Window Cleaning reviews in Marietta


It went great. The person was very knowledgable and gave me a fair price for the work performed. I would recommend highly to everyone on Angie's List.
- Thomas K.

Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
and his son were extremely polite and professional, neat and came out on short notice. The windows look great! I highly recommend them.
- George C.

It was not easy to schedule the job.It took more than a few phone calls and emails. During scheduling, I was asked for driveway size and since I did not know size it was estimated based upon number of cars that can be parked in the driveway. It is good that I had the person who came to do the job measure it and it came out to be less. The person was very professional he did a fair job. He mentioned that after drying up, if we still notice spots, we can call them and they will come back to address it.. We did notice a few streaks and called them up but we are still waiting for a response.
- Gopender S.

the house looks a lot nicer. A little more than i thought it would be but the house does look great. The person who did the work was later than expected but the job he did was very good.
- Carol M.

Two workers arrived at the prearranged time. They did an excellent job cleaning the windows. In addiiton, they provided me with valuable information regarding the worn- out seals and the reasons my windows were collecting so much condensation. The price was surprisingly low, and I will definitely hire this company again.
- Kathleen S.

The cleaning technicians were very professional and performed the services well. I was not happy with the final price, however. After purchasing the discounted coupon I was told that any areas in my home that had glass had to be included or, I would not get the $6 per window discount. I had to pay for windows in my unfinished basement that I didn't need cleaned. Windows that had panes were counted as two windows. The final price with the discount coupon was twice the amount I had anticipated. After purchasing a $55 discount coupon; I didn't anticipate having to pay $340 for window cleaning. This offer was misleading and needs to be better clarified before a consumer purchases the "discount" coupon.
- Parchelle C.

While I say I would use them again, the more accurate statement is I wouldn't NOT use them again. Now that I understand their pricing model, I would consider using them, depending on how their price compared to other companies. The two guys who did the work did a good job, were prompt, polite, and friendly. But I think the pricing is hard to figure out, even after looking at their web page.
This was an unusual deal (at least to me). I bought the Big Deal coupon, which was $100 worth of cleaning for $55. There were two options: individual windows at $10 each (cost-prohibitive for me), or "whole house" for $4 per window. What I didn't understand (and no one made clear over the phone) was that "whole house" literally means every piece of glass on your house. So this ended up being an extra almost $100 in my case. For instance, I had counted up 32 "windows," but when they counted my "windows," there were 49. I laughed when they told me, because I couldn't imagine what they had counted.
They count a double-hung window that has true divided lights as two windows. And they count glass in your doors, including sidelights and transoms. Every piece of glass counts. And everything has to be cleaned, unless you want to pay $10 each. I only had the exteriors cleaned. If I'd wanted interiors or sills cleaned, it would have been more.
They were responsive, and I had no trouble scheduling the appointment. The first message they sent directed me to their web page, to learn "how they count windows." I guess that should have been a clue that this was a potential issue. I did study the web page quite a bit, but still I guess it wasn't clear to me. The person I spoke to on the phone was apparently new, so perhaps didn't emphasize this potential point of contention. She did tell me there was a $5 gas charge, which did not appear on the coupon I bought. She said they charge that whenever gas is over $3 a
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Overall, it was a learning experience. My windows are clean, albeit for more money than I had planned on spending.

I had a used a competitor in the past, but they were not able to schedule the work. The competitor charged me for 33 windows. I called ABGC, and they quoted me a price that was half of the competitor based on the 33 windows, and came out sooner. The problem was, that when they arrived, they informed me that they count windows differently. A "window" may count for more than one window based on the number of panes in the window. They said I had 76 windows, the way they counted. They had quoted me $100 over the phone, but with their creative counting, the price was $228. This was not an unfair price, but I resented them not telling me about their "creative" way they count windows.
- Eddie M.

They were punctual and professional, but I didn't see much of an improvement on my windows after they had finished cleaning them. I had used another company two years ago that had done an exceptional job that lasted for two years.

