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Illness forced us to drastically, and quickly, downsize the accumulations of 60+ years of marital accumulations. It quickly became obvious that we could never meet the deadlines..just too many tasks to perform. Someone suggested that we call
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
for his suggestions. He walked through it all with us, thoughtfully sharing his views and developing us the benefit of the important issues which eventually
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
us all to the final best approach. His initial determination was that there was not enough auction level items to warrant an auction and thus something he would not do. And we'd be left with a lot of stuff to discard, donate, or dispose of. Nevertheless, he continued to go through possible scenarios. Out of that effort on his part a plan evolved which allowed us to meet that impossible deadline. He had organized & conducted "estate" sales in the past and came up with a plan that integrated the "estate" sale paradigm with the whole thing, pick out those items most proper for on-line sales, and pricing auction quality items at prices he felt sure he could get at auctions and, if not sold at that price he could save and add to one of his upcoming auctions in September, and got us in contact with an individual who would buy all left-over items we could not arrange to have a charity pick up in the end. Thus with very little effort on our part in terms of packing items suitable for donation and arranging a pick-up date, settling on a price for sale of the "remains" which included leaving all areas in "broom-clean" condition and dumping all that was no t suitable for any use, we met the deadlines with ease and due to
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
's global knowledge of these areas, ended up getting more income and incurring less expense than we could have otherwise.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
is the kind of individual you will count as a friend by
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
time he finishes. He is very conservative as well as up-front honest in his manner. He does not play games. He always '"shows up". Nothing seems to derail him. His focus is always on sincere attempts to solve problems. Before retirement my profession involved making such judgements about people.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
the kind of individual I'd hire anytime.
- Anthony L.

Went well, job was complicated but
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
handled it well, as they always do, my client was happy. Truthfully I was just estimating the cost above because I am not sure what my client actually paid for the job.
- Dave A.

Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and her team are the consummate professionals. They know their business inside/out. They communicate in detail with regard to their planning for the sale. They spend days organizing and displaying the items to be sold. We were amazed at the amount of planning and effort that goes into preparing for a sale and the marketing of the sale to prospective buyers. Do not be dissuaded by what initially may seem like a high commission percentage-
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and her folks earned every penny of their share of the proceeds from the sale. We consider their fee a bargain given the sheer amount of work that they did and the skill and professionalism with which they did it. In addition, they saved us the hassle of trying to sell a houseful of stuff ourselves or donating it to charity. By the way,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and everyone on her team all also extremely nice people and were a pleasure to work with.
I cannot recommend
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
highly enough. They set the standard for what an estate sale company should be and I believe that they are without peer in central Virginia and beyond. If you are considering an estate sale, do yourself a huge favor and call Canterbury. I guarantee that you will be extremely pleased with their services.
- Jeffrey F.

We found her running an estate sale today, we asked her to hold two beds, she agreed to hold until 2 pm (two hours) yet sold one of them before the deadline. My friend who was looking for the beds went to the sale, picked up the one remaining bed and was back home before the designated two hours. I have dealt with her in the past when she has proved to be equally untrustworthy. As a neighbor, she took my Halloween costumes to sell and never paid me the agreed $300 owed.
- Sharry S.

Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
was prompt, professional and responsive during the entire process. He sorted, cleaned, and displayed literally thousands of items from our home. Our house was the repository for things from many branches of the family, and there is no way we could have sorted, packaged and distributed it on our own. We tried and gave up about 1/3 of the way through. We found
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
on Angie's list, and when he came for an estimate we learned that he did all aspects of this process. While we had some "antiques", most of the contents were what we considered "just old stuff'. We did not expect much financially, but welcomed the service of just getting rid of things so that we could actually move.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
has a very significant following. He displayed a large number of pictures of the sale items on his web page. The sale ran for three full three days, and although a good deal of items were left, the results far exceeded our expectations. I had only two problems. One was that the
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
of some floor tiling was damaged in the clean out process, and the other was that we had a misunderstanding regarding what would be considered things to be donated verses what was junk. I was left with a massive amount of furniture and bagged stuff in my two garages which I felt were not clearly marked as to "donate" and "discard". Also, I felt much of the discard pile should have been donated and much of the stuff in the donate pile should really have been discarded. I would suggest that if it matters to you, you should take care of those decisions yourself or at least be very clear up front as to this issue. The house itself was left completely empty and cleaned as promised. When I told
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
about the problem with the tile, he and his father came immediately and repaired it. I did go through the rest of the things and resort them, but
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
offered to come and help me and to move the trash to the
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
. He came just as he said he would and helped me with this at no additional cost, and with a great attitude.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
was very responsive to my complaints, made no excuses and left me with the impression that he would use the complaint to make his business still better I can unreservedly and enthusiastically recommend
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
's company, and would most definitely use them again.
- Alona M.

