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As other members have stated, I can’t say enough great things about
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his team at
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
(DI). It’s not every day that you hear the words contractor and honesty in the same sentence, this is exactly what you get with
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and DI. They remodeled my entire house – not one single wall was untouched. From the carpet to ceilings and wall to wall – DI literally rebuilt everything in my home. This included three bathrooms, kitchen, foyer, two bedrooms, fireplace, laundry room, living room, and den. My home is now a place that I love coming home to thanks to
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. It’s absolutely stunning. From my initial contact with
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for an estimate, I knew he was the contractor to hire. He had more ideas and design feedback than even I had thought of in months of planning for this project. What I also liked about DI is that everyone was family - electrical, plumbing, tile, carpet, etc. This meant that everyone had a vested interest in ensuring quality work. That was another deciding factor when choosing DI to do the work. This brings me to his wife’s Interior Design services. A lot of people may overlook budgeting for a professional Interior Designer, but I highly suggest it. I was happy that I did hire her as she carefully chose all materials, granite, tiles, faucets, lighting, paint, etc. She then presented it on computer generated floor plans in extreme detail along with bringing actual samples from the stores so I could physically see everything come together. I didn’t make one change to her work and absolutely loved everything she envisioned. She came over at least 5+ times to review the work in progress and help me choose color schemes along the way. If a design question came up along the way, I simply gave her 100% control to make any decisions without hesitation. Again, like others mentioned it bears repeating, his entire team was professional, timely, cared about quality craftsmanship and always went the extra mile.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was constantly keeping me updated on progress and often asking “Do you have any questions?” Moreover, he was extremely accessible to contact either by phone or text if needed. DI was in my home for about two months. I felt comfortable simply leaving the front door unlocked and they would come inside and get right to work. They worked from 8am to at least 6pm every day, including some Saturdays. And when leaving, they would tidy up and would even
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
down canvas tarps and block access to the areas under construction so my two dogs wouldn’t accidentally step on anything sharp. They also helped move all furniture from the lower level to upper level once the living room and master bedroom was complete A lot of care was also put into the small aspects of construction that in the end made a huge difference. I promise you, any other contractor would have not cared as much about the end result and spending extra time to make sure everything fit and looked correct. At the end of the project, a lot of dust and debris had naturally made its way through the house. This just simply couldn’t have been avoided with as much work as they did.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
had an extremely nice, professional and thorough cleaning staff come clean and dust all remnants from the construction. I have recommended
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, his wife and DI to everyone that is considering remodeling. I also intend to have them come back soon and freshen up my garage and replace some patio doors. Simply put, you won’t find the kind of hard work, care, trust, honesty, and quality in another contractor.
- Ryan C.

He did the work very promptly and asked what else he could do. I had a noisy ceiling fan that I asked him to adjust. He did it as well. He showed me how to use the switch to change direction on the fan and how to change the batteries on the thermostat for the garage heater. I didn't know about these things.
He was very professional, worked hard and was happy to do additional work (which I didn't have anything else) since I had gotten the 2 hours of electrical work for $115 special offer.
I will definitely use them again and am going to have them give me an estimate for other projects. I am happy to have found a company that can do a variety of jobs. They were outstanding!!!
- Tracy W.

We purchased a deal from Angie's List and received a confirmation email follow up very shortly after from Darek. We scheduled a date for service and he arrived on time. I wasn't able to stay while Darek worked but my husband did and he said Darek was very professional and friendly, hardworking and thorough. I was able to see his work when I got home and was amazed he was able to do so much in only four hours. Darek completed several small jobs we had lingering from moving into our new house and he did a wonderful job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and Remodeling to anyone and we will definitely be using them again for any remodeling/home improvement needs.
- Lela G.

We used
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and Bath when we completely remodeled our kitchen five years ago. We were extremely pleased with that result, so did not hesitate to call this family company again when we were interested in redoing our bathrooms this past fall. Again, our experience was excellent.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Sr. worked with us to make our design choices, and was very helpful. The work began and ended on schedule. The team was both professional and friendly. The quality of the work was excellent. The Kellers responded to all our (minor) concerns in a very timely way. When we had one further small issue--after the job was officially done and the bill had been long since paidl--they came out almost immediately to resolve the problem. The bathrooms look great. We recommend this company without hesitation.
- Anna S.

Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his crew started with tearing out all old plumbing, sinks, electrical, etc. as needed. This was largely done on day one. They hauled away all the lumber scraps, etc. all through the project.
I think we had good ideas but along the way I often asked
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's opinion and he had one good idea after another. I believe he said his wife is a decorator. Maybe he gets some valuable input from her. The experience, knowledge and skill of the whole crew made the outcome as good as we could have hoped for.
They installed two kinds of wall tile, floor tile, specially designed and stained crown molding with recessed lighting (something i saw on their website), shower door, double vanity, toilet, mirrors and all the required electrical and plumbing.
They did faux painting in bedroom, bathroom and the hallway into the rooms. They provided large (about 1 foot x 2 foot) faux paint samples that made choosing the right one easy.
They were on the job, on time, all day, every day. They made significant progress every single day so that every day we were excited to come home from work and see what was new.
The whole crew was a pleasure to be around every day. They laid down canvas tarps on the floors every day and took them up at the end of each day.
- Lance G.

We signed a contract with
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to perform a total full bathroom remodel within a set 2 week period, meaning the current bathroom tiled floor, vanity, vanity top, accessories, all wood trim, ceramic tub walls and fixtures were all removed and totally replaced in 10 business days!!!! This was a 9 X 6 bathroom that looked like it needed to be replaced and it was old looking.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
replaced a bowed out wall with new cement board as well as the floor and tub walls with cement board. He then tiled the tub area with a 2 x 2 ceramic tile with a boarder consisting of a marble chair-rail and a 3 inch border of rough rocks. What a unique look!!! He then carried the border outside the tub to the other walls in the bathroom. He then installed a porcelain 12 x 12 tiled floor. That was followed by installing floor to ceiling tile using 9X14 ceramic granite looking tiles. He then installed all new plumbing fixtures, toilet and a 48" vanity and top. He installed matching hardware on the bathroom door and then painted the ceiling and the skylight enclosure. He finished by sealing all of the material and put up a dreamline frameless shower door. This is a bathroom you would find in a magazine highlighting bathrooms. It is absolutely breathtaking!!! All of this work done at a fair price by a great person.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is a guy you wish you could find to do all of your remodel, repair and handyman work. He is the best craftsman I have ever dealt with and his integrity, DAILY clean-up, and will to satisfy a customer makes him #1...... Thanks
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
- donald L.

Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was very professional. He was responsive to our phone calls or texts . When we had ordered the wrong cabinets,he adjusted his time to accomodate us for further shopping.
The bathroom is very upscale. He had some good suggestions for us that we hadn't thought of, and worked out very well.
I would definitely recommend
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. We plan to have him remodel our basement.
- susan K.

They did exactly what we wanted. Very friendly and accommodating. Very professional. Assisted with design and color choices. We are extremely happy with the final results. And we highly recommend them.
- Michael M.

Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
using his brother are very special in all that they do becuase they are punctual, estimates are agreed to before the job starts and quality is exceptional. We have spent over $1,000 in handyman, finsihed carpenty work with
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and it has all been well worth it.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
sticks by his quality standards and has great suggestions for improving your idea's!!! Great person and honest! Have recommended him to many people.
- donald L.

