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Project went great.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was responsive, great customer service and workmanship is top notch at a fair price.
- Jason H.

We met with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and went through the basement for his initial assessment. Our next meeting was with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, the framer, and the electrician to review how we wanted everything laid out and configured. Our next meeting was with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and the plumber to discuss the bathroom layout and review the roughed in plumber. We met
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
one more time to finalize what work would be done by us during the remodeling since we had free labor available (ie. son without a job at the time). Our next meeting with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
we discussed more options about the finished basement including flooring, ceilings, bath, and additional work to be performed elsewhere in the house. We met with the electrician one more time to review the upstairs work with the light fixtures and ceiling fan replacement. With this initial agreement
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
developed an estimate and price breakout with a payment plan. We took about a week to review everything and then we signed the contract to allow the work to proceed.

Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
handled the building permit with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
County. Since the house is a geodesic dome, it took additional time with the county to explain the plans and get final approval.

We had to clear the basement of all items and
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
provided several suggestions for storage locations. We completed the removal of the items from the basement.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
arranged for the framing material to be delivered and work began around Jul 11. The framing was completed in less than a week. The family decided to change the wall to the laundry room and the closet on the end of the hall, which was handled nicely by
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and the framer.

Once the framing was complete, the electrician and plumber came in to do their initial portions of the work. We asked for 3 additional electrical outlets be added in the laundry room, which was planned in without issue.

During this period we started to work with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
on the flooring and fireplace location. We changed our minds several times before settling on a split arrangement of carpet and tile.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
coordinated a meeting with the flooring company and we started the decision process of which tile, what type of carpet and finally colors. We settled on a fireplace location and met with the fireplace company to determine how it would be installed.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and that team had several ideas and we settled on a configuration that made the most sense for the venting and desired look. Since we had previously purchased a basement door replacement, we had asked
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
to install the new door since the existing steel door had rotted out.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
arranged the installation which took a portion of a day as additional cement wall tear down was required to get the frame to fit correctly. They installed the door and installed new locks which we provided. The electrician was brought in next and completed his work within 1 day working around limitations from the ceiling and optimal light placement.

Once the framing,electrical,and plumbing was complete,
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
County completed their inspection. The insulation team came in and completed the full basement insulation in about 1 day. They insulated areas in the laundry room as well to make sure there was good insulation everywhere in the basement. The bathroom shower and tile work were completed during this time as well. We had to work out the final tile color and arrangement prior to work starting and
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was accommodating to our last minute adjustments.

With this complete, the drywall work began. The team worked very efficiently and were done in less than a week. The tapers and mud team were also efficient and timely and it took just over another week to complete this work. We started the painting and completed 2 primer coats as well as 2 color coats in about 2 weeks with delays for summer trips and work interruptions.

With the painting complete, the next items were bathroom fixtures, which
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and our family worked through with suggestions, fit checks, and finally a decision with some of the purchases being handled by us and the remainder by
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and team. We worked with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
on the ceiling tile selection, final tile and carpet selections.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
arranged the installations around our schedules. We also scheduled the replacement of the kitchen sliding glass doors which took less than a day with a very good team. They also replaced some of the aluminum siding (finish pieces) with the excess material from the kitchen door to clear up a few dings, nicks, and scratches. We handled the cleanup of the material from the window installation taking the scrap material to
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked

Next came the installation of the carpet and tile. While cleaning up the floor in preparation for the upcoming installation, we had a heavy rain which resulted in a leak through the basement wall. Having already completed the painting, we had to try to seal the wall from the outside. We made the first attempt by digging out the area on the outside and finding the crack. We used a product from the local home repair. We thought we had it, but the rain the following day showed a slight leak yet.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
called a local basement crack sealant expert and he came out the next day. The sealant expert used a injection method that filled the crack from within the exterior seal we had installed. It turns out our seal would have worked had we gone another 3 inches underground. With the newly injection sealed crack completed, we proceeded to do the tile and carpet installation. The tile installation had to be done in 2 shifts since the tile order was not completed on the first delivery.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
coordinated the shipment and delivery to allow the floor tile installation to complete in less than 3 days. Again an expert job getting the tile cut to the corners and walls. The tile work was matched to the walls almost exactly. The carpet went quickly in the family area and they moved to stairway to the upstairs area of the house. The carpet was installed expertly around the corners and tile pattern that had been altered slightly to work around the fireplace tile work that was required by code (
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
talked to
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
County to get the exact requirements).

The trim work as delivered next and we started the painting and prep work for installation. This took about another week, while the actual installation took only about 2 days. We did the final touch up after installation as we miscalculated the amount of colored versus white lengths.

The ceiling tile was delivered next along with the framing material. This portion also went very quickly despite having to work all the odd
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and trying to maximize the floor to ceiling spacing. The fitting work turned out very nicely as well as having the desired effect of a noise reducer. The effort took about 3 days overall.

The electricians came in and completed the electrical work including the phone line, antenna cable, and light fixtures. The electrician took care of all the light fixtures upstairs as well including installing a new light fixture on the exterior of the house for the basement entry.

We then completed the bathroom installation with fixtures and vanity. We had to call the plumber back into to move the water lines since the vanity we choose did not allow a straight connection of the water valves. This was accomplished in just over a day and the bathroom. The bathroom shower, sink and toilet installations went as expected. We sealed the shower tile ourselves.

We had a short period of limited activity trying to decide what to do with the closet shelves. We ultimately purchased and installed to closets worth of shelves.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and his team installed the remaining bathroom closet shelves that had to be custom fit.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
worked with us to complete the fireplace installation including floor and wall tile surrounding the fireplace all within a couple of days of our decision on the layout. While this was happening,
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
coordinated with the
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
County Builder Inspector to hold his final inspection allowing full occupancy which went off without any issues.

Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and his team were very accommodating in the planning, execution, final close-out phases of the project.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
made sure we got what we wanted. He made sure we met with all the contractors to discuss our desires and concerns. He made sure the work flowed smoothly while also working on other projects.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
's and his teams suggestions on products to be utilized during the project were very useful and saved us extended periods of research. The entire team was professional in the work and the final product quality is very good. I have likely left out some details of the project, but overall a job very well done. Even my granddaughter made a new friend in
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
's dog who was a welcome guest anytime he visited.
- Drew M.

The kitchen cabinets- we moved into an older home that had only a few cabinets so he helped tear out the old ones and then put in all the new ones. He also helped us order new countertops and installed that for us.

The plumbing- he put in a new sink for us. We also had our sewage back up and he helped rotor it and cleaned it all up for us. And even gave me a few helpful tips on how to help prevent it from happening and on how to keep the smell out.

Drywall repair- our house is old, so some of the plaster has chipped. He helped by patching and painting it for us. He does it all!
- Heather M.

My husband and I have a historical 1940 cape cod and it was important to retain the aesthetic quality. I thought it would take a while to find someone who would see my vision as clearly as I did and be able to execute it properly. From beginning to end,
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was an attentive listener as well as a creative contributor to my vision. He was able to give us an accurate quote and foresee all of the major components, as well as the details that usually derail projects (and budgets). The group of workers he has put together are top notch. The masonry around the door is flawless. The old formed concrete window sill was removed in tact and reinstalled at the bottom of the door so it matches the windows along the back of the house. The door trim molding was cleverly taken from the inside of a closet so all of the molding in the room would still match (other molding was reinstalled in the closet). The deck is amazing. It is a large hourglass extending across the back of the entire house. To say
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew installed a deck and a door would be amiss. High quality, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, PERFECT are the words that come to my mind. I would like to note I gave a B on price because it was more expensive than I had anticipated for the job, but it was worth every penny and then some. Thank you
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
! (PS I will post pictures this spring after the snow melts).
- Edward K.

