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All payments were attained by
Kordecki in person. He actually came to my gym to get his final payment. He never sent invoices like a normal contractor would. Very unprofessional!
The following is the original complaint I wrote to the Better Business Bureau & my response to Kordecki's response to my original complaint:
Original Complaint:
On Sept. 9, 2013 I spoke on the phone to
Kordecki, owner of
in regards to scheduling a time for him to come to my home and fix the items still not complete after paying my contract in full. Kordecki behaved very unprofessionally on the phone, so I told him if things were not going to be fixed I would contact my lawyer.. He said, "don't threaten me" then told me to go ahead and call my lawyer and hung up on me. I went to visit a lawyer on Sept. 9, 2013. He told me to write the company a final letter giving them 14 days to have all three tasks I listed complete. The three tasks were as follows:
1. Fix the leaking pipe under the kitchen sink
2. Patch the hole in the garage wall caused by employees of
while moving granite
3. Reconnect the house security system to the front door that was disconnected during installation of the front door.
I sent the letter on Sept. 11, 2013. The company is located in
Heights so they received the letter no later than Sept. 13, 2013. I was not contacted again until Sept. 24, 2013 via email instead of by phone like my letter had specified. I did not list my email as my contact information on the letter I wrote the company on Sept. 11, 2013. I listed my telephone number. Therefore, my phone number is the method of communication that should have been used to contact me. Instead I was emailed on Sept. 24, 2013 by Kordecki with the following:
"2nd mailing if these are items you'd like me to address further, please respond as per this previous email."
The previous email Kordecki was referring to was from September 9, 2013. The email was sent to me and read by me before
and I spoke on the phone on September 9, 2013. The email from September 9, 2013 is what made me call Kordecki on Sept. 9, 2013 in order to schedule him to come to my house.
emails disregard his actions on the telephone where he hung up on me and told me to contact my lawyer. To me, it looks like Kordecki was trying to make it look in email like we didn't talk on the phone on September 9, 2013 and he didn't tell me to call my lawyer or hang up on me. My husband,
, was witness to that phone call and can vouch for Kordecki hanging up on me. The fact that Kordecki told me to go talk to my lawyer and hung up on me on September 9, 2013
me to believe that he would not be completing the work
needed to as per our contract paid in full. When I told my lawyer this story, he felt Kordecki's actions meant/said the exact same, that Kordecki would not be completing the work from our contract paid in full. Kordecki wrote me a second email stating he had been proactive in trying to sort this out on September 25, 2013. However, waiting 12 days, 2 days before the 14 days I asked the work to be completed in, before making first contact with me about the work
had not completed and then using an email address not provided on the letter he received from me on September 11, 2013 in order to contact me is NOT being proactive. It is quite the opposite. It looks like Kordecki is trying to get out of being responsible for the actions of
in regards to our contract paid in full. It also seems as if Kordecki is completely disregarding that he hung up on me and told me to contact my lawyer. According the my letter I wrote Kordecki on September 11, 2013 I asked that the three items listed be complete within 14 days. Even if Kordecki received the letter on September 13, 2013 I should have been contacted about fixing the mistakes made by
long before September 24, 2013. I gave the Kordecki yet another
to fix the items in an email I wrote to
. I asked that they be fixed by October 1, 2013. These items are still not fixed.
My response to
Kordecki's response to my original complaint:
I would like to begin my response by reiterating the fact that
Kordecki, owner of