All payments were attained by
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Kordecki in person. He actually came to my gym to get his final payment. He never sent invoices like a normal contractor would. Very unprofessional!
The following is the original complaint I wrote to the Better Business Bureau & my response to Kordecki's response to my original complaint:
Original Complaint:
On Sept. 9, 2013 I spoke on the phone to
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Kordecki, owner of
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
in regards to scheduling a time for him to come to my home and fix the items still not complete after paying my contract in full. Kordecki behaved very unprofessionally on the phone, so I told him if things were not going to be fixed I would contact my lawyer.. He said, "don't threaten me" then told me to go ahead and call my lawyer and hung up on me. I went to visit a lawyer on Sept. 9, 2013. He told me to write the company a final letter giving them 14 days to have all three tasks I listed complete. The three tasks were as follows:
1. Fix the leaking pipe under the kitchen sink
2. Patch the hole in the garage wall caused by employees of
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
while moving granite
3. Reconnect the house security system to the front door that was disconnected during installation of the front door.
I sent the letter on Sept. 11, 2013. The company is located in
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Heights so they received the letter no later than Sept. 13, 2013. I was not contacted again until Sept. 24, 2013 via email instead of by phone like my letter had specified. I did not list my email as my contact information on the letter I wrote the company on Sept. 11, 2013. I listed my telephone number. Therefore, my phone number is the method of communication that should have been used to contact me. Instead I was emailed on Sept. 24, 2013 by Kordecki with the following:
"2nd mailing if these are items you'd like me to address further, please respond as per this previous email."
The previous email Kordecki was referring to was from September 9, 2013. The email was sent to me and read by me before
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and I spoke on the phone on September 9, 2013. The email from September 9, 2013 is what made me call Kordecki on Sept. 9, 2013 in order to schedule him to come to my house.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
emails disregard his actions on the telephone where he hung up on me and told me to contact my lawyer. To me, it looks like Kordecki was trying to make it look in email like we didn't talk on the phone on September 9, 2013 and he didn't tell me to call my lawyer or hang up on me. My husband,
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, was witness to that phone call and can vouch for Kordecki hanging up on me. The fact that Kordecki told me to go talk to my lawyer and hung up on me on September 9, 2013
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
me to believe that he would not be completing the work
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
needed to as per our contract paid in full. When I told my lawyer this story, he felt Kordecki's actions meant/said the exact same, that Kordecki would not be completing the work from our contract paid in full. Kordecki wrote me a second email stating he had been proactive in trying to sort this out on September 25, 2013. However, waiting 12 days, 2 days before the 14 days I asked the work to be completed in, before making first contact with me about the work
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
had not completed and then using an email address not provided on the letter he received from me on September 11, 2013 in order to contact me is NOT being proactive. It is quite the opposite. It looks like Kordecki is trying to get out of being responsible for the actions of
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
in regards to our contract paid in full. It also seems as if Kordecki is completely disregarding that he hung up on me and told me to contact my lawyer. According the my letter I wrote Kordecki on September 11, 2013 I asked that the three items listed be complete within 14 days. Even if Kordecki received the letter on September 13, 2013 I should have been contacted about fixing the mistakes made by
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
long before September 24, 2013. I gave the Kordecki yet another
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to fix the items in an email I wrote to
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. I asked that they be fixed by October 1, 2013. These items are still not fixed.
My response to
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Kordecki's response to my original complaint:
I would like to begin my response by reiterating the fact that
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Kordecki, owner of
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
., ended the phone conversation we had on September 9, 2010 by telling me to call my lawyer and hanging up on me. His response to my complaint seems to completely disregard his actions. He should still be held accountable for yelling at me, telling me to call my lawyer, and hanging up on me. I believe the reason he chose to write emails to me instead of calling me during his attempts to make contact was because he knew for a fact that I check my email maybe once a week. He worked in my house for months and knew from multiple interactions where he would ask me if I had checked my email and I would say no that I check my email seldomly. I asked him during his time working at my house to send me a text message or call me to tell me to check my email if and when he sent me an email. That being said, I believe his actions are deceitful. He is attempting to make it seem that he has done nothing wrong and was cooperative with me all along when in reality Kordecki and I had multiple negative interactions due to disagreements about how things should be done in the home. In my opinion, he chose to use email to contact me knowing from months of experience of working with me that I check my email maybe once a week. He had both of my phone numbers, and he called me on both numbers in the past (303)854-8293 and (630) 352-1888. He also had my husband
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's phone number (630)880-9788.
Under the Illinois Home Repair and Remodeling Act there is a provision under Section 20 "Know Your Consumer Rights" that says a contractor must print a pamphlet written by the Illinois Attorney General and give this pamphlet to the home owner to sign saying they received the pamphlet if the contract will be exceeding $1000.00. I never received this pamphlet, I do not have a copy of any signatures or pamphlets, and I never signed anything stating I received it. Also, under section 35 of the Illinois Attorney General, Kordecki and
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. have engaged in consumer fraud and deceptive practices. My lawyer,
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, will be sending a letter of demand to Kordecki outlining the ways in which he has violated these Illinois state mandated laws for contractors.
I have attached all the copies I have of the contracts for the kitchen and the front door. I have also attached the letter I mailed to Kordecki on September 11, 2013 that asks him to please use my telephone number to contact me to set up a time for the 3 items listed in the letter to be fixed. I have also attached my responses to all of Kordecki's communications with me via email. I have also attached a copy of the review I gave
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. on Yelp. He mentioned it in his response saying I "slandered" his name. I stand behind everything I wrote in the review. It is not slander when it is true. I had multiple negative interactions with
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
during the time he was in my house. The reason the company was in my home for as long as it was was not due to excellent customer service but because they would begin work on another job before finishing the first job. When I finally said no more and asked
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to leave upon completion of the current contract they had to reattach some of the door casings to my exterior doors because they had already began removing them even though no contracts for the work had been signed. As a first time home owner, I feel Kordecki could tell I would be an easy target to take advantage of. My Negative interactions with Kordecki started within the first month his company was working in my home. A business owner should never make a consumer cry by talking down to him or her and disrespecting him or her as Kordecki did to me multiple times.I have also attached photos of of the underneath of the sink that
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
installed incorrectly.
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
said that he had
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
come to look at it and everything was bone dry. When I had a plumber come within 3 minutes he told me there were too many pieces of piping being used and that the piping was bent and not straight because it was the wrong length. You can see what the plumber was describing in the before photos and you can see what was changed and how it was fixed in the after photos. I also attached photos of the damaged cabinet base that the wrong sink piping installed by
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
caused. I attached the invoice for the costs of having the sink repaired. I also have attached the invoices for the estimates to repair the alarm and the hole in my garage wall. My lawyer,
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, will be submitting these invoices to Kordecki as well as one other that I do not have yet from having the cabinet under my sink fixed from the damage caused by the leak from the improperly installed sink. I would like Kordecki to pay back what I have had to pay out in order to have repaired the items
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
either didnt complete properly or damaged. If there is a fee for having my lawyer send
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
the letter of demand, I would like that cost paid back to me by Kordecki and
Elgin Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, too. I would also like to encourage the BBB to look past Kordecki's manipulation and attempts to make me look like a crazy consumer. Kordecki is pretending like he didnt tell me to call my lawyer and use my email instead of my phone number to get around actually setting up a time for his company to come fix what they had done wrong. It is this kind of behavior consumers need to be protected from.
- Paige M.
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Niles, IL
At kitchen & bath mart, a division of builders outlet in niles, il, we specialize in...


Palatine, IL
Kbm is a full service kitchen & bathroom remodeling firm and has been in business since 1958. ...

Kitchen and Baths by Hardwood

1450 E.. Chicago ave
Naperville, IL
We are a family owned and operated since 1995. we have a kitchen and bathroom & window and...

Kitchen and Baths by Markham Inc

1818a N Arlington Hts Rd
Arlington Heights, IL
We are a kitchen and bath remodeler with a 2,800 square foot showrrom. our showroom is open...

Kitchen Design Specialist

1084 cascade dr
Aurora, il
Small business 2 employees and others on call if needed.

Kitchen Magician Inc.

Crystal Lake, IL
Award winning and owner operated. no sub-contractors.


Bartlett, IL
We have had the same team for over 19 years. we accept personal checks. everyone receives our...


1320 north route 59
Naperville, IL
Kitchenandbathmaster is a manufacture company that has stock kitchen and bath cabinets,also...

Kitchens & Baths Unlimited Inc

1232 Waukegan Rd
Glenview, IL
Travel charge may be assessed according to type of job. family owned.

KJN Renovations

1707 S Thompson
Wheaton, IL
Additional email - ken@kjnrenovations.com.

Klein Renovation & Restoration Specialists Inc

615 Industrial Dr
Cary, IL
as a general contractor, klein renovations and restoration specialist is a one stop shop for...

Klimczak Improvements, Inc.

1514 Cord Grass Trail
Woodstock, IL

Kobez Co.

1813 Vivian Way Ct.
Lakemoor, Il
We have 20-35 people employed at any given time. we have licenced electrician, plumbers, and...

Koenig and Strey Real Living

210 N York St
Elmhurst, IL
The maranda group has 5 broker associates who bring a multitude of qualities to help you...

Koessler Enterprises

510 N. Lake St., Suite 7
Mundelein, IL
We provide services to southern wi, northeastern il, northwestern in, and southwestern mi. no...

