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We have a 13 year old mini-van with 140,000 miles. Although old, it’s still a very nice van (Toyota Sienna XLE). And, being a Toyota that has been well cared for; it can probably go another 100,000 miles with minor repairs. However, having been kept outside, the paint had worn thin. We decided to give it a cheap paint job and drive it a little longer.
Several years ago my wife had a car painted at
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
painting (different location) and was very satisfied. Therefore, there was no reason to not go to another
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
. We went to the one at 11707 North Florida Ave.
The sign said “Paint any car $199”. (Obviously, it didn’t mean “any” car). My first encounter was with an employee named
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
. I wasn’t greeted with a smile, and a welcoming handshake.
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
was “all business”. It was his job to tell me why the sign that said “Paint any car $199”, didn’t mean that they would paint “ANY” car for $199. (Frankly….that was not surprising.)
When he told me that there was a $100 “upcharge” because it was a van; I responded (kiddingly) that there should be a $100 downcharge because of all the window space. Still,- no smile. He continued to tell me of the various add-on charges, etc.
Finally, he showed me that the $199 charge to “paint any car” would be $510. .... BUT WAIT !!! – If I would bring it in by noon tomorrow, he would do it for $400. (He must have been a used car salesman in a previous life.)
After talking with my wife, I called and told him I would bring it in before noon the next day, which I did.
There were a couple minor “dings” and a slight crease on the driver’s side, which were so minor that the original paint was not even scratched. Still I didn’t want the car to be painted with those dings still showing. – Yep....Another $60. (Not unrasonable, though). I was told the car would be ready Saturday morning, anytime after 9, but they close at 12.
I, later, got a call from one of the employees working on the car, to tell me that they couldn’t remove the luggage rack on top of the
roof, because some of the screws were rusty, and they didn’t have (some kind of) tool that was needed to remove it. He
asked me if I just wanted him to paint the luggage rack white, also. I told him “No”.- He said all right…we’ll just try to “tape it up” as well as we can
Saturday morning I called to confirm that the car was ready. The guy who answered the phone told me “I ain’t gonna try to
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
-coat it”….the top isn’t gonna look great. When I asked him to describe what he meant; he said it had an “orange peel” look.
I told him that there was no point in my coming to pick it up, if the paint was improper. I asked him if I would leave it with him until the following Tuesday, could they have the top re-done properly. He told me he would appreciate it if I would.
When I called Tuesday, I was told that something about the trim had to be finished, and would I mind picking it up the next day. I replied that it would be fine, and that I just wanted a proper job.
When I called Wednesday morning; the entire attitude I experienced was different…Vastly improved. The gentleman who answered the phone was named
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
. The words he used in answering the phone were “official” but the attitude and inflection of his voice was extremely friendly. I replied; “
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
, it sounds like there’s a party going on and I should be there.” And he replied “come on down”. I told him I was calling to confirm that my white Sienna Van was ready. He ask me "Are you sure it wasn’t supposed to be pink”? My reply was “I like you,
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
.” found out that
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
was some kind of regional manager. I could see why he had attained that osition. He was the only friendly voice I had heard since I first drove into the lot.
When I arrived the van wasn’t ready. They were still doing some finishing things to it. As I walked around the van, I could see that I really did get a “$199 paint job”. It was a very “course” paint job, and there were spots of “over-spray” that had not been removed.
When I went into the building, I met
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
. He was just as delightful, in person, as he had been on the phone. I then met Sixco,
who seemed to be the local manager. Sixco was friendly, also. But
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
was the one I talked with concerning the van. I showed
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
the few areas that were very sloppy (3-4” triangles which had not been painted due to being more difficult
to get to because of the luggage rack), and the “dings” that were not removed, although I agreed to pay additional to have
them (and the crease) smoothed out. The crease had been smoothed out properly, but the dings were ignored.
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
did not attempt to defend the sloppy areas, or the missed dings. He was in full agreement with me about everything I complained about.
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
simply asked me: “What can we do to make this right with you?” (Once again, this exemplified why he held the higher position within the company).
In reply to his reasonable and customer oriented attitude, I did not complain about the “course” paint job. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t complain about it. It was, after all a cheap paint job. (And it looked like it.)
I told
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
if they would correct the sloppy paint on the roof and clean up the overspray, I would consider that adequate. They did re-paint the car. We consider the final results marginally adequate for a cheap paint job.
I did not say any more to
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
because of his great attitude. But I’m obviously not happy with this paint job, and will not take another car there to be painted.
In all fairness….the sign did NOT say “Paint any car PROPERLY $199.