She came and was extremely knowledgeable examining and looking at various things my Mother had collected. Sandy supported me and pointed out many items values and characters and prices I should expect.I will do a series of garage sales with the support of my friends and If I don't get enough sold to cleaned out of the house i will certainly contact her to do her Estate Sale service.
- James M.

Provider stated there was a $15,000 minimum which should have been posted in their ad.
Waste of time for the average middle class person to even contact this firm.
- Donald L M.

Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
was very professional, punctual, easy to work with, and fair. i highly recommend using her company to run an estate sale for you.
In April 2014, I'd initially contacted
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
after finding her company on Angie's List. I based my decision to contact her on the fact that her reviews, although not many, were rated very highly. My brothers and I were looking for someone to organize, advertise, and run an estate sale to sell the contents of our late parents' house that we no longer wanted. We needed a professional such as
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to take responsibility for this task because we didn't live in the immediate area, and because of our work schedules, we only had free time on the weekends to work on the house. We didn't have enough free time to organize and hold the sale ourselves.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
met with us in April within a week of our contacting her. She gave us a free consultation/estimate regarding if she'd thought we had enough items to hold a sale and if she thought that the sale would make enough money to make it worth her time and effort.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
agreed to run the sale for us, believing that she would break even, and we possibly would make a small profit from the items. From that point forward, we verbally had to agree not to take anything our of the house (and therefore reduce the potential profits). We also had to agree not to interfere with the sale in any way, such as deciding that an item would not be sold for a low price in front of a potential buyer. Two of us family members came to the sale for moral support and to keep the buyers out of the rooms that they weren't supposed to venture into. Other than that, we let
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and her assistant run the sale and didn't interfere.
We decided to hold the sale in mid-
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and gave
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
only one to two weeks notice ahead of time. A week or so before the sale,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
came to the house to organize the items, tag them with prices, and take photos of about 30 or 40 items to highlight on her website. It seems as if there are regular estate-sale buyers who attend sales each weekend and follow the websites of people and businesses like
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
's to know where the sales and good deals will be held next.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and her assistant also spent much of the Friday before the Saturday sale to organize and price the items and put up signs on the road advertising the sale.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
made a deal with us that she would need to make a certain amount of money to pay her costs. Then she would ask for 25% of the profits above that break-even point, and we could keep the other 75%.
Near the end of the sale,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
also had a woman from a separate business but with whom she works come to the sale to meet us and give us a price to clean out the remaining contents of the house and broom-sweep the house.
The sale went very well. We reached the break-even point needed to pay
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and her assistant. In hindsight, we probably should have held the sale in the spring or in the fall, when fewer people are on summer vacations or at the beach. As it turned out, the weather on the day of the sale (Saturday) was warm and sunny, so fewer people than
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
had imagined attended the sale because they probably were out enjoying the great summer weather. Maybe we also should have given
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
more lead time to organize and advertise the sale, so we could have possibly attracted more buyers.
Although she didn't need to,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
felt badly that the sale wasn't as well attended as she'd hoped, so she gave us 100% of the profits above the break-even point, instead of taking 25% or them as we originally agreed to. We ended up hiring the woman who cleans out houses to finish working on the house. It cost significantly more than the profit we'd made from the sale, but my brothers and I felt it was worth it. The clean-out woman and her crew took out every item that we had wanted her to dispose of and left the personal items (photographs, news articles, etc.) that my brothers and i are still going through. The clean-out crew consolidated those items into one room. The clean-out crew then donates these items to a charity somewhere in central Pennsylvania, which then sells the items to make money for programs to help people with special needs who are served by the charity. The clean-out crew also cleaned out the basement, garage, and shed that contained items in them that are hard to disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, such as old appliances (large and small ones), motor oil, old paint cans, old lawn mowers, etc.
For an additional fee, we paid the clean-out crew to help get the house ready to be sold. They removed the picture hooks in the walls, filled the holes from the hooks, painted the walls a neutral color, and removed old wall-to-wall carpeting to
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
the hardwood flooring underneath. These steps were taken to neutralize the decor of the home and update it, so we can put the house on the
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to sell it.
In summary, I'd definitely agree that we had a positive experience hiring
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
. She made the difficult job of cleaning out the house that my parents had owned for 50 years that much easier. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to run an estate sale.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
also is qualified to appraise items, although we didn't hire her for appraisal services.
- Suzanne D.