They measured and brought their sample book. We went over the options, ordered the product, and personally did the installation. Very nice people to work with, very personable, and I thought their pricing was reasonable.

I think it went great. Fast from start to finish 30-40 minutes. With little interruption since I work from home. He came in and even took off his shoes since it was raining. Very considerate. He answered all my questions and addressed all the concerns I raised. Without breaking stride in what he was doing at the time. When a break in the rain came he took advantage of the situation and crawled on the roof to inspect all the stacks we have and found nesting. I wasn't aware off-even showed me, but only after he ensured I wasn't afraid to get up on the roof. After that the cast iron pit door was installed fairly quickly with a little silicone and chiseling. When cleaning up he saw that I had also already bought fireplace mortar to do a little home repair on the box. Gave me some tips on how to keep the box looking nice by applying it with. Overall I had a good impression.

Faith was very responsive and able to schedule work to be done later the same week that I called.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
called the night before to verify/discuss work to be done the next day. He showed up on time the next morning, and was very professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He did excellent quality work - everything was framed in just beautifully! - and he accomplished quite a lot in one day. He stayed 2 extra hours in order to finish the job. We also asked his opinion about some other work we need done, and he had excellent ideas. We definitely intend on having
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
back to work on our other projects. Overall we were extremely pleased with the whole experience!

Order was placed 10/28/04 with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
using catalogs. 12/30 the wrong screen door was installed, we called office during install,
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
said someone would call next day. No call. We called office 1/3/05 to report: storm door not self-storing we had told
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
this was required, storm & security doors cannot be closed tightly at the same time, installation screws scratched through security door finish to the steel,
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
said a call would come next day. No call, so we sent a letter.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
called on 1/6 and said;
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
no longer works for them, we had paid too little, he did not want to honor the sale, our story made no sense, we got the items marked on order form. Installer re-visit was scheduled, rescheduled & 2 weeks later he replaced storm door lock set, now both doors close securely. 2/13 sent report card & letter to
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
explaining situation, he called, apologized & promised to replace with self-storing storm door, within a month the correct door was installed.

Our order was placed 10/28/04 with
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
using catalogs with pictures. 12/30 the wrong screen door was installed. We called the office during install, and
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
said someone would call next day. No call. We called office 1/3/05 to report installation problems; storm door not self-storing we had told
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
this was required, storm & security doors cannot be closed tightly at the same time, installation screws scratched through security door finish to the steel, left trim piece not flush with the frame.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
said a call would come next day. No call came, so we sent a letter.
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
called on 1/6 and said;
Elgin Door Installers Provider Name Locked
no longer works for them, we had paid too little, he did not want to honor the sale, our story made no sense and we got the items marked on the order form. Installer re-visit was scheduled, rescheduled and 2 weeks later he did replace lock set on storm door. We can now close both doors securely and remove the broom handle prop. We also received a small bottle of touch up paint

The salesman was very polite and informative. The doors were installed in the time frame given. The workmen were polite and efficient. The damaged screen took way too long to be installed. 3 months after installation we have had several minor issues that we fixed ourselves. The catch for one of the doors came loose from the frame and we tightened it and added additional screws to secure it. The toe kick lock on one door was not aligned correctly and we redrilled a hole to get it to line up. The doors do look great, but we were somewhat disappointed in the quality of the work. When we were trying to track down some one who could tell us when the replacement screen would be installed, it took several calls and the last person we spoke to was very short with us. We expressed our displeasure with the woman's attitude. The owner did call back to find out what was up and after we explained the series of events, he apologized and that was the last we have heard from them.
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7516 Brown
Forest Park, IL
Install and repair interior and exterior residential and commercial doors; ready made and...

Heritage Home Improvements

16249 S 107th Ave
Orland Park, IL
We are a business located in orland park, il. and have been at our current location since...

Herzing Installations Inc

804 S Arthur Ave
Arlington Hts, IL
Professional and experienced interior, exterior, and renovation contractor. business...

Hetman Enterprises

4733 Kolze Ave
Schiller Park, IL
Exterior remodeling is our passion. higest quality is our number one priority. ...

Hi Tech Enterprises

2637 W Coyle Ave
Chicago, IL
We are a licensed, bonded and insured general contracting company with experience in both...

Hickey Home Remodeling, Inc.

Brookfield, IL
Hickey home remodeling, inc. is a fully insured, licensed & bonded company! we give free...

Hickory Hills Construction

8820 s 79th st
Hickory Hills, IL

Highlander Home Improvements Inc

Chicago, IL
Our company provides professional bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, home improvement...


2650 Belvidere Rd
Waukegan, IL
You never know what you will find but you will always find it for less! hobo is celebrating...


Villa Park, IL
You never know what you will find but you will always find it for less! hobo is celebrating...

Hoekstra Homes Inc.

34 S. Cottage Grove
Glenwood, IL
Adding value to your home within any budget.

Holda Construction,Inc

1138 Thornwood Ct.
Lake Zurich, IL
We are a family-owned and operated licensed general contractor. for the past several years, we...

Home Care Handyman Services INC

505 N. Division St.
Harvard, IL
Owner operated, general contractor, very affordable rates


Calumet City, IL
There is a $30 fee for installation measurements. the fee is applied to the total charge.


Palatine, IL
Home improvement retailer. over 1000 stores.


Naperville, IL


Chicago, IL
Consumer and commercial.

Home Depot

4060 W 95th St
Oak Lawn, IL
More saving. more doing military discount available with id. ask about promos for financing...

Home Depot

2665 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL

Home Depot

6431 West Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL
Check sp web for specials (10/22/13).

Home Dimensions

4450 Kirchoff Rd
Rolling Meadows, IL
Home dimensions is uniquely qualified to assist our clients with a variety of tasks from the...

Home Fixers

29 W 002 Main St
Warrenville, IL
Award winning.

Home Force Builders Inc.

1261 Humbracht Cir.
Bartlett, IL
Home force builders inc. is a full service propertery maintenance & residential remodeling...

Home Improvement Guyz

4N663 Wood Dale Road
Wood Dale, IL
We offer premium energy star rated vinyl windows and doors.all of our products come with full...

Home Repairs R' Us Inc

12328 S Loveland St
Alsip, IL
With over 17 years of plumbing, interior painting and all facets of general handyman work,...

Home Services Direct

811 Rohlwing Rd
Rolling Meadows, IL
Home services direct provides services to the entire chicagoland area. with over 25 crews...

Home-Aid Handyman

577 Belden
Elmhurst, IL
I am a sole proprietor with over 25 years experience in the building trades. i was trained by...


10669 Wheatlands Way
Huntley, IL
Licensed and insured contractor for hire! est 2004 - experienced professional doing quality...

homemax construction inc

959 spring mill dr
Hoffman Estates, il
Homemax service

HomePro Exteriors, Inc.

113 McHenry Road
Buffalo Grove, IL
Welcome to the homepro exteriors inc angies list website we are a complete interior and...

HomeWerks Home Improvement

811 Diane Avenue
Elgin, IL
Homewerks is your source for home improvement and handyman services across chicagoland, with a...

Homewerks Remodeling Inc

844 N Franklin Ave
Palatine, IL
Family owned & operated. we provide thorough, thoughtful advice to help create successful...

Homework Construction Services Inc

409 Douglas Ave.
Elgin, IL
Owner-operated. uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no service fees.

Homeworks Home Maintenance

28702 117th St.
Trevor, WI
Homeworks home maintenance is a small company that relies on satisfied customers to promote...

Honea Construction

Saint Charles, IL
Full service remodeling company that specializes in all home renovations. 20 years experience...


809 Overland Trail
Roselle, IL
House-crafters a name synonomous with "quality carpentry". we have a small one carpenter ...