Konrad Custom Homes INC

2400 West Johnsburg Road
Johnsburg, IL
We are a professional full service construction company with over 20 years experience. no job...

Kosina's Inc

Bolingbrook, IL
All interior and exterior home improvement.

Kovar Construction

914 S 3rd St
Saint Charles, IL

KR Custom Builders

1390 Braewood Drive
Algonquin, IL
Kr custom builders is a home building and remodeling general contractor serving chicago's...

KRA Carpentry & Construction, Inc.

405 N Lincoln St
Braidwood, IL
5 employees, major credit card accepted


Fox Lake, IL
Hvac & construction

krakbuild Construction

6205 w Fletcher
Chicago, IL
14 employees , sub-contractors , down payments required , ,call for promotions

Kristi O'Sullivan Inc

2118 N Clifton Ave
Chicago, IL
Kristi o'sullivan has a passion for creating art and beauty in every day life. as a high end...

Krolo Construction

222 John Dr
Bartlett, IL
Krolo construction is a family run general contractor. we have over 20 years experience in...


Naperville, IL

KSN Construction

Rolling Meadows
Rolling Meadows, IL
Ksn construction has been a trusted local general contractor in residential and commercial...

Kustom Electric

Chicago, IL

KVAR Custom Interiors

Oswego, IL
Kvar custom interiors is a small family owned & operated business out of oswego, illinois. we...

L & R Construction Services Inc

Crystal Lake, IL
L & r construction is veteran owned and operated. we work with customers to make sure the...


Glenview, IL
We can provide full service: call us for a free estimate. visit our stores and granite...

L&S maintenance

12149s eggelston
Do you have property that you can not attend to? we can get the job done . we specialize in ...

L.J. Neal & Sons Installation, Co.

817 s. esmeralda
Mesa, AZ
L.j. neal & sons is a family-owned & operated company providing personalized, professional and...

Lacquer Interior Design

2128 N Oakley
Chicago, IL
With a decade of design experience and a desire to develop, create, and realize all types of...

Lagomorph Design

4200 W Diversy
Chicago, Il
15 employees, all types of payments accepted.

Lagunas Construction, Inc.

Blue Island, IL
Remodeling, additions, fixtures to any residential and some commerical locations

lake cook tile carpet and flooring co. co.

Lake Zurich, IL
Commercial and residential carpet tile and flooring co . full service installation as well as...

Lakeview Environmental and Construction

1409 W Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL
Our company has 21 years of building and remodeling exprience. we also perform mold testing...

Lakota Tile Studio

PO Box 175
Lakota, IA
Lakota tile studio is owned and operated by cat the tile maker. with personal treatment and...

LaMantia Design and Construction

9100 Ogden Avenue
Brookfield, IL
Welcome to lamantia design and construction company. here at lamantia, we have one goal in...


133 S Staffire
Schaumburg, IL
Kitchen & bath cabinet showroom. services range from just design and sale of cabinets to...

Lamka Enterprises Inc.

1965 Bissell
Chicago, IL
Lamka enterprises is a five-star awarded full-service construction company located in the...

Lanco Building Enterprises

24899 N Il Rt 59
Barrington, IL
Lbe is a full service residential and light commercial contrating firm, with three generations...


Cary, IL
Laroc builders specialize in all facets of residential and commercial construction. this...

Larry's Home Maintenance

1094 Blackhawk Dr
Elgin, IL
Hayman services, licenced electricianall types of house hold repairs

Larson Builders Inc

9215 Central Park Ave
Evanston, IL
General building contractors

Latter Rain Construction

6811 W Higgins
Chicago, IL
We are a general contractor, also specializing in restoration services.


Glen Ellyn, IL
In business for over 30 years! home maintenance upgrades and complete remodel -windows-siding...

LAW Ventures Ltd

2970 Maria
Northbrook, IL
Construction services related to residential and commercial properties design build,...

Lawson and Co

9412 greenwood dr.
Des Plaines, IL
Lawson & co contracting and roofing is a family owned and operated company for over 50 years....

Leahy Construction

618 Hannah Ave.
Forest Park, IL
Working to help the customer at a fair price.

Lee Custom Remodeling INC

PO Box 7435
Villa Park, IL
All your remodel needs ,commercial construction, build outs, remodels and maintenance,...


Chicago, IL
Independent, family owned and operated since 1952. supplier of lumber, building materials,...

Leftynoah Construction

121 Hamlet St
Batavia, IL
Small company handes on christian owned

Legacy Design & Construction Inc

902 S Randall Rd
St Charles, IL
Additional email - michael@remodelwithlegacy.com. additional fax - (630) 513-1840.

Lelyn Services

PO Box 166
Winfield, il
We provide exceptional residential and commercial remodeling as well as building maintenance...

Leo & Rene Home Improvement

3050 N Davlin Ct
Chicago, IL
No subs.

Leo & Sons Electrical Contractors Inc

314 N Lincolnway
North Aurora, IL
for the past 25 years, we have been and continue to be a family owned and operated...

Lewis Floor & Home

1840 Skokie Blvd
Northbrook, IL
Since 1954, we have built our family business around you and your dreams. and we know that you...


604 Tamarack dr.
Wauconda, IL
We deal with comprehensive house remodeling and painting. we actively cooperate with...

Liberty One Construction

229 N Knight
Park Ridge, IL
22 employees. uses subs for electricity & plumbing. cost is determined by the job. travel...

Life is Good Construction Company

1008 Bently Ln
Bartlett, IL
May hire additional employees. may hire sub contractors. charges by the job or hour depending...

Lifeline Plumbing

1330 Crispin Drive #212
Elgin, IL
If you are looking for professional plumbing, air conditioning, heating or commercial hvac...

Lifetime Remodelers Inc

5875 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
We offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service for all of your home improvement...

Liggett Services

18521 W Il Route 120
Grayslake, IL
Master craftsman providing highest quality workmanship on fine woodworking projects such as...

Lincolnshire Construction

22 lancaster ln
Lincolnshire, IL

Linker Renovations

PO Box 8259
Bartlett, IL
We are a handyman and remodeling company that can handle everything from small jobs to full...


26232 Whispering Woods Cir.
Plainfield, IL
5 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no service...


Lisle, IL
We specialize in electrical installations in new residential and comercial constructions as...

Little Guy Construction

Elgin, IL
Little guy construction has been serving the fox valley area since 1983 from foundations to...


Deer Park, IL
Livingston kitchens is a family owned, full-service design firm featuring wood-mode fine...


25 Northwest Point Blvd
Elk Grove, IL
We exist to aid homeowners in the enhancement and preservation of their greatest...

Loftland Construction

910 W Van Buren St
Chicago, IL
With over 25+ years of combined experience in rehabbing and remodeling loftland construction...

Logan Werks Co

Lombard, IL
Our company has the man power to get the job done for anything in or out of your home. logan...


2009 W Race Ave
Chicago, IL
4 employees. uses subs, for drywall, and other big jobs. cost is determined by the job. no...

Lotz Custom Carpentry

610 Crystal Springs Ct.
Fox Lake, IL
Lotz custom carpentry was established in 2009 and we are proud to be serving the northern...

Lotz Home & Office, LLC

16030 S. Lexington Dr.
Plainfield, IL
Lotz home & office, llc is celebrating it's 25th anniversary serving the naperville and...

Lotz Renovations Inc

398 Stonewood Cir
Carol Stream, IL
1-3 employees. we are members of the st charles chamber of commerce and of nkba. we are a epa...

Lowe & Associates General Contractors, Inc.

1951 Euclid Avenue
Berwyn, IL
Lowe & associates general contractors, inc. was founded on building strong client...


955 S Randall Rd
Saint Charles, IL
Additional dba - lowes of st charles il. store number - 1738.

Lowe's - Mooresville

509 River Hwy
Mooresville, NC
Never stop improving. additional phones - (828) 351-1023, (704) 321-7170, (704) 758-1000,...

LP Construction

1516 S Monterey Ave
Schaumburg, IL
I do not advertise enywhere, my happy customers keeping us busy since 2006 .family atmosfere...

LRI Exteriors

728 E Dundee Rd
Palatine, IL
We are full service home remodeling comapany that has been in business for almost 10 years. we...

LRS Interiors Inc.

601 W Campus Drive Suite A1
Arlington Heights, IL
Full service residential (70%) and commercial (30%) design firm with a complete support staff

Lucky's Carpentry LLC

8448 60th Ave
Kenosha, WI
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

Luke & Tom INC.