I don't want to make this long winded, but I will try to be thorough with a quick-hit review.
Emailed the company in mid-August to schedule the window cleaning. I provided them with dates that would work best (the following week), but they instead scheduled me for the week AFTER that. I told them that whole week would not work, and I would need another date. They rescheduled...for later that week. Took far too many email exchanges to get the appt. set.
The appt. was finally set for last Monday (9/16). I was called a couple days before and given the timeframe of when the crew would be there (between 1p and 4p). Crew showed up on the day on-time, after calling me with a 15 minute warning of their arrival. They arrived, and to make this short, they failed to do the inside windows. They did the outside windows (left some cobwebs, which the deal says will be completely cleaned), replaced 4 flood lights which I provided (also a part of the deal), but then left. I hadn't looked at the deal in a while, but upon review, I realized they only completed half the job.
I called the company within a couple hours of them leaving. I spoke to
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
, who is their GM. He got defensive when I told him they missed some cobwebs, but said he would call me back in 10 minutes about the crew not doing the inside windows. Instead, I got a call 3 minutes later from the crew lead,
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
, on his cell phone. He asked a good time to come back to do the windows. I said that Friday (9/20) afternoon would work, but if they wanted to not worry about the schedule they could just do a quick gutter cleaning instead. He said it sounded fine, but he'd have to check. At that point, I said, "OK, let me know. Thanks," and hung up the phone. That week came, and went, and I heard nothing from anyone at the company. Thinking they just brushed me off, I left a reflective review here on
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
, giving the company a D and saying I would follow-up with them the following week and request a partial refund.
Monday morning, I wake up to an email from
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
, the owner of the company. Here is his email, exactly as he wrote it:
"My name is
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
, and I am the owner of
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
. I read your review and I must say there are some things I take exception with. I was in the room when you spoke with
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
about the service. You asked
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
the lead, about the gutter cleaning, and I was the one who told him we would just do the window. I remember him saying to you specifically that we would be out on the 27th to do the inside windows. He told you the date right then and there, and he said inside windows, not gutter cleaning. I didn't think any follow up was needed because he told you the date. You are still on the schedule for the 27th, but I'm not going to send the crews with a D rating being leftbefore the service is done, and with the fact that we told you the date on the phone and that date hasn't come yet being left out of the review.
I will be calling you directly first thing in the morning. We have already done work at the home, so there is no refund. We are more than happy to do the inside windows after your review is removed. And like I said, you are still on the date of the 27th.
I look forward to speaking to you in the morning."
In essence, the owner of the company was holding a service I PRE-PAID for ransom in order for me to remove my poor review. Simply put, that's against
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
policy, so I simply called them and opened an incident report with them, asking them to request a partial refund from the company based on the lack of service and the owner's policy-breaching email.
A few hours after calling
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
finally called me (he never followed up like he said he would in his email). He simply kept asking for me to remove my negative review and let them come out to re-do the cleaning. He kept harping on the point that the job wasn't finished, so they did not deserve the negative review. He kept saying that his guy scheduled on the 27th, but I told him I had hung up so he must have been talking to a dead end. After talking to him for 10 minutes or so, I chalked it up to miscommunication, and let the appointment on the 27th stick and told
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
it had to be in the afternoon, so he'd said he'd make sure it was. Gave them a second
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
to make it up.
I got the call the day before, and they said the appointment was between 1 and 3p. Great. Wake up this morning and get a call at 8:20am that the crew was a half hour away. Ummm....what? Called the guy right back (
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
) and told him it needed to be in the afternoon. He said he would move things around to get me in that afternoon at 1pm. At 1pm, he called back and said they were behind, and the crew would be there at 2pm. Nothing until 3pm, when I get another call telling me the crew will be out in a half hour. Then, I get another call that the crew would be out in 10 minutes. Crazy. This crew was really good, and even re-did some of the outside work the other crew missed. They did a great job. The other crew did a good job as well. It seems like good crews work for a company that needs to get it's act straight. Just wasn't pleased at all with a good portion of interactions with the company outside of the crews, and the scheduling is completely messed up. Just can't recommend the company at all, as it's just a headache to deal with them.

Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
'S COMMENTS BELOW: As a response to
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
's rant below, what I posted three paragraphs above is his email WORD-FOR-WORD, copied and pasted, so you can all deduce that he was holding a PRE-PAID service ransom (think about paying for a service, that service not being completed, then the owner saying they won't finish it until you meet HIS demands). That alone speaks of his character. He is lying about me telling his crew not to worry about the inside windows (If I paid for it, why would I tell them not to do it, just to have them come back out to do it?), he does not know if I hung up the phone before his crew member told me the 27th was the new date (he was not on the call), and once he called,
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
BEGGED to come out and re-do the service to get a better review, pleading with me to take down an honest review of his obviously ethically-challenged company as not to
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
his name here. He only reacted with the pleading phone call when I got Angie's List involved, knowing he breached their service agreement in tampering with my review, and wanted to make it up to me ("We'll come back and do 120% job, and you won't want to leave a bad review."). He even emailed me my original review so I could re-post it if I was still unhappy (which I didn't do). You can read the rest of my reviews here. They are all honest, and a vast majority are glowing of the service, so you can take his 'bad customer' remark as just sour
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
. What else can I say. Dealing with
Marietta Window Cleaners Provider Name Locked
's company was simply a horrible experience, and not one I can ever recommend.