Huante Construction Inc

1920 S Leavitt St
Chicago, IL
We do good quality work with pride.

Hube Construction, Inc.

7100 W Higgins
Chicago, IL
$300 off on any service over $1000 our company offers the highest quality of work. we...


308 E South St
Peotone, IL
Huckleberryfinn repair is a full function home and business repair and maintenance...

Hutch & Son Inc

3S230 Warren Ave
Warrenville, IL
Additional address - po box 21, warrenville, il, 60555.

Hynek Construction

9101 Oak Park
Morton Grove, IL
***we are currently taking on jobs for october. due to the overwhelming success that we are...

I Build Inc

4913 Main St
Skokie, IL
Locally owned & operated. financing available.

I Fix It Handyman

1060 Elma Ave
Elgin, IL
Charges an hourly rate of $55.

I Remodel Your Home Co.

79th St
Burbank, IL
We are a home construction and remodeling company focused to work on the chicago suburbs,our...

ICBF Solutions

Schaumburg, IL
Under construction

ID Construction and Remodeling Inc

569 Somerset Ln
Crystal Lake, IL
Enhance your property with high-quality siding, gutter, window, and door replacement and...

Illinois Designers and Builders, inc

7614 Linden Ave
Darien, IL
1st time customers- 5% off. special pricing for handyman hourly rates. senior discounts. frat...

Illinois Energy Windows & Siding Inc

450 Eisenhower Ln N
Lombard, IL
Windows, siding, doors & gutters

Illinois Home Renovation Inc

486 Westmere Rd
Des Plaines, IL
We are a network of renovation professionals with the highest standard of excellence dedicated...

Imperial Custom Concepts

308 Hemlock
Romeoville, IL
Imperial custom concepts has been doing remolding for over 14 years with a large knowledge of...

Independent Living Solutions, Inc

6327 N. Pulaski
Chicago, IL
We are a family owned and operated remodeling firm that is licensed and insured. independent...

Innovative Construction And Design Inc.

4243 W. 59th Sreet
Chicago, IL
With more than 10 year of combined experience in the remodeling and custom home building...

Innovative Garage Door

650 Ogden Ave
Downers Grove, IL
4 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges apply. extra charge for...

Innovative Home Concepts Inc

4410 Rte 176
Crystal Lake, IL
Family owned & operated.

Inside-Out Painting

1425 Paramount Pkwy
Batavia, IL
100-200 employees, no subs used. charges hourly rate, no travel charges. additional email:...

Inspire Remodeling & Maintenance

15800 Ridgeland Ave
Oak Forest, IL
I specialize in repaires ,finding the problem and correct it i offer free estimates,if i find...

Instalight Industries

40862 N Douglas Ave
Antioch, IL
I am in buisness to make people happy. i don't take advantage of people and truly care about...

Integrity Windows & Siding

2210 Magnolia Court West
Buffalo Grove, IL
Integrity windows & siding specializes in replacement windows, patio doors, vinyl, aluminum,...

Interior Solutions Unlimited

1407 Cedar Ln
Andrews, TX
Interior solutions unlimited is an owner operated carpentry and general contracting company...

Interior Tectonics LLC

1716 N Cleveland
Chicago, IL


10013 S Ave N
Chicago, IL
4 employees. uses subs occasionally for roofing. cost is determined by the job. travel charges...

Inzer & Son Services

1634 Scott Blvd
Geneva, IL
We have 4 full time employees.have been in business since 1990. we do subcontract for other,...

ION Contracting

5607 Brookbank Road
Downers Grove, IL
Owner operated. sole proprietor. subs available. costs determined by job.


PO Box 13456
Chicago, IL

Its Good To Be Home Improvement, Inc.

PO Box 151
Oswego, IL
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. service charges...

J & D Door Sales Inc

203 W Rt 30
Big Rock, IL
J&d has been installing and servicing garage door and openers for 30 years now. full service,...


Loves Park, IL

J & J Construction

249 Meadows Dr
Sugar Grove, IL
We offer a free, no-obligation quotes on any project to upgrade your home. as a family owned...


5704 N Keystone
Chicago, IL
General contractor, new construction, remodeling, basicaly start your job, complete it to your...

J A Topnotch

12N204 Il Route 47
Hampshire, IL
Ja topnotch is family owned and operated. we pride ourselves in finding innovative ways to...

J D Woodworking, Inc.

8815 W 83rd St
Justice, IL
We do woodworking and carpentry finish. free estimates.

J H Contracting

Forest Park, IL
Free estimates. quality work done quickly and efficiently. we will beat any competitors...

J K Complete Remodeling & Construction

304 King Ln
Des Plaines, IL
8 employees. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. dba jk complete remodeling.

J K Development

100 W 19th St
Freeport, IL
J k development. is a chicago based residential and commercial construction company that has...


Glen Ellyn, IL

J Scott Woodwork

8730 Robinhood Dr
Orland Park, IL
All of my work is of high quality and hand made, which you and your family will enjoy for a...

J&L Builders

Aurora, IL
We are a full service remodeling contractor with 40 years experience in residential...

J&L Building Maintenance & Construction Inc.

10207 S Ridgeland Ave.
Chicago Ridge, IL
J&l building maintenance & construction inc. has been in business since 1976 and specializes...

J&S Painting & Remodeling

Oak Lawn, il
We are a small business that specializes in remodeling as well as all types of storm and...

J. Jaeger Contracting

27W145 COVE LN
Warrenville, Il
We are a small business with low overhead, that keeps our prices low, and our quality high. ...

J.C. Restoration, Inc.

3200 Squibb Ave
Rolling Meadows, IL
Additional contact names - warner cruz, steven rost, michael collins. additional phone - (800)...

J.S. Progressive Inc.

Roselle, il
Free estimates, references available upon request, fast and best quality services, makes sure...

J.V. Carpentry & Construction

3238 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL
We specialize in remodeling residential & commercial. homes, apartments, condos, offices....

JAC Building & Remodeling Inc.

2392 Discovery Dr
Schaumburg, IL
Small local business

Jack of All Trades Handyman

P.O. Box 4171
Naperville, IL
Prompt - clean - professional is more than just our motto. jack of all trades handyman is your...


2211 Curtiss St
Downers Grove, IL
Jad exteriors has been in business for over 10 years. jim downey has over 30 years experience...

Jake Ross Remodeling

131 s. Westlawn
Aurora, Il
At jake ross remodeling, we pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity,...

Jalapeno Paint Werx

216 E Ogden Ave
Naperville, IL
Jalapeno has been established and defined as expert residential painters with the talents and...

James Morrison Carpentry

Channahon, IL
All phases of home improvements and contruction

James Thomas Renovations Inc

1830 Wallace Ave
Saint Charles, IL
Custom interior & exterior remodeling

Jarka Remodeling

119 Joy St
Sugar Grove, IL
No sub contractors,owner does all work,fully insured. free estimates service calls 60.00 first...

Jax Remodeling

7006 W 74th Pl.
Chicago, IL
Home and retail remodeling. we remodel space like the kitchen, basement, bedrooms and...


745 Rogers Rd
We offer staining and painting services for your home or business. interior or exterior....

Jayden's Reliable Handyman Service Co

3448 W North Ave
Our business serves the whole illinois area . we do all type of jobs. we make our customers...

JB Construction Services Inc

102 kensington dr
Streamwood, IL
Jb construction services inc., is a full-service interior home and commercial remodeling...


9956 Rimsnider Rd
Hinckley, IL
Family owned company

JC Remodeling & Custom Flooring, Inc.

New Lenox, IL
Family owned and operated remodeling company specializing in custom tile design, bathroom and...