1419 Quaker Ln,
Prospect Heights, IL
6 emloyees, sub-contracting, service coast determined from job type

Luxury Bath Mobility Remodelers Inc

8724 45th Pl
Lyons, IL
Luxury bath mobility remodelers is owned by bill weber. i have over 40 years experience in...

Luxury Marble & Granite Design Inc.

3210 N. Kilpatrick Ave.
Chicago, IL
We are a custom made fabricators and installers of solid surfaces -...

Luxury Painting

327 Wildberry Ct
Schaumburg, IL
Interior, exterior , decorative painting and faux

Lynn Builders

2011 Edgeview Dr.
New Lenox, IL
Providing custom luxury homes throughout the chicago land area. take a look at our online...

M & M Construction & Remodeling

2012 Market St
Laredo, TX
Remodeling all over texas for 30 years.

M & R Builders

636 Center St
Elgin, IL
Small company with 40 years experience in commercial, residential, and remodeling...

M J Childs Inc

23 Glen Echo Rd
Elgin, IL

M Stanley & Associates

1113 Pine Valley Ct
Elgin, IL

M W Construction Inc

4022 Adams Rd
Oak Brook, IL
Interior remodel and construction, service


295 S Catalina Dr
Round Lake Beach, IL
General remodeling incl. kitchen, bath, siding, roofing , decks , screen / four season rooms,...

M&P Construction

Addison, IL
Our company provides professional remodeling service, including commercial and residential...

M.A.N. Painting & Decorating

Chicago, IL
Full service construction and restoration. interior/exterior, commercial/residential. ...

M.E.B. Construction Company

Saint Charles, IL
General contractors

M.J.P. Remodeling

5237 W. 138th Street
Midlothian, IL
Handyman services, bathroom, kitchen, basement remodeling specialists, incl most plumbing,...

M.K.N Renovation

834 E. Old Willow Rd
Prospect Heights, IL
Home renovation company striving to make your home, your way! at m.k.n renovation, we value...

m2 Creative Management Solutions

333 W Hubbard ST
Chicago, IL
M2 is an all-inclusive interior design and management company for real solutions to real...

Mac Builders Inc

3456 N Narragansett
Chicago, IL
Macbuilders is a family owned and is a complete "full service" general contractor and...

MACK Companies

6820 Centennial Dr
Tinley Park, IL
Mack companies is chicago’s fastest growing full service real estate company. founded in...

MAD Custom Wood Working

22003 Howell Drive
New Lenox, IL
I specialize in custom kitchen cabinets, vanities, repairing furniture, restoring &...

Maddock Construction Company

27820 Irma Lee Cir
Lake Forest, IL
Maddock construction company is boutique construction company specializing in custom home...

Mag Color Construction Co

4302 Hirschberg Ave
Schiller Park, IL
Sub contracting

Magic Carpentry

1000 Grove Dr
Mount Prospect, IL
Our job it is the best

Majestic Floors Inc

844 Columbine Dr
Elgin, IL
All flooring installation and repair. installation of walls and floors....

Maks Maintenance and General Construction Inc.

Schaumburg, IL
Spring has finally arrived! please contact us for our competitive spring pricing & discounts!

Malik Remodeling & Restoration LLC

1043 Ashton Ct
Streamwood, IL

March Kitchen Designs

8 Rob Rd
Mount Prospect, IL
Family owned & operated. ask about angie’s list discount. additional contact name - adam...

Marcin Eliasz Construction

2554 Elms St.
River Grove, IL

Marco Construction

Bolingbrook, IL

Marcomm Inc.

511 Connecticut Ave
Naperville, IL
General construction and remodeling services residential and commercial. we are a full service...

Marczak Tile Installer

3112 Davlin Ct.
Chicago, IL


Lyons, IL
Owner-operated. uses subs for skilled trades. cost is determined by the job. no additional...


Lincolnwood, IL
Additional email: marioandsons@covad.net.


Plainfield, IL
Uses licensed subs.


6733 WEST 63RD ST.
Chicago, IL

Mark Zimmerman

30W467 Fairway Dr
Naperville, IL
Clean, reliable, affordable household handyman services. free estimates. serving naperville...

Marquise Plumbing and Backflow

790 Royal St George Dr #141
Naperville, IL
Marquise plumbing and backflow is located in naperville il. proudly serving naperville and...

Masek Carpentry

1380 Burke Ln
South Elgin, IL
I am a company that takes pride in their wook. i have been self employeed since 2003, although...

Master Electric

4948 N Ridgeway Ave
Chicago, IL
My business has 6 guys that provides a high quality work, we do not charge for estimates if...

Master Service Group Inc

471 North 3rd Ave
Des Plains, IL
Master service group, inc. is a epa and iicrc certified full-service contractor, specializing...

Master Tile Workz and Remodeling

13537 Golden Eagle Cir
Plainfield, IL
Owner-operated. uses subs for plumbing, hvac & electrical. cost is determined by the job. no...

Master Works Construction LLC

1405 Ashley Road
Hoffman Estates Il, IL
Master works construction, llc, provides exceptional general construction services for our...

Mastercraft Construction Inc

852 Spinnaker Drive
New Lenox, IL
Mastercraft construction, inc. prides our selves on our quality craftsmanship, and attention...

MasterCraft Plumbing

Volo, IL
Extra charge for after hours service may apply. ask about a senior and military discount.

Masterplan Plumbing

Lake Villa, IL
Established in 2006 masterplan plumbing has been serving the greater chicagoland area since...

Matustik Builders, Inc.

2413 W. Algonquin Road Suite 145
Algonquin, IL
Matustik builders creates custom new homes, fine home additions and home renovations. we...


1201 W Adams St
Chicago, IL
Max electric has been in business since 1990 with 38 years of experience. max electric is a...

Maximus Construction Inc

5348 N Cumberland Ave
Chicago, IL
15 years in the business

Mayer Jeffers Gillespie, Architects

1017 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL
Since its founding as the image factory in 1974, mayer jeffers gillespie, architects has been...

Mazzei Homes & Renovations, Inc.

5351 N. Pittsburgh Ave.
Chicago, IL
Contractor residential and commercial

MB Painters

6005 N Kimball Ave
Chicago, IL
•5 employees: 3 full-time, 2 part-time •sub-contractors may be recommended for special...

MC Associates & Developments

2621 W. Greenwood Avenue
Waukegan, IL
Number of employees as of start-up now 1 we do accept sub-contracted jobs. billing procedures...


19279 Forest Ln
Mundelein, IL
General contracting firm specializing in room additions. we never ask for down payments on a...

McHenry Window, Siding, Trim & Remodeling

1513 Evergreen St.
Mchenry, IL

McKenna Construction

Po Box 1375
Elgin, IL
3 employees. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges. extra...


Aurora, IL
Mcl is a family company. we treat every customer as family no job to big or to small. mcl is...

MCM Builders

Elgin, IL
Mcm builders has been in business for 20 yrs, as a single employee, general contractor and...

McMahon Builders

1028 Fargo Blvd
Geneva, IL

McNerney Building Services

8809 44th Pl
Brookfield, IL

MD Remodeling

959 Sheridan cir
Naperville, Il
Small company with two guys.

Medine Construction Company

1908 Parker St
Mchenry, IL
Medine construction can provide you with all your home improvement needs.

Mega Solutions Inc.

1500 Edgefield Ln
Hoffman Estates, IL
Mega solutions, inc. is a premier general contractor and home improvement company serving...


427 S Harrison St
Algonquin, IL
Mega has been servicing chicagoland since 1977 and has loyal a customer base!


Elk Grove Village, IL
Granite counter tops & cabinetry! serving the chicagoland area since 1995. if you can envision...

Meister Development Inc

Lake Zurich, IL
Full service residential construction & remodeling company.

Mendel Plumbing and Heating

3N640 N. 17th Street
St. Charles, IL
Mendel plumbing & heating has been a mainstay of the fox valley for over 25 years. making...

Mentis Inc.

971 W Savannah Dr
Romeoville, IL

Merge Design Studio

3550 N Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL
Merge design studio is chicago's premier interior design company dedicated to providing...

