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"I returned a brand new modem/router to
because it did not work properly. The replacement is working. While at
I also picked up three" set top boxes. Because of the new equipment, I had to call in to have it all re-installed in my home network. Two of the boxes were set up but the third one has to be replaced, requiring a return trip to
. Another box that I had originally, will also not work with the new set up procedure. The time spent on the phone with and eastern European woman trying to set up all this was 2 hours. I had an extremely difficult time understanding her. The total time spent trying to get the original modem/router to work, go to
to get the replacement and three new boxes, then to go home and call in to install the new boxes was close to six hours. Then, on top of all that,the woman told me she could not do anything to get one of the original boxes I had to connect and she would have a more qualified techie call me today between 9am and noon. At approximately 9:45 this morning, the phone rang and the caller ID said it was
. As soon as I answered the person on the other end hung up. I got a voice mail later on in the day that said my issue was resolved, which it wasn't. So, at this point in time, I still have to return a box to
and get some higher class techie to call me.
Rated by
kim S.
"It took them 10 days to even get our service installed. They were supposed to call my husband 30 minutes before coming. They hadn't called so he stopped by the house and found" a sorry we missed you note. He called and was transferred to their national line. they were no help and wanted to wait another 2 weeks to get our services installed. I do some work from home and connot be without internet for a month. It should not be this difficult. Also their local offices do not get any of these calls so even if they did have free time to come install it they can't because they never know about any of these problems!! If they do not have our problems fixed today then I will be going somewhere that actually cares about new customers. The biggest downside to all of this is that we paid for our services up front and for part of another month. Now I can't set up with anyone else until I get my money back from these idiots.
Rated by
Harold B.
"Cable channels we watch regularly disappeared overnight. Customer service said that we'd been receiving the channels for 14 months by accident. We could have them back for a $30+" monthly cost to upgrade to the next level of service.

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As the digital age improves, there are more options when it comes to choosing a TV service. Cable and satellite offer homeowners the choice of service, channels and the chance to build a plan according to their preference and budget. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Jeremy I.)

Cable and satellite TV

The variety of home entertainment options continues to increase as stations are added and TV technology advances. It's important to do your homework before choosing a television service provider.

Marty Koch and her son, Brian, use a PlayStation3 instead of cable to connect to streaming TV shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu Plus. (Photo by Chris Caldwell)

Cutting cable costs by streaming TV and movies

More consumers are cutting the cord for cable TV services and switching to streaming movies and TV shows from the Internet and content services like Netflix and Hulu. One group estimates that as many as 3.56 million Americans will make the switch in 2012 alone.

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Internet Service, Phone Service - Cellular, TV Service - Cable, Phone Service - Landline, TV Service - Satellite

Internet, TV and phone services are some of the most complained about categories on Angie's List, but experts say patience and persistence pay off when dealing with telecommunications providers.

Angie's List member Ray Lattof says he's often frustrated with charges from his phone provider. (Photo by Chantal Lawrie)
Internet Service, TV Service - Cable, TV Service - Satellite, Phone Service - Cellular, Phone Service - Landline

TV, cable, phone and Internet services consistently rank as some of Angie's List most complained about categories - here are five tips to beat poor customer service.

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Cable Tv Service reviews in Roswell


They charge extremely too much for the services provided and the price keeps going up. We will be moving out of state next year it will be my pleasure to cancel my service with them.
- Susan D.

My husband initially called asking for a discount due to the drop of Viacom networks, but they refused, claiming the networks they picked up were comparable replacements, not! I say not because we ended up with things like a baby network. Please do not misunderstand, these would be great networks to have as additional networks, but not to swap for Viacom networks. These netwoks are not remotely comparable and to say otherwise is being in a state of denial. There is no amount of surgar coating or excuses to change that reality.

All this
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
us to looking over our billing statement. We pay a total monthly charge of $158.57, including taxes, fees, etc. For the bundle, we have SL200 for TV, Internet 30.0, and phone service and are being charged $135.50 for the package, before taxes, fees, etc. We have paid that rate ever since moving into our house back in 2013 and starting service with
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
. My husband priced the bundle online and it is going for $93. He called asking for a cost reduction and was refused. He was told that the online price was an intoductory price and that it would go up an extra $20 per month after the first yesr (
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
, that is still less!). He pointed out that it does not indicate anything about be an introductory price on their website, but the rep. stuck with her story. He told me the rep. had snobbishly remarked that he could downgrade our service. Later that day, he called back, and spoke to rep.
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
, in the new costumer section and she told him that it was not an introductory amount, but the regular monthly rate. Hm? Something smells foul here. After all this, the hubbly went online to send off an email via
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
website, explaining this event and asking for a $42 price reduction. That occurrd on Oct 5, Sunday, and it is now 1:04 am Tuesday, 7 Oct, and we still have not received a reply. I take that as being very highly probable that we are not getting the price reduction.

- Catherine G.