JC Wood Finishing

918 S Westwood Ave
Addison, IL
For over twenty years, jc wood has specialized in wood refinishing for consumers and...


16664 State Street
South Holland, IL
25 employees. payment is due upon completion of job, no downpayment required. we include...

Jeck's Remodeling Experts

8150 N Clifton Ave
Niles, IL

Jeff Castle Carpentry

70 Grove Ave
Glen Ellyn, IL
Your home is the most important asset you have, so when you’re ready to build or remodel,...


Des Plaines, IL
4 employees. occasionally uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Jerry Construction Inc.

4554 Oak Park
Chicago, IL
Licensed, bonded, and insured


Melrose Park, IL
2 employees. occasionally uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Jerry's Dust Free Flooring

1634 N 21st Ave
Melrose Park, IL
Jerry's dust free flooring has spend last 10 years instaling and refinishing hardwood floors....


1332 N Washington Ave
Batavia, IL
Locally owned & operated

JJ Construction Group Company

2144 N 74th Ct
Elmwood Park, IL
Jj construction group company is a family oriented construction company, consist of our...

JJ Siding & Windows

17343 S Parker Rd
Homer Glen, IL
Jj siding and windows will serve you with top quality windows and siding remodeling projects.

JJG Constructive Solutions Inc.

7611 W Armitage Ave
Elmwood Park, IL


1117 S Old Wilke Rd Unit 301
Arlington Heights, IL
Jerry has been in construstion since 1992 and opened jk remodeling & painting in 2003. jerry...

JM Construction & Remodeling Inc.

3928 N. Osceola
Chicago, IL
We are a small but efficient operation, we have a total of 26 employees as well as the use of...

JNA Construction

10 N. Park
Waukegan, il
Began operations in 1998 18 employees payment upon completion in most situations we accept...


Lemont, IL

John R Koziol Master Mason

401 N Oak St
Mount Prospect, IL
Owner operator. uses subs for remodeling and new construction jobs. cost determined by the...

John's Handyman Service

305 E. 18th St.
Lockport, IL
Family owned & operated.

John's Residential Services Inc.

584 Plumtree
Barrington, IL
We want our customers to continue to come back to us for all of their residential needs. we...

Johnson Custom Carpentry, Inc.

12136 Central Park Blvd.
Loves Park, IL
In business since 1998, johnson custom carpentry provides finish carpentry and other home...


234 S Vail Ave
Arlington Heights, IL
Owner operated. additional email info@josephjamesconstruction.com.

june home improvement inc.

148 cypress dr.
Bolingbrook, IL
Services 24/7 licensed, bonded,free estimates 24/7

Just Windows Ltd

6134 N Karlov Ave
Chicago, IL
6 employees. no travel charges. award winning.

Justin Carr's Home Improvements

554 S Edson Ave
Lombard, IL
Quality over quantity!! owner operated home improvement company serving dupage county and...

Justin Time Construction Inc

231 N Mill St
Naperville, IL
Justin time construction provides quality craftsmanship for your next major home improvement...

K & K construction group inc.

7 W Official Rd
Addison, IL
We are a small home improvement company that can handle any project around your house. there...

K G Doors

PO Box 300984
Chicago, IL
100% customer satisfaction, family owned and operated, easy to set appointments to fit your...


Westmont, IL
Kemper cabinet dealer


P.O. BOX 5631
Vernon Hills, IL
Our company stands behind every single job we do. whether it be small or big, we pay attention...

K&A Remodeling

7089 Edgebrook Lane
Hanover Park, IL
We have been in business since 1986 we perform professional grade kitchen & bath remodeling. ...

K&P Snowplowing and Construction Inc

8725 w 96 th st
Palos Hills, IL
Family owned and operated for 15+ years.

Kaepplinger Builders

5950 N 78th St Unit 235
Scottsdale, AZ
Family owned & operated. custom carpentry, both rough and trim, general contracting, uses...

KAL's Services

1747 Cora Street
Des Plaines, IL
No project to small.


2632 W Superior St
Chicago, IL
4-6 employees. no subs. free estimate.free cleaning after work. no travel charge. we...

Karpf Custom Remodel

800 Brook Dr
Streamwood, IL
Excellent customer service with emphasis on small remodeling and handyman jobs. i rarely use...

Kasper Services

415 N Mineral Springs Dr
Mchenry, IL
We are a full service remodeling company with 20+ years experience. we serve all of the...

KCS Builders

0N015 Jefferson Street
Winfield, IL
Repairs, remodeling, and additions (residential and commercial) !!!40 years of...

Keenan Exteriors, Inc.

626 N Waiola Ave
La Grange Park, IL
We are a family company located in la grange park that considers it a priveledge to work on...

Kelbus Construction Company Inc

13108 Red Dr
Lemont, IL
We have been in business for over 38 years, work with a team of trades that we have worked...

Ken Donovan Construction

1633 Wicke Ave
Des Plaines, IL
I have 20 years experience as a master carpenter and craftsman, i provide high quality results...

Ken Spears Construction Inc

2759 Wagner Crt
Dekalb, IL
Ken spears construction, inc., has been proud to serve dekalb county and northern illinois...

Kevin Hock Finish Carpentry

125 S Atherton Ct
Bloomingdale, IL
Small carpenter contractor does like to do replacement doors along with decks and porches and...

Keyless Locks Store

46 Danada Sq W
Wheaton, IL
We are a small, us-based internet business located in the chicago area, providing jobs to...

Kitchen and Baths by Hardwood

1450 E.. Chicago ave
Naperville, IL
We are a family owned and operated since 1995. we have a kitchen and bathroom & window and...

Kitchen Magician Inc.

Crystal Lake, IL
Award winning and owner operated. no sub-contractors.

KJN Renovations

1707 S Thompson
Wheaton, IL
Additional email - ken@kjnrenovations.com.

Klein Renovation & Restoration Specialists Inc

615 Industrial Dr
Cary, IL
as a general contractor, klein renovations and restoration specialist is a one stop shop for...

Klim Construction

5917 W Grace St
Chicago, IL
I've had 16 years of construction experience. 10 years of experience with pella, marvin,...

Klimczak Improvements, Inc.

1514 Cord Grass Trail
Woodstock, IL

Kobez Co.

1813 Vivian Way Ct.
Lakemoor, Il
We have 20-35 people employed at any given time. we have licenced electrician, plumbers, and...

Koessler Enterprises

510 N. Lake St., Suite 7
Mundelein, IL
We provide services to southern wi, northeastern il, northwestern in, and southwestern mi. no...

Konrad Custom Homes INC

2400 West Johnsburg Road
Johnsburg, IL
We are a professional full service construction company with over 20 years experience. no job...

KR Custom Builders

1390 Braewood Drive
Algonquin, IL
Kr custom builders is a home building and remodeling general contractor serving chicago's...

KRA Carpentry & Construction, Inc.

405 N Lincoln St
Braidwood, IL
5 employees, major credit card accepted

krakbuild Construction

6205 w Fletcher
Chicago, IL
14 employees , sub-contractors , down payments required , ,call for promotions

Kraz Construction

9434 Indianapolis Blvd
Highland, IN
Kraz construction and their experienced staff of product specialists and installers have been...


500 Higgins Rd Apt B2
Park Ridge, IL

KSN Construction

Rolling Meadows
Rolling Meadows, IL
Ksn construction has been a trusted local general contractor in residential and commercial...

KVAR Custom Interiors

Oswego, IL
Kvar custom interiors is a small family owned & operated business out of oswego, illinois. we...

Lagunas Construction, Inc.

Blue Island, IL
Remodeling, additions, fixtures to any residential and some commerical locations

LaMantia Design and Construction

9100 Ogden Avenue
Brookfield, IL
Welcome to lamantia design and construction company. here at lamantia, we have one goal in...

Lamka Enterprises Inc.