I highly recommend
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and Appraisals. Sandy
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
was terrific. She spent a lot of time explaining to me how to prepare for the Moving Sale, she came and priced and ticketed all items for sale at my house, and she came with a professional crew day of sale doing everything she could to help sell as much of my household goods and furniture as possible.
She was great to work with. I highly recommend her.
- Jill B.

Our mother's sudden death in August 2013 was so devastating to my sister, my brother and myself that none of us could face going into her house for more than a few minutes until early 2014 -- and the thoughts of having to go through and dispose of her belongings was still something that we could not handle. Fortunately, a
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
friend and neighbor told me that
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
had extensive experience in handling situations such as ours and that she had no doubt that we would find comfort in having someone as compassionate, trustworthy and knowledgeable as
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to conduct an estate sale for us.
Taking her advice and contacting
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
was the best decision we could have made -- throughout our dealings with him,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
not only lived up to all that she told us we could expect, but far exceeded those expectations. Because we were not familiar with how
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
were conducted or what we needed to do,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
met with us at our mother's home in late January. Throughout our meeting, he expressed his heartfelt sympathy for our loss, but still carefully and patiently explained the options of services that he could provide. Our mother did not possess a great number of antiques and costly items, as we thought were usually found at
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
, but she had an overabundance of household items, personal belongings and possessions that she had accumulated since she built and moved into her home 25 years ago.
Knowing how hard it would be for us to go through everything,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
suggested that we just select the items that we wanted to keep ourselves and explained that he and his crew would go through all the drawers, closets, cabinets -- everywhere -- to sort out the items that could be sold and dispose of those that could not. When asked about what would we be done with items that did not sell,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
advised us that he has someone who would buy the excess so that the house would be completely empty after the sale. Although none of us knew anything about some of Momma's things,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
readily identified the pattern of her silverware, the manufacturer, age and approximate value of clocks and furniture, and much more. The manner in which he gave this information was in
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
conversation -- not in the least bit condescending or arrogant as you might expect from some experts, but comforting and reassuring to know that we were entrusting our mother's belongings to someone who was incredibly knowledgeable and respectful.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
's cost was to be based on a percentage of the total amount derived from the sale and he provided us with a contract to review and consider before making our decision. We immediately decided to have
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
conduct the sale and chose the first weekend in March for it to be held. He told us that they would need one week to sort through and set up for the sale, which allowed us time to remove things that we wanted to keep.
In early March, we were hit by a snow storm so that it would have been difficult for
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and his crew to get into the house. Although he was willing to try, we told him that it would be okay to delay the sale until the following weekend which he had available. We did not want to attend the sale but I did come up the night before it was held to see the set-up. What
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
had done to display all of our mother's possessions was beyond anything that we could have anticipated -- furniture was expertly arranged and used, along with counter space and additional tables, to artfully display everything. No interior decorator could have done a better job at staging and
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
showed me the areas that were marked to handle the sales. The sale was conducted all day on a Saturday and during Sunday afternoon. After the close on Sunday, I drove by the house and saw a large truck outside, belonging to the person who was buying the remaining items. When I went into the house a few days later, it had been cleaned so that you would not have known that it had been completely filled a few days earlier with items and people.
Because of the dangerous weather that had continued prior to the sale, we knew that
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and his assistants had worked long and hard to get ready for the sale -- and that our mother would have been thrilled with the respectful and artful manner in which her belongings were handled. For that reason, we decided that we did not want our proceeds from the sale and told
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
that he was to keep those.
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
told us that he did not feel right doing that but because we were insistent that he should,
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
said that he would donate that amount to a charity of our choosing or to one that he supported, the Cocker Rescue. Because Momma loved dogs, we said that would be fine -- and we received a very nice thank you note shortly afterwards from the group, letting us know that
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
had donated the proceeds in Momma's memory.
The loss of a dearly loved parent or family member is devastating and difficult to deal with, but we were truly blessed in having
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to take away the
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
that we could not face -- disposing of our mother's possessions. Without any hesitation whatsoever, I recommend
Antioch Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to handle the disposition of a loved one's estate -- or to conduct a sale if you have that need yourself -- as his compassion, professionalism, expertise and knowledge are far beyond superior.
- Franiece T.
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