Metro Construction

11 Walbridge Ct.
Algonquin, IL
I am a contractor specializing in basements, bathrooms and kitchens. i also do laminate and...

metro tile

1890 mccormick
Bartlett, il
Chenceramic and granite installation and remodeling

Metropolitan Construction Company

PO Box 70004
Saint Louis, MO
General contractor specializing in storm damage - roofing, siding, gutters, soffitt,...

Meyer Design

1800 W Hawthorne Ln
West Chicago, IL
Meyer design can offer the custom home client full architectural services with a specialty in...


Maple Park, IL
General contractor new constuction to remodeling additions to decks

MG Bros Construction Inc

562 W Potter St
Wood Dale, IL
We offer 10% discout to all angie's list members.


211 Park Ave
Barrington, IL
Dba: mgc home renovation.

MHD Builders

3330 Skokie Valley Rd
Highland Park, IL
Owner-operated. uses subs for trades. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....


1749 N Wells St Apt 1606
Chicago, IL
15 sub contractors. 50 yrs in business.

Michael Hamm

3116 W Fairway Dr
Mchenry, IL

Michael J Till Associates

915 Michigan Street
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Residential and commercial design and planning engineering projects, architects and building...

Michael Settanni Carpentry

po box 3135
Barrington, IL
Since 1987 i have built,remodeled and maintained both commercial and residential properties.

Michael Thomas Construction

1860 N Rte 83 Unit 114
Grayslake, IL
Michael thomas construction is a general contractor that specializes in water and fire...


414 orchard st
Elgin, IL
3 full time guys and 2 part time all with me for at least 3 years . we pride on being flexible...

Midwest Home Remodeling & Design

588 Turtle Pond Ct
Lake Zurich, IL
Full service remodeling company


915 23rd St
Rockford, IL
We combine excellent design & creativity with technical, construction, & managment expertise...


Chicago, IL
2 employees. uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service...

Mike Nelis Construction

940 Central Street
Deerfield, IL
3 employees. uses subs. charges an hourly rate and/or written proposal. ask about angie's...

Mike Schaap Builders

12969 Greenly St
Holland, MI
Imagine yourself relaxing in the home of your dreams, a home customized to your liking right...

MIKE The PAINTER Home Services Inc.

325 Farmhill Cicle
Wauconda, IL
My company is dedicated to friendly, professional, reliable service. i have been serving the...


Lake Zurich, IL
Mikron design will supply an estimate within 1 day from the drawings you fax or e-mail to us...


5036 W. 157th st
Orland Park,Il, IL
Founded in 1980 millarsd building contractor is a family owned business that specializes in...

Miller's Millwork, INC

225 E Galena Blvd
Aurora, IL
Miller's millwork, inc. was started in 1993 as a sole proprietorship. it is owned and operated...


9301 S.51TH ave.
Oak Lawn, IL
Mirek's floors is a company founded in 2001 and since then it serves their services a wide...

Mirglaze Company

122 James Crt.
Glenview, IL

Miro Builders, Inc

4540 N. Pontiac Avenue
Harwood Heights, IL
Miro builders, inc. = insight-strategy-expertise for nearly a decade miro builders, inc. has...

Mister Restoration

PO Box 157
Glencoe, IL
The industry leader in disaster relief general construction, flood clean up,,mold...

Mitsi Builders, Inc.

Crystal Lake, IL
Mitsi builders, inc. is a residential and commercial construction/remodeling company and an...

MJR Construction & Restoration

605 Adams st
Elgin, Il
Mjr construction is a small family owned company that has over 15 yrs of residential and...

MJR Remodeling

640 S Princeton Ave
Villa Park, IL
Mjr remodeling is a small, full-service remodeling business designed to handle the needs of...

MK Construction & Builders, Inc

2000 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
Mk construction and builders inc is well known for its expertise in home remodeling,...

MKB Stone Studio

432 W Touhy Ave
Park Ridge, IL
We at the mkb stone studio are team of dedicated professionals in business since 2000. we have...

mns illinois homes

Willowbrook, IL
We are a full service home improvement one stop shop. we have been in business for around 10...

Modena General Contractors

6767 N Milwaukee Ave
Niles, IL
Modena general has been a family owned business since 1973. we have been serving the chicago...

Modern Castle Remodeling

111 W Elm Ave
Roselle, IL
Free estimates. insured and registered with the state of illinois.

Modern Construction and Painting

8300 Concord Dr 613
Morton Grove, Il
I am a sole proprietor that has experience in all the trades of construction remodeling i have...

Modern Enhancements

103 Orchard Ter
Lombard, IL
Modern enhancements, inc is an interior remodeling and repair company. we can handle just...


6923 Knox
Lincolnwood, IL
Complete floor care

Modern View Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

444 W Verret St
Elmhurst, IL
General remodeling contractor. serving chicagoland - 15 years expirance-no job to small we do...


219 55TH ST
Clarendon Hills, IL
Since 1987, molidor custom builders, inc. has been building custom homes with a fierce...

Molitor Design Build

336 McKee St
Batavia, IL
3 employees. uses subs for plumbing, electrical & hvac. cost is determined by the job. no...

Monarch Kitchen and Bath, Inc

Naperville, IL
Monarch kitchen & bath proudly offers top quality cabinetry and full remodeling services from...

Montalbano Inc

134 W Lake St
Northlake, IL
25 employees, no subs, cost determined by item & amount of repair required. pickup and...

Mor & Mor Remodeling

22559 Ledgestone Way
Frankfort, IL
A remodeling company that has been in business for over 25 years. owned and run by ed moran...

Morrison Construction

781 South Midlothian
Mundelein, IL
We are a small company that takes pride in quality work performed at competitive prices.we...

Mozol Construction Corp.

1319 Brook Ln
Glenview, IL
Mozol onstruction corp. is small, full service building contractor licensed in the state of...

MP Construction

Box 44
Warrenville, il
With over 30 years of experience, the palmer's have completed many projects from minor touch...

MP Management Group

Chicago, IL
Complete house repairs

Mpink Design LLC

Chicago, IL

MPT Enterprises Inc

301 Wood Creek Rd
Wheeling, IL
We are construction company providing quality service to residential clients in chicago and...

Mr & G Construction & Remodeling

8119 W Charmaine Rd
Harwood Heights, IL
Home - bathroom kitchen , basement remodeling

Mr Bath Inc

5506 Lincoln Ave
Morton Grove, IL
1-2 employees. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges. may...

Mr Rooter Of Will County

126 S Desplaines St
Joliet, IL
Cost is determined by the job. additional fax - (815) 727-0734. additional e-mail -...

Mr. Fitz It Inc

325 S Main St
Burlington, IL
I am tom fitzsimmons, mr."fitz" it. i have lived in st charles all my life and i have...

Mr. Floor Companies

Skokie, IL
Mr. floor companies is an award-winning hardwood flooring company in chicago. as a long-time...

Mr. Handyman of Naperville

1871 S Randall Rd
Geneva, IL
Mr. handyman is a local family-run business owned by us, al and cathy lins. chris is our...

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton

1829 Burnell Court
Batavia, IL
Local family owned business with an a- bbb rating. one call does it all!! at mr. handyman of...

MSH Remodeling, Inc.

450 Frontage Rd
Downers Grove, IL
We have been a family owned and run company servicing the chicagoland area for over 20 years....


710 Tanglewood Dr
Algonquin, IL
Additioanl dba - three day re-face. show room address: 222 n western ave carpentersville, il...

MTZ Bros Construction Co

Romeoville, IL
Mtz bros construction co. is a family owned and operated company. we are dedicated to serving...

Multiman Services

2120 Riverside Dr
Beloit, WI
We are the masters at the art of home improvement... not certain on how you want your next...

Mundi & Son Remodeling

Morton Grove, IL
We understand the unique design and functions of today’s baths. what was once a small,...

Murco Recycling Enterprises, Inc.

347 N. Kensington Ave
La Grange Park, IL
1996 outstanding recycler award, 1999 governors pollution prevention award, inductee in the...

Murphy's Window & Sunrooms

10359 S Pulaski Rd
Chicago, IL
Murphy's windows and sunrooms is a full service exterior remodeling firm. we have been in...

MVO Construction inc.

2222 w. chicago ave
Chicago, IL
Mvo constraction inc. 13 years in business, 4 to 6 professionals ready for your service, call...

My Super Handyman

8046 S Saint Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL
Chicago handyman remodeling service serving chicago area. we specializing in all aspects of...

My Trusted Handyman

Home Business
Chicago, IL
Trusted, relible, professional, i have been in the construction industry for over 30 years. i...