1965 Bissell
Chicago, IL
Lamka enterprises is a five-star awarded full-service construction company located in the...

Lanco Building Enterprises

24899 N Il Rt 59
Barrington, IL
Lbe is a full service residential and light commercial contrating firm, with three generations...

Larry's Home Maintenance

1094 Blackhawk Dr
Elgin, IL
Hayman services, licenced electricianall types of house hold repairs

Larson Builders Inc

9215 Central Park Ave
Evanston, IL
General building contractors


Glen Ellyn, IL
In business for over 30 years! home maintenance upgrades and complete remodel -windows-siding...

LAW Ventures Ltd

2970 Maria
Northbrook, IL
Construction services related to residential and commercial properties design build,...

Leahy Construction

618 Hannah Ave.
Forest Park, IL
Working to help the customer at a fair price.

Lee Custom Remodeling INC

PO Box 7435
Villa Park, IL
All your remodel needs ,commercial construction, build outs, remodels and maintenance,...


5430 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL
4 employees. no subs. charges a flat rate. no travel charges.

Legacy Design & Construction Inc

902 S Randall Rd
St Charles, IL
Additional email - michael@remodelwithlegacy.com. additional fax - (630) 513-1840.

Leonard and Sons Building Services

1201 W Algonquin Rd
Algonquin, IL
Family owned & operated.


604 Tamarack dr.
Wauconda, IL
We deal with comprehensive house remodeling and painting. we actively cooperate with...

Life is Good Construction Company

1008 Bently Ln
Bartlett, IL
May hire additional employees. may hire sub contractors. charges by the job or hour depending...


Mount Prospect, IL
10 employees. no subs. cost determined by the job. license #756716. hours listed are for...

Liggett Services

18521 W Il Route 120
Grayslake, IL
Master craftsman providing highest quality workmanship on fine woodworking projects such as...

Lina Construction Inc

2370 Plainfield Rd
Crest Hill, IL
Since its founding in 2002, lina construction inc. is a general contractor and professional...

Lincolnshire Construction

22 lancaster ln
Lincolnshire, IL

Linker Renovations

PO Box 8259
Bartlett, IL
We are a handyman and remodeling company that can handle everything from small jobs to full...


26232 Whispering Woods Cir.
Plainfield, IL
5 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no service...

Loftland Construction

910 W Van Buren St
Chicago, IL
With over 25+ years of combined experience in rehabbing and remodeling loftland construction...

Logan Werks Co

Lombard, IL
Our company has the man power to get the job done for anything in or out of your home. logan...

Lotz Custom Carpentry

610 Crystal Springs Ct.
Fox Lake, IL
Lotz custom carpentry was established in 2009 and we are proud to be serving the northern...

Lotz Home & Office, LLC

16030 S. Lexington Dr.
Plainfield, IL
Lotz home & office, llc is celebrating it's 25th anniversary serving the naperville and...

Lotz Renovations Inc

398 Stonewood Cir
Carol Stream, IL
1-3 employees. we are members of the st charles chamber of commerce and of nkba. we are a epa...

Low Dollar Companies

4056 12B Rd
Bourbon, IN
All aspects of property preservation & reo services we also do residential & commercial...

Lowe & Associates General Contractors, Inc.

1951 Euclid Avenue
Berwyn, IL
Lowe & associates general contractors, inc. was founded on building strong client...


955 S Randall Rd
Saint Charles, IL
Additional dba - lowes of st charles il. store number - 1738.


Elgin, IL

Lowe's - Mooresville

509 River Hwy
Mooresville, NC
Never stop improving. additional phones - (828) 351-1023, (704) 321-7170, (704) 758-1000,...

Lowe's Of Orland Park IL

15601 S Lagrange Rd
Orland Park, IL
Lowe's is glad to be able to offer complete interior remodeling for kitchens & bathrooms. we...

LP Construction

1516 S Monterey Ave
Schaumburg, IL
I do not advertise enywhere, my happy customers keeping us busy since 2006 .family atmosfere...

LRI Exteriors

728 E Dundee Rd
Palatine, IL
We are full service home remodeling comapany that has been in business for almost 10 years. we...

M & M Construction & Remodeling

2012 Market St
Laredo, TX
Remodeling all over texas for 30 years.

M G Construction

502 Briarwood Ln
Elk Grove Vlg,

M J Childs Inc

23 Glen Echo Rd
Elgin, IL

M.E.B. Construction Company

Saint Charles, IL
General contractors

M.K.N Renovation

834 E. Old Willow Rd
Prospect Heights, IL
Home renovation company striving to make your home, your way! at m.k.n renovation, we value...

m2 Creative Management Solutions

333 W Hubbard ST
Chicago, IL
M2 is an all-inclusive interior design and management company for real solutions to real...

Mac Builders Inc

3456 N Narragansett
Chicago, IL
Macbuilders is a family owned and is a complete "full service" general contractor and...


4159 Judd Ave
Schiller Park, IL
Magdan home improvement inc is a family owned and operated business. we are insured and offer...

Magnum 1 Group Inc

16612 Arbor Ct
Plainfield, IL
Magnum 1 group inc is a professional roofing , siding and gutters installation company with 25...

Majestic's Roofing

Chicago, IL
A small roofing company trying to expand. we offer great prices on all services we also give...

Maks Maintenance and General Construction Inc.

Schaumburg, IL
Spring has finally arrived! please contact us for our competitive spring pricing & discounts!

Malaspina Windows and Doors

4300 N Menard Ave
Chicago, IL
Malaspina construction is a window relacement company located in chicago and serves the whole...

Malik Remodeling & Restoration LLC

1043 Ashton Ct
Streamwood, IL

March Kitchen Designs

8 Rob Rd
Mount Prospect, IL
Family owned & operated. ask about angie’s list discount. additional contact name - adam...


Plainfield, IL
Uses licensed subs.


1455 Davis Rd
Elgin, IL

Marshall Creative Construction & Painting

Chicago, IL
Marshall creative construction & painting comes with over 30 years of quality service. we...

Mastercraft Construction Inc

852 Spinnaker Drive
New Lenox, IL
Mastercraft construction, inc. prides our selves on our quality craftsmanship, and attention...


Wilmette, IL
Products not categorized include door hardware (interior and entry) and exterior shutters and...

MC Associates & Developments

2621 W. Greenwood Avenue
Waukegan, IL
Number of employees as of start-up now 1 we do accept sub-contracted jobs. billing procedures...


19279 Forest Ln
Mundelein, IL
General contracting firm specializing in room additions. we never ask for down payments on a...

Medine Construction Company

1908 Parker St
Mchenry, IL
Medine construction can provide you with all your home improvement needs.


47 W Division St
Chicago, IL
Mega locksmith & security is a family owned and operated business. licensed, bonded and...

Mega Windows & Doors

1500 Edgefield Ln
Hoffman Estates, IL
Mega windows & doors has been installing new and replacing old windows, doors, roofing,...


427 S Harrison St
Algonquin, IL
Mega has been servicing chicagoland since 1977 and has loyal a customer base!

Meister Windows & Siding

122 N 7000 W Rd
Bonfield, IL
Meister windows & siding is family owned and operated since 1963. we are proud to say that...


Mount Prospect, IL

Mestey FMC LLC

Algonquin, IL
Building maintenance commercial and residential light bulb change out ,ballast replacement,...


5440 N Christiana
Chicago, IL
Metropaint is an established company specializing in painting, faux finishing and vintage...


1749 N Wells St Apt 1606
Chicago, IL
15 sub contractors. 50 yrs in business.

Michael Thomas Construction

1860 N Rte 83 Unit 114
Grayslake, IL
Michael thomas construction is a general contractor that specializes in water and fire...

