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Absolutely superb workmanship.
and crew were punctual, performed marvelously excellent work, and cleaned up after the job was done. Would not hesitate to hire
's company for future deck work. Highly recommended.
- Margie A.

When you call the phone number, you get the owner of the company,
. He gave me a written contract once I said that I wanted to hire him and that I liked his price. When
saw the state of my deck and that the posts were not 3 feet into the ground, he said that it was a tear-down job. I had two other estimates and for only $700 more,
was willing to demolish the entire deck and build a new one. So I would have been crazy not to hire him.
, along with his helper, built a two-story deck with pressurized wood within a week’s time. They hardly took any breaks. They worked straight through the day when they were here. When they were finished and I was ready to give him the last payment, he said that there is a piece of wood that he is not happy about and that he is going to replace it.
is very meticulous about his work. He doesn’t cut corners. When I look at my deck, I think two things: one: the top level is HUGE and two: what great workmanship. If he doesn’t call you back right away it is because he is busy: he builds the decks himself (with some help). And he is busy because he’s good at what he does. If you can be patient, I think you will be pleased. Great, solid work and premium materials for a VERY competitive price. This is a contractor who CARES.
- Janice K.

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Deck Building reviews in Fort Benning


Our home is new construction (4 years old) and we decided to add a deck. We received at least 5 different quotes from various contractors and
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was the most reasonably priced. He was punctual for the estimate appointment and thorough in answering all of my husband's questions. After we had decided to use
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
for the installation of our deck, he returned to our home for measurements, final pricing, etc. He completed the deck in 3 days - he worked alone for the first 2 days and had the help of one additional person on the third day. We are extremely pleased with the finished product and we have received many compliments, as well. We will most definitely use
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
for future projects.

- Eva H.

Let me begin by saying that my experience is a “he said/she said” scenario and that the written contract supports the contractor.
But we
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
’t turn to Angie’s list strictly for legality. We turn to Angie’s because we are all looking for contractors that we are
comfortable with and can trust. I like to consider that someone’s spoken word and handshake are just as strong as a written contract.
I contracted with F&S to replace a deck. I already had proposals from other contractors.
One contractor,
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Dollman with Dollman Construction, sold me on the idea of kiln dried lumber.
(In hindsight I wish I had gone with him.)
Beginning with my first sales meeting with F&S I stated that I wanted kiln dried lumber.
The written contract does not say kiln dried lumber, and I take responsibility for
not insisting that it was corrected, but I confirmed this in multiple conversations, with the salesman and the crew.
When the lumber was delivered, it was not labeled as kiln dried (kdat).
I asked the crew to confirm that it was kiln dried before they began building. They called the lumber yard and while the
response was vague, they indicated that it was what I ordered. They crew was great and went on to build a
lovely deck. I waited a couple of weeks to stain, per the lumber yard’s recommendation.
After staining I noticed significant shrinkage in the decking boards and the screws were beginning to work themselves out of the wood. This did not sound right for kiln dried lumber, so I checked in with F&S.
They now said that I never requested kiln dried lumber. In addition to multiple conversations, I did
send a couple of emails asking for confirmation that the lumber was kdat.
The salesman did not remember our multiple conversations.
The F&S representative told me that their salesman does not lie and that he goes to church with him.
While it was nice to see a company support their employee, it would have been even nicer to have them support their customer.
We went round and round several times, but I kept hitting a brick wall.
F&S never backed down from their position. They never acknowledged that my version might be correct.
I was simply told that I was wrong.
They replaced 5 or 6 of the boards where the shrinkage had created the biggest gaps.
Since the deck had already been stained, these new boards do not match, and I ended up with a mismatch deck looks like it has stripes. (I have photos I would like to share. I am not sure if there is a place to do this).
I now have to pay someone else to fix this.
I reached out, by email and phone, to the president of the company,
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. He did not take the time to respond.
The F&S rep accused me of threatening him with Angie’s List. But isn’t this why we join?
We want to share our experiences and hear about other people’s experiences so we can make informed decisions.
Consumers can decide for themselves if this is the kind of contractor they hoped to find when they joined Angie’s List.
I do not recommend them, I do not trust them, and would never use them again.
- colleen H.

A salesman should be early for an appointment, especially with the high costs associated with building a deck. To be on time is to be late. I give everyone in the Metro DC area the benefit of the doubt and fifteen minutes, but if there is no call to let me know of the tardiness, I'll waited for ten minutes and then I'm out. Steadfast took 30 minutes of my time today, 40 minutes if you could the call I made to them and the time it took to book the appointment. I can't get that time back. If they want my business, they'll have to send a senior person and come in with a bid at a very good price.
- Kristy Jo W.

The project went extremely well. Steadfast was very patient with me and all of my up-front questions regarding how the construction would take place. As it was a very complex project, there were certain items that we came across during the construction that Steadfast addressed immediately and to my satisfaction. The construction crew was the same throughout the project and I was able to get thorough updates from them regarding progress, how certain tasks were to be accomplished...anything I wanted to know they were more than happy to discuss with me. From
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and the construction crew to
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
the electrician to
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
the gutter guy to
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
the project manager - they were all great to work with.
I ordered up 3 quotes to get an idea of what it was going to cost to build what we wanted. One bid was $9,000 higher and the other 2 - Steadfast and another company - were within $40.00 (yes - $40.00), so their prices are very competitive. I ultimately went with Steadfast for their Angie's List reviews and the fact that I seemed to hit it off better with them.
I'd highly recommend Steadfast for your construction needs.
- Susan F.