Myers Design, INC

8209 Red Bud East Ln
Indianapolis, IN
Myers design inc. (mdi), located inside the historic stutz building in downtown indianapolis...

MZM Remodeling

9608 E Reeves Ct
Franklin Park, IL
Home remodeling


960 Rand Rd
Des Plaines, IL
Refinishing of wood cabinets and floors without dust, mess or odor.

Nail It Innovations

20821 rock run dr
Joliet, IL
Completely family owned and operated company. with nailit, we do all the work from start to...

Nakoma General Construction

2108 Old Elm Rd
Lake Villa, Il
General consrtuction and remodeling

Nasira's Handyman

11S485 Whittington Lane
Naperville, Il
Nasira's handyman is a handyman/remodeling company catered to the naperville area for projects...

National Contracting Group

Po box 303
Saint Charles, IL

National Contracting Group Inc.

P.O box 303
Saint Charles, IL
National contracting is a general contractor servicing the greater chicagoland area. weather...

National Exteriors of Illinois, Inc.

1184 Bristol Trail Rd
Lake Zurich, IL
Specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial general contracting and insurance...

Nature Relax Corp

3800 W 42ND Street
Chicago, IL
Home textile manufacture and importer

Navet Construction

13339 Ranchland Drive
Plainfield, Il
I am a professional carpenter of over 20 years. i do everything from rough framing to...

Nayer Construction

1507 E 53rd St
Chicago, IL
General contractors specializing in renovation, restoration, remodeling, kitchen and baths...

NBB Services LLC

1112 Partridge
Bolingbrook, Il
Hello, my name is eli i am owner and #1 service technician for nothing but the best services...

NEFF of Chicago Custom Cabinetry and Design Studio

Chicago, IL
Neff of chicago is an independently owned design boutique and retail store, exclusively...

Neighbors handyman service

118 South Emerson Street
Mt Prospect, IL
Locally owned and operated, neighbors handyman service provides top tier work at a fair price....

Nelson Carpentry

511 Woodland Ln S
Winnetka, IL
Providing custom carpentry work on the northshore and suburbs for 25 years. thousands of...

Netos Drywall

1315 Ironwood Ct
Aurora, Il
It is a promise that we always have enough and the right type people to do the job. we always...

Network Contracting Services

2329 Clover Ln
Geneva, IL
Drywall paint contractor 30 years, custom home builder 25 years, fire and flood restoration 25...

neutral interiors

3444 Home Ave
Berwyn, IL
Neutral interiors specializes in space planning all areas of the home or business. we work...

New City Remodeling

4848 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL
Chicagoland’s premier remodeling company we fill an important need in the marketplace:...

New Floor Coverings Inc.

639 South LaGrange Road, Suite 214
Lagrange, IL
New floor coverings is a one stop resource to repair, build and fulfill new commercial and...

New Horizon Constuction Co. Inc.

9S155 Madison St
Willowbrook, IL
I have been in the industry since 1976 started my company in 1982 have been a general...

New Image Construction

Chicago, IL
New image construction provides professional home improvements ranging from kitchen and...


609 S. McKinley Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL
Residential & commercial cleaning & maintenance services


Streamwood, IL
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge. do not contact via...


P.O Box 213
Olympia Fields, IL
New life painting has been servicing chicagoland and northwest indiana since 1998. we employ a...

New Look Painting

331 Manor Hill Ct
Lombard, IL
Family owned and operated full service painting and remoldeling company.

New Look Remodeling Ltd

606 Wildwood Ln
Mchenry, IL
We offer free estimates. we have an experience and talented employee who would assist you...

New Sky Remodeling

1915 Maple St
Des Plaines, IL
All of our work is done in house. we rarely use subcontractors. we have hourly rates available...

New World Construction

Bolingbrook, il
New world construction, along with servpro of lagrange/north riverside, provide an a-z list of...

Newline Design Center

9119 151st St.
Orland Park, IL
We are a full service remodeling company, that would prefer to focus on quality over quantity....

Newman Builders

3 N. 620 Oak Lane
Bensenville, IL
a family owned business since 1980. specializing in all phases of home construction. newman...

Next Step Kitchens

1502 Burnham Ave.
Calumet City, IL
Next step kitchens is a family owned & operated remodeling firm. don’t let our name fool...

Nick's Residential Service Plumbing, Inc

109 Heine Dr
Streamwood, IL
Why hire a major plumbing company, when you can get a private plumber for half the cost ? we...

Nico's Remodeling

5721 S Spalding
Chicago, IL
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....


Park Ridge, IL
We provide fine italian craftsmanship for all of your tiling needs! we are a family business...

NIX Construction

10604 S. Oak Tree Drive
Worth, IL
We are a insured small general construction company with 5 employees available for sub...

No Corners Cut Remodeling & Maintenance

P.O. Box 4784
Wheaton, IL
I have been working on homes and buildings for 20 years and i want to give clients a...

Noah's Services Inc

807 Schiller St
Itasca, IL
Residential / light commercial construction a home is far more than a house. it is where life...

Nolan Construction

208 S East St
Marengo, IL
Free estimates, all major credit cards accepted, in house financing available on approved...


Hinsdale, IL
Locally owned & operated. 40 employees. free in-home design consultation. guaranteed...

North Brook Construction

322 chipilii dr
Northbrook, IL


Lemont, IL
New construction , remodeling, and restoration contractors


Holly Ct
Mount Prospect, IL
North park decorating is a family owned and operated business. north park is a strong...


1433 W. Leyland Ave
Chicago, IL

NorthShore Flooring & Remodeling

Mundelein, IL
Northshore flooring & remodeling is family owned with over 30 years of experience.

NorthStar Cleaning & Restoration

4205 Stewart Ave
Wausau, WI
For our green bay customers call: (920) 371-2987. additional email -...

Northwest Marble Prod. Corp.

1229 Silver Pine Dr
Hoffman Estates, IL
Northwest has been serving the building / remodeling industry for over 34 years. cultured...

Northwest Painting and Rehab

802 Lake Shore Dr
Wauconda, IL
Complete rehab of home or building

NPX Plumbing LLC

25911 S Linden Ave
Monee, IL
Npx plumbing llc is dedicated to customer satisfaction. we are a small company with very...

NuHome Inc. DBA Muralles Remodeling

12421 Heritage Meadows Drive
Plainfield, IL
2-4 employees, cost depending on job, free estimates

Nuspace Remodeling & Repairs

Chicago, IL
We are a full service remodeling company. (mention angies list & receive a discount)


7818 Keeler
Skokie, IL
Family own and operated. serving the chicagoland area since 1980. free estimates

O'Malley Remodeling & Energy Solutions

415 Fellows St
Saint Charles, IL

O'Toole Carpentry & Construction

Mc Connell, IL
Individually owned and operated. occasionally uses sub contractor. charges determined by the...

Oak Tree Construction Services, Inc

1807 Sutton Ln
Schaumburg, IL
We are a design and build remodeling company located it schaumburg, il. we have been in...

Olaru Construction

Des Plaines, IL
Olaru construction has a team of highly skilled experts that are ready to take on any home...

Old Towne Plumbing, Inc.

1223 Circle Avenue
Forest Park, IL
Family owned with 20+ years experience. payment by check, cash or invoice. licensed bonded...

Old World Carpentry Restoration & Repair

520 W Melrose St
Chicago, IL
Always work closely with home owners to get the result they are looking for, please get in...


101 N Raddant Rd
Batavia, IL

Ole Fredrickson & Son

1108 West Violet Drive
Mchenry, IL
A family owned contracting business of 3 generations. pairing craftsmanship with a personal...

Omega Home Solution

2111 N 76th Ave
Elmwood Park, IL
Alpha omega woodworking takes pride in offering honest, professional and quality workmanship....

On Call Properties, Inc

921 E Oakton Street
Elk Grove Village, IL
On call properties, inc is a business that specializes in property preservation, property...

Only the Finest Remodeling LLC

PO Box 281
Gilberts, IL
I come from a religious home and am tired of seeing people get taken advantage of in the...

OnPointe Industries, LLC

1640 W Main St
Saint Charles, IL
Onpointe industries recognized a need to develop a property service partnership that is...

Oppelt Interiors Inc

2817 N Menard Ave
Chicago, IL

Option One Maintenance, Inc

Round Lake, IL
Full service property maintenance company for both commercial and residential

Original Home Improvement, Inc.