MICHALAK BROTHERS Manufactured Home Service

5210 Fairgrounds Court
Monee, IL
Michalak brothers is a small, family owned business providing a wide array of services to...


1311 N DEE RD
Park Ridge, IL
Six employees some subcontracting finnancing avaiable

Midwest Dock Solutions

1249 E Burville rd
Crete, IL
Midwest dock solutions has been in business going on 9 years in the loading dock and overhead...

Midwest Gutters & Siding

7421 Squaw Prairie Rd
Belvidere, IL
We are exterior renovation specialists with over 25 years experience in the industry. our...

Midwest Home Remodeling & Design

588 Turtle Pond Ct
Lake Zurich, IL
Full service remodeling company

Midwest Property Services, Inc

481 S. Irmen Dr. Suite B
Addison, IL
Mps is a full serice building maintenance company serving homes, townhomes, condominiums and...

Midwest Screens

303 Main St
Antioch, IL
We are the exclusive distributor for phantom retractable screens in chicago and the entire...

Mike Nelis Construction

940 Central Street
Deerfield, IL
3 employees. uses subs. charges an hourly rate and/or written proposal. ask about angie's...

Mikes DIY Consulting

572 Whitehall Way
Bolingbrook, IL
In these hard economic times many of us are looking to save a little money by doing home...

Miller's Millwork, INC

225 E Galena Blvd
Aurora, IL
Miller's millwork, inc. was started in 1993 as a sole proprietorship. it is owned and operated...

Miro Builders, Inc

4540 N. Pontiac Avenue
Harwood Heights, IL
Miro builders, inc. = insight-strategy-expertise for nearly a decade miro builders, inc. has...

MJR Construction & Restoration

605 Adams st
Elgin, Il
Mjr construction is a small family owned company that has over 15 yrs of residential and...

MJR Remodeling

640 S Princeton Ave
Villa Park, IL
Mjr remodeling is a small, full-service remodeling business designed to handle the needs of...

Modena General Contractors

6767 N Milwaukee Ave
Niles, IL
Modena general has been a family owned business since 1973. we have been serving the chicago...

Montalbano Inc

134 W Lake St
Northlake, IL
25 employees, no subs, cost determined by item & amount of repair required. pickup and...

MQ Painting

3210 Twyford Rd.
Waukegan, IL
Free estimates, full insured, references available upon request.

Mr & G Construction & Remodeling

8119 W Charmaine Rd
Harwood Heights, IL
Home - bathroom kitchen , basement remodeling

Mr Closet and Cabinet, Inc

1191 Corrigan St
Elburn, IL
Free estimates. mr. closet and cabinet builds custom closets and real wood cabinets. fully...

Mr Gutter

211 Beatrice Ave
Saint Charles, IL
Additional dba - masters siding and window inc. 1 employee.

Mr. Handyman of Naperville

1871 S Randall Rd
Geneva, IL
Mr. handyman is a local family-run business owned by us, al and cathy lins. chris is our...

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton

1829 Burnell Court
Batavia, IL
Local family owned business with an a- bbb rating. one call does it all!! at mr. handyman of...

MSH Remodeling, Inc.

450 Frontage Rd
Downers Grove, IL
We have been a family owned and run company servicing the chicagoland area for over 20 years....


710 Tanglewood Dr
Algonquin, IL
Additioanl dba - three day re-face. show room address: 222 n western ave carpentersville, il...

MTZ Bros Construction Co

Romeoville, IL
Mtz bros construction co. is a family owned and operated company. we are dedicated to serving...

Multiman Services

2120 Riverside Dr
Beloit, WI
We are the masters at the art of home improvement... not certain on how you want your next...

Murphy's Window & Sunrooms

10359 S Pulaski Rd
Chicago, IL
Murphy's windows and sunrooms is a full service exterior remodeling firm. we have been in...

My Super Handyman

8046 S Saint Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL
Chicago handyman remodeling service serving chicago area. we specializing in all aspects of...

Nail It Innovations

20821 rock run dr
Joliet, IL
Completely family owned and operated company. with nailit, we do all the work from start to...

Nakoma General Construction

2108 Old Elm Rd
Lake Villa, Il
General consrtuction and remodeling

Naperville Windows And Doors

10S305 Schoger Dr
Naperville, IL
Naperville windows & doors company was founded with a single purpose - to provide the...

Nasira's Handyman

11S485 Whittington Lane
Naperville, Il
Nasira's handyman is a handyman/remodeling company catered to the naperville area for projects...

National Contracting Group Inc.

P.O box 303
Saint Charles, IL
National contracting is a general contractor servicing the greater chicagoland area. weather...

National Energy Contractors, Inc.

206 W North Ave
Lombard, IL
We are a family-owned and operated business with 50 employees. we complete all work and do not...

Navet Construction

13339 Ranchland Drive
Plainfield, Il
I am a professional carpenter of over 20 years. i do everything from rough framing to...

Nelson Carpentry

511 Woodland Ln S
Winnetka, IL
Providing custom carpentry work on the northshore and suburbs for 25 years. thousands of...

New Edge Improvement Co

7151 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL
New edge improvement is a renovation, roofing, hail and wind damage restoration contractor,...

New Generation Construction INC

219 Washington Square
Elk Grove Village, IL
4 employees.payment schedule:deposit for material cost at contract signing and balance upon...

New Horizon Constuction Co. Inc.

9S155 Madison St
Willowbrook, IL
I have been in the industry since 1976 started my company in 1982 have been a general...


609 S. McKinley Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL
Residential & commercial cleaning & maintenance services

New World Construction

Bolingbrook, il
New world construction, along with servpro of lagrange/north riverside, provide an a-z list of...


1099 Greenleaf Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL
Nexgen building supply is one of the largest interior building construction suppliers in the...

Next Door & Window

815 E Ogden Ave
Naperville, IL
Picking the right replacement window or door for your home is very important. quality...

Next Door, Inc

1704 Berkley Street
Elgin, IL
Next door, inc. is a local, veteran owned garage door, garage door opener, and garage door...

Next Step Kitchens

1502 Burnham Ave.
Calumet City, IL
Next step kitchens is a family owned & operated remodeling firm. don’t let our name fool...

Nico's Remodeling

5721 S Spalding
Chicago, IL
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

NIX Construction

10604 S. Oak Tree Drive
Worth, IL
We are a insured small general construction company with 5 employees available for sub...

No Corners Cut Remodeling & Maintenance

P.O. Box 4784
Wheaton, IL
I have been working on homes and buildings for 20 years and i want to give clients a...


Hinsdale, IL
Locally owned & operated. 40 employees. free in-home design consultation. guaranteed...

North Brook Construction

322 chipilii dr
Northbrook, IL


Holly Ct
Mount Prospect, IL
North park decorating is a family owned and operated business. north park is a strong...

North Shore Window and Door Corp

213 North Prospect Manor
Mount Prospect, IL
North shore's premier window company. proudly serving the northern and northwest suburbs of...

Northern Illinois Vinyl Dist. Inc.

4400 Bull Valley Rd, P.O. Box 6
Mchenry, Il
Premier exterior remodeling contractor since 1950, family owned and operated.

NorthStar Cleaning & Restoration

4205 Stewart Ave
Wausau, WI
For our green bay customers call: (920) 371-2987. additional email -...

Northwest Metalcraft

413 S Arlington Hts Rd
Arlington Heights, IL
One of arlington heights’ oldest family owned & operated businesses began selling patio...

Northwest Painting and Rehab

802 Lake Shore Dr
Wauconda, IL
Complete rehab of home or building

Novys Windows Doors & Siding

9515 Ogden Ave
Brookfield, IL
Novy’s windows, siding and doors have over 60 years experience in construction services,...

Nowak Windows and Siding Inc.

