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Andrea P.
understood that we were primarily concerned with repairing our steps, rather than replace, if possible, since we were considering selling our house. We also" wanted it asthetically pleasing enough, should we decide to stay. The back stairs were made of concrete and had started to crack and crumble. The front stairs were made of brick, with the porch portion made of slate/bluestone. They stuccoed both stairways and placed bluestone on the steps. They redid the slate/bluestone portion of the porch area, utilizing he existing slate and adding any extra. It looked amazing, like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together! Now, the top is level and flush with the siding of the house. In the past, it was sunken and uneven, with water seeping behind. I no longer have to deal with the bricks freezing every winter and my husband having to reset them each spring (not so pleasing to the eye)! They also cut and fit the bluestone in around the wrought iron railing with such precision. The short steps that
to the paths around the house also had the bluestone replaced. On their own, they reset some bricks on the walkway to blend into the top step and walk. The bricks had shifted over time and became uneven. I appreciated his honesty in telling us that the stairway were structually sound, therefor he could repair, rather than have to build new.
was part of the team when needed, but he always stopped back to check on the job. He is a very gentle, soft spoken and polite man. I would - and probably will use him again in a heart beat for other projects around my house. These men worked long and hard!
Rated by
Gene M.
"Very professionally.
removed the bad sections and replaced what was necessary. Protected the roof with carpet and then did a complete clean-up.
Rated by
Stanley H.
came to see me three different times to bid my work. The first time, i had just found settlement and did not know if i had more serious issues or not." While other contractors started tossing 10k bids at me for work i did not need, he recommended i have certain things checked and turns out i did not need all that. Saved me tons and was a huge relief. He came back the other times to help me get the right amount of work done in my budget. Then, when they actually did the work, it's beautiful. I can't even tell the old from the new wall. They showed me how to prevent another wall from moving where my builder didn't tie it and he can come shoot ties in on a later job if I want. The workmen were courteous, left no mess, were extra cautious to put boards under the scaffolds and even got my dog's
out of a tree for me while they were up high. Seriously don't know what else i could have asked for. I have already recommended them to my neighbor with the same issue of loose bricks and will use NO ONE else on brick work ever again. I'm not typically communicating with the contractors that much, but these guys went beyond for me and i asked them to come back so many times, i know
by voice and off the top of my head. Really good people to work with, not just a big corporation. thanks you guys!

Des Moines Masonry Contractors

Des Moines, IA

Masonry Contractorsare in Des Moines

Des Moines Masonry Contractors are TOP RATED

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I can't speak to the quality of work provided by D&S Masonry because they wouldn't return my call after I left multiple messages. The day after I requested them to contact me they called but didn't leave a voicemail. After 2 days passed I called them and left a voicemail, which they did respond to, unfortunately while I was in a meeting, but I returned their call within an hour. This is the last contact I was able to get from D&S Masonry despite at least 4 more attempts. Their outgoing voicemail is updated each day, so I have to assume they received my messages but lacked the professionalism to place a return call.
- Kristin B.

In the summer of 2014 we contacted
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
Berdych of
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked

regarding replacing some stones around our swimming pool that had begun flaking
quite badly, leaving debris in the pool every time it rained.
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
came to our home and looked at the problem. He assured us that his
company saw this issue quite often, and that he had developed a process to deal
with it.
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very personable, and we had a long,pleasant talk with him. He
showed us examples of projects his company has completed. As we began to feel
more comfortable with him, we discussed other improvements to our home that he
seemed able and willing to accomplish. One thing
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
to another and by the time
we parted ways,
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
had bid on aprox. $5000 of work, to include power
washing and sealing the stone in the pool area as well as replacing the
deteriorating stones and mortar, and replacing or repairing the pool area grout,
mortar, waterfall and retaining wall.
In addition, we were interested in having a decorative concrete overlay
installed on our front and back porches. This process is known as
We told
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
that we would consider his quote and get back to him. A
few days later I contacted Mr Berdych requesting references. He e-md' a list of
companies and individuals that spoke favorably of his company's work. Not long
after, we scheduled the work, paying a 50% of the total about 30 days out from
the start date of the job.
A few weeks later,
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
called and said that they were ready to begin.
He arrived one morning and dropped off a rock mason who was to take care of
repairing and replacing the damaged and deteriorating rock, mortar and grout. In
a short conversation with the mason, I discovered that he is not an employee of
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
, but a sub-contractor.This surprised me since
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
to believe that he had full time employees. At any rate this man, while a nice
enough guy, did a very poor job in his 2 plus days at our home. He totally
trashed our pool and spa twice, causing me to spend 5-6 hrs cleaning up the
large amount of debris that he allowed to fall into the water. He made
absolutely no attempt to keep anything out of the pool. When I called
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked

about the matter he said something about putting on his scuba gear to clean the
pool. I went back to cleaning the mess myself. I also mentioned that some of the
stones that were to be replaced had not been touched. His response was that they
now didn't need replaced and could be sealed instead. I asked the mason about
trying to keep the pool clean and he told me "the next guys" did clean
The next step in our project was the concrete stamping. This is where a
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
of concrete was poured over our existing porches, and a decorative
design (in our case one that looks like field stone) is "stamped" into the wet
concrete. Again, a crew of sub-contractors arrived, again they made a mess and
did a poor job, and again told us that the "next guys" would make it right. It
was obvious that their goal was to get to the next job as fast as possible. As a
result, the quality of the work done at our home suffered
The final step was to color and seal the stamping, and to seal the rest
of the job. I believe this was the first time we actually saw any Artistic
Concrete employees. Unlike the previous workmen, these guys at least showed an
interest in doing a good job and taking a little pride in their work. However,
so much crummy work had been done ahead of them that when they called it a day
and called the job complete there were many issues yet to be resolved.
The mason had left several areas needing repair untouched, and a lot of
the work he had done made things worse than when he started. For instance, there
was a lot of grout smeared on the tile in the spa, and some of the grout he had
replaced had been finished by swiping his finger thru it. The waterfall repair
was a complete failure and looked worse than when he started. The rocks we
had repeatedly asked to be replaced were still there, flaking badly
The stamping crew had allowed excess concrete to run over the edges of
the porches and left it to dry in an uneven mess. It looked terrible. We could
see where they had used damaged, worn, stamping tools that pulled up the wet
concrete and exposed the existing porch, making no attempt to do a proper
I contacted Mr. Berdych and told him that I thought we were a long way
from a finished product. He was very upset, but agreed to send a crew out to
address our concerns. In a few days the same guys that I assume to be Artistic
Concrete employees returned and worked several hours to try to salvage the job
and clean up the mess. They worked hard and things looked a lot better when they
were finished, although they again inexplicably left the deteriorating stones,
opting to apply a large amount of sealer.
A couple of days later, I paid
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
the balance due. At that time I
requested that a receipt and warranty information be sent to me. After several
days, and several e-mails and calls ,
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
e-mailed what could almost pass
for a receipt,and a one sentence explanation of the warranty on the stamping. At
my insistence, he included a statement that the problematic stones that his
crews had refused to replace would be removed and replaced as originally
agreed should they continue to flake into the water. I repeatedly requested
information about the warranty on the rest of the job, and Mr. Berdych simply
ignored me. It seemed to me that once he was paid, he considered the matter
closed. At the time of this review, I have nothing in writing regarding the
warranty on the rock repair and sealing. In addition, as time goes by we have
noticed things that weren't done properly, or not done at all. For instance, the
wall on the end of the pool was repaired but never sealed.
My advice to anyone considering hiring
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
would be to get
the name of the sub contractors
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
plans on using, and get specific
references on them, instead of accepting references of
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
representative of the quality of work homeowners can expect. I'd recommend
requiring warranty information up front and never paying the total bill until
a full warranty was in hand. I'm doubtful that the warranty will be honored when
problems arise, but at least you'd have something to take to court. If I had it
to do over, we would have had
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
come to our home for a final inspection
that included going over the estimate line by line so unfinished items wouldn't
slip thru the cracks
I would generously rate our overall experience with
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
a C minus. If our experience is typical,
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
Berdych is a great salesman,
but in my opinion, a poor business operator. Once the money was in the bank, we
were on our own. All in all a disappointing
- Dan H.

