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With our busy schedules we had little or no time to remove wall paper and paint our 2nd floor hallway.
We we contacted service provider and we received a quick response and estimate to perform requested services.
Work was done processionally and in a timely manor.
We have since requested a 2nd service to paint out kitchen and work was performed with flaw.
There should not be any need to contact any other provider
- Gary K.

was hired to take care of the repairs in mid June I had a offer on the property and needed things done by the end of
to close. I went to the property a week before the closing date only to find one thing on the inspection list completed and that was the outlets that had been changed. His company also did the tree trimmed that needed to be done so no branches were touching the roof, they cut down the branches and two weeks later they were all still in my front yard and not despoised of. He had no problem
the 1500$ check that was wrote but some how can't seem to get the work done in a timely fashion.
- Ryan S.

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Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
did a fantastic job with my wallpaper removal - I give all the details in my review for them for interior painting, so you might want to check over there. I recommend the Neeses highly!
- Stacie S.

It was a great experience, could not have asked for a better lady to take care of the painting chore. Very professional, very personable and on time every day. They spent nearly two weeks here at my home. I was truly sorry to see them go.
- Darlene R.

Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job.
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
gave me suggestions when needed and I was very happy with the end results.
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
knows her craft very well and her experience shows by results. I would not hesitate to call
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
again or recommend her service to others.
- Michael M.

the removal was not apparent to me on any of the wainscoat below the wallpaper or the floors.
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
was always prompt and professional in my interactions with her. I never obtained any other estimates because I knew
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
would be fair and would do an excellent job and she did. As I write the review, I am expecting
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
to arrive in a few hours to remove some hideous wallpaper from our other home and a border in one of the bathrooms. We will call her back at a different time to remove the borders in 2 bedrooms and another bathroom and can't wait to have freshly painted bathrooms soon. I highly recommend
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
and you only need to make one phone call to get your project done. She is the best!
- Curt F.

We were very pleased and satisfied with the repair and the painting. The work went quickly and the workers cleaned up after themselves. The job was done as described and discussed, and the price we paid was the one agreed on.
Some slight cons: there was absolutely no paperwork, which ended up working out fine, but in another situation might have been problematic (for instance, at the end we had trouble remembering what the original quoted price was). Communication was a little spotty. During the job, one of the workers accidentally broke a pane of glass in a side table. The glass was eventually replaced at no cost to us. Things happen, but I found it a little disappointing that no apology was ever given.
- Steven G.

Wallpaper in kitchen came off fairly easily but the wallpaper in the half bath was very difficult to remove. Once it was off, they smoothed the walls beautifully. Team of workers were prompt, hard working and professional.
- Ellen Z.