I will say he is correct in that his first crew did do extra outside windows (23 as opposed to 20 the deal covered), but only because they didn't follow directions (I told them to do all the standard windows of which there were 20, but they cleaned a few door windows too). Since he sent a different crew the second time, I felt bad they had to cover the work of the other crew, so I only had them do 15 windows as opposed to the 20 in the deal, asking them to clean a door window that was included in that original 23 the first crew did. Also tipped them as well for the trouble. So, take that for what you will of how I'm such a horrible customer.

The saddest part about all this, aside from an apology from the second crew he sent out, never ONCE did he or his employees utter a single apology about the situation. If his crew messed up, and they said, "We're sorry about that. We will send them out to finish!" All would have been well. Sadly, that wasn't the case.
- Edward Q.
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PO BOX 2473
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Clean As Glass

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Cleaning services Atlanta

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Dependable Window Cleaning

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Discount Remodeling

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Don Gill Lumber Jack

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Done Right Window Cleaning Svc.

3316 busbee dr nw
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Double N Services

PO Box 1014
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Dusk Till Dawn

P.O Box 905
Atlanta, Ga
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Ecomaids Of Marietta

1750 Powder Springs Rd
Marietta, GA
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Elite Cleaning llc.

1400 MarketbPlace Blvd Suite 187
Cumming, Ga

Ellis Cleaning Consultants

10 Perimeter Park Drive
Atlanta, GA
Meeting your residential and commercial needs

EMJ Cleaning Services

3624 Corners Way
Norcross, GA
Emj has been providing quality residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services for...

Emmanuel CleanUp Services

2804 Webb Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA
Emmanuel cleanup services is a family owned faith based company. special promotion: 50% off...

Encompass Contracting LLC

2819 Bay Ridge Drive
Loganville, GA
Licensed and insured business. we offer free estimates. all major credit cards accepted.

Excaliber TrimWorks

P.O. Box 1524
Cornelia, GA
Excaliber trimworks is a small family owned business that employee's 2-4 employee's. the owner...

Excellence in Service

PO Box 2725
Woodstock, GA

Extreme Window Cleaning

4262 South Lake Shore Dr
Acworth, Ga
Self--employed, with two helpers. billing- cash or check. free estimates

Faith Janitorial and Maid Service, INC

2203 Wesley Chapel Rd
Decatur, GA
We have been operating in the metro atlanta area for over 30 years. faith janitorial and maid...

Fast Paced Cleanup LLC

863 Flat Shoals Rd SE Ste C-161
Conyers, GA
Fast paced and precise cleaning company that strives on customer satisfaction. family owned...

First Class Housekeeping & Maid Services

315 S. Clay St.
Denver, CO
First class housekeeping & maid services is a family-owned and operated business. unlike many...

Fish Window Cleaning

3234-B Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA
Locally owned. additional dba - fish window cleaning inc.

FISH Window Cleaning

3721 New MacLand Road
Powder Springs, GA
Fish window cleaning® has been in business since 1978 and has over 200 locations, locally...

Flat Fee Services

Atlanta, GA
Our mission is to provide the best possible products and services for our customers. we...

Focus Pest Management

424 Wood Branch St
Woodstock, GA
Focus pest management is a new pest control company to the north georgia, metro atlanta area....

GA Peach Maids

Norcross, GA
There isn't a mess too big or too small" for the ga peach maids and we are an excellent,...

Georgia Construction Finishing

Douglasville, GA
Residential & commercial construction finishing services

Georgia Power Pressure Washing

6030 Crystal Cove Trail
Gainesville, GA
North georgia's best and most affordable full service pressure washing company.

German Maid (Path Services LLC)

43 East Lake Dr NE
Atlanta, GA
Path services (pebbles around the house services) dba "german maid" offers exceptional...

Get Blinds Today

931 Monroe Dr
Atlanta, GA
Blinds, roller shades, shutters, custom draperirs & upholstery.

Gift of Time Concierge & Relocation Service

3150 Florence Road, Bldg B, Ste 1
Powder Springs, GA
At gift of time we treat each and every client like a star! your personal concierge will pay...


Dallas, GA
2 employees. uses subs on large jobs for carpet. cost is determined by the job. travel charges...