- Leon A.

I dropped the truck off for two months because I was leaving for the summer. They did the prep work immediately and painted the main body during the first few weeks. As a result the truck fully cured while still at
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
. During the remaining time instead of giving the bumpers and trim a quick touch-up with cans of auto spray paint like we agreed, they shot them with the gun when they had a little extra material from another job. Approximately one week before I picked the truck up they reassembled everything and sprayed the bed liner material. After finishing the assembly they waxed the vehicle and detailed the interior. Everyone who has seen the truck is amazed at how good it looks and describes it with words like gorgeous, beautiful and awesome. The truck looks like you would expect a vehicle driven off the showroom floor to look.
My original goal was to repaint the vehicle so it would last another 10 years and 100,000 miles. I wanted a durable paint job so I wasn't willing to go to the inexpensive franchise paint shops, but I wasn't concerned with the fanciest or best looking job because it is used as a second vehicle primarily for hauling and odd jobs. Most of the other shops in my area were quoting $4000 to $5000 to only paint the body factory green and spray the bed liner.
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
was the last place I took the truck for a bid because I figured I would have them do the work since they had done some quality work for me ten years earlier at a good price.
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
far exceeded my expectations at a price I doubt I could match anywhere else. It will take a few years before I can address durability but the last time I had them paint a portion of a vehicle the paint looked great when I sold it six years later. Though I will always get multiple bids when having auto body work done I cannot imagine using a shop other than
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked

- Darrell B.

We had the car towed to
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
Auto Body when we needed repairs. They took care of meeting with the insurance adjuster and
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
was responsive throughout the process with keeping in touch with both the insurance company and me, the customer. I recieved regular updates.
Our car was detailed when he returned it to us.

- hazel T.

I noticed this
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
on my brand new car, only 2 weeks after I bought the car. Having my car back to brand new was very important to me and I DEFINITELY called the right company to do the job. When I called (frantically) to see what could be done,
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
asked me to send him a photo of the
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
. Within 5 minutes he contacted me letting me know that he would be able to help me. He was very professional and totally reassuring when it came to answering all of my questions, and I had quite a few considering this is a brand new car.
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
was also very flexible when it came to my schedule and set an appointment that fit my needs. The cherry on top was that he came to my office and took care of everything while my car was parked in our company parking lot. I didn't miss a minute of work!
The fact that he was able to remove the damage from my car 100% is a miracle! My car was sitting in direct sunlight when he asked me to come take a look at it... the
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
was completely gone.
I recommend
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
to anyone that wants the best care for their car for a fantastic price. If I EVER have any other dents in my car I will absolutely use this company and service again, the experience and results were perfect!
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
- Nancy C.

They were very helpful and professional. They provided an estimate and the cost was exactly what they quoted. We received the estimate on Friday. Brought the car in for repair on Monday morning and got it back on Tuesday afternoon. They repaired the
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
, repainted the fender with matching paint and clear coat. You cannot tell there was any damage there. We also had some "bug" damage on the hood and bumper, they touched up the paint for "no charge" and gave us the remainder of the paint for additional touch up. They also brought someone in to do paintless
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
removal on a door at a minimal cost. Overall we are very pleased with their work and service and will return to them if we need any further work.
- Keith N.

My not quite 2 month old car got keyed with a largish (4-5" diameter) asterisk at a bowling
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
right behind driver side passenger door, so I spent the next 3 months grinding my teeth at the unfairness of it all, until I couldn't take it anymore and started getting estimates to fix this very obvious blemish.
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
looked at it, asked me why I was worried so much about a smallish
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
, and since it was a leased car, gave me a very fair cost option - touch up paint, clearcoat and buffing it out - that satisfied my anxiety and kept my wallet happy. He did say that if I was not happy, he'd apply the $75 cost of the cheap fix to the still cheaper than others' quote to redo it. I did have to go to the dealer to purchase appropriate touch up paint, but that was easy.
Other reputable body shops, including one affiliated with my dealership, did not ask me for reasons and quoted on a range from $800 to $1400 for the fix that
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
said would be about $600 (Before $75 would be applied). Since my concerns were stemming from me having to look at the very obvious
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
on my car every time I would get in, and worry that I'd have to pay big bucks when turning the car in at end of lease, he took time to explain that lease appraisers don't really care about a relatively small
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
like that, that if I feel uncomfortable with it for the next 2 1/2 years, and I felt it was worth the money, I still had the option of going the full fix route, that absolutely won me over.
I'm very happy with the work (still visible but will go again for the offered buffing) and it's much less obvious now, so I can look at my car and smile instead of scowling.
By way of background, I've had previous vehicles fixed at Mountainview Auto Body when insurance was paying and thought it was worth my time to make an appointment and go for an estimate there when I was
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
out the money myself.
- Renata H.