It started with a salesman coming out to the house. Steadfast was one of four companies we contacted for a quote. We really liked
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, who came out and showed us pictures of other projects that the company had done. I asked if we would see him again and he said yes.
We received a quote for a 12' x 16' patio which was much higher than we wanted to spend, I wrote to the company and explained that we wanted to keep the cost under $30,000 and what could we do. I was told that we could cut back on the size and take out the sky lights and that would bring us to around $25,000 - so that's what we did.
We had been told that there would be two to three people working on the patio and that the whole project would take three weeks. We started the week of May 26th and had the final walk-through today,
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
24th (about 8 weeks later).
The sub-contractor that Steadfast uses is AMAZING!!!
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
is a joy to work with, a fantastic craftsman - I would recommend him in a heartbeat. But
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
were frustrating - they were only interested in getting their checks and that is the only time I heard from them. The level of communication with
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was disappointing at the least.
The windows were delayed for three weeks. I was told that it was because they had to be custom ordered, which is fine, but they should have been ordered once the framing was done. Instead they were ordered two weeks later which put a three week delay on any additional work - during which time Steadfast put
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
on another job so he wasn't available to work on our job. When I spoke to
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to complain about the delay he was condescending saying "obviously you don't understand contracts", to which I replied that I am a contract manager. His response was "well this is different and you must not understand construction". The contract stated that we would be getting Eze-Breeze windows but we received another brand. I felt that it was a "bait and switch". I spoke with
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
(the owner) and received a 20 minute explanation that boiled down to how Steadfast had decided to go with another company. He said that of the three contracts that were written with the Eze-Breeze window I was the only one they had "forgotten" to contact. I told
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
that I was very happy with the product but very disappointed with the lack of communication from Steadfast and about how rude
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
had been.
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
apologized and said that he would come by on 7/16 for a final walk-through and to get the final payment.
No one showed up on 7/16 and I didn't receive a phone call until 7/23 asking for payment. In his message he said that he had spoken to my folks and that they were happy with the patio and that we could pay by credit card. Well, he hadn't spoken to my folks (we were out of town from 7/18 - 7/23) and there were a couple of items that needed to be taken care of.
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
called again today (7/24) and I pointed out the discrepancies and about his failure to show up on the agreed upon day. He said that he would send someone over today. So
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
came over (I guess they figured that he is the only one we are happy with) and immediately fixed a few issues and we provided him with what we believe the balance is.
At no point did we receive a summary of what we had paid, a copy of the bill for the permit or anything in writing after the original contract was signed.
To summarize, the worker,
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, is a treasure - he is probably the only reason Steadfast is still in business.
- Anna N.

Fiberon Deck replacement project:
Before we really started talking about options
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
showed me his ipad. It had quite a few pictures on it with different composites to see what look we really liked. We found this extremely helpful because usually companies are pushing one product and try and get you to decide what will look best by choosing out of a small cut out sample. The problem with that is I cant imagine what I really wanted by just looking at a 6 inch board. Anyways, I fell in love with one pattern on a Fiberon deck picture. I have expensive taste I guess because I chose the PVC product which is a pure version of the composite, and of course costs more. The boards I chose has a random wood grain on it that really looked stunning. Once I chose the product as
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was working on the numbers his partner showed more samples, and railing ideas and talked to us about how the permit process would go. That's another reason I really felt that the job would go smoothly because it would all be permitted.
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
finished with telling us what the complete scope of work would be and went over the numbers. After choosing what we wanted, we knew the price wasn't going to be cheap. We paid a $26,000 and $850 for our dump fee. It was a 50 % deposit and the deck was permitted and started within 5 weeks. Thanks to the pictures we saw in the beginning of the appointment we knew about what it would look like and we were extremely satisified. I hope our new deck pictures are on their ipad, and we too can inspire someone else to make the right decision to go with this Fiberon deck!
- Deborah M.

Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
(aka FTW Fencing, A&D Fence) quoted us a fair price for the 6' privacy fence for our home. It was quickly put up, but never completed. We were left with approximately 25 boards that are split down the middle and need to be replaced. One side of the fence is still mixture of new boards and old boards.The pool pump enclosure was never finished and it was not the type that was included in our contract. Ascot has never put the gate on the enclosure and the wrong end is enclosed. Without the gate, it is very difficult to access the pump and filter and chlorine system.
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
has promised to finish it 3 different times and all 3 times he and his crew have not shown up as scheduled. He doesn't even answer our phone calls now. We have left several messages. I would not recommend
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
at all. Save yourself the aggravation!!!
- Naomi B.

We heard that these guys were the ones to call for new windows. We decided to take the advice and have
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
come out and give us suggestions on the exterior of our home because that is what they specialize in. We knew the siding was definitely going and they confirmed that. The one main part that they suggested was the windows. We were slightly shocked because we had double pane windows although they were old. We chatted for a minute about our energy bills and it all started to make sense!
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
had a Heat lamp in his car and was able to show us really how much energy was just pouring out of our windows in the winter time. After pricing up the siding (which we ultimately decided to go with
Fort Benning Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Siding). we had a chat about the windows and they suggested that the best possible situation if the budget allowed is to first replace the windows and then right after do all the siding and the trim. Not only would it make a extreme difference to the appearance of the home but it is the best way to do it to make sure that everything is completely sealed. The amount of time they took with us and knowledge they gave us was enough to give them our business. We took there recommendation and got into their schedule that day because we were just sooo excited to get this project done which we have be wishing we have done for the last 5 years. 4 weeks later and the project was complete. We couldn't believe the difference. our home was built in 1965 and it was the first time we had ever seen it clean and smooth for lack of a better description. when we went outside to do the final walk around my wife wouldn't admit it but she was sooo happy I think she teared up a little. Our dream home was finally complete!
- Brian B.
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