I had my Chimney & Fireplace inspected by a company that specializes in these matters. The guy who inspected my Chimney & Fireplace told me that my liner needed to be replaced and that it will cost me $3000.00. On second thought I decided to get a second opinion. I obtained
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
referral from Angie's List. The service person/owner,
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
himself inspected my fireplace. He explained there was not a liner present and that I did not need a liner because the chimney walls were glazed which acted as a liner. He inspected the chimney, damper, flue, cap and for any cracks and finally cleaned. I was so pleased with his service and demeanor that I asked him to check my garage and asked him to brick up the plywood wall. After an inspection he agreed and listed a price of $4500.00. I checked around and found out that this was actually a good price. The work was completed yesterday and I am very, very happy with the result.
- Casino C.

I contacted
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
for an estimate on resetting and leveling the limestone steps in front of my house. Rocky responded promptly with a cost estimate for doing the work and installing a drain to stop the erosion that had caused the problem. He also estimated the time he could schedule the job. I had lower estimates from other companies, but I was impressed by Rocky’s professionalism and chose his company for the work.

He scheduled the job within the time frame he estimated, the crew showed up at the time scheduled, and the work was completed within 3 days. Rocky and the crew did an excellent job of removing each 600-lb step, digging out the old dirt, resetting the steps in concrete, straightening the side pieces of stone, pouring one new concrete step that was needed, and mortaring everything back together. They also installed a large drain to prevent water runoff. In addition, he pressure washed my stone-faced retaining wall, the sidewalk and all my steps so that they are cleaner than they have been in years – at no additional cost. They also cleaned up so that you can hardly tell that any work has been done. I was exceptionally pleased with the work and the value since it was NOT an easy job!
- Sandra J G.

Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
was a great company to deal with. They worked hard to do the job right and keep me happy. The completed walls should last a good long time.
The one exception was a one-week hiatus in the middle of the job because they hadn't gotten a permit for the construction. Although the company believed that a permit was unnecessary, one of my neighbors complained and
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
the attention of the city building inspector, who shut the site down. It took a week for them to jump through various bureaucratic hoops and get back to work. I had the flexibility to deal with the delay, but it was a bit aggravating for us (and probably very aggravating for them). I'm guessing they took a risk that usually speeds up the work (no waiting for the inspector) but in this case it backfired.
The end results are beautiful, and they put in a number of touches which weren't in the contract but were greatly appreciated. I have more walls that will need TLC in the future, and I'll be calling
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Daniel G.

They came out and power washed driveway and sidewalks. They thoroughly cleaned driveway and caulking between seams. It rained off/on for next 5/6 days so the sealer could not be applied until Sep 17th.
They did an excellent job. It actually leaves the driveway a little bit darker which I like, but know that it will eventually lighten. Water now just beads on top which I would expect.
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
has done excellent concrete work for us in the past and continue to do so.

Our patio was demolished (it was concrete) and then the crew from
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
continued to put sand, cement and then the pavers. They did a wonderful job. They were very professional and what pleasant men. The owner,
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
came by many times to check to see how the job was going. What great people to work with. They finished the job in 3 days (they had the perfect weather to do this). I would definitely recommend
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
to anyone and I wouldn't hesitate to call
Des Moines Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew for any future jobs we might have for him to do.
- Marion K.
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