8639 Long Ave
Burbank, IL
We are trusted and professional local company in illinois

NuHome Inc. DBA Muralles Remodeling

12421 Heritage Meadows Drive
Plainfield, IL
2-4 employees, cost depending on job, free estimates

Nuspace Remodeling & Repairs

Chicago, IL
We are a full service remodeling company. (mention angies list & receive a discount)

Nyberg Exteriors

1213 E Sayles Dr
Palatine, IL
Family owned & operated. dba - nyberg enterprises, inc. additional address - 4525 n lowell...

O'Brien Garage Doors

4407 Little Rd
Arlington, TX
We offer fast, same-day service. we have a $49.50 tune-up special that solves the majority of...

O'Malley Remodeling & Energy Solutions

415 Fellows St
Saint Charles, IL

Oak Tree Construction Services, Inc

1807 Sutton Ln
Schaumburg, IL
We are a design and build remodeling company located it schaumburg, il. we have been in...

Old World Carpentry Restoration & Repair

520 W Melrose St
Chicago, IL
Always work closely with home owners to get the result they are looking for, please get in...

Olson Windows Doors & Siding

310 W NW Hwy
Barrington, IL
Established in 1979, olson windows, doors, & siding is a family-owned and operated company....

One Stop Intercom

1749 Golf Rd
Mount Prospect, IL
Service, sales, and installation of intercom systems. we service all makes and models, no...

Only the Finest Remodeling LLC

PO Box 281
Gilberts, IL
I come from a religious home and am tired of seeing people get taken advantage of in the...

Original Home Improvement, Inc.

4513 Lincoln Ave.
Lisle, IL
Local lisle company

Original Shutter Man

2100 W 63rd St
Chicago, IL
Original shutter man, inc is a family owned business that specializes the...

Overhead Garage Door, Inc

Ingleside, IL
Overhead garage door is a family owned company in chicago, il. we offer same day service on...

Ozark Group

170 River Bluff Road
Elgin, IL
Ozark group is a 4 man service company located in elgin illinois serving the residential,...

P & M Renovations

31 Briargate Cir
Sugar Grove, IL
P&m renovations is not the typical remodeling company. we stand apart from the others in...

P.G.G Construction Inc.

1106 Willow Ln
Darien, IL
P.g.g. construction, inc., has been in business for ten years with over 40 years combined...

Parkway Construction

Bolingbrook, Il

Paul McNUTT Construction

5837 N. Campbell Ave. Suite 101
Chicago, IL
Paul mcnutt construction is your one stop shop for your home repair, rescue and remodeling...

Payne's Rehab & Repair

1688 Carolina Dr
Chicago Heights, IL
Payments requested by paypal, cash, or money order. 1/2 down balance upon completion....

Pegasus windows

1359 Newcastle Ave
Westchester, IL
Award winning dealer of energy star rated windows and doors. widely acclaimed for...

Pella Windows and Doors

Hoffman Estates, IL
Showroom locations - hoffman estates, il 2726 new sutton rd, loves park, il 6710 broadcast...

Peralta Painting & Remodeling

1100 N Karlov
Chicago, IL
At peralta painting & remodeling, we strive to deliver a high quality finished product using...

Perfect Remodeling Inc.

1368 N geneva DR.
Palatine, IL
I work independently...i have high attention to detail. i offer top-notch craftsmanship and...


Chicago Heights, IL
15-20 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. may contact...

Peter Construction Company

609 Ivy Ct
Kenilworth, IL
Peter construction company has been going strong for over 25 years. we have specialists in...

Peterbilt Construction, Inc

35W550 Parsons Rd
Dundee, IL
Peterbilt has been serving the northern illinois area for over 30 years. most of our...

Peyatt Remodeling & Home Improvement

1635 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL
I want to thank you for this opportunity to introduce peyatt remodeling. the mission of peyatt...


PO Box 7186
Libertyville, IL
We provide the highest quality retractable screens in north america. phantom screens are the...

Phillip's Handyman /services

Chicago, IL
We are the one call to all your every day life's needs

Phoenix Bathtubs

3203 S Austin Blvd
Cicero, IL

Pilcher and Sons Inc

P.O. Box 324
Glen Ellyn, IL
Family owned & operated. our rates are extremely competitive, we are always punctual, and the...


Chicago, IL
Please visit us at www.pilsengalleryantiques.com for a full description of the business or...

PJ Design and Construction Inc

664 Marston Ave
Glen Ellyn, IL
Almost 20 years of experience. we care about quality. attention to details and 100% consumer...

PK Home Improvement Inc

4108 N Ozark Ave
Harwood Heights, IL
Provide general remodeling, services, kitchen and bathroom, basements and more.

Plaza Construction

15524 S lorel ave
Oak Forest, IL
General contractor interior and exterior remodeling free estimate


9440 W 79th Ct
Hickory Hills, IL
Expierence , good materials,tools nice atmosphere clean job

PLS Remodeling

5623 Tennessee
Clarendon Hills, IL
Pls remodeling is a kitchen and bathroom company that provides services that range from...

Pmf Construction, Inc

Wheeling, IL
With over 14 years of experience, we have the know-how to help you achieve your remodeling...

PMH Construction, Inc

71 East Cunningham Dr
Palatine, IL
We are a family owned & operated remodeling and carpentry contractor with over 25 years of...

PO Construction & Design Co

1120 N. Pine Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL
We are a family owned company run by piotr obstoj who started the company in 1996. ever since...


9106 W 92ND PL
Hickory Hills, IL
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. ask about angie's list...

Power Home Remodeling Group

9450 West Bryn Mawr Ave
Rosemont, IL
Proud winner of the 2013 angie's list super service award, power home remodeling group...

Precision Carpentry Services

16971 Straight Way
Genoa, IL
From concept to completion, our team effort is the foundation of a project that embodies...

Precision Door Service

2800 Bernice Rd
Lansing, IL
Expert garage door repair in chicago, the northwest, southwest & far west suburbs of chicago...

Precision Edge Carpentry

214 Maplebrook Court X1
Schaumburg, IL
Locally owned carpenter-contractor and remodeler run by a licensed and insured carpenter with...

Preferred Roofing & Exteriors

518 S Route 31
Mchenry, IL
Family owned & operated. additional addresses - (greater milwaukee) 24909 81st st, salem,...

Premier Construction of Illinois, Inc.

7355 W Addison St
Chicago, IL
Premier construction of illinois, inc. is proud to provide homeowners with quality workmanship...


Oswego, IL
Premier quality windows & siding, inc. is a family owned and operated company specializing in...


Chicago, IL
President builders is a family owned and operated full service business incorporated in 1960....

Prestige Renovations

295 N Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL
Our family has been remodeling kitchens and baths for over 30 years. prestige renovations...

Pride Garage Doors

33 Bunkerhill Ave
South Elgin, IL
Pride garage doors of south elgin, il offers quality service, and repair, of various garage...


Palatine, IL
Interior and exterior remodeling company, 30+ years in business,

Pro-Home Services

799 Roosevelt Rd
Glen Ellyn, IL
Our remodeling company has been in business for over 10 years and has only focused on exterior...

Professional Handyman

26 E Van Buren
Oswego, Il
Complete home remodeling & repairs

Progressive Disaster Recovery Services, Inc.

205 Illinois Blvd
Hoffman Estates, IL
Progressive disaster will help you recover property insurance claim compensation. many years...

Progressive Roofing & Construction Inc

1533 N 40th Ave
Stone Park, IL
Will match and beat any written quote. no job too small!

Promar Roofing / Promar Exteriors

33 Half Day Rd
Lincolnshire, IL
Promar exteriors is a leading exterior remodeling company with emphasis on the installation of...