., ended the phone conversation we had on September 9, 2010 by telling me to call my lawyer and hanging up on me. His response to my complaint seems to completely disregard his actions. He should still be held accountable for yelling at me, telling me to call my lawyer, and hanging up on me. I believe the reason he chose to write emails to me instead of calling me during his attempts to make contact was because he knew for a fact that I check my email maybe once a week. He worked in my house for months and knew from multiple interactions where he would ask me if I had checked my email and I would say no that I check my email seldomly. I asked him during his time working at my house to send me a text message or call me to tell me to check my email if and when he sent me an email. That being said, I believe his actions are deceitful. He is attempting to make it seem that he has done nothing wrong and was cooperative with me all along when in reality Kordecki and I had multiple negative interactions due to disagreements about how things should be done in the home. In my opinion, he chose to use email to contact me knowing from months of experience of working with me that I check my email maybe once a week. He had both of my phone numbers, and he called me on both numbers in the past (303)854-8293 and (630) 352-1888. He also had my husband
's phone number (630)880-9788.
Under the Illinois Home Repair and Remodeling Act there is a provision under Section 20 "Know Your Consumer Rights" that says a contractor must print a pamphlet written by the Illinois Attorney General and give this pamphlet to the home owner to sign saying they received the pamphlet if the contract will be exceeding $1000.00. I never received this pamphlet, I do not have a copy of any signatures or pamphlets, and I never signed anything stating I received it. Also, under section 35 of the Illinois Attorney General, Kordecki and
. have engaged in consumer fraud and deceptive practices. My lawyer,
, will be sending a letter of demand to Kordecki outlining the ways in which he has violated these Illinois state mandated laws for contractors.
I have attached all the copies I have of the contracts for the kitchen and the front door. I have also attached the letter I mailed to Kordecki on September 11, 2013 that asks him to please use my telephone number to contact me to set up a time for the 3 items listed in the letter to be fixed. I have also attached my responses to all of Kordecki's communications with me via email. I have also attached a copy of the review I gave
. on Yelp. He mentioned it in his response saying I "slandered" his name. I stand behind everything I wrote in the review. It is not slander when it is true. I had multiple negative interactions with
during the time he was in my house. The reason the company was in my home for as long as it was was not due to excellent customer service but because they would begin work on another job before finishing the first job. When I finally said no more and asked
to leave upon completion of the current contract they had to reattach some of the door casings to my exterior doors because they had already began removing them even though no contracts for the work had been signed. As a first time home owner, I feel Kordecki could tell I would be an easy target to take advantage of. My Negative interactions with Kordecki started within the first month his company was working in my home. A business owner should never make a consumer cry by talking down to him or her and disrespecting him or her as Kordecki did to me multiple times.I have also attached photos of of the underneath of the sink that
installed incorrectly.
said that he had
come to look at it and everything was bone dry. When I had a plumber come within 3 minutes he told me there were too many pieces of piping being used and that the piping was bent and not straight because it was the wrong length. You can see what the plumber was describing in the before photos and you can see what was changed and how it was fixed in the after photos. I also attached photos of the damaged cabinet base that the wrong sink piping installed by
caused. I attached the invoice for the costs of having the sink repaired. I also have attached the invoices for the estimates to repair the alarm and the hole in my garage wall. My lawyer,
, will be submitting these invoices to Kordecki as well as one other that I do not have yet from having the cabinet under my sink fixed from the damage caused by the leak from the improperly installed sink. I would like Kordecki to pay back what I have had to pay out in order to have repaired the items
either didnt complete properly or damaged. If there is a fee for having my lawyer send
the letter of demand, I would like that cost paid back to me by Kordecki and
, too. I would also like to encourage the BBB to look past Kordecki's manipulation and attempts to make me look like a crazy consumer. Kordecki is pretending like he didnt tell me to call my lawyer and use my email instead of my phone number to get around actually setting up a time for his company to come fix what they had done wrong. It is this kind of behavior consumers need to be protected from.
- Paige M.