604 Cascade Way
Canton, GA
Got it maid offers residential, commercial, after construction and restoration cleaning...

Handy Man Service

1910 Glynmoore Dr
Lawrenceville, GA
Most of the jobs we are the once who are performing it. we are offering very reasonable prices...

HandyMac Services LLC

1731 telfair chase way
Lawrenceville, GA
A handyman contractor runing a special promotion 20% discount off labor cost through january...

Happy Helping Hands

950 Herrington rd
Lawrenceville, GA
Happy helping hands is dedicated to providing the very best in personal and business services....

Healthy Cleaning Solutions Inc

3338 Alden Place Dr
Atlanta, GA
Owner-operated. uses subs for cleaning. cost is determined by the job.

Heavenly Angels Turnkey Services

PO Box 117
Lilburn, GA
Trusted quality turnkey operations servicing the professional and residential needs of atlanta...

Hire the Handyman

5174 Legendary Tarn
Acworth, GA
Hello... thank you for stopping by! i'm steven van schooten. i've served many of your...

Home Cleaning by MINDA

3457 Winston Mason Dr
Snellville, GA
Our business is dedicated to keelping your home looking clean and allowing you to have worrie...

Honey Can Do It

4527 Peppermill Pl
Acworth, Ga
We are a handy man type service with a twist. we also do maid type projects, and light...

Hot Springs Pressure Washing

8309 Five Oaks Way
Tucker, GA
We are a small business thats very detailed oriented and well versed in the pressure washing...

House Cleaning On Wheels Inc

333 Swanson Dr Ste 127
Lawrenceville, GA
We specialize in detailed house and office cleaning. we are a local company and helping busy...

howards 1 touch solution

1329 beecher street
Atlanta, ga
Howards 1 touch is a family owned cleaning company thats been established in the last past...

Howards Window Cleaning LLC

431 Greenhill way
Loganville, GA
Howards window cleaning is a company that is owned and operated by kenny howard. i also have...

Insight Window Cleaning

3630 Whitfield way
Powder Springs, GA
Non-intrusive, detail oriented window and pressure cleaning services. residential only. free...

Inspector Clean

6625 Buckhurst Trail
Atlanta, GA
Home inspecting and cleaning services.

It's Magic Cleaning Services

1039 Hicksmil Dr
Marietta, GA
Our company provide many different services we also offer 10% off your 1st housecleaning...

J&M Professional Cleaning Services LLC

1856 old rex morrow rd
Morrow, GA
J&m professional cleaning services was opened in 2012. we are a company that will provide you...

J.I.L Residential Cleaning Services

105 Park Lake Ln
Norcross, GA
Residential cleaning services. house, apartments, condos, and town homes.

Jack of Trades Repairs & Moving

P.O. Box 742530
Riverdale, ga
We is a company that provides high quality service. we push to have integrity and customer...

Janit-Your World

7740 Roswell Rd.
Atlanta, GA
Janit your world provides a complete range of cleaning services customized for you; our...


8410 HIGHWAY 85
Riverdale, GA
Jazzy auto imaging offers a wide varitey of products and services to meet all of your car care...

JET Window & Pressure Cleaning

1345 Towne Lake Hills S Dr
Woodstock, GA
Ask about angie's list discount.

Johns Full Service Landscaping

137 lancaster way
Newnan, GA
All forms of handy man services, licensed electrician, landscaper,

Josh Pressure Wash

PO BOX 184
Cumming, GA
Spring cleaning special: get your home pressure wash and receive a free gutter and downspout...

Jowers & Co., Inc.

2064 Briar Cliff Rd.
Atlanta, GA
Jowers & company is a 25-year old professional cleaning service that specializes in working...

JP Painting & Remodeling

700 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA
Our mission is to provide consistent high quality work and customer service, at an affordable...

JPRO Painting & Restoration

1933 Forest Green Dr NE
Atlanta, GA
Owner-operated. 5 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job.

Keen Eye Cleaning Service, LLC

PO Box 190192
Atlanta, GA
Keen eye cleaning service, llc is a metro atlanta based "detail-cleaning" service with three...

Keen Eye Cleaning Service LLC (Go Green)

PO BOX 8091
Atlanta, GA
Keen eye cleaning service, llc is a metro atlanta based "detail-cleaning" service company with...

Kim's Maid Professionals

151 Plantation Dr
Fayetteville, Ga
I am a local home cleaning service. i clean houses and offices , weekly. biweekly, monthly,...

Klear Kreations

5242 Maroney Mill Rd
Douglasville, GA
Commercial window cleaning

KO Home Services

2310 Holly Ct
Cumming, GA
K.o. home services is a home service company that specializes in all aspects of home repairs...