Promar Roofing/ Promar Exteriors

925 Lancaster Ave.
Downers Grove, IL
Promar exteriors is a leading exterior remodeling company with emphasis on the installation of...

Promar Roofing/ Promar Exteriors

14730 South Highland Ave
Orland Park, IL
Promar exteriors is a leading exterior remodeling company with emphasis on the installation of...

Promax Renovation inc.

La Grange, IL
No job is to small or to big! from just changing door handles to remodeling everything inside...

ProRemo Experts

118 S Main St.
Wauconda, IL
Proremo experts is a full service construction company which specializes in: remodeling; new...

ProSite Projects

181 State Route 31
Oswego, IL
We see ourselves as true craftsman and strive to be the best in the business. our affordable...


Medinah, IL
Quality construction company is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our...


1605 W MAIN ST
Dundee, IL
We specialize in replacement windows and doors that fit your home exactly. all of our work is...

Quality of Life Home Improvement Inc.

Chicago, IL
We provide superior work for all of our customers. free estimates are available.

Quality Roofing and Remodeling

631 bent st
Elgin, IL
Quality roofing has been servicing the fox valley area in illinois with an interrupted state...

Qute Tech

Richton Park, il
We are a team of programmers, network engineers, systems analysis and designers, software...

R & R Construction

7509 Locust Lane
Plainfield, IL
R & r construction is a remodeling and handyman business. we are a small group of skilled...


Wheeling, IL
We are "r&p colour painting and decorating ltd' , and we are interested in cooperating with...

R-Deco Painting & Home Improvements

5248 N Mason Ave
Chicago, IL
Owner operated. additional fax - (773) 763-6786. additional dba - r deco painting & home...

R.A. James Construction Inc

6735 W Stanley Ave
Berwyn, IL
R.a. james construction, inc. offers complete remodeling and building services. we have been...

R.L.G Building and Remodeling

811 Bradwell Rd
Barrington, IL
I am an established company that has been in business since 1999. i'm not satisfied until your...

Raabe Builders

324 Prairieview Drive
Oswego, IL
We nearly offer a full compliment of remodeling and renovation services. we are usually able...

Rapid Remodeling Inc

Midlothian, TX
Remodeling services.

Ray's Overhead Doors

7518 170th St
Tinley Park, IL
Family owned and operated father and son. no extra charge to come out evening and weekends...

RBI Industries

42w211 timber trail
Saint Charles, IL
Our highly experienced team strives to remodel you a home that will meet your lifestyle and...

RC Services

517 Sunset Dr
Marengo, IL

RCS Exteriors

1145 Aspen St
Hoffman Estates, IL
Rcs exteriors is a family owned local business that has been providing quality home...

RDL Exteriors

4219 w 126st
Alsip, IL
Rdl exteriors, inc. 708-954-7397 have been serving the oaklawn area for the last couple years....

Rebel Exteriors Inc

872 S Milwaukee
Libertyville, IL
No subs. price determined by job.

ReBuilding Exchange

1740 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL
The rebuilding exchange is a non-profit retail center for used building materials, including...

redwood builders

216 e high st
Sycamore, IL
Redwood builders is a small company, based in sycamore il, servicing the chicago suburbs. we...


Mchenry, IL
Owner-operated. occasionally uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Reflections In Glass

22292 N Pepper Rd
Barrington, IL
A family owned business dedicated to providing quality glass to your home or business....

Regal Construction & Remodeling Inc

7050 Owensmouth Avenue
Canoga Park, CA
Regal renovation & remodeling inc. is a family owned and operated company since 1994. located...

Regency Garages

17W486 Lake St
Addison, IL
Regency garages is a custom garage builder serving both chicago and chicago suburbs. we offer...

Reliable Construction 1, Inc.

8909 South Moody Ave
Oak Lawn, IL
We are a locally owned and operated small business specializing in storm damage restoration.

Reliable Remodeling and Construction Inc.

4100 Roberts Rd
Island Lake, IL
We are a family owned and operated company aligned with a variety of sub-contractors to meet...

Reliable Windows and Doors

869 E Schaumburg Rd
Schaumburg, IL

Renewal By Andersen

2300 Ridge Dr
Glenview, IL
The renewal by andersen glenview, illinois showroom offers custom crafted, energy efficient...

Renovation Innovations

2156 Bartram Rd
North Aurora, IL

Renovations by D&D

1032 W Devon Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL
We have three full time carpenters on our staff. pat for 35 years, gary for 17 years, and...

Renovax Windows Siding & More

411 W Larkdale
Mount Prospect, IL
We are a family-owned company whose mission is to guarantee our customers with an excellent...


4115 n richmond
Chicago, IL
Repairilogy has been in business since 1983. we specialize in several areas in property...

Revisions Window & Door

451 W Fullerton Ave
Elmhurst, IL
Marvin world class dealer. family owned and operated serving the chicago land area for over 20...

RF Improvements Inc

923 Paddock Dr
Palatine, IL
Owner operated. uses subs for additional labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

RG Builders

2005 Great Balls Drive
Plainfield, IL
Family owned and operated. sub-contracting available for larger projects.


728 E. Northwest Hwy
Palatine, IL
Ridgid construction is a general contractor specializing in full roof, siding and/or gutter...

Right Way Windows & Siding Inc.

4621 Devon Ave
Lisle, IL
Free estimates financing available: 0% for qualified buyers

River Oak Cabinetry & Design, Inc.

10047 S Bode St
Plainfield, IL
River oak cabinetry & design is a local family-owned business committed to providing you with...


Schaumburg, IL
We employ 22 people and do not sub-contract our work.we are licened in all trades and fully...

Robak Construction Inc

8546 S 77 TH Ave
Bridgeview, IL
Robak construction inc is builder of new homes,addition,remodeling.

Robert Isely Remodeling

1141 woodland Ave
Batavia, IL
Robert isely remodeling is a unique and very personal company that specializes in one on one...

Robert's Garage Door Professionals of Chicago

2961 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL
We are a family owned and operated business. this business was started by three brothers...

Roberts Design & Construction

1569 E Walnut Ave
Des Plaines, IL
Roberts design and construction has been in business for 22 years. we perform all aspects of...

Rock's Custom Interiors Inc.

5429 W Ardmore Ave
Chicago, IL
Rock's custom interiors is a small family owned and operated remodeling business. we...


Palatine, IL
Trustworthy, one-man-does-it-all home remodeling


1954 First St.
Highland Park, IL
Ron favelli decorating has made changes to over 5,600 residential/commercial homes in the...

Rose Design Build Chicago Inc.

1503 North Mohawk; 2W
Chicago, Il
Rose design build chicago inc. is a full-service design-build remodeling and...

Roselle garage Door repair

14 S Prospect St,
Roselle, IL
Roselle garage door repair have broken door opener deals that are being recognized because of...


Bartlett, IL
We are the area's premier home remodeling firm. we serve all of the northwest, west and...

Rostzorkvit Co.

5627 W Roscoe Street
Chicago, IL
Windows installation and replacement ( bow and bay as well ) siding, soffits, fascia....

Rowe Renovations

4719 N. Lawndale Ave. 2S
Chicago, IL
We accept all types of jobs from all different types of customers, from private owners to...


550 Albion Ave.
Schaumburg, IL
Distributor of commercial and residential doors, frames, hardware and mouldings... your source...

Royal Mill Trim, Inc.

9040 Edinburgh Ct
Crystal Lake, IL
Royal mill trim has built its reputation on providing clients with excellent craftsmanship at...

RPJ PRO Construction, Inc.

3N736 W Laura Ingalls Wilder Rd
Saint Charles, IL
I've been in this type of business for the last 25 years, always have happy customers, always...


2423 W Hubbard St
Chicago, IL
Offering full installation, repair and service to overhead doors, gates and operators makes us...

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