4513 Lincoln Ave.
Lisle, IL
Local lisle company

Orren Pickell Building Group

550 Frontage Rd.
Northfield, IL
Orren pickell building group enjoys a proven history of creating some of the most memorable...

Orren Pickell Building Group

550 Frontage Rd
Northfield, IL
Our name, our reputation, our longevity…your assurance of quality craftsmanship over the...

Our Home Solutions

215 Brookforest drive
Shorewood, IL
Showroom location 215 brookforest dr, shorewood il. a licensed and insured contractor serving...


322 Spinnaker Cove
Carpentersville, IL
Outback builders custom designs and builds unique and affordable decks, gazebos, patios,...

Ozark Group

170 River Bluff Road
Elgin, IL
Ozark group is a 4 man service company located in elgin illinois serving the residential,...

P & M Renovations

31 Briargate Cir
Sugar Grove, IL
P&m renovations is not the typical remodeling company. we stand apart from the others in...

P.Bailey Mechanical Inc.

901 Mable Lane
Bartlett, IL
Residential and commercial plumbing backflow testing remodeling

P.J. Plumbing & Maintenance

Beecher, IL
Owner-operated. 2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job or hourly. travel...

Paladin Plumbing Inc

16511 W. 144th place
Lockport, IL
License: #058-173915. we are a family owned and operated company. we charge by the hour not...

Pamela Polvere Designs

7506 W Grand Ave
Elmwood Park, IL
Pamela polvere designs is among chicago’s most respected kitchen and bathroom studio design...

Pantke Construction and Remodeling

16w525 Mockingbird Ln.
Willowbrook, IL
Pantke construction and remodeling is a full service construction and remodeling company. we...

Partners In Home Improvement

4632 Gettysburg
Rolling Meadows, IL
Interior remodeling, renovation, and redesign

Paska Co.

36913 N Bernice Dr.
Lake Villa, IL
As a builder and a general contractor in the home construction business we provide a variety...

Patrick B Murphy Plumbing and Piping Co

1426 Sherman Rd
Romeoville, IL
The best value -- the highest quality -- the best service for more than 30 years, patrick b....


Naperville, IL
2 employees, uses subs for electrical, hvac, plumbing, framing & concrete.

Patrick J Murphy inc

9733 S Hamilton Ave
Chicago, IL
Construction company specializing in new home construction, remodeling and masonry work.


Woodridge, IL
6 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge.

Patriot Plumbing Service inc

1121 Breuckman drive
Crown Point, IN
Reliable and trustworthy plumber. local company family owned and operated. lisenced, bonded,...

Paul McNUTT Construction

5837 N. Campbell Ave. Suite 101
Chicago, IL
Paul mcnutt construction is your one stop shop for your home repair, rescue and remodeling...

Paul T. Kelzer Custom Homes

181 River Mist Dr.
Oswego, IL
Custom home builder now providing remodel services with a great attention to detail. over...

Pauls Rpairs

861 Bode rd. 1A
Elgin, Il
Paul's repairs is a small handyman type service with formal training in the trades we do...

Payne's Rehab & Repair

1688 Carolina Dr
Chicago Heights, IL
Payments requested by paypal, cash, or money order. 1/2 down balance upon completion....

PBI Construction

904 S Roselle Rd
Schaumburg, IL
Pbi construction,established in 1990,offers quality craftmanship for your remodeling needs. we...

PDQ Construction

4448 Brittany Dr
Lisle, IL
We are a family owned business and take pride in all of our services.

Pearl Design Group

170 Covington Drive
Bloomingdale, IL
Pearl design group is the largest independent dealer of cabinetry in the chicago area,...

Peralta Painting & Remodeling

1100 N Karlov
Chicago, IL
At peralta painting & remodeling, we strive to deliver a high quality finished product using...

Perfect Construction

Chicago, IL
Well lets start off by saying we do pretty much everything in the book that relates around...

perfect flooring and remodeling

3415 n pioneer ave
Chicago, il
Company specializes in complete renovations. quality workmanship at affordable price. no...

Perfect Granite And Marble

758 Larsen Ln
Bensenville, IL
Perfect granite and marble is the provider of granite and marble countertops in chicago and...

Perfect Home Services

4951 Indiana Ave
Lisle, IL
Perfect home services provides the very highest level of service in the chicago suburbs...

Perfect Interiors

328 Elgin Ave
Forest Park, IL
Perfect interiors has been providing the best in home services for more than 25 years.

Perfect Remodeling Inc.

1368 N geneva DR.
Palatine, IL
I work independently...i have high attention to detail. i offer top-notch craftsmanship and...

Perfect Vision Contracting

178 Coreopsis
Romeoville, IL
Perfect vision contracting always has great prices guaranteed and will match or beat any...

Performax Painting Plus

421 George St.
West Chicago, IL
Performax painting plus is a fairly new company, however our staff has over 15 years of...

Perma Gloss

2400 E Main St
St Charles, IL
Bathroom & kitchen fixture refinishing

Persian Woodworking Inc

7305 Lake st
Mortongrove, IL
Company overview the persian woodworking company is benchmark"woodworking & millwork...


Chicago Heights, IL
15-20 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. may contact...

Personified Interiors

524 South Ridge Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL
Room design packages includes all the tools you need to complete a total room redesign at an...

Peter Construction Company

609 Ivy Ct
Kenilworth, IL
Peter construction company has been going strong for over 25 years. we have specialists in...

Peterbilt Construction, Inc

35W550 Parsons Rd
Dundee, IL
Peterbilt has been serving the northern illinois area for over 30 years. most of our...


Joliet, IL
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

Peyatt Remodeling & Home Improvement

1635 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL
I want to thank you for this opportunity to introduce peyatt remodeling. the mission of peyatt...

Phillip's Handyman /services

Chicago, IL
We are the one call to all your every day life's needs

Pilcher and Sons Inc

P.O. Box 324
Glen Ellyn, IL
Family owned & operated. our rates are extremely competitive, we are always punctual, and the...

Pinnacle Property Maintenance

939 W. North Av
Chicago, IL
Pinnacle is a one stop shop for all your commercial property needs.


3058 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL
Additional address - 2444 s trumbull ave chicago, il 60623-3927. 107 mariposa av. waukegan ,...

Pipe-Line Plumbing Services, Inc.

Schaumburg, IL
Full service plumbing repair and remodel company. family owed and operated for over 30 years....


Westchester, IL
Piper construction is a full service construction company that caters to the needs of our...

PJ Design and Construction Inc

664 Marston Ave
Glen Ellyn, IL
Almost 20 years of experience. we care about quality. attention to details and 100% consumer...

PJF Plumbing & Heating Co

2175 W Meadowview Dr
Round Lake, IL
See website for additional ares.


Carol Stream, IL

PK Home Improvement Inc

4108 N Ozark Ave
Harwood Heights, IL
Provide general remodeling, services, kitchen and bathroom, basements and more.

Plahm Decorating and Remodeling

2535 Prairie St
Blue Island, IL
Free consultation and estimates. we are clean-cut and courteous people dedicated to a high...

Plain and Posh

1385 Warren Ave
Downers Grove, IL
A full service design and selections company specializing in kitchen and bath design....

Plaza Construction

15524 S lorel ave
Oak Forest, IL
General contractor interior and exterior remodeling free estimate


9440 W 79th Ct
Hickory Hills, IL
Expierence , good materials,tools nice atmosphere clean job

PLS Remodeling

5623 Tennessee
Clarendon Hills, IL
Pls remodeling is a kitchen and bathroom company that provides services that range from...

Plumb-It Inc

1114 W Galena Blvd
Aurora, IL
Hi. my name is scott and i am the owner of plumb-it inc. i am a 6 year army infantry veteran...

PM & Associates

8242 McCormick Blvd
Skokie, IL
Pm & associate, a pmc construction company has over 18 years experience in the construction...

Pmf Construction, Inc

Wheeling, IL
With over 14 years of experience, we have the know-how to help you achieve your remodeling...

PMH Construction, Inc

71 East Cunningham Dr
Palatine, IL
We are a family owned & operated remodeling and carpentry contractor with over 25 years of...

PO Construction & Design Co

1120 N. Pine Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL
We are a family owned company run by piotr obstoj who started the company in 1996. ever since...