Kristy's Kleaning Service

13227 Aventide Lane
Alpharetta, GA
Please call me for an estimate.

KSL Professional Janitorial Cleaning, LLC

PO Box 957922
Duluth, GA
We are state registered along with license and bonding. ksl prof. janitorial cleaning service...

Leading Home Innovations LLC

8343 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA
Leading homes innovation is known for quality custom homes and remodeling services, and looks...

Lee's Handyman Service

2867 Sylvan Rd.
Atlanta, GA
Lee's handyman services provides almost all kinds of home improvement services, handyman work,...

Litz Cleaning Services

5717 Woodvalley Trce
Norcross, GA
We clean it right each and every time, commercial/office janitorial cleaning services...

M&M Windows Roofing and Siding

410 Boulevard Heights
Calhoun, GA
We hope you can find everything you need. m&m windows roofing and siding is focused on...

Maid My Day Inc

Acworth, GA
Ask about angie's list discount. additional email:

Majix Cleaning Service

1435 Diplomat Dr
Riverdale, GA
Residential and commercial cleaning.


883 Troubadour Court
Marietta, GA
Manmaids is a small, home based business run by a retired, professional, long term resident of...

Marietta MaidPro

1498 Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA
Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or one-time cleaning, it's time to discover the magic of...

Mark Mitry Remodeling

6920 Wade Rd
Austell, GA
Serving metro atlanta fully insured (678) 561-4551 mark mitry remodeling is committed to...

Master Clean Group

PO Box 65049
Tucson, AZ
Family owned & operated. master clean group has been providing professional cleaning and...

Metro Home Care

4725 Cobb parkway
Metro home care was established in 1984. we specialize in roof repairs and gutter cleaning and...

Metro Wash

3720 Bozeman Lake rd
Kennesaw, GA
Windows hand cleaned in atlanta area since 1992. high quality work for reasonable...

Mi Casa es Su Casa Household Concierge

Atlanta, GA
We are a group of 4 hardworking, reliable workers who will provide quality service in your...

Mi Casa es Su Casa Household Concierge

Atlanta, GA
We are a group of 4 hardworking, reliable workers who will provide quality service in your...

Military Mom Home and Window Cleaning

2010 Haydenbrook Dr
Home and window cleaning. professional window cleaning. giving you exceptional service at...


P.O. BOX 491868
Atlanta, GA
Window cleaning

Mini Jobs

3325 E Wood Valley Rd
Atlanta, GA
Please email us at: david wise. atlanta native, offering quality home...

Mini Maid

Marietta, GA
Mini maid of marietta, ga has been providing secure, quality service since 1973, cleaning


6910 babbling brook dr
Rex, Ga
We are a new buisness with 10 years experiance. we offer sub-contracting, we do not accept...

Mom's Helping Hand Maid Service

126 Barrett Rd
Canton, GA
Mom's helping hand has been serving our customers since 2009. we are a full service cleaning...

Moore Cleaning

1010 Greenwood Acres Dr
Cumming, GA
Moore cleaning provides home cleaning services for residential moves and relocations. we have...

Most Clean LLC

3060 Pharr Ct. N
Atlanta, GA
Commercial and residential cleaning service

Mr. Clean & Shine

4780 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, GA
Mr. clean & shine aims for perfection when it comes to your window cleaning, chandelier...

Ms.Tee Clean

Thunder Ridge Dr.
Acworth, GA
Ms.tee clean is a residential & commercial cleaning service. additionally, we offer...

Nationwide A Window Cleaning Co Inc

704 Berkeley Ave
Atlanta, GA
15 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge.

Natty Home Cleaning Solutions

PO Box 4666694
Lawrenceville, GA
Propsal are done by appointment only.we have anumber of four destinguished experianced...

New Additions Painting and Remodeling

259 lakeview dr
Locust Grove, ga
Hello and thank you for taking the time to check us out. we are always looking for new...

New Atlantic LLC

5137 Sherwood Way
Cumming, GA
New atlantic cleaning service: let us provide you with a first-class atlanta cleaning service,...


P.O. Box 5412
Atlanta, Ga
Nik@nite is a small cleaning/ property trash-out/ home decor business. handling both...

North American Pressure Wash Outlet

3427 Springdale Forrest Circle
Gainesville, GA
North american pressure wash outlet is a retail pressure wash equipment, sales, service and...

Omechie Enterprises Janitorial Service

1612 March Dr
Gainesville, GA
10 employees. offers low, reasonable pricing. ask for angie's list discount. one call does it...

