaned and freshened.
Absolutely renewed the bathroom. It seemed a totally different space after they were done.
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
knows what needs to be done and how to do it best. He prices fairly
Recommend wholeheartedly.

The grout looks 100% better and it has been easier to maintain since I
had this work done, 3 months ago. I would definitely use
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked

again in the future and I have no qualms about recommending them to
others whose tile needs some TLC.

They were all wonderful and very courteous. They did a super job.
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
was very courteous, listened to what we needed and scheduled the job exactly when we wanted it; it was a pleasure dealing with him.They worked very hard.
- Gillian W.

Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
provided a very competitive quote for the job. I chose them over others because of their quick responsiveness, respectful interaction, and a willingness to address my specific concerns and questions. I would choose them again and recommend them to anyone because of the incredible craftsmanship and quality of their work. These guys are not "tile guys" they are artists in their own right.
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
went over all the specifics and details of the job with me, even providing drawings to explain certain things when I needed it. He was very quick in his responses to me, either via email or phone.
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
was respectful and clearly knows this business. He made recommendations as needed and honored my decisions. The workmen were timely, courteous and enjoyable to have in my home. There was a point in the work when the shower wall was done in a way that was different than I expected. I was moderately upset and confused, but the on–site manager remained calm and talked me through their decisions. He was completely willing to redo a half day's work on their dollar, but I trusted his call and it was a great aesthetic decision.
I can't say enough about their attention to detail...especially with cutting the large marble tiles into smaller and smaller squares for the floor detailing. They did two mosaic tile inlay designs which turned out beautifully, as well as a shower nook with glass shelving. After the majority of the job was complete, they quickly returned to put in a backsplash above the vanity once it was installed. My bathroom is absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be happier with the tile work from
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
P.S. When the shower glass installers were doing their work after
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
was finished, they commented on how straight and level the shower walls and
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
was done. They were quite impressed.

Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
was fantastic! I called him at about 9 in the morning, he returned my call within an hour and listened carefully as I described what I thought was going on. We had water leaking under and behind the tile through cracks in the grout and the stone itself. He said from the sound of it that he might well have to remove the shower floor and some of the walls to complete the repair, and warned me that the job could cost upwards of two thousand dollars.
He came out that afternoon to take a look, then sent an estimate later that day for about $2200, not including 17 square feet of tile we were going to have to buy. The price didn't surprise me, though my husband turned white when I told him. Still, the alternative was to start over and try to find somebody else, and I knew from reading Angie's List reviews that this guy had a sterling reputation. So we went for it. Good move!!!
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
started work the following day, carefully removing a few tiles so he could see what was going on underneath. He knew we didn't have any spare tile, so he took the pieces out with unbelievable care. Once he was able to see the stuff under the tile, he called me in and told me he thought he could save us a pretty big chunk of money: There wasn't any mold, and everything beneath the tile was firm and sound--just a little wet. So instead of having to buy tile and replace the whole base of the shower, we could just replace a couple of tiles (with the tiles
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
so carefully saved!), and add a new granite sill and bench top.
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
put a heater in the bathroom for several days until the whole thing was dry as a bone. The day before we had planned to have him come in and complete the work, I got an email from him saying he hadn't yet found a piece of granite that was a good enough match for our tile, so we'd need to push the schedule back. Within a couple of days, though, he and a crew member came out and finished the job.
Gorgeous, gorgeous, meticulous work. He and his crew were incredibly neat and thoughtful, left everything clean as a whistle, and finished the job in less than a day. I'm so impressed with the quality of the work, the professionalism of
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
and his team, and
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
's integrity. He could easily have told me a scare story about what needed to be done, and I wouldn't have known better. Instead, he did an amazing job and saved us $800.
I would use
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
again in a heartbeat. This is a great, great company. Thank you
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
- Heather C.

We were extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of the work performed by
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
on this project.
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
Treynor of
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
served as General Contractor. He personally handled demolition, drywall, carpentry and ceramic tile installation (kitchen backsplash and tile floor for powder room) and installation of new cabinets. He also did an outstanding job in coordinating the activities of electrical, plumbing, heating and flooring subcontractors. He provided quality subcontractors and made sure they were available when needed.

Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
provides expert carpentry work. Our house is more than 100 years old and he did a great job matching existing wood trim and ceiling molding. The kitchen design company where we purchased our cabinetry was very impressed with the quality of his workmanship.

Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
's original time estimate was about seven weeks and he completed the work right on time. This was very impressive considering the fact that we decided to have some additional plumbing work performed which was not in the original scope of work. At the end of the project, he brought in painters who did a great job painting kitchen, powder room, living room and dining room and staining and varnishing all new woodwork.

Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
's price was considerably less than that quoted by a contractor recommended by the kitchen design company that sold us our cabinets. We highly recommend
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
Treynor and
Evanston Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
for home remodeling projects, big and small.
- Patrick F.

Tomak returned my call right away and was able to privde an estimate within just a couple days (he has also provided estimates within hours for other jobs). For each job, he arrives on time every day, puts in a full day of work, leaves my home clean and orderly each evening and does not exceed his original estimate. I have called upon Tomak for numerous projects, from small to medium in scale (painting rooms, "fix-its" around the house, etc.) and my experience has been extremely positive every time. I could not speak more highly of him and his business in terms of both quality of work and professionalism.
- Adrienne G.
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