Precision Carpentry & Remodeling

833 Riverside Dr
South Elgin, IL

Precision Carpentry & Remodeling, Inc.

833 Riverside Dr
South Elgin, IL
We are a full service residential/commercial remodeling and building company. we have...

Precision Carpentry Services

16971 Straight Way
Genoa, IL
From concept to completion, our team effort is the foundation of a project that embodies...

Precision Carpentry& Remodeling, Inc.

833 Riverside Dr
South Elgin, IL
We are a full service residential/commercial remodeling and building company. we have...

Precision Edge Carpentry

214 Maplebrook Court X1
Schaumburg, IL
Locally owned carpenter-contractor and remodeler run by a licensed and insured carpenter with...

Precision Plumbing Heating Cooling

1051 N Main St
Lombard, IL
Is today soon enough? service in minutes not days!precision plumbing heating cooling drains...

Precision Stone Design LLC

945 Lively Blvd
Elk Grove Village, IL
Precision stone design is a custom fabricator of natural and engineered stone. we pride...

Preferred Roofing & Exteriors

518 S Route 31
Mchenry, IL
Family owned & operated. additional addresses - (greater milwaukee) 24909 81st st, salem,...

Premier Construction

PO Box 1054
La Grange Park, IL
We are a small business here to service your home improvement needs.

Premier Construction of Illinois, Inc.

7355 W Addison St
Chicago, IL
Premier construction of illinois, inc. is proud to provide homeowners with quality workmanship...

Premier Remodeling Group

16261 Vintage Drive
Plainfield, IL
Free estimates, 10% off through angie's list


Chicago, IL
President builders is a family owned and operated full service business incorporated in 1960....

Prestige Designs

3002 Commercial Ave
Northbrook, IL
Prestige designs is an exclusive distributor of fine italian kitchens, baths, and furniture. ...

Prestige Grout & Tile Inc.

1407 Kemman Ave.
La Grange Park, IL
Prestige grout & tile is a high quality restoration / installation company. we combine the...


Chicago, IL
2 employees. uses subs for electrical. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge. extra...

Prestige Renovations

295 N Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL
Our family has been remodeling kitchens and baths for over 30 years. prestige renovations...

Priceless Home Renovations LLC

915 Larkin Ave
Elgin, IL
We are a locally owned and operated company located in elgin, illinois. our technicians can do...

Pride Electric LLC

1S122 Indian Noll Rd.
Winfield, IL
* free estimates * 20% off service calls * $50 off every $1,000 spent * we are a small family...


Palatine, IL
Interior and exterior remodeling company, 30+ years in business,

Primo - J W S Custom Builder

780 W Army Trail Rd.
Carol Stream, IL
Paul j. gerace jr. has been in the building industry since the early’ 70’s creating his...

Priority Response Plumbing & Rooter

3N Valewood Dr
West Chicago, IL
No extra charge for after hours service. additional dba: priority response inc. additional zip...

Pro 1 Construction

3333 Warrenville Rd.
Lisle, IL
Residential & commercial construction & remodeling - storm recovery service exterior...

Pro 1 Construction

18W140 Butterfield Rd
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Roofing, siding, windows, interior & more

Pro Reconstruction Experts, Inc.

2420 E. Oakton St. Unit T
Arlington Heights, IL
Pro reconstruction experts is located in elk grove village, illinois. our staff has over 15...

Pro Source Carpentry

6157 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL
1 employee, biling by the hour, and estimates for larger jobs, quality work at a resonable...

Pro-1 Construction

10 N. Martingale
Schaumburg, IL
Roofing, siding, windows, interior & more

Pro-Home Services

799 Roosevelt Rd
Glen Ellyn, IL
Our remodeling company has been in business for over 10 years and has only focused on exterior...

Problem Busters Inc.

9006 Senate Dr
Des Plaines, IL
We can handle any home improvement project.

Professional Handyman

26 E Van Buren
Oswego, Il
Complete home remodeling & repairs

Professional Property Preservation

1226 East Ave
Berwyn, IL
Very limited financing available cash back on new accounts


Chicago, IL
8 employees. uses subs for electrical. no travel charges. additional email:...

Progressive Adjustments Inc

600 Alcoa Ln
Hoffman Estates, IL
Progressive adjustments, inc. is one of the fastest growing public adjustment companies in the...

Progressive Disaster Recovery Services, Inc.

205 Illinois Blvd
Hoffman Estates, IL
Progressive disaster will help you recover property insurance claim compensation. many years...

ProKitchens Design

Homer Glen, IL
Showroom displaying the available products. installation option available. sub-contractor...

Proline Custom Carpentry

80 Woodcrest Lane
Elk Grove Village, il
Proline custom carpentry is owned and operated by joseph kitzinger. proline custom carpentry...

Promax Renovation inc.

La Grange, IL
No job is to small or to big! from just changing door handles to remodeling everything inside...

ProRemo Experts

118 S Main St.
Wauconda, IL
Proremo experts is a full service construction company which specializes in: remodeling; new...

ProSite Projects

181 State Route 31
Oswego, IL
We see ourselves as true craftsman and strive to be the best in the business. our affordable...

Prrrfect Plumbing

31060 Oakview Ln
Genoa, IL
We have monthly specials on repairs parts and services.

PRS Home Solutions & Pure Granite

Deerfield, IL
Special promotions (free vanity top with anu complette bathroom remodeling.

Punch List

911 West Montana
Chicago, IL
Punch list hires only skilled craftsmen with years of industry experience. from start to...

Pure Line Construction

Morton Grove, IL
General contractor

Q's Cabinet Shoppe Ltd

2916 W Ogden Ave
Naperville, IL
Barbara quatroke, the owner and president of q's cabinet shoppe has been in the industry for...

Quality Brothers Remodeling and Maintenance

8950 S Stony Island
Chicago, IL
Complete property preservation reo specialist and residential & commercial rehab.

Quality Construction and Home Repair

3005 Courtney St
Plano, IL
We have 15+ years of exp. in most aspects of home building, remodeling, and repairs. we have...


Medinah, IL
Quality construction company is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our...


1605 W MAIN ST
Dundee, IL
We specialize in replacement windows and doors that fit your home exactly. all of our work is...

Quality of Life Home Improvement Inc.

Chicago, IL
We provide superior work for all of our customers. free estimates are available.

Quality Remodeling & Construction

533 East Willow Court
Palatine, IL
Owner, marc radlowski along with his father, own & operate quality remodeling & construction....

Quality Services

851 Hemlock Dr
Dundee, IL
We always offer a free detailed estimate and consultation. see website for additional...

Qute Tech

Richton Park, il
We are a team of programmers, network engineers, systems analysis and designers, software...

R & E Home Improvement Inc.

Des Plaines, IL
Company provides reliable, and quality service with 20 years of combined experience. invoices,...

R & W Construction Custom Home Remodeling, Inc.

Cary, IL
We are a design/build remodeling firm, established in 1995. the principals of the company are...

R J Kuhn Plumbing Heating & Cooling, Inc.

585 St Rte 31
Oswego, IL
Rj kuhn is an oswego-based plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and remodeling contractor that...


Wheeling, IL
We are "r&p colour painting and decorating ltd' , and we are interested in cooperating with...

R-Deco Painting & Home Improvements

5248 N Mason Ave
Chicago, IL
Owner operated. additional fax - (773) 763-6786. additional dba - r deco painting & home...

R.A. James Construction Inc

6735 W Stanley Ave
Berwyn, IL
R.a. james construction, inc. offers complete remodeling and building services. we have been...

R.L.G Building and Remodeling

811 Bradwell Rd
Barrington, IL
I am an established company that has been in business since 1999. i'm not satisfied until your...

Raabe Builders

324 Prairieview Drive
Oswego, IL
We nearly offer a full compliment of remodeling and renovation services. we are usually able...


Chicago, IL
Designing, supplying, installing and servicing (almost unheard of), electric undertile floor...

Rand Construction Co.

468 N. Aberdeen St., 2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL
We are a commercial carpentry and architectural woodwork contractor who also completes...

Randy's Remodeling & Construction

PO Box 812
Worth, IL
No job is too big or too small. i pride myself on my work and treat every job as if i were...

Rapid Remodeling Inc

Midlothian, TX
Remodeling services.

Rapid Rooter Sewer & Drain Inc.

8057 Octavia Ave
Niles, IL
Rapid rooter sewer & drain inc . is a family owned business since 1997. our technicians have...

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