Water damage remediation went ok, even though difficult to live with machines going, appliances unplugged. At the time of hiring for remediation, I was pushed & cajoled into signing an assignment of benefits for all repair work. I was told that this was in my best interest, but it was not because the company failed to provide services timely,competently or completely. Any issues then were between me and
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
(RX); the insurance company, due to my signing this assignment of benefits would not get involved. What did I know? I feel they took advantage of someone in a state of crisis. Every check was written to RX and me. They demanded I sign checks even when work was not done, which forced me to hire an attorney, fearing a
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
would be put on my house. First their employee (Estimator) told me I would not have to move out for repairs; as they were packing away everything, including my toilet paper, I told the estimator I could not live in the house! Then I was told I would have to be out for a week. Insurance found me and my pets lodging, and the week became two weeks, then three weeks, then a month, then two months, then three months. I had to constantly call RX to tell them to let insurance know I would have to stay in hotel longer. There was a month where RX did absolutely no work. When removing my items from garage and house into PODS, RX insisted on throwing things away, like my expensive tupperware, which I later found out was wrong because plastics do not grow mildew. They were supposed to keep an inventory of what was thrown away, but did not. Were liars and said they did, but what they provided was my list done well after the discarding and packing of the PODS; trying to remember. They were uncooperative, at first telling me to work with them as to what to save and discard, but then no longer working with me, but putting me in a bathroom to go thru stuff -- which I did, but they were nasty, failing to provide me with garbage bags that I asked for several times! They also did not keep track of damages -- that they said they would pay for, but never did. Broken wine bottles, broken vase, scratches on computer monitor, etc. I requested a safe place to put items that I would take with me to hotel, but they kept invading the safe space, packing things that I needed. It was horrendous. They took pictures of my place, which they told me was so that they would know where to put things back in place. But (1) they did not put things back in place properly, even with the pictures, (2) they used the pictures to try to blackmail me by saying that my place was a mess and I was a hoarder. I admit to being a pack rat, but they saw what they had to work with from the git-go, and the insurance company paid them for extra large rooms which I DO NOT have. They promised to have the estimator pack my computer carefully, but he did not, and once unpacked they told me they would put it back together, but they did not, and I had to pay for a computer consultant to do that for me. RX told me they would keep my refrigerator plugged in, but did not, causing ruin. This company got paid for time their employees did not work. I can document that! After 3 months in the hotel, with still much work not done, I was crying to insurance company and RX, but insurance company could do nothing. Insurance company sympathized with me, and informed me that after 3.5 months, they would no longer pay for the hotel as the monies provided for this per my policy would be used up. Had insurance company known I would be out so long, they would have found me less expensive longer term lodging. Due to this heinous contractor and it's estimator, project manager, lack of supervision by it's owner, and awful employees, I was out of my house for 8.5 months. They will try to tell you it was my fault.--that I didn't make choices of paint color & carpet & cabinets timely. But I did! Whatever they requested I did timely, within a day or two. Much of the work they did was poor and I had to hire someone to fix, or remains undone (e.g. lines on ceiling & walls showing, tub chip, wallpaper border..) My attorney had to continuously give them second & third chances. They came in full body hazmat suits to bring my belongings back to my house from the PODS. They told me (even laughing) that they were allergic to cats!
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
? I later found out that my house was full of construction dust even though they told me I could move back in. I researched and found construction dust is hazardous to one's health. I am prone to respiratory issues. How dare they! Attorney had them clean up the construction dust; RX tried to act like it was my household dust I wanted them to clean. It was an air quality person who told me about the construction dust. After that I hired an air quality inspector twice. Air ducts had to be cleaned again, and
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
filter run again. RX wanted me to move back in with a temporary sink, and table, but without household goods, one toilet upstairs and tub/shower upstairs, holes in the walls. no appliances... while they completed work. Not only was this something I could not do, but I legitimately feared for my pets with holes in the walls and workers going back and forth in the house, leaving doors open, etc. If I took my pets to pet sitter, it would cost me at least $80.00 per day (with discount), so I stayed in hotel that was charging me $79/day, less than normal rate. RX at mediation said because of how I lived previously, that I could live with a sink and a table...CRAZY! Anyway house was full of construction dust. When they did the packout, I put some items aside as I was told by the estimator that he knew a company that would take care of the items and clean them once we unpacked. These items were placed in sealed black bags. When moved back in, I asked the estimator for the name of the company, but he did not have any name for me! I found my own company, and RX insisted on getting the check, that they would take care of payment to the cleaning company. ! I would not give them an endorsed check so they could do with it whatever they wanted. I had no more trust for RX. Why wouldn't they endorse the check & allow me to give it to the cleaner. To this day I do not know why. RX promised to give me warranty on carpet, but never did. When dishwasher didn't work, they told me it never worked, prior to them packing it! My attorney was with me, and I could prove that it worked because they had packed it with clean dishes in it that were still there. So the Project Manager (PM) then went under the sink, fiddled around and got the dishwasher working with the water running! Same with the dryer. They never did properly attach the tube from the dryer to the hole in the wall, insisting that I was displacing it -- I had someone else attach it properly! They insisted, where a tile was missing, in bathroom, that it could not be replaced. I had a handyman do that for me! One of the kitchen cabinet doors has an indentation where obviously, errantly a handle screw was going to be placed. They never replaced the cabinet door. One cabinet door out of alignment not fixed & bathroom cabinets not as I requested.. I told them they placed my desk and file cabinets in wrong position, & their reaction was disgust -- I was right, and they did move the items. Boxes were not placed in the proper rooms. They are not labeled properly, and were packed haphazardly. I decided I no longer wanted anything to do with RX and it's employees, and told them, that even though they were paid to do unpacking for me, I would do it without them! RX had put x-large wardrobe boxes in my bedroom small walk-in closet, packed like sardines, and then put the folding door on. I had a h*** of a time opening these boxes and unpacking them! I am not handy and could not take the door off and put it back on. It was a horror! They should have known better. Insurance paid them for work they did not do, for hours they did not work. I hired attorneys to
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
this company for my hotel costs and work that was not done that I had to pay for and for damages. We went to mediation, and after spending $27,000 on attorney's fees and $11,000 on hotel and about $15,000 on other costs (damages, handyman, pet sitters, air quality inspections) I decided I could not afford to keep paying attorneys fees and continue going to court, I accepted a settlement of about $5,000! So thanks to this company, I am out tens of thousands! I could go on and on, and for whatever they say, I have a truthful rebuttal, and evidence to back up my rebuttals. By the way, because I signed that assignment, no attorney would take my case on a consignment basis. No doubt RX knew this, and knows that their customers cannot afford litigation. If they didn't want the work, they should not have cajoled me into signing the assignment of benefits, should not have done any more than water remediation. Once the items were in the PODS, what was the problem that took them way over 3.5 months to repair, days, even weeks on end, doing nothing at my house. RX even stated that they could not get in the gate at the community (as an excuse), when they had total access, and the gate keeps a log of who goes in & a video; they were not refused entry, never came when they said they did! Even lied and said they called me. My smart phone keeps a log; that supposed call was not in my log. Estimator had me meet him to pick paint colors, then showed up without the paint colors! I stated from the git-go that I wanted upgraded cabinets & countertops; then RX waited until the last minute to have me choose cabinets, even knowing it would take 6-8 weeks to get them! I told them what I wanted for carpet, but the samples they provided were not what I told them I wanted! They were incompetent & remiss or just uncaring, or thought they could get away with their poor service to a single, senior crying female. And, they did.
- Deborah R.

Wonderful. I would highly recomend Mr.
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
. His quality of work was a 10 in my book. He was always on time and very friendly. He cleaned up after his self every day. I never had to pick up a broom or bring out a vacum. His pricing was extreamly resonable compared to other quotes I had recieved. Not to low and not to high. He was in my home for a total of 6 days. I always felt comforable leaving him alone to run arrands and do whatever I planded for the day. When it was necessary he would also work into the evening(after asking if i cared)and sharing dinner with me. He would always ask if I needed help with the dishes. Of course I said no that was the least I could do. Again I would strongly recomend Mr.
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
Elmwood Park Wall Paper Removers Provider Name Locked
) I will always have him do maintaince work for me!

- Felicia B.
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