Omega Maintenance Group LLC

Newnan, GA
We are a full service home and commercial maintenance group


Norcross, GA

orlando painting &remodeling

Acworth, GA
Small home based company, 3 man crew, free estimates, special discounts all over year around.....

Painting Solutions & Remodeling

512 Hemingway Ln
Roswell, GA
Been serving the atlanta metropolitan area for 18 years, all our employees are hourly, no...


3523 peacock Road
Alpharetta, GA
Paramount professional cleaning services is your full service atlanta cleaning service for all...

Patriot Remodeling

PO BOX 9955
Senoia, GA
All projects done by company owner. with a low overhead and no mark up on materials that means...

Paul Handyman

Mcdonough, GA
Friendly clean honest hardworking service with 100% guarantee

Payjunction Atlanta

Snellville, GA
Payjunction is a level 1 pci compliant service provider that services thousands of businesses...

Payless Automobile Detailing

200 McClure Trail
Dallas, GA
Automobile detailing service and pressure washing service at low prices.two employees *see...

Peach State building & Cleaning Service

287 Deer Forest Rd.
Fayetteville, GA
Quality, detailed, and affordable sets the standard for peach state building & cleaning...

Peach State Cleaning Service

287 Deer Forest Rd.
Fayetteville, GA
Quality, detailed, and affordable sets the standard for peach state cleaning service. when...

Peach State Window Cleaning

2937 Owens Point Trail
Kennesaw, GA
We offer c.o.d. and 30 day billing cycle for established commercial customer. for residential...

Peachtree Property Services

49 Boulevard SE Suite 405
Atlanta, GA
Need a reliable company that will clean your office space impeccably, efficiently using only...

Peachy Services

PO Box 1598
Fayetteville, GA
We are dedicated to providing our customers with affordable, professional quality specialty...

Perfectly Clear Enterpriese LLC

760 Lakeside Tr
Canton, GA
We do any job big or small. from little repairs to whole owned and operated...

Personal Touch Maids

Decatur, GA
Personal touch is a family business focussing on detailed home cleaning. we do "all of your...


Marietta, GA
Our owners estimate and oversee every job from start to finish-one job at a time--- full-time...

PH Improvement, LLC

PO Box 1561 lilburn
Lithonia, GA
When we paint your home or business you become part of the ph improvement family. we have...

Power Home Remodeling Group

2501 Seaport Dr
Chester, PA
Proud winner of the 2013 angie's list super service award, power home remodeling group...

Precision Outdoors

9075 Hannamill Dr
Gainesville, GA
Precision outdoors is a new company off3r services that not all companies offer. with our one...

Preferred Pressure Washing Service

3800 Wendell Dr. #301
Atlanta, Ga
We are a commercial and residential pressure washing and restoration service. we provide...


Kennesaw, GA
6 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fee. may...

Prestige World Services, Inc.

Duluth, GA
Prestige world services, inc. is a well-established, family-owned and operated cleaning...

Pringle Property Services, LLC

PO Box 2991
Auburn, AL
Pringle property services, llc, one of the best home and commercial cleaning companies in...

profect painting and drywall

16490 hopewell rd
Alpharetta, GA
We are a well organized company that focuses on costumers satisfaction. we do our best to...

Professional Cleaning and Home Repair Co.

P.O Box 741
Stone Mountain, GA
We are a family business that have served the central georgia area since 1968 by providing...

Professional Window Cleaning

212 Lakeview way
Jonesboro, Ga
Serving metro atlanta since 2001 residential homes,commercial store front,also mid size...

ProServe Home Solutions

12460 Crabapple Road
Alpharetta, GA
Proserve home solutions was developed as a one-stop-shop for any homeowner. the concept is...

4044 George Busbee Parkway NW
Newnan, GA
Squeaky klean services is a professional residential and commercial cleaning company. we are...

Pure Pressure Washing

2040 Acworth Due West Rd
Kennesaw, GA
We are a high quality business that focus on cleaning houses. we give free estimates and...


1241 Canton Street
Roswell, GA
Family owned & operated. 20 employees. no subs. in business since 1996.


Woodstock, GA

Quality of Life Cleaning, REO Staging& Renovation

1048 Lawton Ave Ste 701
Atlanta, GA
Quality of life is a fully bonded and insured, cleaning, property turnkey & domestic services...

Quickworks Project Man

3040 McCannon Mill Dr
Dacula, GA

Randall Dayton Interiors

10 26th St
Atlanta, GA
Randall dayton interiors offers full service home remodeling and renovations, outdoor living...