After the first time the paint job looked good but there was a color match difference. The did the painting again and this time it was fine. The car is not 4-5 years older, but paint is holding well.
- Ravinder S.

Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
and team got the car in Oct 2012. He performed a major repainting and body job lasting over 1 year. He was very good communicating the details up front and sticking very close to the estimate. I added many enhancements as things moved along. The bottom line is the 66 vette looks great. I very high quality job. The price is reasonable considering the quality. The only complaint would been the amount of time he had the car. But, great work can't be rushed and I did not rush them. He also worked seamlessly with Vette Interiors of Titusville. Handing the car back and form. First interior and motor work, then to
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
's, then back to
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
I would certainly use
Algonquin Auto Paint Repair Provider Name Locked
- Stephen T.

I received an estimate for the work and had the job complete within a few days. They removed a rusted out fender and matched the paint on an old vehicle and the work is excellent. I have not had any problems with the door handle since they replaced it. The policy of the shop is to replace parts and not do a partial repair. The work includes a lifetime guarantee.

Prompt service. In-store employees are friendly and helpful with billing and service. Installer was prompt, made sure the service was working well before leaving.
- Janice L.
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2058 1ST ST
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Sycamore, IL
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C & W Auto Body

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Cab X Autobody Inc

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1200 E GOLF RD
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2621 w 47th
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Mokena, IL
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Central Collision Center

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Peotone, IL
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1 Sherwood Ter
Lake Bluff, IL
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Collision Revision

6140 W 159TH ST
Oak Forest, IL


Forest Park, IL
We are a full service auto repair and body shop located @ 1045 s desplaines ave in forest...


6701 S. LaGrange Rd.
La Grange, IL
-brand new superstore, but still family owned and operated. we have become one of the largest...

Contours Auto Body

10117 Bode St
Plainfield, IL
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Countryside Customs

30W170 Butterfield Rd
Warrenville, IL
Additional contact name - steve bachorski,,

Crash 1 Collision Center

5323 Northwest Highway
Crystal Lake, IL
Our motto at tom palermo's crash one collision center is "you have a friend in the business"...

CrashCo Collision Centers

4550 East Lincoln Hwy (US30)
Merrillville, IN
Crashco collision centers is a highly skilled, organized and well trained collision repair...

Custom Sprayz

Roselle, IL
Custom car shop/ after market car work, and window tinting service with lifetime warranty

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2345 E Oakton St
Arlington Heights, IL
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Dayton Auto Rebuilders

6843 W 60 Pl
Chicago, IL

Dent Mob

Rolling Meadows, IL

Dent Recon, LLC

811 W Higgins Rd.
Schaumburg, IL
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DNR Consulting, Inc.

566 Rock Road Dr.
Dundee, IL
Female owned company that opened in 1999. we accept cash, all major credit cards and paypal.

Drazen Auto Restoration And Custom Shop

17201 Jefferson, Unit E
Union, IL
Hey everyone, my name is pete drazen. my friends call me pinstripe pete. i customize cars,...

Dupage Auto Werks

850 Meadowview Xing
West Chicago, IL
Complete foreign auto repair mechanical & auto body. dupage auto werks is a full service...


Chicago, IL

Elite Auto

1500 West Lincoln Highway
New Lenox, IL
Locally owned and operated.


146 W ERIE
Chicago, IL
A state-of-the-art collision repair facility. family owned for over 75 years at the same...

Estrada Customs

909 S Milwaukee Ave
Vernon Hills, IL
Family owned & operated.

Foreign & Domestic Auto Body

1917 Greenleaf
Evanston, IL
Our original location opened in 1983 and has been meeting our north shore customer’s needs...


Elgin, IL
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G.L. Quality Corporation

2835 S. State St.
Lockport, IL
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Lake Bluff, IL
We are a full service auto body facility in lake bluff, il.

H & L Auto Mechanics

223 indian trail
Lake In The Hills, il
My business is based out of my garage.