We had signed a 3 yr contract for a 10 plex with a set price in
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
Iowa. 1 year into our contract they increased our price and did so multiple times thru out the contract. We disputed this and they informed us that we were considered a commercial property and in the fine print these buildings are exempt so that price was not honored. After putting up with the awful price
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
for 3 years we decided to discontinue this service. Our 3 year contract was well expired. I began notifying them in April of 2014 that I wanted to disconnect service the end of
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
. I enclosed messages with the bill and check I mailed in. I did this thru
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
15th bill just to remind them to stop service on
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
30th 2014. I also called the billing department in regards to discontinuing service the end of
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
and received a confirmed email from them in regards to yes they would take care of it ( I wanted something in writing). I also requested our contact person for
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
Iowa and they would not give us that information. August rolls around and we are reciving bills with default payment threats and late fees, etc. We once again called the billing department in regards to this, and scanned in and emailed the copies of the notices I sent them and the confirmed email from their company honoring our request. We also went directly to the
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
office to talk to someone and they still would not let us talk to a rep for our area and we were told they can not help us but gave us another number to call which we did. We explained to this person all that had transpired and she said she would take care of this. We emailed her all of our copies of notices, requests, bills with late fees we received, and a copy of the email from their company confirming our request to disconnect. This went on August and September and we are well into October and today guess what I received another incorrect bill. It has know been 6 months since I first made this request!! What does a person do??
- Tonya B.

I recently moved and needed my cable
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
outlet located where I have my TV. I
was told by my field representative that they would do a 'wall fish' so
that I could have my outlet behind the TV. When the technician arrived, he said because it is an outside wall, I could not have the
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
behind the TV and would have to have it on an adjacent wall and run the cable along the floor. After quizzing him about any other possible options, of which he said there were no other options except going through the exterior siding, I agreed to have the
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
on the adjacent wall.
He proceeded to install the wall
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
outlet about 3 feet up
off the floor! When I told him I didn't like it that high, he said, "I
told you I was going to come straight through the wall." as if I knew
that meant I had to have an outlet that high up off the floor. Later, he admitted, he did not know it would be that high off the floor. I asked him if he even tried to lower it, to which the answer was "no"
I think he was trying to get the job done as fast as he could and thought I could move a piece of furniture in front of it to cover it up. After I argued with him and insisted I was not happy, he moved the outlet down and was
helpful after that, even patching the hole. I now have a patched hole in my new house with newly painted walls. I have to be home again to meet someone from
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
who is going to texture the spot and touch up paint. It is nice they will do this, but it all could have been avoided if the technician had consulted with me ( I was in the next room) or if he had not taken the easiest way the first time.
- Teresa C.

Arrived on time. explained to Mr.
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
Chow of the work we wanted. We shared ideas. very receptive to customer suggestions. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding the installations. brought his equipment for installation. installed
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
and sound bar to our satisfaction. Ensured equipment was levelled horizontally. tested equipment after installation. he provides stands and cords at a great price. would recommend purchasing installation equipment from him as his prices are very reasonable, perhaps cheaper than local stores.
excellent professional installation at great price.

- Baldev S.

Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
started off really great. We'd never experienced a cable company with such outstanding service. Unfortunately, their service has steadily decayed over the past six months.
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
has become like every other crappy cable company that thinks they are the only show in town,
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
puts people on hold FOREVER, fails to show-up for appointments and cuts customers off once they do actually get through to customer service. The service
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
has provided us with this week has been non-existent. It started last weekend and a week later, we still have cable that blips in and out and is generally impossible to watch.Today their service representatives who were supposed to show up between the hours of 4 and 6 pm. failed to show. When we called to complain it took an hour of being on hold to get a human being. AN HOUR. Absolutely ridiculous. What a great way to start the weekend! Their excuse for missing the appointment was that their tech called the wrong number. The absurdity of this is that we have our phone through
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
. Ridiculous. They USED to be responsive and had excellent customer service, but now they are like every other cable company with nasty customer service representatives who could care less about customer service. I used to tell people how great
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
was. NEVER AGAIN. The only thing "friendly" about
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
is their commercials. Maybe they need to spend less on advertising and a little more on customer service. So disappointed.
- Joanna K.

The knowledge of their technicians is varies from bad to excellent. They respond to problems in a reasonable amount of time. but that does not mean it will be fixed on the first visit. This is issue number one.
My biggest problem with them is when a technician installs a new cable outside the house. The cable will
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
on the ground for months every time. The cable now has been laying across my yard since
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
15, 2014. About Sept 15, 2014 I called to get it buried. The idiot sent a technician. This is not how
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
buries cable. They have a subcontractor come to do that work; not their employees.
I called again on Sept 22, 2014 and was told I would be put on an expedited list to get it done quickly. I an still waiting.
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
is very disorganized. They simply need to call the sub contractor and the work gets done. As you look around neighborhoods there is a lot of
Roswell Cable Tv Providers Provider Name Locked
cable laying in yards. It seems to me one employee could do this for a very large geographical area.
As one of their sub contractors told me: "For a communication company they cannot communicate."
- Dennis G.

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Stone Mountain


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Wynn Technology Solutions

1707 Chadwick View Ct

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