Real Clean Services Inc.

305 Granville Cir NW
Marietta, GA
Well established professional window cleaning services. also pressure cleaning and gutter...

Reboot E-Cycling

2451 Hillcrest Dr
Atlanta, GA
Handyman and repair services of all shapes and sizes.

Reign Down Cleaning & Painting Services

1250 Mohican Trl
Stone Mountain, GA
Thank you for contacting reign down cleaning & painting. we specialize in providing quality...


229 Rio Circle
Decatur, GA
Providing personalized exterior cleaning services for quality conscious consumers. all...

Rimes Ventures

10407 La Mirage Ct
Tampa, FL

Risby Commercial & Residential Cleaning

PO Box 1962
Forest Park, GA
We at risby commercial/residential have been in business for 8 years and counting and our no.1...

Rise-N-Shine Cleaning Atlanta

5300 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA
Rise-n-shine cleaning atlanta is here to work with you. each quote is customized to fit your...

RJMD cleaning Service

p.o box 81801
Atlanta, ga
Rjmd is a janitorial and cleanning service to provide cleanning service to all, buisness,...

Road Runner Window Cleaning

2873 Alston Dr SE
Atlanta, GA
Fulton, dekalb, fayette, gwinnett, forsyth, cobb (metro atlanta)

Roadrunner Window Cleaning

2873 Alston Dr SE
Atlanta, GA
Roadrunner window cleaning is locally owned and operated. we offer professional, friendly and...

Royal Painting Services

3536 Perry Pointe
Austell, GA
Armed with rollers, brushes, and a meticulous attention to detail, the highly trained...

RS Flooring and Remodeling

24 brown dr.
Cartersville, GA
Rs flooring is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. we take pride in our work and love...

Russell Home Services Inc.

Po box 6774
Miramar Beach, FL
Based out of destin fl. 2 licensed,insured,bonded, billing by invoice email. payment by...

ServiceMaster of Roswell

373 South Atlanta Street
Roswell, GA
We provide in home services to customers whether it be an emergency or a scheduled...


3134 Chestnut Drive
Doraville, GA
Sgmm environmental services, inc. business home* apartment* auto* professional quality...

Signature Maid Services

412 shadow oak drive suite 200
Conyers, GA
Finally, a maid service that cleans your house the way you want it to be...

So Clean It Sparkles

160 Hearthstone dr
Newnan, GA
We perform house cleaning. there are teams of 2-4 persons that come and clean. i do...

Southern Homes Landscape & Maintenance

Atlanta, GA
All our services are 100% guaranteed satisfaction. we guarantee to beat any price by at least...

Splash Window Cleaning

4514 Chamblee Dunwoody Drive
Dunwoody, GA
We are a family owned and operated company that guarantees the best customer service in our...

Spot On Mobile Detailing

Stockbridge, GA
We are a mobile detail service that will come to your home or office. we specialize in auto...

Squeaky Clean Windows LLC

4855 Hwy 53 E
Tate, GA

Squeaky Green Kleening Services LLC

2926 Torreya Way SE
Marietta, GA
Squeaky green kleening services deep cleaning: you can expect all this when we’re finished...

squeegee clean window cleaning

131 swanee ln
Woodstock, GA
We have been servicing satisfied customers since 1997 in the metro atlanta area. we take pride...

Squeegee Squad

2070 Attic Parkway
Kennesaw, GA
Locally owned and operated, we offer home pressure washing & window cleaning services that...

Squeeky Kleen Window Cleaning

4167 Meadow way
Marietta, GA 770-3671447

Straight-2-U Renovations & Home Repairs LLC

5922 Heritage Walk
Lithonia, GA
Well qualified professional with 5 years of experience in residential construction and...

Streak Free Window Cleaning

2381 Parc Chateau Drive
Lithonia, GA
Need your windows cleaned but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it? well, streak free...


12780 new providence rd
Milton, ga

StressFree Contractors, LLC

5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, GA
Whether you're looking to make a major renovation to your home or have accumulated a list of...


6321 Maid Marion Close
Alpharetta, GA
For quickest response please contact directly by phone at (678) 428-8308. as i am on the road...

Sunrise Clean Care & Water Restoration

862 Windy Dr
Stone Mountain, GA
Sunrise clean care & water restoration is a small family business that specializes in...

Sunshine Window Cleaning

1505 Cobb Industrial Dr NE
Marietta, GA
30 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge. additional contact...