We contacted
based on his Angie's List reviews and ratings. He came out and met with us and listened to what we were wanting to accomplish with our kitchen project. He understood what we were hoping to accomplish with both quality and price point. Within a couple of days he provided us with his bid and allowances for each part of the project.
After we accepted
's proposal, he walked us through the process of picking out each item for the kitchen and promptly answered any question we had. Once construction began, the project proceeded right on schedule and actually was completed several days ahead of the original plan. The subcontractors that
uses were all wonderful to have in our house and the quality of their work was outstanding. The few glitches that popped up were resolved immediately. The final cost was just as the proposal was presented. The only cost adjustments were the result of choices we made picking out our specific allowance items.
I highly recommend
and will turn to
with any projects we have in the future.

- Kenneth C.

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Home Remodeling reviews in Elgin


We needed help with a problem created by Performer's installation of tile.
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was kind enough to come over to see the problem, offering a solution and providing us with an estimate to fix. While the estimate seemed high, he gave us the information to "refute" the original installer's idea of why the grout was falling out (after one year) and why the floor is making a "popping" sound in one area.
I'm just sorry I waited to sigh us Angie's list where I would have met up with
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
before buying/installing tile with Performer's. I will definitely be contacting
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
before starting the next remodeling project.

Project went great.
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was responsive, great customer service and workmanship is top notch at a fair price.
- Jason H.

We chose three Angie’s list contractors to offer bids.

Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
did a fine job in the initial consultation. He listened attentively, discussed problem areas, and offered alternative design ideas that we hadn’t originally considered. We chose
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and Dynamic Remodeling Solutions based on the combination of pricing and overall knowledge level. His price wasn’t the lowest, but it wasn’t materially different from the cheapest and his initial consultation gave us more of a comfort level. The two projects were priced separately and the downstairs project was to be completed first.

After making some last minute changes towards the scope of the work and the wording of the contract we were set to start. The first project went off without a hitch. Within a week we had a new powder room and hardwood flooring throughout the foyer. The work was top notch and everything was completed to specifications. If there was a problem area it was the amount of dust created from the removal of the old ceramic tile. DRS did its best to contain it, but ceramic dust can find a way around most any protection.

The second project came several weeks later since we were indecisive over choosing the design elements and finishes.
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was understanding and waited patiently. Prior to starting we discussed the demolition and dust containment issues. I was quite pleased to see the set-up this time. Doors were taped shut, the carpets and all walk areas were covered, and a special plastic-encased area was built for tool storage.

Again, the finished product was very well done, quite stylish and modern. There was a mishap during demolition causing water to leak through to the kitchen, but this was remedied to our satisfaction. In summary, I would definitely hire
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
again and I believe he deserves your consideration for a remodeling project. I can’t say my experience was completely ideal, but
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
gets it. He understands a contented client is good for business and he puts in very effort to make things right.
- Jim S.

It went very well. I had
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
. recently install new wiring, a switch, outlet, and a light in my 1895
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
style house. He had to open up the plaster wall to complete the work and then install sheetrock and prime the wall. I was very pleased with all the work. It was a relatively small job that provided a major improvement for my tenants and me. Thank you again. The new lighting system is great. I will have future work that I would certainly consider having
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
complete. His prices are fair and his work is excellent!
- Scott B.

The kitchen cabinets- we moved into an older home that had only a few cabinets so he helped tear out the old ones and then put in all the new ones. He also helped us order new countertops and installed that for us.

The plumbing- he put in a new sink for us. We also had our sewage back up and he helped rotor it and cleaned it all up for us. And even gave me a few helpful tips on how to help prevent it from happening and on how to keep the smell out.

Drywall repair- our house is old, so some of the plaster has chipped. He helped by patching and painting it for us. He does it all!
- Heather M.

Very well. Came on time got it done in a day as planned. Crew was courteous. They did not change their estimate and in fact didn't charge us for the permit or the inside trim put on the skylights. I would use them for other jobs, no doubt.
- Peter C.

No matter what we?ve had him do he does a good job. He always explains what he is going to do and his measurements are always precise. He allows you to pre-buy any materials and he will come and install the items. He is very good on windows and doors and the ones he has installed for us have never had a draft. The reason is because he takes great care in putting insulation around the window to secure it. He does quality work. He quotes you everything in advance with an estimate for you to decide. He?s a general carpenter who is very versatile depending on what you need him to do. His work is always quality and in all of the projects he has ever done for me I?ve never had to call him back to address an issue. He has a solid, reliable crew of workers who also do good work as well.

My husband and I have a historical 1940 cape cod and it was important to retain the aesthetic quality. I thought it would take a while to find someone who would see my vision as clearly as I did and be able to execute it properly. From beginning to end,
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was an attentive listener as well as a creative contributor to my vision. He was able to give us an accurate quote and foresee all of the major components, as well as the details that usually derail projects (and budgets). The group of workers he has put together are top notch. The masonry around the door is flawless. The old formed concrete window sill was removed in tact and reinstalled at the bottom of the door so it matches the windows along the back of the house. The door trim molding was cleverly taken from the inside of a closet so all of the molding in the room would still match (other molding was reinstalled in the closet). The deck is amazing. It is a large hourglass extending across the back of the entire house. To say
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew installed a deck and a door would be amiss. High quality, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, PERFECT are the words that come to my mind. I would like to note I gave a B on price because it was more expensive than I had anticipated for the job, but it was worth every penny and then some. Thank you
Elgin Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
! (PS I will post pictures this spring after the snow melts).
- Edward K.
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