Haraldsen's Garage

21 E Burlington Ave
Westmont, IL
We are a family owned and operated auto and light truck repair facility established in...

Haraldsen's Garage and Body

2525 75th St
Darien, IL
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herman's auto experts

3933 n elston ave
Chicago, IL
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Honda City Chicago

4950 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL
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Northbrook, IL
Since opening our doors back in 2005, here at hot rides auto body, also known as hot ridez...


Arlington Heights, IL
Impuls auto care inc. is a certified auto repair shop located in arlington heights il. we...

International Transmissions

523 N Ogden Ave
Chicago, IL
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Arlington Heights, IL
J.r auto collision has been in business for over 18 years and is family owned and operated. we...

J.W Smart Shop

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Waukegan, IL
Jobs printing & mailing is the solution to your marketing needs. our expansion allows us to...

Jordan Automotive Inc

3689 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL
Provided quality services for auto body repair chicago residents have benefited from since...

Kal's Cars Inc

650 W. Terra Cotta Ave
Crystal Lake, IL
Kals cars inc. is a family owned and run business. we are happy to help our customers with any...

Kallemeyn Auto Rebuilders

12145 S Ridgeland Ave
Palos Heights, IL
We continue to operate today by the values and principles of founder martin kallemeyn and his...

Knauz Hyundai

Lake Bluff, IL
It was 76 years ago when, karl knauz the father of the current chairman, bill knauz, created...


Chicago, IL
We are complete auto repair and body, we have 2 shops next to each other one is mechanical...

Liberty Auto City

1000 E Park Ave
Libertyville, IL
Financing available. additional conant name -ben jacobs, mark gottlieb, tony hissey, deborah...

Libertyville Subaru

1001 E. Park Ave
Libertyville, IL
Be sure to browse the latest new subaru specials for up-to-date promotions, or check out...

Lou's Auto Body

114 E St Charles Rd
Villa Park, IL
Lou's auto body has been in business since 1933 and located at the same location since 1949. ...


Batavia, IL
Luxury auto finder is a full service dealer making its mark by maintaining its relationship...

M&V AutoBody

550 W Colfax St
Palatine, IL
Specializing in collision repairs performed for individuals and paid by insurance companies....

Maaco - Alsip

11625 S Ridgeland Ave
Alsip, IL
Collision, bodywork & painting repair.

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Carol St

252 Commonwealth Dr
Carol Stream, IL
Additional contact names - sam delegge, judith delegge. additional dba - maaco.

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Lisle

2115 Ogden Ave
Lisle, IL
Additional emails -, additional dbas - avant &...

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in McHenry

2826 Barney Ct
Mchenry, IL
Additional dbas - maaco auto body shop and collision center, maaco, licocci inc. additional...

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Palatine

255 W Northwest Hwy
Palatine, IL
Additional dba - maaco franchising inc. locally owned. i-car gold class certified center

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Villa Pa

103 W Roosevelt Rd
Villa Park, IL
Additional email - additional dba - maaco franchising inc.

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Wheeling

1026 Milwaukee Ave
Wheeling, IL
Additional dba - maaco autopainting & bodyworks. a very large supplier of autobody services...


Arlington Heights, IL
One stop complete auto repair facility; mechanical and body works. family own 'since 1971'


Palatine, IL
We are a complete auto collision repair shop. we specialized on foreign and domestic vehicles....

martiny motorsports auto body and paint

1671 n milwaukee ave
Lake Villa, IL
Auto body and paint collision repair and restoration insurance repair

McHenry County Muscle Car

908 Front St
Mchenry, IL
We are a new shop thats out to earn your business! we do everything from brakes and tune-ups...

McMahon's Auto Body

604 W Rollins Rd
Round Lake, IL
Auto body work

midwest customs

12633 s kroll dr
Alsip, IL
Midwest customs auto body & paint ! doing buisness for over 13 years!!! all paint work is done...

Midwest Performance Cars

1385 W Lake St
Chicago, IL
Our technicians are not only mechanics, but also avid drivers as well. midwest performance...

Milito's Mobil

1106 W Fullerton
Chicago, IL
We've been repairing and maintaing cars since 1968, keeping your ride running smoothly. and...

Mobile Auto Repair Service

18 Birch St
Carpentersville, IL
A quality auto repair service that comes to you. quick response time for emergency road...

Naperville Dodge Jeep

1565 W Ogden Ave
Naperville, IL
Financing available. additional contact: dave foland service phone number: (630) 505-8282...