Super Squeaky Window Cleaning

60 hea Lane
Stockbridge, GA
Super squeaky window cleaning provides a proffessional service for window cleaning, pressure...


Atlanta, GA
House cleaning and maid service 2. office & commercial cleaning 3. team cleaning 4....

Tai's Landscaping

PO Box 54611
Atlanta, GA
Landscaping, lawn and gardening services for residential and business in georgia

Tara's Five Star Cleaning Service

2484 Carolyn Drive
Smyrna, GA
Provide *five star* residential and commercial cleaning services.

Technicare of Atlanta

2911 B Buford Hwy
Atlanta, GA
We don’t just clean your carpet and windows, we make your home healthier! all of our...

The Business of Clean

Atlanta, GA
We are an all encompassing cleaning and organization service. our services cater to home...

The Cleaning People

2912 Beryton Pl
Snellville, GA
Commercial office cleaning

The Maids of Roswell

1105 Woodstock Rd
Roswell, GA
The maids of roswell has been keeping homes cleaner and healthier since 1987! the maids...

The Price is Right Home Improvement

107 N Etowah Ln
Canton, Ga
*plumbing service technician - 20 + years residential and commercial installed/replaced...

The Stone Mason

190 lake dr.
Atlanta, GA
General contractor-semi retired. i can handle a vast array of incidental services related to...

The Up Keep Service

27 Engineer Lane SW
Cartersville, GA
We are a maintenance, preservation, and cleaning service provider for metro atlanta, northwest...

Thompson's Professional Painting

70 Castlegate Circle
Carrollton, GA
Classificaton of master painter due to thirty-three years of experience specializing in all...

Tim Bradley Contracting

91 Hunters Ln
Powder Springs, GA
Home repairs & remodeling, specializing in carpentry. sole proprietor is tim bradley, sr.,...

Tim Forzly services

lake lucerne
Lilburn, GA
General handyman. repairs, installation, maintanance.

TLC Cleaning Services

PO Box 9
Snellville, GA
Additional email -

Total Care Property

1046 Walnut Creek Dr.
Woodstock, GA
Total care is based in canton, ga.we are a full service company established in 1988,...


2435 Sherbrooke Ct
Atlanta, GA
6-8 employees. no subs. fully insured. cost determined by the job, estimates are always free....

Touched By Feathers Cleaning Services

Snellville, GA
We believe in and practice proverbs 10:9 . we clean whatever you call home. i started this...

Treoss, LLC

1361 Bridges Ave SW
Atlanta, GA
Treoss, llc offers free estimates, consultations and demos.

Triple A Cleaning & Janitorial Service, LLC

P.O. Box 80760
Conyers, GA
Over 15 years experience in building service maintenance. extensive background checks for your...

Tru Cleaning Service

East Point, GA
Janitorial services / house cleaning in atlanta ga, alpharetta ga and nearby towns

TTP Professional Cleaning LLC

PO Box 71
Mcdonough, GA
Ttp pro cleaning offers various types of cleaning services that fit our client needs from...

Turbo Cleaning USA

4851 Pine Hill Rd
Gainesville, GA
We accept cash, check,and credit card. check our website out for special offers!!!


Atlanta, GA
2 employees. uses subs for labor.cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service...

VIA Maid Services

6075 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA
Via maid services was established in 1991 to deliver the highest quality commercial and...


5190 Piney Grove Rd
Cumming, GA
With over 27 years of experience, vision painting provides customers with detailed on-site...

Water Works Atlanta Pressure Washing

3951 Savannah Square St
Kennesaw, GA

Well Done Janitorial

1929 Mcduffie Rd
Austell, Ga


po box 1312
Oxford, GA
Owner operated. uses subs for larger jobs. travel charges apply. no service fee. extra charge...

White Glove Construction & Maid Services LLC

8824 long beach cir
Atlanta, Ga
Company name: white glove contruction and maid services llc phone: 4049156901 or...

Willie B The Window Cleaner

1665 Greystone Dr
Hampton, GA

Window Gang

4060 nine McFarland Dr
Alpharetta, GA
Eindow washing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning.

Window Gang

8901 West Fwy
Fort Worth, TX
Since the beginning, window gang of fort worth tx has been committed to providing exceptional...

Window Genie of Atlanta Metro

1815 Hembree Rd
Alpharetta, GA
Window genie is the home services leader. our services include window cleaning, window...


Alpharetta, GA

1505 Cobb Industrial Drive
Marietta, GA


Kennesaw, GA

Woody's Home Repair

2362 Brackett Rd sw
Marietta, GA
We are a small home and commercial repair service

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