Nelson Automotive Inc

1801 S Busse
Mount Prospect, IL
We are a small dealership with a focus on two things: keeping our expenses low so that we can...


Chicago, IL
We are a full service auto repair shop that has been in business since 1967. we are family...

New Lenox Auto Body

290 E Haven Ave
New Lenox, IL
Additional contact names - debbie nigg, rodney laime, matt ebert, ray zarack. additional...

North Shore Collision

Highland Park, IL
Auto body painting and repairs.


Highland Park, IL
North shore collision offers 10% discounts for cash payments, and visa mastercard...


37 E 35TH PL
Steger, IL
We are a family owned and operated collision repair facility located 30 minutes south of...

One Stop Truck Shop, Inc.

17844 Bluff Road
Lemont, IL
We are family owned and operated since 1998. we offer a wide range of products and services...

P&H Auto Body Shop/Sales

4919 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL
Welcome to p & h auto body shop, where we do all types of collision and auto body shop...

Paint Solutions Auto Body

5300 East Ave
La Grange, IL
Paint solutions auto body is a family owned auto body repair shop that strives to build...

Parkside Auto Body

1 S Hickory Ave
Arlington Heights, IL
Family owned.

Parkview Auto Repair & Body Shop

4139 S. Western Blvd.
Chicago, IL
Since 1986, parkview automotive has provided motorists in the chicago, il 60609 area with...


113 W 162ND ST (159TH)
South Holland, IL
Since 1984, our family owned and operated dealership has been at the top of the industry in...

Perfection Auto Body Ltd

309 S Ayer St
Harvard, IL
At perfection auto body, we are dedicated to achieving our goal of absolute customer...

Perfection Autobody

811 Garfield St
Oak Park, IL
Has your car been in a recent accident? is its paint beginning to fade? perfection autobody is...

Perillo Collision Center

1035 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL
Driving in the city of chicago, every driver will experience dings, dents, scratches, and road...

Quality Auto Reconditioning Inc

1723 Chestnut Ave
Glenview, IL
Locally owned & operated.


Round Lake, IL
We are a full service collision & restoration shop with 9 employees


Chicago, IL
Royal automotive is one of chicago's finest collision, glass and auto repair shops. ...


5840 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL
S&s auto body is family owned and operated by the sulich family since 1936. all of our...

Sam's Auto Repair & Body Shop

2311 Main St
Evanston, IL
At sam's auto repair and body shop we have 42 years of experience which guarantees honest and...


Schaumburg, IL
We are a full service auto body and paint shop. all details related to accident loss are...

Selga, Inc

26 W 285 St Charles Rd
Carol Stream, IL
Associated with area dupage towing for 24hr emergency service.

Sigler's Auto Center

7501 N Lincoln Ave
Skokie, IL
I would like to take this time to personally thank you for considering sigler´s auto body,...

Speedpro Imaging of Chicago

2130 W. Fulton St.
Chicago, IL
Our client, illinois nut & candy won the angie's list best vehicle wrap this year:...

spraytech inc

89 south highway 12
Fox Lake, IL
Spraytech has been in business since 2004. specializing in spray on bedliners and auto...

Sterling Autobody Centers

1536 Artauis Pkwy
Libertyville, IL
Collision repair


Schaumburg, IL
Auto body repair and complete auto mechanical service.

Sudden Impact Collision Center

849 E US Highway 45
Mundelein, IL
Our commitment finding the right collision repair center just got easier an uncompromising...

Sunset Automotive #3

13 Skokie Valley Rd.
Lake Bluff, IL
Sunset auto provides the best car repair, brake service, oil change in waukegan and...

The Glen Auto Body Repair

3038 North Lake Terrace
Glenview, IL
The glen auto body repair offers full service auto body and mechanical repairs to get you up...

Vera's Auto Repair

1034 W 21st St
Chicago, IL

Vic's Auto Repair

1020 Lunt Ave Unit A
Schaumburg, IL
Collision or complete restoration

We Wash Willmette

533 Green Bay Rd
Wilmette, IL
Charges an hourly rate.

Wheels of Chicago Auto Body

6229 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL
Used car sales, quality used cars for every budget

Windy City Rods and Restorations

6143 W Howard St
Niles, IL
Windy city rods and restorations is a classic car shop located in niles, il. we restore...


1309 S SCHOOLHOUSE RD unit 1
New Lenox, IL
Discounts on insurance deductables,payment plans available.
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